PRT121 – Your Personal Style

UPDATE: This is the last episode with the lovely Nancy Nally as our co-host. She will be back to join us on the panel periodically, so she’s not gone for good! We’ll be missing her when she’s not here, though. Please listen for her announcement at the end of the episode and you’ll get an idea of what Nancy will be up to now.

This week we’re talking about developing personal styles… Come listen!

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  • Cindy deRosier

    So disappointed to hear that Nancy won’t be a regular anymore.  I’ve always enjoyed her viewpoint and perspective.  I’m dying to know what the new website will be!  I almost wish she hadn’t mentioned it, as I’m going to be putting far more effort into speculating than I really should!

  • * I am LOVING Debbie Hodge’s Masterful Scrapbook Design and Noell – Loved your “toast moments” story, pretty sure I’m guilty of that type of thing too.

    * SHIMELLE is so smart – and she has a video on youtube from last summer called “adventures in scrapbooking everyday” or something like that which is just super amazing.

    * I think its hard to name your own STYLE- I think it is easy to identify someone else’s but I have no idea how to label my own style.  I also don’t think that your scrapbook style necessarily has to reflect your style in other ways.  Back to the neon thing – I’m not wearing to the office or even at home, but it is fun to play with extremely bright colors in scrapbooking.    I think too that if you say I’m this or I’m that or not that – then that can be stiffling (sp?).

    * And I think that Claudine is super correct about LIMITATIONS help creativity!

  • Oh NANCY!  I will miss you on the Roundtable! 
    Good luck on your new website, can’t wait to see what it is.

    p.s. sometime we should do Disney together with our girls.

  • Ok, just another thought:  Remember when Kathi Lee left Regis & they did guest hosts?  That could be fun for a while. 
    If you are looking for a permanent guest host, here’s my short list recommendations:
    1. Angie Lucas (I think Angie would be perfect for this – experience + good things to say + knows all sorts of scrapbookers + is really good at getting others to talk)
    2. Debbie Hodge (super experienced with interviewing people & knows lots of scrapbookers)
    3. Wendy Smedley (also super knowledgeable about people & trends in the industry & a great talker)
    4. Lain Ehmann (long time queen of scrapbook podcasting)
    5. Cathy Zielske (although she’d probably never do it, she is super funny)

    I know the audience doesn’t get “votes” or anything but I guess I can’t stop thinking about Nancy leaving and I think that the show really benefits from 2 hosts – ying/yang (sp?) sort of thing.

  • Excellent points. Some of my style transfers from one medium to the next (ie. from dressing to decorating to scrapbooking) but some does not b/c of the purposes. I love lots of big bold color in art that I don’t do I’m scrapbooking b/c I want my photos to stand out more, for example. And yeah – excellent point about it wanting to lock yourself into a style box that can be stifling.

  • Thank you for all the thoughts and suggestions. Izzy and i have been eorkimg this out and this is what we’re going to do:
    We’re not going to have another co-host. We’re mostly planning to use that spot to rotate our core of regulars such (Ali, Stacy, Angie, Ana, Shimelle, Debbie, Nancy) to get them on a little more often. Then that will give us 2 spots every week to get a bigger variety of others guests. There are so many interesting and talented people that want to be on the show, or that the audience requests, and we’ll get more of them on b/c there will now be 2 spots for them per most episode instead of one.

  • Kelly

    This sounds great! Totally looking forward to that perfect lineup of core “rotating regulars.”

  • I’ll miss Nancy, but like the idea of a regular core and two guests.

  • I predict that hexagon banners in neon colors are coming. I do have to say, I do like a little neon. I’m not crazy about neon as the focus, but I like it as an accent for something different. You know what I haven’t seen, but would not be surprised to see? Puff paint for scrapbooking. We do have stickles, but I’m talking puff paint like people used to design t-shirts with. I can see puff painted titles and maybe even puff painted accents. I mean seriously, can you have neon without puff paint?

  • Ginny

    I don’t have a standard style, but I do find that when I scraplift LOs I love and try new techniques it helps me figure out new things I love.

    Noell, the colors you talk about loving–I think you’re talking about clear, non-muddy colors. For a long time the colors that were popular were the muddy ones with brown or grey added in.  Now they are moving more to mixing white in.  I love the change, and I love the brights, too.

    All the best to you, Nancy! Looking forward to hearing more about your new website.  You always know how to keep us in suspense! 

  • DragonsLady

    I enjoyed the audio. I guess my style is very clean and simple.  I actually have trouble putting embellishments on my layouts – digitally or with glue-and-paper.  I have better luck when I use a digital template that has places for embellishments marked – like with an “X”.

