PRT118 – Not a Themey Person

This week we’re talking about travel scrapbooking… Come listen!

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  • Hurray for PRT arriving so early in the week and thank you very much for reading my comment, you guys are hilarious! My kids and I are continuing to enjoy outdoor scrapbooking, PRT is such a good influence. Now we are getting our Vitamin D (that comes from sunlight, right!?)
    I also wanted to say that I really like Noell’s pick this week, a bit unusual, but an interesting point about the industry and how the customers have such an impact.
    In scrapbooking (unlike in say fashion) I feel that the community of everyday people who communicates online is not that big and that the companies, designers and ‘celebrities’ really seem to listen to what is being said, what is being bought or what is being enjoyed. 
    Companies with great ethics are noticed. If you support a small independant company, it might become big and successful enough to become available in your favourite large online retailer. I have noticed that Twopeas and StudioCalico are both starting to pick up some of these boutique retailers if they are requested and supported strongly. 
    The scrapbooking community seems very responsive to the consumer, so Noell’s pick is a great reminder that “with great power comes great responsibility”, if you want products to succeed, then you have to  support them yourself and not expect them to be there forever without your support. If you love Stacy’s philosophy, then sign up for her class, if you love the roundtable, then don’t be a schmoe, if you love EP papers, then buy them, etc etc.
    Thanks for another great episode!

  • Rebecca

    Shout out to Izzy, who said “Win” could be your “One Little Word” for the show.  I don’t think anyone acknowleged his knowing how to use the phrase “one little word” around scrapbookers. Thanks for learning all the scrapping jargon and finding ways to use that jargon in a sentence!

  • Guess that we’ve gotten used to it enough that we take it for granted now! :)

  • Yay for a new show! But :( for no Kelly and a short show!  I hope you get her on again soon!

    I have to laugh at Nancy’s pick– I LOVE that album! It’s the album I’m using for my wedding scrapbook. It’s gorgeous and holds a ton of pages.  

  • I should clarify my :(— I just can’t get enough of PRT, so a shorter show is just a tease! ;) Great show still though— I hope you do another that we can hear MORE great advice from!

  • Chrissy

    Hi Guys!

    I was so excited to be able to make a comment today that I had to pause the show and get it out. Last year my husband had several business trips that took him to India for several weeks at a time.  We (my three year old and I) missed him terribly and I knew there would be times when he wished he could talk to us, but because of time zones and maintaining the sleep pattern of a three year old we knew we would not be able to Skype all of the time.

    That said, I purchased a Fancy Pants basic brag book ahead of time and filled every other page with a love note, artwork from our daughter, a few cards, and photos of us as a family.  I left space for him to journal each day he was away his thoughts and what he was seeing/doing as well.  While I didn’t expect him to write each day, he did and later told me that it helped him feel connected to home.  His trip was work related, but he still was able to travel and see the sights of India on the weekends.  When he arrived back home I took a lot of the photos of our family out of the brag book and replaced them with photos he had taken of India.  It is a very simple album with virtually no embellishments, but I think it captures his trip and a look inside who we are as people and our relationship.  It is one of my favorite projects!  

    Thanks for this episode!


  • That’s so cool!

  • Iceteeeeee

    What a great episode! I usually do a whole 12 by 12 scrapbook of our summer trips, but last summer I used Ali Edwards’ Scrapbook On The Road approach, where I did pre-work at home and took the mini-book and minimum supplies with me on the trip. Every night I would put in memorabilia and journaling, and then put a post-it of the pictures I took that I wanted to put in when I got home. It was a snap finishing it.
    This year I am using Heidi Swapp’s Memory Files and using one folder for each day. I am using her Fotostacks and Foldables to add extra pictures and journaling, as well as other ideas I learned from her Observation class at BPC for pockets and mini-folders to put inside. The basics of it will be done and I will take minimal supplies with me. I am very excited to take the Memory Files with me and work on them at night.

    Thanks again for all you do. I love you guys!

  • Love this show! I’m only halfway through but love it. We are taking a vacation to California this summer and I’ll be printing and taking this log book from Log Your Memories: It’s an older product that I used for a week-long vacation a few years ago. Each night, I just jotted down notes as to what we did – then when I made a scrapbook of the vacation, I had all the notes ready to go. I LOVE how it turned out and it helped me remember all the little funny things we did. My boys had a lot of fun helping me jot down our daily adventures. It wasn’t hard at all or tedious (which I was kind of afraid of when I thought about documenting our trip while it was happening). I highly recommend it! Log Your Memories also has a digital scrapbook template album to go with the travel log book – I used that to create the scrapbook (which I printed as a 8×8 photobook). Great products!! Anyway, thanks for the great show!

