PRT138 – Christmas Lovers

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking Christmas (and the discussion should apply to any holiday). Come listen!

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  • Blupixy

    I was one of those people that hated to scrapbook Christmas. I didn’t want to have a complete 12×12 album of just Christmas layouts and I felt it would take that to capture the details of the season. With all of our “Christmases” I felt bad not getting it all.

    Last year was the first year I made a December Daily and I loved it! I loved being able to capture bits of everything and all of the different stories. While I still have an entire album (6×6 last year) I feel that it is more representative of the season than all of the Christmas layouts that I have made in the past. It also gave me a place to start and finish.

    Excited to start again this year! Opted for a simple stories Sn@p album to mix it up this year.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  • Nancy Sinclair

    First off I must say I am in mourning, I have listened to all the past episodes of the PRT since discovering it 3 months ago, it has made my long drives for work so much fun.

    I am really excited about scrapping for this Christmas I feel I am at last in a place where I want to celebrate the details and memories of Christmas after having a relationship breakdown 2 Christmas’s ago, which tainted it. Whilst listening to your podcast I already have some many memories that have popped up in my head, so definitely like the advise to talk to someone else about your Christmas memories.

    I am now starting to think about prepping my album so am loving the blog posts this week, I am also a JYC member and brought Shimelle’s kit. I was wondering if you guys pack away your Christmas stash and only bring it out during this season? I have realized that a lot of the papers I am loving this year have great non-festive B sides. In fact I think I am using B sides more and more at the moment of all collections and love how this makes my stash stretch.

    Thanks for the great show and all the past great shows, I am not sure what I am going to do on my long journeys now!!

  • Sorry you got caught up, lol! :)

    I do put all my Christmas stuff away into one container once the Christmas season is over. If there are B sides you like on your Christmas papers, you could always mix them into your stash when you put Christmas away. I actually have a handful of non-Christmas items IN my Christmas stuff because they work for Christmas. I just leave them in there all year even though they’re not Christmasy. But I recommend putting things where you might use them. So if you think you’ll want those Christmas papers later, then by all means, put them where you’ll use them!

  • Iska Wire

    Hello! Just listening to this week’s show and I am loving the discussion. So excited to hear how each of you approaches Christmas – all great ideas. The idea of Christmas STORIES was intriguing to me. Got me to thinking of all of the stories my family tells each year and that they are not scrapped – as I have often just captured the EVENTS of the year and not the back stories. I quickly grabbed a notepad out of my work bag while in the car on the way to the office (yikes, that probably wasn’t safe) and started jotting them down. Now I feel super excited to scrap some christmas stories and not just the obligatory events of the year. I personally have two december daily albums that are empty – what to do? Hmmmm . . .

    Anyway, I agree that I often think that the season and the photos are so much alike each year, but now as my kids are growing and I have a progression of photos to compare – I don’t mind having similar picutres each year. I think this finally just struck me last year and you totally validated that for me. It will be so fun to do the photos in a series or with older photos. I too have been looking back at the photos of my childhood to see the similarities and differences – so much potential there for pages.

    I also completely agree on the pressure and the anxiety of scrapping Christmas. Let’s be honest here – a lot of the scrapbookers I know are huge perfectionists, myself included, and to think that we up the anty for Christmas pages or any pages for that matter is absolute madness. I’ve mentioned here before that I am currently working on a vintage project and I was shocked and disappointed when I was looking for inspiration for vintage pages, that all the ones I could find were all over-embellished, prima-flowered-out works of art. I can’t live up to that with what I anticipate will be 2-3 albums of vintage pages so I just stopped looking, took my same usual approach and the pages are magnificent (in my opnion). And you know what? When I showed the first album around at Thanksgiving – all I received were oooh and aahhhs. The stories are recorded, they are easy to flip through and my kids are now learning the names, personalities and stories of their ancestors. Mission accomplished!

    So – thank you! Thank you for bringing a little joy back to Christmas scrapbooking and for keeping us all sane out here in the scrapbook world.

