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This week we’re sharing about our weaknesses… Come listen!

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  • Fun Topic!
    I’m not good at:
    1. Finishing Mini Books;
    2. Throwing Scrapbooking Supplies Away (purging);
    3. Remembering to buy adhesive (and I’m not that good at using a tape runner so I just don’t);
    4. Using My Cricut – I should seriously just sell it already;
    5. Printing photos – so I end up with lots of the same thing and no current photos;
    6. Keeping ink in my printer (my kids use it up and it is expensive and a pain to buy);
    7. sweeping up the floor of my scrapbook room (my kids do it for me – but it is seriously messy all the time – covered with those adhesive tab things).
    8. And probably lots of other stuff :)

  • Allie Atkinson

    Chirp is AWESOME. Listening right now and got to the page easy as!

  • Ruth b

    Dear Stacy
    You talk just the righ amount! Your bubbly, happy, humble, genius opinions make for compelling listening. Don’t be so hard on yourself and talk as long as you have something to say.

    I really like the takeaway message from this weeks podcast, that you need to decide if your weakness is something to accept and let go of it or something that is holding you back from doing something you want to be doing. Applicable beyond acrapbookibg for sure and thought provoking stuff

    I think my biggest scrapbooking weakness is that I tend to scrap as stress relief which means I don’t take on the big thoughtful epic stories often. Stacy suggested in a twelve chat to just try to make just some of the layouts those curated stories, if i cant always manage to do those, so I have been trying to push myself to be focused on story than the stress relief for 1 in every 5-6 layouts (which is several a month.) so far this has had some success. I have plenty of others but that is just one.

  • #1 – we agree with you about Stacy. We like her chatty self and all she has to say !!
    #3 – That’s a great compromise. Sounds like a good plan and good job tackling it.
    Did you know I used to scrap to relieve anxiety? When Trinity was in 1st grade she started having seizures and was diagnosed as having epilepsy. To prevent myself from having anxiety attacks I prescribed for myself a daily dose of scrapbooking and it helped a lot (anxiety runs in my fam and i’ve dealt with it since I was a little girl).
    Now I get regular massages (I learned this year to relax my muscles for the first time in my life). I also found that I have no anxiety when I have a full schedule of dance classes, and when we’re on holiday with no dance for a couple weeks it starts to creep back.
    You have to do what you have to do to relieve it and live a healthier happy life, right?

  • I am unable to play the new feed on this page….the only audio box that appears on this page for me is # 120…..I logged on through itunes earlier and the latest show is not posted there yet. any hints Izzy???? tia, Dale Rose Stream aka scrapstreams

  • stacyjulian

    You’re very generous with my rambling — thank you. I’m so glad you brought up the idea of allowing ourselves to take different approaches with our pages–truly, expectations make or break a scrapbooker! If you expect yourself to pursue in depth, curated stories with every page, you’ll quickly become exhausted. Some times you just need to play and use the creative process to unwind and find your muse. But to NOT attempt the those more involved stories some of the time (and I love your 1 in 5 rule) would be to rob yourself of a wonderful sense of satisfaction that comes from unearthing and documenting personal plots, life lessons and connections that are integral to our potential and experience as storytellers.
    Thanks for listening.

  • Dale, we’ve had well over a thousand people download it so far, so I know it’s working (plus we can make it work ourselves). If the audio player isn’t showing up for you in the blog post, please try updating Flash.
    To get it your iTunes player to upload it, right-click the name of the show. A drop down menu will appear and you’ll have the option to update the podcast or get the latest episodes.

  • Dale Scrapbook

    Do you have to be a member to hear this because, like Dale, I am unable to play the new feed. Maybe that’s the reason? This is too weird because I, too, am named Dale and there aren’t too many females named Dale around. Maybe the new feed doesn’t like female Dales? (LOL)

  • daney

    Let me start with another affirmation of Stacy’s level of contribution to the show. Love it. She is full of WIN!

