PRT120 – Not a Fan of Neon

This week we’re talking about color… Come listen!

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  • Just did a check to see if the new episode was up and YAY! it is up; but WHAT?  on the title “NOT a fan of neon”?! 

    I just made my first layout with NEON yesterday and I am completely in love with neon coming back.  I enjoyed it in the late 80s / early 90s and while I probably won’t be wearing it myself, it is fun to throw a bit of it into scrapbooking.  

    Here’s a little peek at my NEON layout.  Ok, now I’m going to listen to the show and hope that there’s not too much neon bashing! (wink – I still love you all even if you hate neon – I’m just chiming in early as a fan of neon).

  • P.S. I listen to the old shows – or at least I have in the past – and have my favorites that I return to over & over again.  I think you all do go through phases of super awesome shows; but it could be just that you all go through phases of stuff I like to listen about; so its good to mix it up and I think over time you all have been consistently awesome.

    PS. I like the more unstructured / tangent show about concepts and approaches to scrapbooking rather than technique driven shows say about how to use rubber stamps or what kind of lens to use. 

  •  P.S. I love ORANGE and CORAL!  Two of my favorite colors to wear and use in scrapbooking. 

    P.S. Again – totally floored that May didn’t like Neon – I would have thought she’d like it. 

    P.S. Again – and hopefully then I’ll just stop leaving a bazillion comments – but I’m thinking I’m going to need to make a neon page about how much I love rap music from the 90s.

  •  Ok, so the combination of the “Not a Fan of Neon” combined with “Not a Themey Person” recent PRT podcasts made me want to rebel and make a Neon Themed Page! 

    P.S. I just might have to add some drop shadows ;)

  •  That is super cute!!

  •  Still not sure I can handle the neon but your page is adorable! Fun colors!

  • Great episode (as always). I have to admit that I’ve recently been listening to some of the older PRT episodes, too. So, to answer your question about whether or not the shows “seem old” or if y’all have “grown adequately”, I would say: No, the shows don’t seem old because they address such a wide variety of scrapbooking topics, however, yes, I think y’all have grown by addressing new topics/questions/trends as they come up & having different panel guests based on the specific topic. I always enjoy the regular panelists, but I’ve also enjoyed being “introduced” to others in the industry.

    The reason I’ve been listening to older episodes is that I recently emptied out our extra guest room & turned it into a craft room. While I was painting, I listened to previous episodes on organization & storing supplies (which consequently led to a trip to Ikea for 2 Expedit units!). It made the task of painting/cutting in/rolling/2nd coat/3rd coat (UGH) much more fun & entertaining. Although I did have to be careful not to laugh too much at Izzy’s jokes while I was on the ladder cutting in around the 10′ tall walls!

    I was disappointed in one thing in this current episode – Noell & Izzy, we didn’t get any indication of how the trip was? Did y’all have a good time? Was it just beautiful? Noell, do you have lots of new photos now to scrap & new stories to tell?

  • Congrats on your New craft room! Thx for answering our question – of course the answer made me happy. So now I’ll answer yours…
    We did get a handful pictures I’m happy about. I’d say my photography for this vacation is not as good as some of my photos from other trips, which might be because I’m not feeling the photo thin lately. I haven’t wanted to be behind my camera as much lately.
    My plan for now is to make a simple minibook for Hawaii + pit 2 enlargements we bought at the Polynesian Cultural Center into project Lice + do an individual story for Aiden’s scrapbook about how he shocked us by overcoming his lifelong water phobia! :)

  • Non-schmoe here and, Noell, I have to say, I let out an
    audible gasp when you said desktops should go away!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a laptop…and
    a Xoom…and a Nook…and a smart phone…and they all have their place in my digital
    life, but I’ll never give up my desktop. 
    As a web designer and digital scrapbooker, I simply could not work on a
    small laptop monitor or keyboard.  I know
    you can get docking stations, but then why not have a desktop?

