PRT132 – The Things You Return To

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  • irishstamper7

    Another great episode! Thanks Noell and Izzzy.

  • Listening in the car with my boys and my 6 year old emphatically states from the backseat, “Mom, you should really be on this show since you listen to it like every day!”

  • ha ha, how cute! Thanks for being such a faithful listener! :)

  • I was reminded me of a tweet that Becky Higgins shared awhile ago (Sorry, I couldn’t find it). A family is using Project Life to help their elderly mother who has Alzheimers, they will give her a few photos to write about and put into Project Life. If she doesn’t remember, that’s OK but sometimes she does and it’s been a great way for her remember and then look back. Plus, it is easy to use, so the caregivers can help her with the project too.

  • That’s such a great idea!!

  • Jamie De Luna

    Wonderful episode, as always. Noell, when you were talking about scrapbooking your family’s inside jokes, it reminded me of recently seeing one of Stephanie Howell’s scrapbook pages that was titled “such a shame that our children have absolutely no personality” with pictures showing the complete opposite, of course. It was like an awakening – wait, so I can show my sarcastic personality on my pages?! My husband and I are always very sarcastic and me always being a people-pleaser, I get so worried that if I were to write sarcastically on my pages, someone seeing the page in the future wouldn’t “get” my personality. These are MY pages anyway, right? Here’s the link to Stephanie Howell’s page:

  • kirsty smith

    I reall enjoyed this episode and totally agree with so much of it! I think I really settled into scrapbooking when I acknowledged that there are certain things that I love that crop up over and over again in my pages. By making a conscious decision to do those things, it makes me love my pages and means that my albums start to look consistent.

    The things I repeat are quite simple as well: I ADORE ledger paper, using layers, small photos, ink splatters, inked edges and having tons of rambly journalling. The ledger paper really helps with that. Most of my pages have all those elements but I don’t think they look identikit – they look like part of a collection. And I love that :D

    I also want to weigh in on the inspiration thing. I feel that now I know what I like and what my go-to pages look like, I can experiment within that and I love using Pinterest to find ideas and then re-interpret them within my style.

    For me, inspiration plus consistent design elements gives me both variety and identity.

    Thanks so much for a great episode – I’m going to listen again as I drive to work! I would listen at work but as I’m a teacher, playing Paperclipping episodes in class is frowned upon. Some people are so mean.

    Kirsty xxx

    P.S. I have enjoyed listening to Paperclipping so much that I have started my own little podcast. As I don’t get to a crop or get to chat scrapbooking with anyone in “real life” I find it a lovely way to share my thoughts on scrapping, and I’ve been so inspired by Paperclipping as a way to do that. And talking about it helps me to clarify my own ideas too. Although I am rapidly finding that I need an Izzy!

    P.P.S. I wish hexagons as a design trend would GO AWAY!!!!!

  • kirsty smith

    That;s SO cool – Pinned! Definitely going to do this, I love it :D

  • Yeah – sarcasm is hard in writing because we don’t read it that way. But context (like the photos) can help make it clear. The journaling can help, too. And if you’re still worried, you can always add an intro to the fronts of your albums stating that sarcasm is fully included in the scrapbook, or something like that.
    I make an intro for my albums to give a little information on what the story of the album is and who made it.

  • LOL – that is hilarious — your mean bosses won’t let you listen to the show. :)
    Congrats on starting a new adventure in podcasting!

  • Jamie De Luna

    Thank you Noell! Definitely going to use those great ideas!

  • Betsy

    Loved the topic of this episode! The whole thing reminded me of a conversation I had many times with my dad when I was a teenager listening to whatever music I was into at the time:

    Dad: I don’t know how you can listen to this, every song sounds the same.
    Me: Yeah, but I like that song.

    I am so glad this episode reminded me that it does not matter if I always go back to the same sketches and elements. I seem to always go into a new project thinking “this will be new and fantastic”, but by the time I’m finished, although I’m happy with the outcome, I notice I used the same elements or design as I always do. Whelp, I guess thats okay!

    Also, speaking of taking photos of yourself, I wanted to interject my own “pick of the week”. I just discovered the iPhone app “Watch Me Change”. It reminds you to take a photo of yourself every day, and you can use those photos to make a time-lapse of yourself changing. Its very low-tech and easy to use! It reminds me of the many commercials and youtube videos we are seeing of children growing up and pregnant bellies growing in time-lapse fashion.

    Fun stuff! Thanks for inspiring me!

  • de

    so comforting and fun to hear Nancy back at the table. great discussion but made me laugh. ,,,,Can “hot mess” be a style?”?”?” because thats what I see repeating in my stuff.
    I’ve always thought a repeative signature style was the goal ….which is why I see my work as a hot mess… because its all over the place. Pastels here, prime colors there, asian paper on this, flower paper on that, theme paper for my son’s pictures based on his likes at the time.. The only thing that pulls them together is that I made them all.
    Long ago I decided i scrap based on my mood/or the story in the photo and i had to just move on …….away from the idea of a style.

  • Cool, great recommendation and I love the parallel to music!

  • I am halfway through listening to this podcast….. and wanted to share the way I keep track of stories, things my kids say etc. I don’t have a fancy phone with apps, so I use a small date planer instead. It fits in my purse and has a small lined area you can write in for each day.It also has a small blank area, for extra stuff. I write what we did that day, anything funny the kids said, any quotes I stumbled on that I like, etc. I fill it in each night before bed when I am being disciplined, and catch up while waiting in car etc when I have been lazy. Then when I am doing project life I pull it out and it helps me. I think it is going to be so fun to look back at this day planner later on. I also have been enjoying asking my kids questions from Jenny Meyerson’s 100 family conversation starters. I write their answers in the planner and add them to my project life. Great episode as usual!

  • as always, a fun show! always look forward to sunday afternoons to listen to each week’s show!!

  • KathyinMN

    Karen-what a brilliant point to make “did someone tell Dega to quit doing ballerinas?” I cannot tell you how freeing that comment was to hear. Just being okay with your own style -sure press your boundaries, but be sure to own your own style. Awesome.

  • Totally agree with Nancy regarding scrapping about yourself and how it helps you process your own thoughts as well. I think it’s about taking time for yourself, not just the literal documentation for a later date.

    I think we all have loved ones that have gone and we sooooo wish they would have left something to help us learn more about their thoughts and feelings.

    Regarding scrapbooking yourself… I think we can all learn something from this touching article I came across – The Mom Stays in the Picture –

    We need to remember to include ourselves in memory keeping!

  • Someone else emailed that article to me and I loved it! I’m glad you posted it here so others can head over and read it too. It’s so good!