PRT119 – Imagine

This week we’re talking about the amazing book, “Imagine: How Creativity Works” and how it applies to memory keeping… Come listen!

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  • dianelynn

    hello Paperclipping!!
    Noell, when you were talking about improv and having constraints, it reminded me of doing challenges in scrapbooking. I recently took Design Challenges at BPC and twice a year I participate in the Pro Scrappers League over at Club Scrap. I find that having a specific constraint to work within sparks my creativity. It gives me the starting point I need and everything else seems to flow more easily. Thanks for a great topic. I downloaded the book and plan to start reading it tonight.
    ~Diane Downs

  • Does PRT have an affiliate program with Amazon? I’d love to support PRT when I buy this book! :) 

  • Rozette Peckham

    Ok I am a few weeks behind on PRT and just heard about the book about three days ago. I haven’t listened to this show yet but I am excited about it. I am just at the part where they discuss how limits in poetry help open up the right brain because it forces you to look for unique ways to express something. It made me think of a project my daughter had in English class. They had to write three stories. The first story could only be 8 words long, the second story sixteen and the third thirty-two. The example they were given for an 8 word story was about a man robbing a store. It was ” he walked in poor and came out rich.”.

    My daughter wrote about a girl who cuts. She wrote, ” She was an artist, her arm her canvas.”. With eight words she was able to shock and move people. It forced her to make each word count

  • We do but we forgot! We’re tied up for a week so go ahead and buy the book. We appreciate you being so thoughtful!! :)

  • Wow, she did a great job! I need to do exercises like that. I’m too wordy.

  • Leslie

    Two great Canadian pics this week, Jian Ghomeshi and Uppercase. Jian has long been in the hearts of Canadian listeners. He’s personable, eloquent and adorable!

  • marlajeanne

    I’m listening to this as I type.  I am so excited to hear about ANOTHER book that Izzy loves !  I am just finishing the self-control book he recommended a few shows ago — and it has changed my life as well !  I am a college professor who teaches Child Development and Psychology and my students will get the benefit of so many of the concepts/principles/suggestions in that book.  Thank you, Izzy !  Back to listening ~ ~ ~   Marla Jeanne

  • marlajeanne

    Just finished this podcast — all I have to say is WOW.  I am not only a Paperclipping follower, but am also doing Stacy’s ‘Twelve’, so when I heard this discussion about the innate brain-based nature of creativity and how creativity is distinctly ‘human brain’ stuff, I couldn’t believe how it brought together so many pieces of my life in one place at the same time.  (Just a note) . . . I spent the time I listened to delete, caption, and tag my last 2 weeks of photos in Photoshop.  Thank you for this special time of perfect confluence in my life ! 

  • I bought the audio book and have been listening to it on my commute. It’s cool how many of my ah-ha moments with planning scrapbooking projects have been born on my drive. Guess the combination of Diet Coke and alpha waves really works. My problem is the follow through, the perseverance to finish stage. When I have time I’m generally too tired from work!

    Also wanted to say I liked the idea of going into other fields and areas to enhance what we do. At first glance I would probably not take the collage class but now I’m thinking I might! And Noell that is cool you just go to a city and browse. I would personally take a Bob Dylan approach and find a cabin somewhere but now I’m thinking I want to try a photo walk or downtown exploration of the city I live near. All things to get me outside my comfort zone and seeing things through a different lens. 

    Really liked the show and the passion you all have for the topic. Now I can’t wait to finish listening to the book!

  • Being Canadian, I was delighted and surprised to hear Ali’s pick. I often listen to CBC radio and Q when I am scrapping. It might have something to do with the fact that I relax when i hear Jian’s voice. Just like Jonah Lehrer points out in his book, being relaxed can help fuel creativity :) Great show and thank you for introducing me to this thought-provoking and insightful book.

  • Mel

    This was a great episode. Thanks guys for the topic I shall be buying the book it sounds interesting and insightful – don’t usually read non fiction but maybe this will be the start.

    (On a total side note – hope you work out Nancy’s headphone issues it has been happening for a few weeks now and must be frustrating for all.) 

    Thanks as always for an inspiring show.

  • Peggy Schmidt Makurat

    thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. I have been reading the book but didn’t finish it as of yet. There were so many comments you all had that made me think to where I experience those moments you talked about. I think *recognizing* when I am at a point that I need to walk away vs digging deeper will definitely help with my creativity. While I do not have the most opportunities to be with others creatively (I work from home – getting out is church, the gym or playing hockey), my twice a year scrapbooking retreats with friends do help me creatively. This is likely why we enjoy crops so much. After listening to the roundtables, I am energized creatively as if I was in a room with people. Sometimes, you don’t actually have to be with people to gain that energy.

  • Lisa M. Zepponi

    I just loved this concept!  Read (or in my case listen) to the book and then discuss!  Also, I loved the book (still a bit more to finish). A Lot of Ah-ha! moments!  I resonate with the discussion of informal discussion/human interaction sparks the imagination or problem solving ideas!  And I took to heart the idea that creativity or performing your best is when you are having FUN!  I kept telling my son’s 9 year old baseball team, “just have fun  When you are having fun you will perform at your best (or be more creative)!”  The moms and coaches thought I was crazy but hey we won the state championship title!  The point being is they took all the frustration, nerves, the road blocks that kept them from being creative (throwing strikes, making good catches) and turned it into determination.  Determination to succeed!  The information in this book validates a lot of business  techniques in which I believe work! And I know can see how to use these same techniques to push back on my own creative fears!  THANKS for a great show!  hope ya’ll have another “book” episode!