    May’s tattoo discussion reminded me of this layout about my niece’s
    first tattoo.  I was poised with the
    camera hoping she would cry.  LOL!  I’m really not a mean aunt, I promise.

    I absolutely agree with your assessment of people’s limited knowledge
    of products on the market.  Like the
    panel, I’m a bit obsessed with current trends and follow CHA news at Scrapbook
    Update.  In addition to visiting my LSS, I
    see Tweets, Pinterest, FB & blog posts from many different companies and
    design team members.  I have memberships
    to Paperclipping and Masterful Scrapbook Design.  I take a ton of classes at BPC and subscribe
    to print and on-line magazines.  Yet, as
    a Close To My Heart consultant, I’m amazed when long-time scrapbookers tell me
    they have never heard of a company that has been around for over 25 years!  In fact, I did a search on Scrapbook Update
    and there are very few articles that even mention CTMH.  I’m wondering if either of you have a
    consultant.  If not, I would love to send
    you our new Idea Book which goes live on August 1.  Our convention is coming up next week and
    there are a lot of exciting new changes in store!  I think the PRT & Scrapbook Update
    audiences would benefit from your knowledge of this corner of the scrapbooking

  • I don’t mind neon, as long as it’s mixed with neutrals. I’m never going to buy neon cardstock for a background, but I love the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook line, for example, which uses a lot of neon. The “B-Sides” in the line are generally neutral, so I love that I can use a tiny bright splash from one side and the more neutral side for backgrounds. The neon is also textured instead of solid, so it makes it seem calmer (I love that watercolor effect). Neon from this line is finding its way into my Project Life almost every week.

    Just to note: the Target “Hipsters are Coming” stuff is from the college line: so it’s back to school stuff for young adults (makes more sense if you picture it in a dorm room, right?). 

  • Just wanted to leave a note to say I regularly listen to the older episodes and I think you guys are timeless!

    I have a 45 minutes commute each way to work 3 times a week and use that for listening to older episodes. I just keep going back to the beginning again when I reach the end.

    The new ones I listen to immediately (or as close to immediately as my kids can accomodate LOL, sometimes they need to eat and stuff.)

    This is a habit I formed when I first found you guys about 70 episodes ago and wanted to stay uptodate but also to listen to the archives. I think that you have a very good range of topics and guests, and that the stuff you discuss is still relevant two years on.

    It makes me laugh though when in about episode 10 Izzy says “we have done TEN episodes already” HA! meanwhile I have listened to episode 119 the previous day.

  • :) Listening and wanted to comment about the ‘is it hard to impress us’ discussion about halfway through… twice a year this conversation comes up in the scrapbook world and I’m convinced there is a very specific thing that has caused it: sneak peeks.  I have a major dislike for them, specifically for those who work in the industry.  I avoid them as much as possible if I’m going to the show, because those images on a computer screen are never going to be the same as the real thing, but of course I will have some sort of instant reaction and form an opinion whether I mean to or not.  For those of us in the industry feeding that information back to others, we can easily pass that early judgement from a preview image on to our readers/viewers/listeners… then when we see it in person, we may very well have completely different impressions, but even if we feed that info back, not all of our readers will catch our change of heart.  If they don’t have a local store to buy in person and only shop online, sneak peeks and reports from those who have seen the lines can play a big part in their shopping decisions.  But more importantly, if you’re going to the show, then going there and seeing things in person is the part that will show you products that will take your breath away.  Of course! That will be way more dramatic than a few digital images in your inbox.  It’s a little like trailers that show you all the best bits of a movie – if you’ve seen all the best stuff in the ad, when you see the full film it’s disappointing.  If you don’t watch the trailer or the trailer reveals very little, then the film is a full experience.  You’re never waiting for that moment you’ve seen.  Rather than spoilers, I want to see as much as possible for the first time at the show so I can give you my honest opinion… but also because it makes the show that much more invigorating and more a true creative adventure.