    My weaknesses: 1. Comparing my layouts to other people’s work online as if there is a “right” way to do things – I am working on this one by using Pinterest to curate the layouts I actually want to emulate and then ignoring the rest – no more trolling through galleries, endlessly – i pick a couple layouts I like and get OUT before the current styles get me down.
    2. I sometimes hold onto supplies so long that I never end up using them (ink pads go dry before I use them, etc). This one is more difficult – I am selective about somethings that I buy, while other things become mini-collections. Acknowledging the problem is the start, right?
    3. I work really FAST. I don’t have patience to have a layout on my table for more than an hour – so I have often felt that some techniques are just not for me (I won’t wait for paint to dry!). I have been working on this by doing some single page layouts that are more “artsy” and involved while keeping 99% of my scrapping in my “simple” style. Divided page protectors are my friends, bc at heart I am always a color blocking girl…. I can get 20 pages done in a snap, then spend 2 hours on a more involved layout and not feel frustrated.

  • No, this is definitely a new show. Are you able to see the player in the post? Did you try the instructions I gave the other Dale for iTunes? (yes, the Name thing is weird).
    I wonder if Flash recently updated and some of you just need to download it still.

  • karen keiper

    I’m with Angie 100% with rewriting her journalling. Bad spelling in magazines, papers or my own writing dirves me crazy!! Love the show. Non schmo ( how do you spell schmo??) Karen

  • karen keiper

    P.S. if i could edit my comment to correct my spelling i would!! :-}

  • I am about to listen to this episode. Can’t believe I waited a whole day to listen! I did come across this article today and since many of us read the book, Imagine, and listened to the episode, thought you might be interested.

  • And another article about this shocking (to me, at least), development in Lehrer’s career. Not sure yet what to make of it.

  • Just read the article. It does a great job stating a point I made on the show this week:

    “Mendel adds that nonfiction writers throughout history have faked
    materials, discovered lost texts that weren’t truly lost, or made up
    characters and events. What’s new, he says, is how quickly Lehrer was
    exposed. Fact checking meet crowdsourcing.”

    For those feeling a bit lost and confused as to what to believe from the book, I think this is important to note – there are all kinds of things we’ve read, learned, believed, adopted, that are just plain wrong, some based on lies, others just in error. It’s not just this book alone. I believe in doing the best I can with the understanding I have, trying not to deceive myself into thinking that that I have the final Truth with a capital T.

  • So true!

  • I should have listened to the PRT episode before I posted. Love this episode. Love hearing about everyone’s perceived weaknesses.

  • Great show, everybody! I love listening to PRT and laughing out loud while I’m commuting to and from work. The exchange at the end when Izzy said he’d prepped for the show by researching the weaknesses of the guests was too funny. :)

    It’s interesting to notice how easily we can all list our weaknesses, but many of us would be more hesitant about listing our strengths.

    One of my weaknesses is buying too much patterned paper that doesn’t completely fit my style. I’m a big fan of Tim Holtz’s aesthetic and often make tags or cards with his stuff. But I purchased three or four of his 12×12 paper stacks and will probably never use them up, because for scrapbooking, I tend not to go quite so distressed and grungy.

  • Carol in the Land of Oz

    I have had some house/plumbing issues which led to some deep cleaning issues and my poor scrap room has been sorely neglected this summer. Yesterday I listened to your podcast for inspiration. I have been pondering what interferes with my scrapping the most? My worst habit is………my scraproom is the dump room—you know, OMG somebody is coming take that pile and put it in the scrap room and close the door-quick! I struggle with organization in there anyway (mostly don’t want to purge anything—not old product or bad photos or dried out inks—need to reread my Abby Garvey book) but then it becomes such a disaster so quickly. I drool over those beautiful rooms—so organized and decorated beautifully. I don’t always get the completed layouts to the albums and struggle to get the journaling done on my layouts (some of the journaling is typed and just stuck under the page protector). My kids’ books are full of some great layouts and some nice sticky notes of promises of pages yet to come! The children are all grown and away at college & I have an empty nest and the time is now! I need to clean up that room and get those books organized and find & insert those completed pages in the albums. Oh & fix those journaling boxes. I CAN DO IT!! But first I have to clean up in there—yuk L.