  • The issue with Nancy’s sound is actually a Skype issue so, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe Skype prioritizes her because we dial her in first.

  • Siri Fjørtoft

    I don´t know if anyone has commented about the Prima Alphabet Stickers but I have loads of them. The font is actually open inside the “o”s, you can´t see it because the cut is so clean :-) You could easily add the inside if you want to though. The letters tend to fall of the backing in the pack, but they stick quite well to papers :-)

  • I just listened to numerous paperclipping episodes.  On one I heard Noel ask about the tint on the Heidi Swapp pages.  If you take a damp papertowel and rub it over the misted area the extra mist will come off the coated areas leaving them white.  Sorry I know I’m a little late.  I haven’t read Imagine yet, but I did purchase the book.  You episode was fabulous!   I enjoyed the part abbout renaming problems.  Somehow changing the name changes your point of view in a rather large way.  It surprised me!  Thanks for all the surprises.  Hope you have fun in Hawaii!

  • I always use a damp paper towel whenever I’m misting anything that is embossed with some sort of resist but I’m finding that’s not working with my Heidi Swapp items. :(
    It worked for you?

  • Any idea when your True Scrap class video will be available? Can’t wait to watch.

  • It looks like it’s available now though Lain and is on sale until July 7th! Here’s my affiliate link to the class:” target=”ejejcsingle
    Thanks for your interest! :)

  • Cool! I purchased it so I will go look. Can’t wait for this week’s PRT. I admit it. I am a PRT stalker, hahaha.

  • Thanks! Izzy was summoned to jury duty during our normal PRT recording time for this week so we’ve moved the recording to Thurs and hopefully he won’t still be on duty that day. So the episode won’t be out until Thurs afternoon at the earliest.

  • Gotta love jury duty, lol. Last time I went I sat in the jurors room all day and never even was called to a panel. Lots of reading and playing games on my iPhone.

  • Katie Scott

    We finished Imagine a week or so ago and the whole family loved it – I read it out loud to my kids and my son said “I don’t understand it all but keep reading” and my daugther loved hearing about the lady who created barbie dolls.

    I loved the concept of the creative genius excess time periods like that of Shakespeare, Plato, and DaVinci. It certainly seems like now would be a time that could foster such a time.

    I also LOVED the stuff about improv and creativity. I took an improv comedy class last summer and over the past year I’ve been applying the principles of improvisational comedy to my scrapbooking and I’ve been more prolific than ever and I’m having fun. There are lots of life lessons to be learned from improv that can be applied to scrapbooking and all sorts of other creative processes – and its not at all about being funny – its more about being fearless and authentic and in the moment.

    Great Episode – can’t wait for the next one!

  • I was in a small improv dance company in college and I had the same thought as you. The process he outlined reminded me very much of my own scrapbooking process — having a foundation of learned skill, starting with a story as a jumping off point, etc.
    I agree — it seems to me that this is a ripe time for a creative explosion. Lehrer mentioned some things about our time that could prevent it though — strict copyright laws for examples. Also if I remember right he said the internet is not set up in a productive way for a creative explosion as we might expect, but I can’t remember why.

  • Kathryn Whittaker

    Hi Noell! 
    I love PRT, but I have been waiting to listen to this episode on iTunes. For some reason it has not loaded there yet. I like to listen on my iPod when I drive, or when I am sitting at my desk. Any thoughts as to why it is not showing up yet?
    Anxiously waiting to “Imagine”,

  • Melissa LaFavers

    Hello, Roundtable gang, and thank you for another insightful episode. This one was especially cool because my husband and I listened to it together. When Izzy first mentioned Imagine on a previous episode, I bought it on Amazon specifically for my husband because it sounded like a book he’d really enjoy. I was right, and although I am not finished reading it yet, I enjoyed the discussion among the Roundtable panelists, which made me more excited about finishing the book myself. I think it would be awesome for you to do something similar in the future, maybe with a writing book since many of us scrapbookers are always striving to be better writers with our journaling.

  • angela in the UK

    Great episode. So inspirational I am definitely going to read this when I go on holiday at the end of the year. After I listened to this my next episode to listen to ( I am catching up still) was episode 61 Access you creativity, it was amazing how the ideas blended between the two shows. 61 was like practical application of some of the things in this latest episode.
    Thank you 

  • Sometimes iTunes doesn’t update a podcast until you tell it to again (it might think you’ve lost interest). Right-click or command+click on the name of the podcast and a menu will come up. In the menu will be an option to update the podcast and it will pull the most recent episode(s) up and will start will continue automatically doing so again as we put more out.

  • Love that idea!!

  • Cool! I didn’t remember that episode!

  • Donna C

    Hi Noell – you might still want to add the affiliate link to Amazon for us late listeners!

  • Sue Rhinehart

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the great show.  I really enjoyed the book and your discussion.

  • Ann Marie Martin

    Love your comments, laughter and insight. Very inspiring to hear the interactions and honesty that you guys share together.