  • Shimelle’s comment about needing it to be paper to be away from the computer is precisely my thoughts on paper scrapbooking too! So glad I’m not the only one. Also want it to be a bit art not just a journal so not a project lifer so far.

  • effie

    Listened to this while I ate dinner last night and got totally inspired. And I made sure to make a note of a layout/story that needs to go into my Christmas album! Hoping to get all kinds of stories told thanks to this year’s JYC adventure that’s about to begin.

    Also interesting to me was the Project Life vs. “traditional” 12×12 layout scrapbooking discussion because I think I’ve done it backwards in some ways. I did Project Life last year and loved it. My two 2011 albums are wonderful. I launched into 2012 full of ambition. But sometime over the time summer it got less fun, and I found myself making more 12×12 layouts to put in with my PL pages. By fall, I was pretty much only doing 12×12 layouts. I just found that currently playing with the paper and creating the layouts was integral to the process being fun for me. But I don’t think I would have gotten to that point if I hadn’t had the year and a half of taking pictures daily/weekly and making those Project Life albums. By the time Christmas/December is over 2012 will stretch to 4 albums.

    And I’m one of those single, childless scrappers.

    Anyway … thanks again for the inspiration and the reminder to keep it simple and keep it real!

  • That is interesting! Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to have all these options as our creative needs and desires swing.

  • I also wanted to weigh in on the Project Life discussion. Before I started Project LIfe, I was collecting scrapbook supplies, and occasionally, making pages, but nothing consistent. I now consider myself a Project Life Pioneer. Filling up those little slots with journaling cards and pictures is the most satisfying thing I have done thus far in my scrapbooking
    “journey”. I love that I can just add the pics in, or I can get a little crafty, or a lot crafty. I love finishing a weekly layout and then flipping back over our year. It is the only thing that has ever kept me scrapbooking consistently. It has made me excited to scrap and to keep
    scrapping!! It has saved my scrapbooking life!

  • YAY!

  • Thank you so much for reading my comment during the mail section! I appreciated Noell’s response in the comments section and hearing feedback from 2 more of my favorite paper scrappers, May & Shimelle. I am still unpacking & organizing my new craft space, which is part of my office/guest room. I decided that I am not ready to get rid of my 12×12 paper even if it does not have the prominence that it once did in my stash of craft supplies.

    Both May & Shimelle made good points about the perspective of scrappers who are not online as much or at all. I really need to make an effort to go to a crop at my new LSS. I have not been to an in person crop in a while, and it may be another great way to connect with this hobby.

  • Christmas lovers unite!

    I too am a Christmas enthusiast. The Christmas music starts playing mid-November and thanks to I “heart” Radio and I can listen to multiple channels of holiday cheer! Thanksgiving weekend means the assembling of my Dept. 56 Dicken’s Village complete with glittery snow and ice skating couples. I have three artificial trees (already up and decorated) along with our natural tree that goes up mid-December. We have so many Christmas season traditions that I’m realizing I need to start scrapping more of them, especially since my kids are now ‘tweens (you know how they can be).

    Everyone’s holiday insights were inspiring on this episode. I think I’ll play this episode over and over while I scrapbook some of our family’s most important and special Christmas memories. Thank you Shimelle for reminding me to slow down, squeeze in even 15 minutes of Christmas scrapbooking and journal so that I can tell great Christmas stories for years to come.

    Thanks for another terrific episode. I am now off to scrap some Christmas cheer!

  • I just decided this week that I am going to do a separate December Daily Album along with my Project Life pages and was wondering how I would handle the pictures for both. Well, Shimelle (I think) answered that question! Black and White!! I am going to use Black and white pics for the December Daily! Genius! Thanks!

  • Shannan

    I just wanted to say happy birthday Noell – I just celebrated my 40th birthday on November 21 and while I was dreading it all year, when the day came I felt great! Yay to 40!

  • Yes! Yay to 40!