  • Diane Curry

    Personal style is so hard to define for ourselves, I don’t know how I would define mine, but if I had to define the personal style of a good friend it would be so easy. I think about how different my best friend and I are in terms of style: our clothes, our decor in our homes, our make-up, even our choice of cars. I can go to a store and see something and know that my friend would adore it, but I would never buy it for myself. I can love and appreciate her style without wanting it for myself.

    I think it’s the same with scrapbooking. For a long time my scrapbooking style was clean and simple: but I got bored and took a class with Nic Howard at Big Picture and pushed myself to try everything she suggested. Now I certainly did not love everything I created, but at the end of the class my style had changed a bit- more layering, dimensional details etc.  I agree with Nancy that as we try things we gradually evolve. My pages in 2012 look different from those of 2010. I love thinking about things like this. 

    Great show as always and while I will miss Nancy, I wish her well in her new endeavors. 

  • Sandra Bunch

    Wow Nancy, I’m still in shock! You will be sorely missed, but you should be proud that you’ve helped lay the foundations for a solid show that is flexible and will continue to be strong and well-loved. Noell and Izzy, keep on rocking the microphones & making my week every week!

  • Diane Curry

    hexagon banners in neon puffpaint- excellent

  • I am still very much a regular listener though I have not commented much lately. (Felt I’d better speak up since Debbie mentioned me on the show). Probably not much recent commentary because I listen on my iPad and I hate typing more than a few words on the iPad keypad. Which, I may add, makes me wonder about the predictions of the demise of desktops. I think tablets will rule for much use, and both desktops and laptops will have their own particular niches. I love my big screen monitor and all the peripherals like my Bamboo and printers are find it best that they are in one central spot, so why not a desktop? On the go, I only need a computer now and then – mainly when I need a better keyboard or want to do a blog post from afar. (I’m not happy with the iPad app I found to do blog posts). Usually there is a business center in a hotel so I find the iPad sufficient. I think students and authors will continue to love laptops but the average person can get by nicely with a desktop and a tablet. 
    I hope you come back often for guest spots, Nancy. Will miss your input. Of course, will follow your blogs. I am absolutely in love with most everything I see in the new releases you have on Scrapbook Update and I agree about how much more appealing everything is in person. I am SO excited about seeing everything at CHA next week.
    Thanks so much for having Claudine and Debbie on the show this week. I love them both. Their comments were so insightful. I’m planning to take Claudine’s BPC class again. She is so helpful. I learn so very much when she makes suggestions in class. Someone is having a problem with a composition and Claudine will just say something like “move the bottom two images closer together” or “put the large red button up to the top left” and a composition will suddenly make so much sense. Debbie is so good at analysis and asks such great questions. I have learned so much from Masterful Scrapbook Design and Get It Scrapped.
    So glad that you and Izzy are continuing PRT, Noell even without Nancy as a cohost. Look forward to the future episodes. As a long time member of Paperclipping I heartily endorse your design series and the podcast!
    By the way, I continue to appreciate the picks of the week. I was so excited when Ali picked “Q” as I’d heard that program for the first time just a few days before the pick. It really is good. Actually, I find most all the picks very helpful (though maybe not so much to my pocketbook? LOL!)
    A faithful listener.

  • Wow! I’m famous – you read my comment :)

    My brother has had a couple of SSDs in his desktop for a few years. I love the idea, hopefully they will be come cheaper and more reliable soon. I’d love to see HDDs go away especially external hard drives. They are so unrealiable.

    Izzy, will you shout me the Mac Book Pro? $2500 thankyou very much

  • Karen I agree – I just can’t type fast enough on a tablet to make it practical

  • Yes, you put it into better words than me, thanks!

  • I’ve seen and used puff paint in scrapbooking! :)

    It’s the “secret” ingredient in this layout here:

    I shared the technique for this in an episode of paperclipping. I really love this one and you’ve reminded me that it’s something I’ve wanted to do again!!

  • Yanira Rodriguez Crawford

    I discovered the Paperclipping in may through a Two Peas member and so far I have listened to about 75 episodes. I feel the need to comment because I want to say Thank You and Good bey to Nancy.  I discovered this show at a very critical point in my  life. I moved to Tucson not long ago and that is just one of the changes in my life in the last year. One of the challenging things I been living with is that my son was also diagnosed autistic. I have no Scrapbooking friends and no friends that can relate to my situation. It has been very inspiring a therapeutically to listen to Nancy talk about her child  and love for Scrapbooking. It also has been very uplifting to hear Noell and Izzy talk about all the wonderful things to do in this area. I know this show will still be ((((AWESOME)))) but Nancy will be deeply missed.

  • Oh, I remember that one. Actually, using puff paint might be pretty cool for titles (get the dimension like with thickers).

