PRT139 – Reconciled with Yellow

This week we’re talking about what’s changed in our scrapbooking over the past year. Come listen!

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  • Nicole H

    This comment does not pertain to this episode because I have not listened to it yet. BUT…I just wanted to make you both aware of how much I am enjoying listening to the show. I have subscribed via iTunes and listen in the car as I drive for work. I laugh out loud when Izzy does his belly laugh (off mic I think) and can tell that you two have a great working relationship. The guest speakers have been great and I am inspired to “get scrapping”. I am relatively new to scrapbooking, so the videos, tutorials and the roundtable have been very helpful to me. I especially appreciated the discussion about storage of albums, and was relieved to hear the sentiment that we are doing this because we want to document our lives, but also because we enjoy it. I have changed the way I take pictures since I’ve started scrapbooking, and I’m learning to let go of perfection. Becky Higgins’ “Project Real Life” class also reminded me that sometimes the bad pictures should be included because they tell the story, so now I look at them with less judgment. Keep up the great work! (and I’m going over to iTunes next to rate you there)

  • Lisa

    Hey Noel and Izzy! I too listen to the show each week driving into work- in fact you make me wish my drive was just a little bit longer:). I’m so excited the new episode is up when it wasn’t posted earlier this week I wanted to call and make sure you all were okay! Then i realized that could be perceived as a litle weird! HA! Anyway, Looking forward to the show. Thank you so much!

  • What a nice comment. Thank you so, so much!

  • Thanks for your patience. We couldn’t record until Thursday this week — it happens sometimes. ;) Thank your for she kind words…seriously, how often do you hear people say they wish their commute was longer?!

  • Marie

    Yes! My mind does wander. And to me that is a sign of a good podcast! One thought triggers another to another and then I am back to the PRT to pick up the discussion again. This wandering may occur many times. And yes I do listen to the show several times and Yes I get something new from it each time. To listeners who only listen once….you are missing something! You probably don’t know what it was because you wandered and didn’t know you had! Chuckle chuckle. Now…back to listening to more of this podcast. I just couldn’t resist going down that rabbit hole!

  • Kyle

    Hi, everyone- I just wanted to write in and say how much I enjoyed this week’s topic. My scrapbooking has changed dramatically over the past year, and definitely in part due to the Paperclipping Roundtable :) I stumbled onto your awesome podcast with last year’s winter CHA episode and I’ve been hooked ever since. I used to be a pretty basic scrapbooker, who liked her photos lined up, and titles basic. And journaling? Well, I’m embarrassed to admit it was lacking. Now, I really see the importance of story and I hope my more recent pages reflect that. I’ve done Week in the Life this past April, and am embarking on my first
    December Daily. I’ve made a complete mess of my scrap space experimenting with spray mists, and surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it! Can’t wait to see what 2013
    brings, and how I’ll be able to scrap about it. Keep up the great work!

  • rosann

    How has my scrapbooking changed? Let me count the ways! I buy less and only the stuff I love. I have a pile that is ready to be donated to a budding scrapper or to the foster care system but I can’t seem to find a contact for that program here in NYC. You’d think it would be easier. But I fear that after many google searches, there may not be a life book program here. I think I buy less because I am more focused and tuned into my style(s) plus I dabble a bit more in digital too. I no longer shop at Michael’s except with a great coupon for adhesive or a Martha Stewart punch or something like that. Michaels doesn’t carry some of the nicer brands like MME, Cosmo Cricket, etc., and the paper is often flimsy. I also am much more purposeful in my scrapping. I used to scrap every little photograph of my son early on. Then I evolved due to a combination of this show, Stacy Julian’s photo freedom approach and Cathy Zielske’s clean and simple approach. Finally, I have made my scrapping easier for myself. I no longer feel the need to over embellish or try every technique I’ve learned on one page. My corner of the house is still a hot mess but I’m over that. I enjoy my hobby to no end and my 5 year old is a blossoming card maker. He loves it!
    Thanks for another great show. I look forward to PRT weekly and I listen to older shows again when I take road trips. I don’t wish a longer commute at all. I live in NYC…they are long enough! But I love that the shows cover the majority of the commute roundtrip. I also enjoy how you interact as a married couple. It’s very admirable and inspirational and reminds me to make sure to have fun and laugh with my hubby as often as possible. And we do!

  • jodyloo

    Over the last year my scrapbooking has done a complete 360 thanks to PRT and Shimelle. I thought something was wrong with me because I just wasn’t feeling the themey scrapbooking or the simple embellishments and having everything lined up just right. I use to buy tons of stuff just because it was on sale or only from Stampin’ Up and Creative Memories. Now I probably spend more money on supplies, but I am buying less product AND I’m buying product I actually love and use, so I can justify buying the pricier paper, embellishments, etc. Recently I purged my entire scrapbook stash and donated tons and tons of tools, paper and embellishments to charity or they went straight into my son’s scrapbook stash. I didn’t care if I paid full price or if it was gifted to me. If I didn’t love it… out it went. It was seriously the most invigorating moment in my scrapbooking life! I even changed my album system and no longer have the “I’m so far behind” attitude. I nearly gave it all away, but I was able to go on a shopping spree and buy all the trendy items, new and old, that I was daydreaming about. I scrapbook more and love the hobby more than ever. I used to be a little ashamed to say I scrapbooked… I know, what a terrible thing to admit. I thought scrapbooking was what old cat ladies did in all of their free time, not young women that had no desire of affection towards the color pink, flowers, teddy bears. I got into scrapbooking to fill that crafty, design void I so dearly missed after Architecture School. I must say now I am PROUD to be a scrapbooker.

  • Brenda

    Noell, I just ordered my first Washi tape but instead of just getting the few I liked I filled my cart up with $50 worth so the shipping would be free. Ugh! You’re right, just don’t even get one.

  • ROFL — seriously?! Oh, how funny. Sometimes our impulses lead us to crazy things, don’t they?