  • I started mixing in 12×12 layouts with my PL and I love it. Takes the pressure off of scrapping every store but still lets me have my yearly album. Don’t know that it will always stay this way, but I’m allowing myself to be flexible and just go with what feels right.

    I think you guys really nailed it in this discussion on why people should scrap Christmas (or any holiday!). It’s more to do with the personal reflection, the bigger picture, than that year’s specific events. My December Daily helps me keep my focus on what I value this season and at the same time lets me play with the pretty paper! I’m really focusing on journaling this year and will use my blog and prompts. That way I can add it to my book and, depending on my time and mood, can make more embellished pages.

    I also plan to keep up with my PL this month. Last year I ended up with less pictures since they were in my DD but found it a great place to put all that paper “stuff” you get- invites, cards, packaging, etc.

    Thanks for a great episode!

  • Jennifer

    I have been listening to all of your old podcasts and find them very enjoyable. I have not actually even listened to this one yet, but I wanted to let you know that you helped me at work the other day. A bunch of us were in a conference room listening to someone on our speakerphone over skype for some training. In the middle of training the sound of his voice started breaking up. I asked if he was using a headset and when he indicated he was, I told him to try unplugging and plugging back in. It fixed the problem perfectly. I have learned so much from your show and truly appreciate every aspect of what you do. Thank you!

  • How funny – you’re the second person in a couple of weeks who has reported in that they knew to fix the headset situation because of the Roundtable. :)

  • anniem888

    As I was listening to the mail segment my mind wandered to a scrap task I really want to do. Years ago my mother went through her jewelry box w/me. Nothing in the box is particularly valuable, but she has some pins from my grandfather and small pieces from my grandmother. She also had a small cloth sack of sugar, and some other odds and ends. I remember about half of the stories. I remember the stories about the pieces my father gave her because it was most relevant to my life.
    My mother has been gone now about 8 years and the story about the sugar sack is haunting me! I know it was important to her, and it was about a trip or where she lived in the Midwest. I have decided that it is important for me to photograph each piece I am saving in my jewelry box and tell the stories so my daughter won’t be frustrated by my ghosts! ann

  • Great show! I’m a Christmas lover too! Will listen to this one again:)

  • Is there a show this week? I admit, I am no schmoo and I stalk the site for new content, videos and roundtable podcasts. Hope everyone is having a great December holiday season.

  • Yes! We can’t record until Thursday this week.

    And while we’re admitting things, I’ll go ahead and admit that I love non-schmo’s who stalk the site looking for new videos, posts, and podcast! :)
    It’s people like you who allow me to keep doing what I do and I don’t take it for granted. Good things don’t always get to last, so thank you for your membership!!

  • Tiffany W.

    This was such a great discussion. I’ve never really agonized or worried about Christmas pages. I just plop my layouts in with my regular albums and it is fine. Two years ago, I made a December daily album as inspired by a ScrapBooks Etc. article by Ali Edwards. I’m really glad I did. It made me look at December in a different way. I was consciously trying to find bits of happiness each day to share in the album. Keeping the album was also really good for me because I had a miscarriage that was pretty traumatic during that month. As silly as this may sound, having this album reminded me to keep moving forward and to look for ways to create happy memories for both myself and my family. I did record a bit about my miscarriage and being in the hospital. Even though that December and Christmas was mixed with grief and sadness, I am amazed at how that year stands out to me as incredibly precious and special, precisely because I took the time to record special moments of that month and the traditions I love.

    I haven’t made a Christmas album since as last year I was in the process of moving to Saudi Arabia and this year I’ve been swamped. I loved May’s ideas of having a notebook to record memories and thoughts. I think I’ll start that even though December is already in full swing.

  • That’s really cool! I bet Ali would love to hear your story!

  • Katie

    The discussion during reader mail is soooo interesting! I was really intimidated by 12×12 papers when I started my journal shop, Gadanke. I really wanted to tell my stories, but it just didn’t feel like the way that worked for me. It’s nice to hear discussion about how what works for us at one point doesn’t work at another point. It was also interesting to hear thoughts on if 12×12 was a dying form.