PRT127 – Talking Technique

We’re talking technique this week. Come listen!

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  • YAY! I’m at the office trying to blow through some paperwork & needed the PRT “to help my work day go a bit faster!”

  • Ruth

    Haven’t finished listening, but needed to join in the chorus and agree that Izzy and Noell are da bomb! I love listening to PRT every week, you have changed how I scrap and I really appreciate your hard work.

  • I Here’s the Ikea Grundtal cart that I use to hold a lot of my Tim Holtz & Ranger supplies:

  • Jani

    This was such an wonderful discussion. I have learned so much in the past couple of years by watching videos by Tim, Jennifer, and Noel. I just recently started following Laura on You Tube and UStream and am amazed and inspired by her talent. It was great to hear all of you discussing your crafts and projects.
    I also took the Chemistry 101 class that Tim ans Jennifer mentioned and it was AWESOME. (Izzy, I am just a recent fan of yours but you and Noel ROCK)

  • The bygel is a bit smaller than the Grundtal so the bygel works for my small space – but the Grundtal looks much more sturdy than the Bygel; I’ve also had my eye on the teal blue

    RÅSKOG Kitchen cart $49.99 Product dimensions Length: 13 3/4 ” Width: 17 3/4 ” Height: 30 3/4 ” which does not include a workspace but is metal and sturdy and really really cute – I just don’t have a spot for it. My husband likes me to stay away from Ikea – I have a tendency to come home with a trunk full of things for him to assemble. ;)

  • Amen & I had a thought last night that Noell & Izzy could make a class on how to make how to videos that could extend beyond scrapbooking (wider audience) but you two have all the skills to put together very professional how to videos – something that lots of people are trying to do and would probably like to learn how to do. I know that my husband and I have made videos on various subjects from time to time and they always look very amateur, small business owners who want to put out quality content in videos on the web (and save money by doing it themselves) could be a nice target audience for you.

  • Just started listening, but wanted to comment on two things. One I’ve been going back and listening to old episodes per Izzy’s facetious suggestion a few weeks ago. Because one paperclipping a week is just not enough! I’m in a different place than when I first listened to them so I’m getting all kinds of new ideas. However, I would suggest you update your description in iTunes because it still lists Nancy and since you have a new tagline I think you should add that in. Second, when I first saw this title I was like, “Oh ugh, I’m so not a technique person” but I just recently discovered how easy mists are to use (why did I think they were hard? Just scared I guess) and so after only listening to five minutes of the main discussion I am so inspired. Also I’m so glad you’ve started posting on the same day.

  • Funny you say that, Katie! That’s actually what Izzy does at He’s been doing that longer than I’ve been doing Paperclipping. And he’s an amazing communicator — he knows how to break things down into simple understandable steps.
    Anyone wanting to improve + learn + edit video should check out his stuff:

  • Thank you, Alissa! Izzy went over to iTunes and updated the podcast. I appreciate you pointing that out!

  • OK, now I feel sort of stupid. I guess I always mentally thought of what Izzy does as making movies for fun or art – like indie films; not necessarily “how to” or business type videos; and I always thought it was geared for MAC and we’re PC. So I just mentally dismissed it as something that wasn’t geared for me but sounds like it is. I’ll check out the site & have my husband look too (he’s the techie in our relationship). Thank you! AND, maybe it would be good to do an IZZYVIDEO episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable so fans like me don’t totally miss the boat. Thanks!

  • Ha! No worries — I can understand why you thought that since he’s talked a lot about doing short films. His audience is not into films, though. They’re churches that want to broadcast, they’re educators, podcasters, business owners, etc. The editing software he trains on is actually for MAC’s but his video actual training on shooting video is obviously for anyone with a video camera! :)

  • To keep from purchasing duplicates: I track stamps, Stickles, dies, embossing folders, etc. in Google Docs. At the store, I just check the docs via my phone. I share my docs with my husband so I can see them from his phone, too, in case my battery dies.