    (I know not everyone goes to the trade show, by definition! And very few people have a local shop to see full lines unveiled in person, so this is a slightly impractical point… but I just wanted to address that comment from the panel that nothing from this summer show has taken their breath away… when really the show isn’t here yet.  Just wait – you may need to breathe into a paper bag yet!)

    ps: izzy, the film simile was a convenient but happy coincidence!

  • lsalthouse

    Another great show. Love this topic, so many ways it could be covered. Just wanted to let people know that if they are on the fence about the Composition for Collage Class, I started a thread over at Two Peas that Claudine herself was kind enough to comment on. I’ve since signed up for the class (through the link right here at Paperclipping, of course!) and can’t wait to get started.

    Here’s the link:

  • Simpsonskull3

    Well said! As a former LSS owner I know my opinions of new paper lines could sway my customers in one direction or the other. When buying for my store I kept my customers tastes interests and habits in mind, as well as looking for tools and products that I could base a class around. I know that I have said I’m not a fan of ( fill in the blank ) and then I would see it used somewhere and wonder why I thought I didn’t love it. Laura

  • “sometimes they need to eat and stuff…” ROFL!

    Thank you, I’m so glad to hear how much you enjoy the show!

  • Hey Noell,

    Have you ever thought of having Katie Scott as a guest on the show? You spoke last summer about sometimes having listeners on the show if they make interesting comments on the blog posts, especially in the summer when it is quite busy and your regulars are hard to get and Katie is here every week with an interesting perspective…

  • Desktop user here! :)

    I think laptops aren’t very ergonomically sound (she says typing on the iPhone wil feeding the baby! Lol), too expensive, get hot when you are using them and the specs on today’s models are only just catching up to my 5yo upgraded desktop. BUT i will no doubt get one soon, but I hope desktops stay around a bit longer!

    Keep up the great show guys!

  • Lisa Ottosson

    I actually spend my summer on a rainy campsite and listened through the old episodes! I am on episode number 12 right now :) I think you have been a good show all the time and I have had fun listening to the product picks that was new then and has become big time hits like instagram. I have been feeling like one of the group after listening to you for like 3 episodes a day :)

    Keep up the great work!

  •  Thank you for your membership! :)

    Izzy and I have talked about this possible going away of desktops a few times because he uses massive dual monitors for his film stuff. He has MacPro monitors, which are the largest I’ve seen, and he has two put together so he can slide something from one to the other as if it were one. So if anyone needs large monitors, its people like him. Yet he still thinks desktops are going away and he doesn’t seem worried about it. So who knows?

    As to why many don’t know of CTMH — When a scrapbook company chooses their business strategy of either direct sales instead of the traditional model, they’re also choosing a different community. Direct sales companies like Stampin’ Up, CTMH, and Creative Memories don’t put themselves into the regular crowd. As far as I know they don’t usually (or ever?) participate in CHA or any of the big scrapbook conventions.

    They probably don’t need to — they’re working in a different way, getting their name out through different means. But if you wonder why some people have never heard of them, that’s why. Some scrapbookers love to scrapbook with home parties and friends, so they know of SU, CTMH, and CM. Those are prefer to scrapbook alone, go to stores, or hang out online enjoy the traditional mainstream products.

    I’ve purchased and enjoyed products from all three of these direct sales companies, but my favorite lines happen to all be from the mainstream traditional market and I like to support them. Also, because I like to pick and choose individual pieces, I never buy an entire line of anything, even from my favorite lines. So I don’t like that with the direct sales companies you usually have to get things in packages. I like to buy piecemeal.

    But that’s just my own way of doing things. Like I said, companies choose their approach and whether they’re going to jump into the mainstream or make their own private community. Neither one is right or wrong, just different.

