PRT141 – Like Eating Chocolate for the First Time

This week we’re talking about what we’re excited about right now in scrapbooking. Come listen!

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  • Ruth

    Only just started listening, but wanted to pop in to say 2 things, firstly I have been avidly listening, even though I havent been commenting as much in the last few weeks, I have loved the recent episodes, especially the one about iphonography last week! The shutter sisters were marvelous. Christmas lovers was full of awesome panelists too, I really think you are taking the show from strength to strength, it is such a pleasure to listen to.

    This week’s panel are such a fun crowd. Kelli makes everything seem more fun with her cheerful and funny input, so glad to hear her in the panel, and of course Stephanie and Stacy are both so genuine and terrific. What a great group, Noell!

    Can I check if the next episode be on during CHA?

    Secondly, I am one of those people who just uses an iPhone for photography right now. We had a point and shoot which broke, and I decided to upgrade my phone rather than get a new camera for the same money. I would love a DSLR, but honestly I can’t afford one and even if I did have one, I’m not sure I would have the time to dedicate to learning to use it’s full potential. After some thought I chose to get a new iPhone and I take photos every single day and scrapbook heaps of stories from our life because I have photos to remind me what I wanted to remember.

    When we have a bigger event, like Christmas get togethers, I often ask my sister for a copy of her photos, since my brother-in-law is quite the photographer and has a lovely Canon with good lenses that he will bring and all of us will pick up a camera to take a quick photo, if the opportunity presents itself. For me, then, this is the best of both worlds, without being able to afford to buy it all.

    A new DSLR is on my wishlist for sometime in the future, but it isnt in my immediate future and I am ok with that. I enjoy my iPhone for more than just the photography, it is a great device that I use constantly and it was a really good choice for me.



  • Becky Handforth

    I have to say that I have been listening since the first episode and I miss the show when you take breaks. I enjoy all the topics and I laugh out loud while driving which helps me put up with the crazy drivers on my morning and evening commute. I wanted to tell you that I can’t remember the last time that I picked up my point and shoot. I have the iPhone 4s and my two daughters also have iPhones and the pictures are great. Keep up the awesome job and have a terrific Christmas. Oh can I have the link to the lady Stephanie was saying had the comparisons between the different iPhone cameras.

    PS- One thing I wanted to note is that it is getting a little irritating listening lately with Skype and the issues you have been having. I have also been an avid Digi Show follower and I don’t hear those issues when I listen to there weekly podcast. Hopefully in the new year some of these issues will be resolved.

    Becky H

  • Stephanie Howell

    Hey Becky!

    It was my friend Brooke on Instagram. I’ll see if I can find it but it was a long time ago!

  • Hey Becky,

    Yeah the Skype issues are horrible. We’re looking into alternatives and will start testing them during the break. Hopefully when we come back in the new year, those problems will be gone.

    Sorry about the issues!

    All the best,

  • We talked to Steph and Steph says they actually are having the same issue and don’t know how to deal with it either. The difference between their show and ours might be the style of our shows. We encourage our guests before the show to not be afraid to jump in and speak up without being called on. The Digi Show has a calmer tone and personality than PRT – so if their guests wait to be called on more, the problem won’t show up as often.

    Izzy is going to take this time during the break to try other options. He’s been doing a lot of research on this and have found that it is definitely a widespread problem with Skype and many other groups are complaining about the same thing. The difficulty is finding something else that is as high-quality and also compatible between both Macs and PC’s. Hopefully we’ll come back with something better in 2013!

  • Rozette

    Technically, I listened to this whole episode because I forgot to set up the sleep button on my Podcast app before I went to sleep. I usually turn on the show, set the sleep button for 15 minutes and close my eyes. However, last night it just went through weeks of podcasts as I slept, with the headphone in my ear.
    So my dreams were about being invited to be on the show and being nervous. Only my nervousness turned to frustration because everytime I tried to speak, the other panelist wouldn’t stop talking. They were constantly speaking over me. I was okay with it at first because I remembered it was a Skype issue. But no one ever stopped talking. So in my dream, I tried talking louder and they just got louder. All I kept thinking in my dream was, “When is Izzy gonna tell these people to stop talking and let me speak? When am I going to get my turn?!”
    I woke up with a feeling of frustration and when I realized why…well then I just couldn’t stop laughing.