  • Heidi

    I had never heard of this until Tim posted on his blog. It was perfect to listen to at work while doing my paperwork, filing, whatever. Can’t get much done watching a video so this audio was great. I agree that Creative Chemistry 101 was well worth the investment. So informative. Will definitely go back and listen to past episodes.

  • Yes — we love that the Roundtable is something to listen to while scrapbooking, cleaning, running, playing with toddlers, driving, etc! Welcome to the show and thank you for commenting! I’m excited to take the Creative Chemistry 101 class, too!

  • Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • m

    I haven’t listened to the entire show yet but wanted to just stop where I was and say that I loved Tim’s comment about using portable storage and doing what works for you. I recently downsized from an entire scraproom to a few portable totes so that I COULD work on my dining room table. I found that having to go into a separate room (even though I had the space) limited my desire to scrapbook. Downsizing all of my supplies into a couple of totes and working on the table while my family watches TV or while cooking dinner or whatever has made a HUGE difference in my mojo. It also limits my choices which does make it much easier to decide what to use. I only buy, use and keep what I absolutely LOVE. I appreciate the comments too on helping consumers use what they have. That doesn’t mean we’ll never buy anything new…but it does help us LOVE what we have.

  • I’m so glad you shared this! I’m sure there are so many scrapbookers who feel they’d do better if they had a dedicated room. I think some of us do work better that way, but I bet there are many, many people who would just feel isolated and less inspired, like you.

  • Beth

    This was a wonderful discussion. I really enjoyed hearing the 3 guests talking about techniques and how they work.

  • Cathy Clouston

    What a great episode! I’m actually a card maker not a scrapbooker, and I love techniques so this show was right up my alley. I particularly loved what the guests said about making your space work for you. I used to craft out of totes and I recently claimed a corner of my dining room as a dedicated space. It’s amazing how much more embossing I do now that my heat gun is always within reach. I also love the idea of cataloging supplies. Now that I have a bit more space I have more stuff, and I find I’m forgetting about what I have more than I did before. Having a litte notebook with all my stamps, ink, and mist colours is the perfect solution. Thanks so much for all of the great ideas during this episode and every episode. This podcast is always a treasure trove of great ideas and I love listening every week!

  • Gina H.

    This is my first time listening and I absolutely loved it! What a great resource this was, and I learned some new little tips that I can’t wait to use. Thank you!

  • Thank you! I hope you’ll be back! :)

  • I’m glad you enjoy the show from week to week, even though you’re not a scrapbooker! Glad to have one this week that you could especially relate to.

  • Rita P.

    I had no idea you can order the craft sheet in a larger size. I will certainly look into that. It is a wonderful work surface and to have it in a larger size would be so helpful. Thank you.

  • Jana_NJ

    Loved the show, techniques is something that I really love and I agree with Tim is such a good way to use what we have. I’m glad I started with card making most if not all I learned was with card making is such a good way to put in practice techniques and at the end finish with something you can give away.

  • Great show with Great people. i learned! Thank you!

  • Hello! This is my first time responding to an episode although I’ve been a faithful listener since Jaanuary. But I just had to comment on this episode, since I am one of those people who has never considered myself a technique oriented scrapbooker; however, I am currently taking Nic Howard’s Dimensional Details class over at Big Picture (which is absolutely awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone should she offer it again!) and have been completely engrossed in techniques for the past 9 weeks! This is my first ever technique based class and something said during the episode that really resonated with me – it was the idea that as you practice techniques you begin to see how you can adapt them and change them to fit your own style.

    One of the things that initially made me very hesitant to try a technique based class – especially Nic’s class in particular, is that a lot of the very embellished, detailed layouts I saw being created in that “dimensional” style are very “girly” in my opinion, and as a Mom to two boys who gravitates towards bright colours, I wasn’t sure that I could really use the techniques without making the layouts to fussy and “pretty” for their subject matter.

