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This week we’re talking about organizing and tracking our stories. Come listen!

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  • Just starting to listen but wanted to say I loved Katie Scott’s mail you read. First, Whim-so-Doodle (hope I spelled that right) is one of the most fabulous scrapbook stores ever. Too bad I am 1100 miles away.

    Secondly, I can so relate to thing flying out of hands, picking up items thinking they are for one use and finding out you just made a big boo boo. Love Burt’s Bees, btw. Thanks so much for sharing. Had to stop the podcast because I was laughing so hard. You made my day. Nice to know I am not alone.

  • What a great show!! I love, love, love Evernote – Stacy you are totally missing out! I use it to keep track of the SB classes I take. I create a note with all the links for the class. I attach all the handouts. And I can take notes all in the same place!


    Awesome topic – really enjoyed this. When Julie and Stacy were talking about intentions for scrapbooking (creating art or memory keeping), I had an ah-ha moment. I think I started making cards to satisfy my creative side. Card-making is simply about creating. I don’t have to remember the story or if I have the correct date or if I am spelling a name correctly. Plus cards are smaller in size and that seems to be easier for me. (maybe I should make 4.25×5.5 sized layouts – hehe)

    Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE to scrapbook and I think my card-making has improved my scrapbook layout designs. Thanks!

  • Jen

    I’ve already stopped the podcast twice. It’s taking me all morning to finish. First time was to follow my inspiration and write about the Twelve class + a love letter to Stacey of sorts :P
    I also had to stop and tell you thank you for bringing people together who come at scrapping in such different ways. I’ve never considered myself artistic at all, I’m more in it for the stories, like Stacey. My sister is the artist in the family. I think listening to these podcasts has given me such a greater understanding of her and why she does things the way she does. Listening to Julie talk abut how she handles inspiration and her process is so eye-opening. And I love the comparison of exercising your muscles and exercising your creativity. Brilliant! I know I feel so much more consistently inspired while taking the Twelve class. I’m exercising my story-telling muscles even when I’m not making pages because I’m always collecting bits of inspiration for stories throughout the day. I finally feel like I know how “artistic” people feel, if that makes sense. What a revelation :) Sorry this is long and rambling.
    Jen :)

  • C.Robin Sullivan

    Hi Noell, and friends,I started scrapbooking about two years ago, fond your podcast in May and have listened to most of them. Thanks to you, I enjoy scrapbooking even more. This week show was great. Thank you for your hard work. C Robin

  • Melissa Gross

    I was intrigued by Izzy’s comment that It’s a Wonderful Life because I saw a performance of It’s a Wonderful Life – The Musical performed in 2002. The musical was written in 1998 to be performed
    for Christmas at the Majestic, First Baptist, Dallas’ annual Christmas
    event in downtown Dallas. It was a fabulous production that rivaled performances I have seen on Broadway and in the London Theatre District.

  • Ruth

    Loved this show, another great discussion where your guests don’t agree. These are the ones that stay with me and challenge me to think. When Karen and Nancy disagreed about journalling, it really made me stop and think about what I did and why.

    The same happened with this podcast, pushed me to think about what I am telling myself I should do, when really I can do whatever is going to work for ME. I love that.
    I also loved the brief discussion about only being qualified to tell your own story. I have found a new perspective in looking at a lot of layouts this year from a wide variety of people. It’s helped me remember the story I was telling before I had kids, I hadn’t noticed how much it had changed / disappeared. I think that if you want to evolve and grow as a scrapbooker and a storyteller, you need to push yourself and move beyond you favourite two or three designers and look at the width and breadth of the galleries online. Look at people who are not on design teams. Look at layouts that are NOT what you would do, 81/2×11, double and single and minibooks, lots of story, different kinds of stories, different kinds of art. See how the other half does it, so you can challenge the tried and true that you are doing. I found this challenging, because honestly I dont like change, but also extremely liberating, because you start to see all the invisible rules that you have been binding yourself with, without realising.

    One big part of this, for me, has been PRT inviting such a plethora of guests, last week’ guests were talking about stuff out of my confort zone but so inspiring. This weeks we more familiar, but still invite me to challenge myself. It is very inspiring.

    Once again, thanks Noell, your shows, the topics and the way you manage the conversation, it makes compelling listening and get better every week and thanks Izzy, they are here so early in the week thanks to you, we die-hard fans love it so much!

  • Such great points, Ruth! You’re so right about branching out to see what people who are different from you are doing. You had such a great insight that it’s through those people that we can identify the unnecessary “rules” with which we’ve bound ourselves!

  • kathy m.