  •  You’re right — Katie is a regular commenter and we love that! We should have her on some time. We do have another audience member who will be coming on the show once we work out the schedule for her. But we actually haven’t had any problems getting guests on this summer — at least I haven’t. Nancy schedules guests for half the shows so I don’t know if she’s had much difficulty.

    We had two recent weeks where we were short a guest but that’s only because one had a family emergency right before the recording, and the other’s headset wasn’t working when we started. We have so many requests from our audience to get certain well-known industry folks on, and there are many who have been waiting for us to invite them on the show. We also get lots of requests from people who want to be on the show.

    So we’re just trying to fill all these requests and fit them in!

  •  Are you looking at PC laptops or MacBooks? My MacBook is as powerful as a good desktop. That’s why Apple doesn’t call theirs laptops. MacBooks are excellent.

  • You are right. MacBooks do compare well, in fact t would consider a Macbook, if I werent teaching in person classes so much.

    In Australia Apple stuff is still very pricey, even my 16g iPhone is worth about $1000 here, despite our 1:1 exchange rate.

    All of my students in Perth have been PC users so far, despite the fact I advertise for both PC and Mac and the software I teach is available for Mac and PC. I’m mostly teaching people with less than 2 years digital scrapbooking so maybe more experienced users may be switching?

    Another factor is that I use a Wacom tablet full time, so a laptop would lose some
    Portability because of that.

  • Yikes! That’s an expensive phone!

    I sometimes carry my tablet around with me (I have the Intuos 4). It’s large and makes my computer bag extra heavy but I just LOVE being about to move around with my stuff. It’s worth it and not too bad at all.

  • Carol in the Land of OZ

    I love color!  I love to see what colors a scrapper is using (and why).  My pages tend to be event based and the colors I look for are the colors of that event.  My kids are in college now and I search out those bright primary colors, sorry girls, orange & purple-different colleges.  My girls played softball and that ball is neon yellow mixed with a navy and red uniform.  Normally I would not put those colors together but it works with the my photos. My kids still wear a lot of neon shirts so it works for me. My non-event pages tend to bounce around with either a grungy look or swing another way–lots of glitter. Maybe I am a color/mood scrapper?? So—-Said in my best Tim Gunn voice–Make it work. Love to listen!!

  •  That would be so delightful – I’m pretty sure Nancy knows that I would love to be on if/when you ever wanted me to, (or make pages for her site, or anything really) and chances are we have a headset already – I’m technology challenged but my husband is a tech geek has all sorts of things like that – just let me know :)

  • may

    oh of course. this makes SO much sense now. I was truly freaking out as I have been battling Target’s neon obsession and I thought “now this?! NOOOOO!”

  • may

    interesting! I’ve never tried the “not peek” thing… and I will say that now several reveals I’ve seen have got me quite excited… just not nearly the normal amount. I won’t get to be at the show, I don’t get to go to most shows, so I really rely on the peeks to see what is upcoming.

  • Lzepponi

    Great Show!  So many topics within one theme: color trends!

    Neon: I like Heidi Swapp’s  touch of neon; it really adds some pop to the LOs. It is not overwhelming; in fact it feels more like hot pink, bright yellow. And now I have something to use for the 80’s LOs of my big hair (and me) I keep saying I am going to create!

    Primary/Bright colors AND RED: YAHOO!!!!!!  I am so happy to hear that some brighter spectrums of a color, i.e. green, blue and red will be available.  I have ONE sports oriented boy and typically the color of his uniforms are not distressed browns, blues and greys. Ha Ha!  They are vibrant reds, yellows and blues!  PLUS red is just my favorite color! I think that is one of the reasons I was so excited about Jolee’s French General line, with all their rich reds and blues! (in fact, I just got my hands on some this weekend.) I love how you can accent with red and yellow and (even with some Orange, Nancy).  Y’all read my mind when ya’ll mentioned Heidi Swapp’s Winter lines with the orange and blue No Limits lines as well as her Sugar Chic line with bright pinks and  turquoise.  I seriously think I have only used her materials for the past 3-4 months because of their exciting color palette. PLUS you have color magic which you can make ANY color you want! How exciting it that.

