PRT126 – Fitting It In

This week we’re talking about how to fit scrapbooking into our schedules. Come listen!

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  • KarynS

    Thanks so much for featuring an everyday scrapbooker in this weeks episode. I know a majority of your guests, even the “celebrities”, are truly everyday scrapbookers but it was great having someone who really is exactly like me – an avid scrapbooker trying to fit it all in, with no blog or real online presence. I really enjoyed listening to Ruth. Of course it also goes without saying how much I enjoyed listening to Becky & Karen!

  • Ruth

    Thanks Karyn, I was over the moon when Noell asked me. I was pretty nervous beforehand, it reminded me of my first date, waiting nervously for a phone call, thinking through all the things you hope you will remember to say and wondering whether you might make a total fool of yourself instead – except this one was recorded! LOL

  • “…except this one was recorded!” What a crackup!

    You did great, Ruth!! :)

  • Kris

    who wrote the book “Science of Willpower?”

  • Karen

    It’s by Kelly McGonigal. The book is called The Willpower Instinct – (Her class is called The Science of Willpower. the book is based on the class) hth

  • 1. LOVED hearing Ruth’s voice – both the way it sounded (with her accent) and what she said. 2. Also, would love to know how everyone shows up on the Myers Briggs Test ( I’m betting Becky & Karen are “J”s and Noell and Ruth are “P”s. – thinkt that’s how it goes / structure / unstructures / details / big picture kind of thing. 3. My Scrapbooking Schedule & fitting it in: I scrapbook when I feel like scrapbooking – ie. like what Becky said “when I FEEL it”; but with that said, I find I am happiest in life when I scrapbook and exercise everyday. So if I have a day when I don’t feel like scrapbooking, then I don’t – but if too many days go by then I get back in and exercise my scrapbooking muscle even if I don’t feel like it – same deal with exercise. ** Another Great Episode!

  • Vicki J

    I took Karens Reclaiming your Time class and I can not say enough good things about it. It really helped me find the time to do things that were important to me and also not feel guilty about just chillin in front of the TV. Great show!

  • Nikki

    Noell, Izzy, seriously yall have been hitting it out of the park lately!! Each episode gets better and better (and it was pretty darn rad to begin with! lol) Thank you so much for providing the scrapbook community with such a quality, well-done show!

  • Future Show Idea: {Just getting to some scrapbooking now (11 pm) and I was thinking about the episode and it sounded like Becky wanted to step away from full on scrapbooking & started Project Life and it also sounded like Noell falls in love with other hobbies and steps away from scrapbooking and then comes back to it.}

    IDEA: I think it would be interesting to hear from a mix of people again (manufacturer, design teamer, & regular scrapbooker) – but people who used to be avid scrapbookers and WHO NOW NO LONGER SCRAPBOOK AT ALL. I think it could maybe be difficult to find them but I bet most scrapbookers would know someone who fits this category, so you could probably just put out a tweet or something. I know I have more than a few real life friends who were into Creative Memories way back when and who no longer scrapbook at all. I also know that on The Daily Digi they often talk about digital scrapbooking designers (not creative teamers but actual makers of the product) who used to be very involved in the scrapbooking industry and now have completely stepped away from it. It would be interesting to hear from them why they were once avid scrapbookers and what made them stop and to hear whether or not they miss it or plan to take it up again in the future.

  • Ruth

    Thanks Katie for your previous lovely comment.
    I think this future idea is related to this week’s topic too. I can only speak from my experience, but I think people stop scrapping for two main reasons
    *) As Nancy has mentioned in previous episodes (particularly the future of scrapbooking episode), people who were never enjoying it, who moved to facebook or blogging, as it was simply the words and photos that they were drawn to. This is particularly the group who left in droves as the industry passed its peak and started the down turn. I would personally be very interrested in whether there is noticable correlation in the timing of scrapbookings demise with the increase in popularity of online memory keeper. I realise that it is more heavily influenced by the financial changes happening, but facebook is a much cheaper alternative as well as meeting that need to share photos plus words with others.
    *) People who loved it but could not find a way to make the time and the cost of this hobby work for them. This group is the more regrettable, and the one that I think we all wish we could reintroduce with new strategies and motivation. This group are often the ones held back by many of the older judgements and restraints, the kind that Stacy Julian is the master of dissipating, but they left before realising that now we have ditched many of those shackles. They are the ones who feel guilt and overwhelm, obligation and frustration. They are the ones who need to remember why they loved it and how to use a little bit time of find that joy again.
    On the bright side, I think that the industry is trying it’s best to embrace this group. Whether it is a very entertaining weekly audio podcast ;) or smash books in the stationary aisle, project life in an adorable 2 minute video to share on social media or the easily available classes that you can take online, digital scrapbooking or the increasingly complicated options you can use in your photobook creations, I think that there are many paths turning up which can lead this group back to scrapbooking in one form or another.
    Sorry for the giant monologue, but its such an interesting topic!