    Just finished listening to this episode on my morning walk. I really enjoyed this weeks guests.
    When I heard the panel discuss “intentions” I got very excited as that has been something I’ve been thinking about alot lately as my organizational flow and way I capture ideas evolves. I took Shimelle’s Cover to Cover class which got me to look at the flow of my scrapbooks and my overall intention. Also, one thing that has resonated with me was Noelle’s use of the word “memoir” awhile back. (not sure if it was in the blog or paperclipping video). As I looked through my albums, I realized I wanted them to be a memoir of our family and I saw gaps in the story (mostly relationships). Lately I have been jotting ideas in a notebook or placing post it notes right in the album to capture the stories that are missing or that would complete the overall flow of the album. I can then look for the photos that will complete this and plan from there.
    I also realize I scrapbook for other intentions as well. Sometimes just to document an event (project life) or a trip in an album of it’s own. Other times I like to just try a technique on a layout and play. My intentions vary from day to day. I am happy to say that I feel I have finally created a system that works for me using pieces of other’s ideas (LOM, Shimelle, Proj. LIfe). I now have a place to put any layout I may create within my various 3 ring binder type albums. It has helped me gain control of my layouts, put in place systems that help me find my supplies as well as photos, and ultimitely create with the best of my intentions in mind.
    Thanks for a great show. I look foward to it every week.

  • Loved reading your comment! I did a video tutorial a few years back on my perspective of scrapbook albums as visual memoirs. That’s where you got that from, though I’ve talked about it on PRT and maybe in the blog too.
    More recently I did two episodes that demonstrate my process of going through an album that’s almost complete to get a good feel for the story that’s developing and too identify what’s missing from the story. It’s very much like the process you described, so that might be where you got that from.

  • I enjoyed the story too :) I once stapled a layout to my (plastic) scrap table!

  • I really enjoyed the panelists’ perspectives on telling stories. For me, I practice my story telling and writing on my blog. I appreciate the immediacy of this medium and the ability to share with my family and friends who do not live nearby. My “ah-ha” moment came from the realization that I need more ways to tell stories. There are stories that I will not share on a public medium such as a blog. After listening to Julie talk about it, I am seriously considering art journaling to tell some of those stories. I also appreciate Stacy’s perspective on story telling and want to make more pages focusing on the connections and relationships in my life. Thank you for bringing together so many great perspectives into one episode!

  • Caroline

    Another fan of Katie Scott’s email. On National Scrapbooking Day this year I got a little over-enthusiastic with some spray glue, and needed assistance in chopping off some of my hair. Eek!

  • Caroline

    I’m so glad Izzy mentioned Evernote because that’s absolutely what I use it for! I have a notebook just for scrapbooking ideas and photos. Sometimes I’ll take a photo, add a comment, and tag with Project Life to go in that notebook (says she who is ridiculously behind but nonetheless well-intentioned… it’s there for whenever I get to it).
    This episode really got me thinking. I somewhat fell into scrapbooking when I moved to the US 4 1/2 years ago from Europe (originally “made in England”), but I think the seeds of it had been planted a long time ago without me knowing that it would sprout into scrapbooking. :) From the age of 14 to 24 I kept a journal, every single day. I still have these journals! It’s a fascinating (and at times cringeworthy) peek into 10 years of my life, written in my own hand. I also have some photos (although definitely not a photo a day) from throughout this time period (yay for the ’90s). Ever since I started scrapbooking I’ve wanted to do something to include something of these journals in my layouts, but I am a bit stuck as to how to approach the task. I feel like I should put an add somewhere: Ready-made journaling seeks appropriate scrapbooking format for memory-keeping… input, ideas, or suggestions welcome!

  • Oh my gosh!! It doesn’t wash out?

  • I journalese most every day of my life from when I turned 8 all the way through college. I’ve had lots of ideas to use it in my scrapbooking but just haven’t pulled them out to do it yet. Sounds like a great topic for a Paperclipping Member’s episode! :)

  • I had to laugh about the glue stick, I had a friend in high school who glued her lips together with nail glue & actually called another friend despite not being able to open her mouth to speak

  • Courtney M

    I am a new listener to Paperclipping Roundtable. I’m really glad because it means I have a lot of old episodes I can listen to! I’m sad that I missed out on this wonderful podcast for so long.
    I’m a Project Life holdout as well. I archive my texts to my email so I can pull them up easily.

  • reneecrops

    I thought this episode was full of inspiration especially May’s idea that scrapbooking on a regular basis would make it easier. Which gave me a “great” idea. Since I struggle with journaling maybe I should make a journal prompt jar with a prompt for every day for one year so I could draw a slip of paper every day and write. I’ve started my list of prompts including Stacy’s inspiration idea, and Noell’s state food idea from the mushroom episode, but I would like to hear some other ideas for journal prompts.

  • Madeleine Lopez
  • I have a blog post where I shared something like 100 journal prompts. Or maybe it’s 99? I’d give a link but I’m not where I can pull it up. You can do a search on Paperclipping for journal prompts and you should find it.

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s funny — I used to feel the opposite kind of pressure. If I was scrapbooking about myself I felt total freedom to experiment with whatever I wanted. But when I came to my kids I felt more pressure because I felt like I my kids to please.

  • Loved the variety of perspectives that were shared in this episode… I tend to agree that we probably have more stories available than we can ever scrap. But sometimes when we get down to it, it’s easy to get locked up by some detail… or I’m missing this or that before I can continue. Funny how creativity works!

    BTW, so interested in Stacy’s 12/12/12 streaming event… but what is our time zone doesn’t permit us to watch it live?!