    Fall of 2010-First attempt—epic fail; there I was in the midst of this disorganized chaos, sitting on the floor, going through pictures, sobbing–my little birds that have flown out of the nest—pitiful!
    Fall of 2011-Second attempt—moderate failure/success; lots of pages (& several mini books) were completed, only some found a home—I like my little messy room.
    Fall of 2012 (following what I call the Great Summer Clean Out)—stay tuned……………….

  • one of my biggest weaknesses is buying a lot of pink & purple papers…I have 4 boys, no girls but I always buy more girly paper than the boyish stuff (maybe that’s because there is SO much more of the girly stuff)

  • Finally had a chance to listen to the show from start to finish. I am going to listen again to write down some of the quotes from the show. For those of us who aren’t on the scrapbooking radar, it was encouraging to hear about the things that challenge our screapbooking “heroes”. I am looking forward to another episode discussing what we see as our weaknesses and how to overcome them.

  • Well, there is my typing boo-boo. LOL. So much for checking before posting.

  • Leslie

    I used to be able to subscribe to comments via email. Can I not do that now? I like that feature because I popped on the site once a week and subscribed.

  • Disqus (the comment service we use) made some updates recently and I guess they either got rid of that or changed the way you subscribe. I don’t know anything about it. If you want you can login to disqus and see if they explain if/how to do it. We’re camping and so I can’t look into it myself. Sorry!

  • CarolineD

    Noell, I share your writing weakness. I journal a lot, but invariably I will drop a word, type the wrong word or –and this one really bugs the snot out of me– leave the “n’t” off a word, which really changes the meaning of the sentence. I know that I tend to do this, so I almost always journal on the computer where I have some hope of catching it and fixing it. And even though I read and read and read the journaling before printing it out, I almost always miss one error. I jokingly refer to it as my “Where’s Waldo”, as in: every page has one, how quickly does it jump out at you?

    And I get Angie’s response (yes, I fix my mistakes), but I usually don’t correct them. If it’s easy, like I catch it before it’s glued down, sure, I’ll fix it. But after it’s down, I’m not going to risk tearing the page up. And, like you, I will fix design issues. And here’s why: all kinds of people will see my layouts and I do want them to be appealing and well put together, but I’m pretty certain only the people closest to me will bother to read them. And they’ll forgive me for being (slightly) imperfect.

  • I am horrible at organizing in a way that makes for a smoother work flow. The last few months I have been scrapping more away from home. So my latest organizational dilemma is whether to store most things in containers that travel well or to use objects that don’t. I also am good at planning to make page kits to take to crops and get-togethers but terrible on the follow thru before going out to scrap and stamp. Sigh.

  • Stacy, I love your rambling. To me it is similar to my “thinking out loud” to process information and get to the point I want to make. Love BPCs, tickled I have been there since the beginning and still finding classes that fit me perfectly.

  • I have anxiety and other brain challenges myself. If, I don’t let myself get caught up in the comparing myself my work to others, I find scrapbooking to process feelings and situations to be extremely helpful.

  • Yes, I agree with your conclusion!!

  • Anya

    First time ever I was disappointed here:(( I wish you could spend less time on picks of the week but did let Stacy and other panelists go around and share the rest of their weaknesses. Show just feels incomplete. Sorry.

    My weakness is leaving a comment on each PRT episode that I loved. That would be every single one including this one! Great job! Noel and Izzy you are a great duo!

  • Glad you liked the show overall despite your disappointment. We can’t skimp on Picks of the Week — it’s a favorite part for a huge chunk of the audience.
    Thanks for the kind words to Izzy and me, though! :)

  • Loved this show! Anytime my hero, Stacy, is on – I’m happy. I have two topics I would love to see you talk about and I know you get lots of suggestions so I just thought I’d throw this out there….1) I just listened, again, to “It Makes You Brave” from May with Karen Grunberg as a guest and loved her method for making a page. Then it made me wonder – does having the same method for making a page cause your pages to often look alike and how do you overcome caring that they look alike? (For instance, she shared that all her pages have a long title.) I actually stopped making layouts a couple of years ago because it seemed that every layout I did looked just like one I had already done. I don’t know if I really did care or if I was placing pressure on myself to do something new and different each time. So I guess my actual question is….as a professional scrapbooker – do you feel the need to vary the design of your page every time? 2) I would also love to hear people that are on a design team or a regular contributor to something in the industry talk about how much time each day they spend creating – actually sitting or standing and crafting – and how they work that in with the rest of their life and stay on top of their goals or deadlines. Would love to hear how you juggle it all – Noell! Thanks for such a great show!