  • I sure hope you can find an alternative to Skype. I liked today’s episode, but will not listen to it ever again because the issues with Stacy’s connection were just too annoying. I’ve also stopped listening as often, unless the topic really, really interests me, because the constant issue of people talking over each other gets on my nerves. Not trying to be a pain, just letting you know and crossing my fingers that these things will not continue into 2013! Thanks for all you do.

  • Stephanie Howell

    It’s hard to not talk over eachother when it’s always silent when you speak. I know we all did the best we could! :)

  • Long-time listener, first time commenter! Like others, I think the issues with Skype and people talking over each other are getting worse. It’s hard to listen to sometimes, and it makes me feel awkward (weird that that happens??)

    Have you guys thought about using Google Hangout? I used to use Skype to have meetings with my employer (I telecommute), but always had awful issues with it. But since Google+ came out with Hangouts, we always use that and almost never have any issues. Worth a try?

  • The downsides to Google Hangout are: 1) we have no control of the separate voices, so if one person is too loud and another too quiet, there’s nothing we can do about it. 2) it involves video and our guests have consistently said they record unshowered in their pi’s and don’t want to have anything to do with video.
    That said, we’re definitely looking at all the options, as we see from audience feedback in the comments, the Skype issue could make or break this show. :(
    We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your help.

  • Peggy

    Another great episode! Just wanted to let you know that even though the Skype issues are annoying that wont keep me from listening. Good luck on finding an alternative.

  • Thanks, Peggy! Let’s hope you’re in the majority. Listenership has to keep growing. If it starts shrinking then that’s definitely bad news. So far there’s always been consistent growth.

  • Stephanie, I think the guests are doing a fantastic job under these conditions. I know it’s out of your control and did not mean at all imply it is your problem. So sorry if that’s how you took it.

  • Susan Manohar

    Another great show! No big deal on the Skype issues, it certainly won’t keep me from listening :-) I loved hearing how the panelists were so inspired by their own stories. I’m in Stacy’s Twelve class, and even though I haven’t kept up with the wonderfully enormous amount of content she has offered, I’ve done way more than I had previously, and I’ve gotten down some very important stories for my family. That’s what it’s all about, right? Thanks again for all you do, both here and at your membership site! Happy holidays!

  • Marie-Pierre

    Hi guys! I’m just listening to the mail section of the show and it’s funny what you are saying about the iPhone being like a party while the DSLR makes people shy away. It reminded me of something that happened to my this summer: I went to a show with some friends and after the concert we went for a drink and the band who was playing at the concert came in the club where we were. We were all so excited and wanted a picture with them so we waited in line, like all the other fans, and when it was finally our turn I took out my camera from my purse (I’m a scrapbooker, of course I’ll have my camera in my purse!) but you know, the reaction of my friends when they saw the camera! WOW! They suddenly didn’t want a picture anymore and I asked them how come so they told me they thought it would be a picture with my phone. At first I started tucking my camera back in my purse and started looking for my iPhone and then I though it was ridiculous to take a picture with an iPhone (especially in the darkness of a bar!!) when we have a camera with us. So I took out my camera again and we now own 3 (fairly) good photos of us with the band. Let me tell you that my friends are as happy as me. ;)

    Thanks for the show, it’s always a highlight in my week and you inspire me greatly!

  • Wow — I can’t believe it was so blatant! People are weird, aren’t we?

  • Thank you!! :)

  • Stephanie Howell

    no worries, not offended whatsoever :)

  • Ruth

    I dont know the one Stephanie is referring to specifically, but Tara Whitney did this post:

    and here is another i have seen that compares the camera on all models of iphones, not just 5 and 4s:

  • mhestir

    Hi, Izzy and Noelle! I so enjoy your show, but rarely have the time to sit in front of my computer to listen. BUT! I got an MP3 player for Christmas, so I hope to use it during my treadmill/bike time at the gym. BUT….I can’t figure out how to save the link to my Mac in order to get it downloaded into my MP3. On this show it says “right click to manually save to your computer.” Macs don’t have ‘right click”. Any help getting this to work ?
    Thanks. Looking forward to getting my scrapbooking and my body in shape in 2013!

  • Right-clicking on a Mac means you click The Control button at re same time you click the mouse. The easiest way to do it though is to just subscribe to the show through iTunes! Congrats on your player!

  • I just wanted to comment on the books Stacy mentioned. I’ll have to check out the Scribble Journal. But I got “My Life in Graphs” for Christmas. Super cool. I also recently wanted to buy a journal for an 11-year old girl and I chose “Doodle Journal – My Life in Scribbles”. Same concept but aimed at kids.