  • Hi! Here on the hotel business center computer at CHA. Feels like a lot of excitement in the air over this show which opens tomorrow. I wanted to add a comment re: a previous show where Izzy almost asked about the Pivi printer when scrapping out and about. I believe Amy T mentioned it on a past show. I bought one and loved using it along with my Smash Book on a recent trip to visit my family. It made putting together notes on trip events so easy. My DH was even collecting ephemera for me to put in the book. Without the photos, I’m not so sure he’d have been as interested but he did ask to look at my book a few times to see what I was documenting. It’s messy and “smashed” but does give a good sense of the trip. I may choose to scrap some of these moments later, for now, though, I have a lot of the details collected.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Nancy, you will be missed. All the best to you!

  • I think Izzy must still be jet lagged from the Hawaii vacation.  How was “When in doubt, add a bird” not chosen for the title?!  
    Love you guys!

  • You know I am missing having a new episode this week :). Some times I feel a bit pathetic in the way I keep looking to see if there is an update! For the schmoo’s you have to join Paperclipping just because Noell’s technique video this week is so fabulous. Tim Holtz taught some of these techniques when he was in town several years ago but my memory isn’t what it once was. I loved this show. Finding confidence in my own style has always been a challenge for me. 

    Izzy, please keep recommending books as your pick. I have really enjoyed and benefited from the ones you have recommended. 

  • You know I am missing having a new episode this week :). Some times I feel a bit pathetic in the way I keep looking to see if there is an update! For the schmoo’s you have to join Paperclipping just because Noell’s technique video this week is so fabulous. Tim Holtz taught some of these techniques when he was in town several years ago but my memory isn’t what it once was. I loved this show. Finding confidence in my own style has always been a challenge for me. 

    Izzy, please keep recommending books as your pick. I have really enjoyed and benefited from the ones you have recommended. 

  • Oh no, I was sad to hear that Nancy won’t be on Roundtable as co-hostess anymore.  I always enjoyed her perspective and I’ll be among the first in following whatever her new endeavor might be.  Her down-to-earth, real life, grounded opinions were so easy for me relate to; and I am sure that is the case with many others.  She was often very good at bringing balance to the conversation when it started to go so heavily into very “artsy” directions with very experienced guests who may have been more evolved in their scrapbooking journey than the average listener.  Noell and Izzy I hope you’ll consider those characteristics when choosing your new co-host/hostess. Balance is so important when you want to appeal to a large cross-section of listeners and scrapbookers.  I always enjoy listening to the Roundtable, and look forward to its continued success.

  • Kari Daverson

     I did exactly what Izzy said in this episode!  As soon as it was over, I replayed it!  I loved this discussion of personal style and it really made me think about my own style.  I am well aware of my personal style when it comes to clothing or home decorating, but I have to admit that my style in scrapbooking is far more difficult to pin down.  I have been scrapping for 20 years and my style seemed to follow the trends of the time for many years. Now it tends to follow my mood of the moment! I don’t always embrace the trends of the day  (hexagons, no! banners and misting – sometimes! electronic die cutting machine- yes!) but am willing to try just about anything.  Sometimes my pages are geometric and orderly and sometimes they are layered and messy.  While I only do stuff that I like to do and try to make pages that make me happy, it is really the story that dictates the style. I’m not sure what I’d call that in terms of personal style but it works for me!  Thanks for another great week of PRT!  

  • TracieClaiborne

    I agree with Izzy – this is definitely one I’ll be listening to again and again! Thanks so much for such a scintillating conversation!

  • Barbara

    I will miss you, Nancy! Best wishes!

  • I’ve been thinking about the colors I’ve been really enjoying recently and realized that in addition to your description, most of the colors also have a bit of yellow mixed into them. And some maybe a bit of blue. That’s what I meant when I said something about them being a bit off the pure basic version.

  • Ginny

    Yes, I see that, too. They are definitely “happy” colors.

  • Jersey Girl Anne

    I will miss Nancy but I can’t wait to see what she is up to!!! I look forward to the new format on this show. You always have such great guests!

  • coffeebabs

    Just checked the SmartCreativeWomen Videos. They are great! Thanks for the pick. I emailed Monica Lee and asked if she had them in podcast form, because I love being able to take you and The Digi Show with me! Good exercise, gardening, housekeeping buddies. She said that it was on her list to do. Again, thanks for your suggestion.

  • Debbie Stember

    I found PRT a while ago and I did what I typically do with a new series, I went back and started at the beginning. For a long while now I have been waiting to discover what happened to Nancy, and here it is, the episode when she disappears, and the end of the episode is gone! I never get to hear what actually happened. ARGH!!! Maybe I will be able to pick it up from future discussions.