  • I love your giant monologue :). Good stuff!

  • thanks much!

  • Thank you, Nikki! We’ve been feeling really good about the show, too! :) So nice to hear that it keeps getting better for you. :)

  • I loved this episode. it was so interesting to get the differing perspectives from people in and out of the biz. I identified greatly with Ruth when she said that she was overwhelmed by the process of choosing what to use on my pages, and I think that was a big source of my roadblock to scrapping. I was always a very simple scrapper but was always tempted by all of the latest papers and embellishments that are constantly being released in the scrap-booking stores. My stash grew and grew, but I was rarely making any layouts. Until project life. Project life just works for me. It limits my choices but still gets my photos scrapped. I consistently scrap my weeks and I adore going back and looking at what I have accomplished over the year. Recently I scrapped a trip to the grand Canyon from 6 years ago using the divided page protectors! I Have been meaning to scrap those pictures for such a long time, and now it’s done! such a great feeling!

  • For the record – I don’t go through periods of scrapbook burnout. There have a been a few isolated single days where I felt it I all these years, but while I do all these other hobbies I love, I still scrapbook very regularly.
    I think for me it’s having these other hobbies + a venue for sharing my scrapbooking is what prevents much burnout for me. And I don’t know if that will last forever. The last 2 days I’ve been feeling a real desire to simplify and not have so much stuff.
    Thx for the topic suggestion!

  • I never thought you had burnout – I guess I just meant that other hobbies (like probably dancing, painting, writing etc. – I’m guessing) are super exciting & you want to get fully immersed in those for a bit. (I do this sort of thing too). I’m also guessing that you are probably the polar opposite of burn out & have an abundance of ideas :)

  • Love this show – wanted to let you know that Persnickity also has a app (mine is android) for your cell phone called LifePics. great for being on the go and getting it printed at a local camera shop who also tend to take greater care than your Costco. Keep up the good work. look forward to every episode, I always learn something new :)

  • Loved this episode! I agree with the commenter that the episodes seem on a new level lately. I’ve been going back and re-listening to other ones and it’s interesting to hear how PRT has evolved. I work full time and have 2 kids and have still managed to make 54 pages this year and kept up with project life. People ask me how I do it, and I always reply I don’t cook and I don’t clean so I LOVED it when Karen said it. I also totally agree with what everyone said about making it a priority. I read the book “168 Hours” by Laura Vanderkam right after having my first child and it helped me so much in regards to thinking and prioritizing my time. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Becky for your shout out. Great surprise being your pick of the week! Printing is more complicated than it seems… and we do strive for perfection. It is most fulfilling when our work is noticed:)

  • i absolutely loved this week’s show. As a busy physician, my time is limited, but I refuse to give up what I love so much to do. I too have mostly chosen to give up TV, unless it is quality time with my husband watching a movie. Thanks for giving us a fresh perspective!
    Rosa M. Neno

  • Shesquire

    I totally agree!

  • Shesquire

    Agreed! I loved hearing the perspectives of a real life scrapbooker who doesn’t also work within the industry. :) Great job Ruth!

  • Heidi

    Had to jump in and agree — I love hearing from all of the guests, but I think that those who are “not in the industry” still have so much to contribute. Ruth’s contributions this week were a great example of this!

  • I’ve loved it!!

    I think I need to work on a schedule like Karen explained. Thanks!!

  • dorilei

    Always enjoy the broadcasts! Thank you for mentioning about Costco pics. I’ve gone to Costco for years but my most recent photos were so bad that I thought something was wrong with my brand new camera. Just created an account with Persnickety.
    I feel like I’m on the cutting edge because of Paperclipping Roundtable. Thank you so much.

  • me too! :)

  • Christy Connors

    Just wanted to let you know that I tried persnickety prints and was really impressed. I received my prints in less than a week and I was in awe of the packaging. Great quality and color.

  • vintageplaid

    I know this comment is way after the show, but had to go on record anyway. I am catching up on some older episodes that I missed while we were moving this summer. What a great discussion. I am continually blown away by the talent and creativity to be found in people all over the world. Just wanted to say that I think this episode should be required listening for anyone who wants to move from being a passionate scrapbooker to a professional. Really? So many things to consider and many of them were discussed on this show. I, for one, would find it difficult to accept the demands of scrapbooking as a career, so kudos to all of you who do it so well and still maintain your passion for “everyday scrapbooking.” We benefit so much from your inspiration and instructions–so thank you!