  • Sherrie M.

    Sorry that you are having Skype issues but I love the show no matter what so hopefully you can figure out a fix easily. Just wanted to say that I appreciate the heads up that there isn’t gonna be a show the next week. Saves me time I would have been refreshing constantly on iTunes for the latest and greatest episode! You are all great.
    I’m going on a trip to the Philippines in February Noell and will be bringing the Roundtable to keep me company on the plane ride!

    One another note, will there be a new Big Picture discount for 2013? So many great classes coming up!

  • How exciting, Sherrie! What will you be going to the Philippines for? It’s the best place in the whole world, I’m so jealous!!
    I emailed Kayce about starting the discount new for 2013 at Big Picture. We’ll announce it during the next show if we get a new one. But since we’re not recording until Jan. 8th, you might want to check our page after the new year if you’re planning to purchase a class from them before our next episode. Here’s that page:

    We’ll put the new discount up as soon as we get it.

  • Sherrie M.

    Thanks for the info on the discount.
    I’m going to the Philippines for a visit with my parents, husband, and kids. i was born in the US but my parents are Filipino and I’ve haven’t been there since I was one. I wanted to take the trip with my parents so they could show us around and tell me all the stories of where they grew up and what life was like for them there. It’ll be great for my kids and husband too so they could get a greater sense of the culture. Really looking forward to it and trying to figure out how I can document on the trip to make building an album afterward quicker and easier. I’m thinking a project life type album……we write our thoughts on cards, easy to slip pictures in…

  • Nice!! What part(s) are you going to?

  • Hello. This is my first time ever leaving a comment on a podcast. I feel so techno!!
    I just wanted to let you all know a couple of things:
    A) I love listening to the Roundtable! I have this thing (sorry, Izzy, don’t know the name of it) that hooks into my iPhone and into my cigarette lighter in the car. I can then listen to the podcasts thru my radio as I toodle down the road. Super cool! Since I live about 20 minutes from anything (yea for farm life), it gives me plenty of opportunities to hear back episodes as well as staying current.
    B) I loved last week when you said only smart people multi-task. Driving and listening to the podcast counts, right?

    I give you guys 3 thumbs up. How cool is that? haha. Keep those podcasts coming, I have more driving to do.
    Thanks again.

  • MK Hennigan

    I was getting ready to write and ask you the same question. Tried to use the 2012 code and it did not work. I do want to support you and Izzy and will just be delayed in registering. No big deal a I have so many other projects on my table. Happy New Year.

  • Thank you for your patience! I haven’t heard back from Kayce on a new coupon code yet — she’s probably celebrating and not working. :)

  • SheriE.

    Just catching up today. The gals mentioned someone who has been out of scrapbooking for awhile but had previously pioneered the layering look and I didn’t get her name. Would love to check out what she is up to.

    Also just love the show. It’s fun to turn on while I’m working and be able to get my scrapping fix when I can’t actually be doing it myself. Keep up the good work.

  • Hmmm — I don’t remember anyone saying someone pioneered the layering look. I would have to be skeptical of any one person pioneering a layered look, actually. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  • Fleur Millington

    Was it Jennifer Jonar – I think I have spelt her name wrong – or Ashley Calder? I went back and wrote down their names as I was listening.

  • Ashley Calder (maybe spelled Ashli?) is definitely a layering girl but she’s a newer scrapbooker and didn’t pioneer the layered look. I remember the other name you’re referring to — I had never heard of her before so I don’t know who she is.

  • MK Hennigan

    No worries, just checking back today to see if you have received the code. I check back tomorrow.

  • Stephanie Howell
  • Amy

    i LOVED on this episode what stacy said in response to noell’s page about her son sometimes she is “drawn to scrapbooking because i needed to just spend time in my heart with a child that is growing up….” yep. that pretty much sums it up for me right now.

  • ra_life

    Hope you had a good holiday!

    Looks like you were right Noell, Instagram listened to the angry mob and are putting a bit more thought into how they are going to change their business model. Yay.

    Also – I saw this and thought it might be useful to some of your listeners. Adobe have put the CS2 version of Creative Suite up for free download. Since they are now up to CS6 – it’s an old version but if anyone wants to have a play with Photoshop or Illustrator (or has an older machine) you can’t go wrong with free, right?