  • I thought the topic of this show dovetailed nicely with last week’s topic — a lot of the tips for scrapbooking outside can be translated into scrapbooking on the road. 

    My two favorite travel scrapbook projects I’ve done so far are an 8×8 album I made about a trip to DC and Myrtle Beach and an Amy Tan daybook I used for a trip to visit family earlier this year.

    I thought the 8×8 size worked well — not as overwhelming as a full 12 x 12 album — and I decided to  have one side of each two page spread be an 8×8 picture. I chose papers & color scheme ahead of time, made my own journaling cards using stamps and Ali Edwards photo overlays, and that made it really fast to put together once I got home and ordered the pictures. 
    For our trip to NC to see my husband’s parents, I knew it would be a quiet visit without a lot of exciting photo ops. Plus I wanted to try scrapping on the road. So I used a metal tin (about the size of a hardcover book) to hold the daybook, pens, adhesive, washi tape, and stickers. When we had downtime in the hotel room, I happily glued in ephemera, wrote down what we’d been doing, and left places for photos. I edited the photos on the road, uploaded them to Walgreen’s website, and had them in my hands the day we got home. The daybook was done the next day. That was extremely satisfying!

  • Molly McCarthy

    Scrapbooking while traveling is just up my alley. I enjoyed this episode and just wanted to chime in a few other travel scrapbooking opportunities:

    1. Scrapbooking on a Cruise: My family goes on a cruise every year. I bring the basics with me and then buy the Cruise lines scrapbook kit when I get on board. Yes it seems a bit pricey but it always has one paper with the name of each port and with my basics and some “in the moment” journalling I can turn it into a memorable day about that port. A few years back we went on a Disney Cruise and I was told to bring magnets to hang stuff on our door. With my basics, the Disney Kit, and purchasing photos on the ship, I had a unique “page” of our family every day at sea. My family loved it and I got the entire Disney cruise “scrapped” that same week!

    2. Scrapbooking in Paris: This is where I’ll be scrapbooking for two weeks this summer!! I took Amy Tangerine’s Day Book Class at Treasured Memories a few weeks ago and created the “shell” for what will be my Smash meets Day Book of our trip. I’m taking even LESS supplies than I usually do thanks to some great insight from Amy and I’m looking forward to chronically our trip. 

    Happy Scrapbooking!


  • Alison

    I just wanted to let Noell know that I did use a SmashBook for our trip to New Zealand.  We were gone for a month and while I didn’t write in it every day, I wrote down the main events.  I journalled about what we did, who was there, dates etc.  I made note of all the funny things my son said, like how he kept calling the ocean, “the pool (he’s 6)…as in, I want to go back in the pool, Ma!”
    The pockets were handy for keeping receipts and other ephemera (learned that word on the show!) nice and flat.
    I left blank pages to add photos and brochures later.  When we got home, I had all the info I needed to create my 12×12 book of our trip.  There were over 1800 photos but thanks to my SmashBook, I’m not going to forget what we did on what day, any of my husband’s relatives, all the funny little anecdotes etc….
    It really ended up being more of an art journal of our trip and was a big help in creating the actual scrapbook later!

  • I really enjoyed this episode and wanted to share a surprise scrapbooking experience I had earlier this year. We went on our first cruise and when we checked out the first day’s cruise schedule, there was a scrapbooking workshop listed! There were actually three one-hour workshops during the cruise. At each one, I received a cruise themed page kit. The leader also had a few tools and some neutral cardstock available. I ended up with six pre-made pages when I returned home. Once my photos were printed, I added photos and slipped these completed pages in the album. I had already decided I would create a 12×12 scrapbook for the cruise because we visited three new countries and celebrated our 10th anniversary, so scrapping on the cruise was a bonus.

  • Pausing the show to give a big shout out to you Noell, for your awesome answer to Nancy’s question of “whose story are you going to tell?”  Without hesitation you said “Mine. I always tell mine.”  I called out to the computer “Yes! Me, too!” (Alas there was no one awake to hear my proclamation…unless we count the dogs.) This may have been just a tiny little moment of the show, but it spoke volumes to me about my own scrapbooking “why.”  Recently, I was talking to a bunch of my friends–none of whom scrapbook–about why and how I scrapbook.  They were making lots of comments about how great it is that I document the kids’ lives for them this way and one of them asked if I was ever nervous that I didn’t scrapbook about my kids in equal proportion.  Without even thinking about it, I answered  “No, because I mostly scrapbook about myself.” My friends all laughed as if I was making a self-centered joke, so I tried to explain it further, but I think my point might have been lost. Even when I am scrapbooking about my kids, it is MY story that I am telling.  I can’t tell theirs.  Anyway, after they left, I chuckled to myself thinking that to my non-scrappy friends, not only am I that crazy scrapbooking lady, I’m the crazy self-absorbed scrapbooking lady.  Oh well!  I guess that’s part of what makes me happy in my memory keeping.  So, hearing your unapologetic answer about always telling the story from your perspective made me feel a little less crazy tonight.  Thanks!

