PRT132 and a half – Take a Moment to Backup

No show this week, so we have a special message in the meantime.

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  • KarynS

    Thanks for the back-up reminder guys. Would you believe as I was checking for the latest roundtable episode I was also completing my first ever full, online backup of my computer. And the reason for this….Izzy’s voice has been in my head telling my to back-up for such a long time & I finally listed to him! Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Ruth

    Thanks for the reminder to backup, I really need to implement backups beyond our main desktop. Looking forward to coming back to hear you next week.

    Izzy – Sorry to hear about your computer, hope you guys can can afford to replace it, and enjoy the new one if you do. A new macbook is so very fun.

  • Lucy

    So sorry to hear about your computer! When I dropped my phone in the toilet someone told me to put in rice and it worked. I wonder if that would work with your laptop? You’ll need lots of rice :)
    I have a Mac and was told to use Time Machine (comes with the Mac software). Is there a reason you don’t use it? Thanks!

  • I tried to make a backup last night but my computer didn’t let me do it… so I made it the old way, copy and paste :D

  • BARB T

    We have Time Machine for our Mac, and my hope is that it is good enough. I know that since all of my husband’s accounts and their set up/discount info is in here, I should be more concerned. He would have a major coronary if it were lost. I shall definitely be concerned once we are seriously into our videos and have spent hours of work on them. We have hours of interviews with our parents who are all now deceased. Those videos are certainly irreplaceable.
    I am in love with your podcast and was disappointed that this week’s episode is 132 and a half. I do admit that it is of great importance. I just started listening this summer but have gone back and listened to all from 2012 and am now working my way from the beginning. I got an IPhone in July (when I quit smoking) which made it much easier to listen since I was not tied down to the desktop.
    I am off to read about Super Duper and am looking forward to hearing as to why Izzy did not mention Time Machine.

  • StudioWendy

    I was wondering about Time Machine vs. Super Duper also. I run monthly Time Machine backups and daily online backup through Crash Plan. What does Super Duper offer that I’m not already getting? Doesn’t Time Machine do incremental changes as well? Thanks for the input, awesome podcasts and fantastic reminder!

  • Just listened to your PSA and am in the process of backing up my hard drive (I use SyncBack on the PC). Would love for you to make an even shorter version simply telling us to back up our files and play it every couple of weeks. Not going to lie…you motivate me more than the reminder on my calendar or my husband’s periodic nagging!

  • Melinda Greer

    I use SyncToy on my PC and thanks for the reminder guys.