    Christmas colors: I am so glad to hear that more traditional colors are returning!  I have not bought any Christmas lines in about two years, only a sheet here or there, because they were using too many hot pinks and greens.  AND PURPLE?  What is that about?  purple is NOT a Christmas color, (well, I guess if you are making a page about the wise men or about a Peacock themed tree it would work.) 

    Shimelle’s “no peek at sneak peeks”: great idea!  I think I will try and wait to see the videos and blog posts from those attending CHA to find out more about the lines. I know these resources really got me excited about the winter releases.

    Again, loved the show!  Thanks for all the hard work ya’ll put into it!

    Non-schmo, Lisa Zepponi

  • onlysleepn

    Noell, I have the same issue with the white Mr. Huey. I too use it pretty thickly. I have the same problem whether it is cardstock or patterned paper. I read somewhere that you can spray it with a fixative. I have the Krylon Workable Fixatif but haven’t tried it yet.

  • Please let me know if that works for you once you’ve tried it! If so I’ll go buy it because I would continue to use the Mr. Huey if I could fix it into place! I always like it thicker.
    Even when I spray it lighter than my preference it’s still too thick and gives me that problem, so I won’t use it if I can lay it on thick. Thanks for jumping in and I hope to hear about your results if you think about it!

  • onlysleepn

    I finally followed up on this tonight. These were all pages I sprayed in December for my December Daily album. I sprayed a variety of Mr. Huey inks on a variety of cardstock (Stampin Up!, The Paper Company, and also some random scraps I had). The red, green, and Mr. Huey Shine mists did not rub off, no matter how thick they had been sprayed. The White Mr. Huey still rubbed off the page, no matter which type of cardstock I sprayed it on, and whether it was sprayed thickly or very thinly.

    I found I had 3 types of Krylon spray in my stash: Crystal Clear, Matte Finish, and Workable Fixatif. Only the Crystal Clear stopped the Mr. Huey from rubbing off after a single coat. I went back and sprayed a second coat of Workable Fixatif and found it lessened the problem. I think a third coat would have done the trick. But at this point I was tired of spraying and all the fumes (I was working outside, but there is still a strong odor), so I just went and sprayed everything again with the Crystal Clear because I knew it worked. As I was spraying it seemed to darken the color of my cardstock, but when dried it was the same as another, unsprayed sheet.

    The Workable Fixatif is formulated so you can still apply any medium on top of the layer you are fixing. For these pages that’s not a concern I have. I did make sure that my adhesive still stuck to the cardstock sprayed with Crystal Clear. This is a good thing, because I found that the adhesive pulled off when attached right to the heavily sprayed white Mr. Huey on a layout I did a few weeks back.

    So, fixing the white Mr. Huey definitely works – your product choice can depend on how much time you want to spend spraying.

  • Psarsfield

    I Love your show & I scrap to it on a regular basis, it keeps me company while I’m creating. Thanks so much… I have a very small kit club that I dedicate my energies to & I think I may have an answer to not carrying  much Studio Calico… It’s really hard to sell product that doesn’t show up! My distributor has decided NOT to carry anything American Crafts any more (other than albums) because they were so short shipped last release. Imagine Retailers placing all of their pre orders  for kits, store fronts, special orders, etc & not having it arrive& no back order option.. We call that LOST SALES… it’s a double whammy because the distributors are counting on that revenue as well…. American crafts now owns Studio Calico, Crate paper & I can’t remember who else… very sad indeed… 

  • deanna_munger

    Hi Noell, I was just watching this Hero Arts video ( and could not help thinking of you and your non-love of neon! I think because the result here is so fun and playful and the hand-drawn doily designs give them an organic feel. Not that I’m a neon fan or plan to use it on any pages right away but still, take a look ;)