  • Wow, very cool, Molly!

  • Krystal Britt

    Love this comment!!

  • Caroline Hackney

    Really enjoyed this episode but it was like an appetizer leaving me hungry for more! I was still thinking about outdoor scrapping when I listened to this, and a combination of that and this week’s travel theme reminded me of the mini album I attempted last year on a visit to the UK to visit my family. My attempt consisted of making an album upfront to take with me, a la Ali Edwards’ class Scrapbook On The Road. I did use some travel-specific products like map paper, although travel is about the only time I could ever classify myself as a themey person. Most of the album was made from generic supplies. I took blank pages with me; I was proud of myself for putting together a mini travel scrap kit (as opposed to my usual take-my-whole-craft-room approach); but my good intentions must have been left behind somewhere on the journey or misplaced by a defiant baggage handler…

    Part of the problem is that I’m a perfectionist, so trying to create an on-the-road project goes against these tendencies. I found it very hard to anticipate where I should write a particular story, or leave space for a picture (or two… or three). Another problem is that I’m not a particularly fast scrapper, and so trying to squeeze in a few moments here and there whilst trekking around my homeland didn’t really work. Journaling? Now, I’m fine with that – no problemo. Having said that, I was probably more prepared than ever to gather memorabilia, and I began the mini album in earnest on my return to the US. I say began…because it’s still incomplete.

    I might give this approach another shot in the future if I could work out the kinks in my process, and find an easier way to have pictures printed during the trip, but we typically take so many photos that it takes at least twice as long as the trip to sort through the gigabytes of space we’ve taken up on however many memory cards. I do think the experience of on-the-road scrapping enables a much more raw end product with vivid memories, as opposed to waiting until there has been time to process the entire event and set it more in context. There’s really a place for both.

    Just a few thoughts of my own travel scrapping experiences, and I realize that my comment is almost longer than this episode. :)

    Another non schmoe devotee here!

  • Connie Hanks

    I love this comment too! I’m right there with you & Noell! My girls are 3 and 5, so most of my journaling is “to” them – “when you…”, “I love that you…”, “You were driving me nuts when you…” – good stuff! The photos are all them, but the story is my perspective, my emotions of what’s going on in our lives. Love that I’m not alone :)

  • Nicole Norman

    Had to comment and say this was a GREAT, if short, episode. Everyone agreed that there was lots more to say on this topic, and it would be awesome if you could do a follow-up episode this summer. How about Kelly Purkey and Elise Blaha? Elise does a lot of travel scrapbooking too in her minibooks. That would be an AWESOME show!! Thanks for another great one. I’ve already listened to it several times.

  •  Love the idea of using a Memory File for each day of a vacation – thanks so much for posting it!

  • Mountain_stamper

    That’s terrific! I’ve always wondered when the cruise line would include scrapbooking along with line dancing!

  • Katie Scott

    I almost always scrapbook during vacations in one way or another.

    P.S. I think it would be fun to have a show when the non-themey scrapbooker peeps make a themed page – for old times sake – and show & tell. I know there was a time when everything was super themed and I think most scrapbookers and the industry has moved away from that time, could be fun to go a bit retro with it and use it in a way that was funny, maybe only scrapbookers would get it; but I did actually use cute little yellow DUCKIES on a page recently! And I think of myself as evolved from the themed stuff. I just think if everyone is saying “oh I never do themed stuff anymore” that it might just be fun and funny to do it again.

  • Hi Gang!  Had to give kudos to Izzy for one little word reference!  You are on the ball guy!  Also was getting all thrilled that most of the group went down the creative rabbit hole on creating smashbooks from scratch!  Went to a CKC in Buffalo this past May and took the No-Rules Smashbook Class and was so warmed that  Nicole Harper, (CK Dream Team of BPC “Living the Dream) and her daughter were leading the class!  It was great, and being a brick&mortar business, I ordered the books and put them up front for all the teens to see!  Great minds think alike, I have put together some ideas and we are going to a Smashbook from Scratch class next week for the local youngsters that come to “Camp Memory Keepers”  I love listening to your shows, it gives me validation and encouragement. Keep on doing what you are doing, it verifies my actions!  Thanks bunches, non-shmoe, Laura P of pp2pgs