    You need a (free) Adobe ID.

  • Jennifer

    I have been listening for a few months now. While I listen to the new episodes, I have been listening to all of the old podcasts as well. You guys are awesome!

    My question is in relation to Ella Publishing and I really hope you can answer it. Is it possible to get previously published books that are no longer on the website? I am specifically look for the List It book that was mentioned by Angie Lucas on PRT 071 I believe.

    I am really interested in this book and hope you can help. Thanks!

  • Jennifer G.

    Nevermind. I found it.

  • That’s funny!

  • I have no idea. You might want to contact Angie or someone at BPC.

  • It’s finally up! :)

  • It’s up now!

  • While listening to this show today and once again Project Life was brought up, I decided I needed to share with you an app that I just started using that is perfect for me to do Project Life. I haven’t listened for awhile, so maybe you already have discussed this app; but if not, here goes. I am horrible at posting photos, printing photos, whatever and Project Life hasn’t appealed to me. I tried it and lasted about 6 weeks. But with the Collect iPhone app, I get a daily reminder to find a photo and journal about it. It is a photo calendar and you can even have mulitple photos. I take a photo and type up something about it. It is much less overwhelming to me than Project Life but has the same purpose. And Collect takes up a whole lot less space! :)

  • Joanna

    I listened to this episode out of order, after I listened to the newer episode you did with another conferencing method, and it was really frustrating to hear all the talking over each other and dropped voices (I only heard about half of what Stacy said). It really does start to take away from the content after the first few times… especially after hearing how well it can go without Skype issues!

  • While the voices sounded flat with the new conferencing, and there was no way to fix it if one panelist was quieter than the others, it was so nice to be able to hear a guest laugh while another was talking. And the guests were more comfortable talking freely, which is a key ingredient to our show.
    That said, you might benefit from this episode more if you realized that everything Stacy said was understandable. There were 2 things happening with Stacy’s audio dropping. One was that it was pausing and then it would catch up. In this case, everything she said eventually came through. It seemed like her words were being lost, but if you keep listening, it was all there. There were just breaks.
    The other problem was that we would just lose a word or two. But I was always able to understand what she was saying despite the missing word. If not, I would ask her. So it’s just a matter of being patient when it comes to this episode.

  • Maggie

    I’m a fairly new listener and have been jumping around to play catch up on all of the episodes and I have to say this one might be my favorite episode. Okay, who am I kidding — I’ll probably have a new favorite by this afternoon, with all the listening I’m doing. ;)

    I absolutely loved the emphasis on storytelling. I have a soon-to-be 2yo daughter and I want to make sure to capture the stories in our lives, as I don’t have a great memory (even when I’m not sleep deprived). I’ll be going back to listen to the episode again, and will make special note of Stacy’s info about storytelling.

    Thank you so much for all that you do to make the PRT podcasts exceptional! Skype issues or not — this was a gem for me.

  • Rachel L

    I really agree with the conversation about journalling! I was just like Kelly and I didn’t put journalling on my pages for the first few years I scrapbooked. But now I am getting better at it and have also gone back and added text to some pages before printing them. They’re digital layouts which I first printed in Calendars, and now I’m gradually going through and printing them as photographic prints, to put in an album. I’ve been adding some journalling text as I go. Some of them, I just didn’t know what to write at the time, because I wasn’t very familiar with the idea of journalling. And some I thought I would remember all the details, but now looking back after a few years, I see that I can’t remember everything, and can’t expect anyone else to know the stories if I don’t put it in writing.

  • Rachel L

    Also, thanks for mentioning Jennifer Johner. Hadn’t heard of her before, but have now found her blog, and her Project Life spreads are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Raquel

    I know this is a super old epi but can I tell you I just fell in love with Stephanie Howell! I came here and found her blog and she has had me in stitches and in tears on just the first page of her blog. I think I have found a new soul scrapping sister. You know what I mean right? Those scrappy people you know only on line… But you love them and their stuff and their families and you think to yourself: we would totally be friends in real life and sit next to each other at crops!!! Or it could just be me? Anyone? Anyone? Lol.

    This is my second time going through all of the episodes and it’s like I’m listening for the first time. There is always good stories and good info. And every time I listening I am in a different place in my scrappy journey so what resonates with me this time sometimes is completely different than the last time.

    Thank you for such a great show. All. The. Time. I always walk away wanting to scrapbook and tell mine and my family’s stories.