PRT133 – Paper and Parties

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  • I’m totally joining the love-fest, I love you all to :-) Listening to the roundtable is the highlight of my week.
    Lots of love/Veronica

  • jenw

    Great show – this is obviously Ana’s “sweet spot” she has a lot of great ideas!! I love parties too and try to find ways to do them affordably. One tip for favor bags (kids or adults) is that I use inexpensive brown paper bags ($ store) and use my scrapping supplies to dress them up. Stamping “thank you” on the bag, making paper flowers and gluing them on…etc. I also use my paper scraps to make garlands, wrap around plain soda…small little things that are easy and just dress up the table. Pinterist has been awesome for finding ideas (overwhelming at times) but still so many great ideas.
    Thanks PRT team – always fun to listening to your chats!

  • StudioWendy

    Thanks for answering my question “on air!” The bootable backup makes total sense now. And, I looked into it and Time Machine does not create a bootable disk, so that’s something to look into. It’s always a good idea to have one on hand in case you get a sad (or question mark) Mac when booting.

  • jodymcarver

    I love using up my stash spiffing up my boys’ birthday parties. My 6 yo wanted a Lego party this year and at the time there just wasn’t anything Lego you could buy that was fun so I made everything from the lego block party favor boxes to the giant Lego minifigures for my marshmellow gun game. I even made giant Lego blocks by using paper boxes, colored duct tape and styrofoam discs. It helps that my hubbs works for a large format printing company so I could get customized banners and my other graphic creations for practically nothing. I’m with Lain, I feel kinda lame that I don’t have any adult parties with fun crafty touches. New goal!!!

  • Connie Hanks

    Loved the show! I too, like Ana, paper crafted my sister’s wedding earlier this year! Lots of great use of all my tools – my Slice was on overload! – making banners (“Eat, Drink & Be Married” for the bar, “Sweet Treats” for dessert table, etc) to table numbers and everything in between. I even used my punches and Slice machine to cut different sizes and shapes of journaling cards; I asked our guests at the family bridal shower to write down a piece of advice for my sister and made sure to photograph every guest with my sister. I recently finished a mini album for her I titled “Love Notes” with said photos and advice cards. One of my most favorite projects ever! I’ve also used my Slice cutter to make wine glass stem tags for our wine tasting event at church. Using a fat/round “0” (zero) from the “Summer” design card on really cute card stock, all I had to do was cut an easy slit in each card, and voila, custom made tags! Thanks for another great show and a fantastic guest panel – absolutely some of my faves!

  • What an awesome sister you are!!

    Do you have pictures of your wine tags? We love wine and I’m always thinking of fun wine tags I could make (haven’t made any yet!). I’ve been envisioning wire, beads, charms, etc. But I’m curious about your paper ones!!

  • Amy

    Although I’m not someone who typically uses paper crafting supplies for parties (partly because I don’t have a lot of parties and partly because I’m lazy and usually use pre-made), I actually enjoyed this show. I loved listening to all of the suggestions andideas that all of you shared. I think it might make sense for me to start small in using my supplies for some of my Brownie troop’s events or projects. Thanks, as always, for the great discussion!

  • Just wanted to come and comment to say how I loved this episode, I loved that both Lain and Anna had affordable options.

    I posted about some part decs I did with my cameo and digi supplies:

    I’d certainly be keen for a part 2! :)

  • Jannette C

    I love using my paper/scrapbooking supplies to make party decor, projects, invitations,… ! For me, It means getting more uses for the $ invested in supplies, that’s a good feeling!. I enjoyed this episode as much as the others. Keep up the good work!

  • Great banner idea! And I love those cakes!! TFS

  • Rozette Peckham

    Ok…totally off topic. I have never seen Ana but I love her on the roundtable. Well, I started looking up my family history. I was working at my computer and had a video playing on my Ipad about geneology. All of a sudden, I heard this voice and I knew without looking it was Ana. But to be sure I replayed the video and yup…her name appeared on the screen as she spoke. I can tell that bubbly voice anywhere.

  • senoritascrapper

    I loved this episode! Please do more party-themed ones …. Ana is the best!

  • Lucy Farrugia

    Hi Noell and Izzy,

    I’ve been listening to the show for over a year now from London, UK, and I love what you guys do. I’ve never commented, but while listening to an episode last week (I think it was 136 judging from the comments) I decided had to comment just to let you guys know I also loved this party episode. I even listened to it again this morning on my way into work because I wanted to hear it again after you said it wasn’t as popular.

    I love every show Ana has been on, she cracks me up and her laugh is amazing. This show was no exception – and after hearing you all talk about parties, I actually hosted 2 in December: a Christmas party and New Years eve! I admit, I didn’t make much for them with my supplies, but the episode itself inspired me to actually do the parties in the first place as I wouldn’t normally have considered it!

    My birthday is in March so l plan to have another gathering for that, and this time use my supplies in some of the ways suggested. I definitely want to try to decorated cocktail sticks and making proper invitations. If I manage it I’ll let you know how I get on!

    I really enjoyed the topic, and I hope you won’t be put off from doing future episodes like this which show how we can stretch our supplies in other areas – hopefully there are more people like me who do listen every week and love it, but just haven’t got around to declaring it publicly. I appreciate every topic, regardless of whether it relates specifically to me or not. It’s the ideas, the people and the general conversation that get me thinking, and there’s always something in each episode that will stick or make me want to go and make something.

    I think it’s good that you have a wide variety of topics – it keeps it fresh and different and it’s good to broaden your knowledge – you never know when it might come in handy sometime even if it’s not interesting to you right now.

    Thanks for all the amazing shows, I’m always excited for the new episodes and I’ll try to comment more to show the appreciation!