  • PS – Just to clarify – I still make mini-albums and cards – just not layouts. I just got bored with them, I guess.

  • Sorken

    Sorry, but I couldn’t relate to this episode. I have no weaknesses and never make any misstakes…
    I’ve noticed that you drop words and letters, Noell. I do the same. My mind and my hands are not in sync.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Tracie! I’ve been wanting to get Karen back on the show again, so maybe we’ll talk about some of these things!

  • Noell Hyman

    haha, that’s okay. Thanks for your membership! :)

  • Noell

    Ooops, this comment is supposed to be a reply to Ruth!

  • loved this episode (as well as all of them!). I listen in the car on my way to our campground & feel like I have friends in the car chatting with me.

    I think we all have some weaknesses & learn how to accommodate them one way or another, even if it is avoidance of some sort. I’m one of those who KNOWS I will not put the right words in, so I too always pencil my journalling first, then write in pen or do it on the computer. I must learn to walk away from it first to get that fresh view as invariably, I do still have the wrong word in it one way or another or a misspell. Good point on the fresh look.

    For me, sometimes, not using a new technique or tool doesn’t happen so much because of the “fear” of it as much as sometimes the cost of a new tool. The Cameo is a perfect example of that. I know it would lift my scrapping up a level, but I’m just not committing because of the cost & will find my workarounds, which to some degree might make things more creative.

  • ruth

    Thank you so much for your reply, Noell, I am so grateful that you shared this about your experience. I have been finding that scrapbooking helps me so much in this regard.
    I have started going to Zumba in the last few months and have been surprised how much it helps. As a teen I used to dance for about 8 hours of classes every saturday, Jazz, Tap and performance, and I gave it up due to my studies needing more time, but the exercise dance class is reminding me how much I loved it and how much it makes you feel better, physically and mentally.

  • ruth

    Oh my goodness, I wish I had read this sooner, I was just thinking today about how very grateful I feel to Twelve for pushing me to curate stories and bringing this part of scrapbooking back into my life. Oh Stacy and Noell, you must find so much job satisfaction from how you make a genuine difference in peoples lives!

  • Thank you, Ruth — it does feel wonderful when I hear from people like you.

  • MK Hennigan

    First let me say that I am so thrilled with the new format. I loved that the episode was focused and that the conversation stayed on topic. So looking forward to all the guests that you have planned to weave in and out every week. Just wanted to share that your recent shows about organizing have been such a great inspiration to me. Two weekends ago, I took everything out of my scrap closet, asked myself “Do I love it?” and if I didn’t it went in a pile to donate. Eight bags later and a much more orderly and organized closet I have come away with great inspiration. And the local social services are now able to provide scrapbooks for foster kids, I am sure that my donation will take care of many kids books. I have also created a give box so when I get a set of papers or brads and don’t want the entire set they will go right into the box until it is full and then I will head down to Brighton Center and drop off another load for them. Thanks for the inspiration to declutter.
    I have listened to each and every show, most of them more than once and again so happy that you and Izzy are continuing your show, I know it will be better with how you are formatting your guests and topics. Change is good, very, very good. I am a kinda of a non schmoo (that was me on your 100th show with that comment), I buy classes at BPC through you guys and subscribe through Itunes. Love you guys, keep doing what your doing.
    Hey if you want a perspective of a full time working, scrapbooking lovin, photo taking Mom, call me maybe. Have a great day! MK

  • ruth b

    I think the show has great balance, and while I totally agree with Anya that we could listen to the topic for as long as you guys would be willing to talk, I like the other parts of the show too. One recent change I am loving is that there is just one sponsor message. Although I enjoyed finding out about the other companies, I guess they are still sometimes a part of picks of the week, I love that it has given more time to the topic discussion. Thanks for making that change, Noell.

  • Barbie Chiu

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