    However, I have had great success adapting the techniques and I think my pages are even better than ever! I They are more detailed and visually interesting for sure. I credit my success with adapting the techniques so to my own style to two things: 1) Practice and regular use (as the weeks have gone on I’ve been more comfortable and the techniques have felt more natural to use; and 2) the fact that I have recently begun thinking seriously about the mood and feeling I want to convey on a page before I start to scrap. This change was partially brought about by listening to PRT over the past few months, partially by my participation in Stacy’s “12” class at Big Picture and partially by the Paperclipping member’s video on organizing patterned paper by mood/theme. Bottom line is that by thinking ahead of time about the mood of your page you can consciously make technique and embellishment choices that support that mood and help you convey it. I am now fully aware that the pages I see from others that really jump out at me as amazing are that way because the overall mood of the story and photos is fully supported by the colour scheme, paper choices, embellishments used and techniques incorporated in the making of the page.

    Thanks again for yet another fabulous episode!
    Jen Campbell

  • A friend has reminded me over and again, when we bought those supplies, we did it because we loved them. That hasn’t changed, we just see more stuff we fall in love with. When I remember that my stash is full of stuff I love, then I tend to use it up more, which then allows me to go buy more. :)

  • That is awesome! Thank you! I’ve wondered the same thing about her class because I love what she does but I am so NOT a dimensional flower person. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’m glad we’ve been of help, and thank you for your membership!! :)

  • This was another fabulous episode! I am continually impressed with the mix of panelists on the show. I now listen to each episode more than once. I love hearing my favorite paper crafters on the show and learning from “new to me” crafters and photographers.

    For a few years, I did not consider myself a technique person. I tried stamping but thought that it was too messy. A couple of years later, I was reintroduced to stamping and started making cards. The turning point for me trying more techniques came when I started using Distress Inks. I love their versatility and no longer mind my fingers getting all inky.

    I learned so many great ideas from this episode. After hearing Noell talk about Ranger University, I wanted to go even though I don’t work in the industry. I was really glad to hear Tim and Jennifer explain the Creative Chemistry Class, which I now plan to take. As I reorganize my craft space, I plan to use the suggestions from this episode, including ways to better use my craft sheet and storing my embossing powders in the larger containers.

  • Louise I

    What a fantastic show! I’m not a technique-y person, it’s not what I want out of my scrapbooking right now, but I was fascinated by the whole discussion. The guests were so easy to listen to and understand. It was relevant to everyone, not just those who are more technique driven crafters. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the shows, they are a highlight of my week!

  • Oh my goodness! You have no IDEA how giddy I was last night when I listened to the new episode and heard Izzy say my name! LOL I am such a scrapbook nerd :-P

    I truly believe that Nic’s class has been so incredible for me simply because I have started really giving thought to mood. It was a totally revolutionary concept for me! I think i *knew* a lot of the info before the class, but it is really helping me pull it all together :-)

    Thanks for choosing my comment for the show! It made my week!!

  • Tim mentioned a tripod he uses for his iphone. Izzy, did he ever send you the link?

  • Nope. Sorry. Izzy thinks he got it amazon so you might find one there.

  • scrapstreams

    Noell, I am also in this class right now and it is AWWWWESOME, as is reflected by the fact that so many are taking this class a second time around, having enjoyed it so much the first time, and continue to state that they are still loving it and learning even more. She has ‘expanded’ the class from last year, adding even more content, and has had several ‘guests’ popping in from time to time to share their talents with us. I’m positive that you would enjoy this class tremendously….she even throws in some DESIGN THEORY content.

  • I’m just playing catch-up on some Roundtable episodes and I just want to say a big Thank You to Izzy for bring up the fact that products are discontinued so quickly in this industry. I have been thinking this for a long time now. And Thank You to Tim for not jumping on the bandwagon with this trend and design your products to be versatile and timeless – and educate in the same way. As a retailer I find it really hard to keep up with all of the new products all of the time and also I have customers who come back and ask for more of the same range and I have to tell them that it is no longer available from the manufacturers (sometimes only months after it’s released). Unfortunately this industry is getting too much like the fashion industry and things go out of “style” too quickly, it’s quite frustrating as a retailer and a crafter. I also have to agree with Noel’s comment about having too many interests – this cracked me up so much because it’s true for me too.

  • I’m late to the party here…but why wasn’t the title of this show “We Have Cookies” ??? ;)