PRT129 – Medium in a Nutshell

This week we’re talking about adding mixed media elements to scrapbooking pages. Come listen!

The Panelists

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  • Great show, as always! Fun that you invited Claudine, a mostly mixed media artist that has other ideas about what you can do on paper. Love that. I often listen in while editing photos on the computer! Thanks guys! :-)

  • BarbS

    I was encouraged by you all saying one or two simple things will add a lot to a page. I don’t have to load the page up and lose sight of the focus on the photo or story whic after all is the purpose of a scrapbook page…at least to me. Thanks again for anothere great show!

  • Thanks for answering my question. I loved hearing that Wilna has cut up photos in her children’s albums! Glad I’m not alone there. I was inspired by hearing everyone’s response, especially the idea that ‘who cares what the shape is?’ and to just make it work! I’m ready to get these memories in an album and I went searching for them and along the way found some other awesome things. Here’s the link to my blog post with one of the pages I finished! I appreciate the weekly inspiration from PRT, as always!

  • What a beautiful page! I love the colors and that gathering in the top corner!

  • Totally — keeping the focus on the photo is almost always the number one priority for me, and using mixed media doesn’t stop that.

  • So after listening to this show: I actually bought some Multi-Medium & other Tim Holtz-ish stuff at my local store (Whim So Doodle – they were having a big sale). I haven’t opened up the multi-medium yet…. but I did pick up some Smooch glimmer spray and while I was shaking it – because it said to shake it – it went flying out of my hands and the glass bottle broke on my tile floor! I had to use it all up in about 5 minutes. I made some stenciled pages in my art journal book. This was last week & I still have a bit of blue underneath my fingernails! I think I’ll pick up another bottle next time I’m at the shop and try again! It was fun to hear about all the mixed media techniques – even if I sometimes feel like I am “technique challenged”. Great show as always :)

  • P.S. After I broke the smooch bottle, I was stressed and grabbed what I thought was my Burt’s Bee’s lip gloss but was actually a glue stick and glue sticked my lips – seriously!

  • Oh my gosh, what a crazy story!

  • Marcia Fortunato

    Hahaha! Sorry to get a laugh at your expense, but that is a seriously funny story!! You can tell you’re a paper crafter though – most people would’ve just wiped up the mess, but you actually used it :D

  • Wanted to say that for those who have shaped photos… one idea would be to actually frame them and you can actually mix and match different shapes. There are lot of papers that have frames drawn on them, etc… sort of the trendy cute look these days :)

  • Very funny!

  • wonderful page!