PRT117 – Take Your Scrapbooking to the Beach

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking outside. Come listen!

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  • Wow, this episode was awesome! I started packing a “to go bag” while listening. My summer is totally going to be more creative now. 
    Thanks so much for all you do!
    Lots of love/ Veronica (your biggest Swedish fan;-))

  • Cool — love hearing that you took action immediately while still listening! Maybe someday Izzy and I will make our way out to Sweden. We’d love to do a Europe trip with the kids. :)

  • Sweden would love to have you!
    You are totally welcome to stay with me. I could show you around Linköping and feed you vegan-friendly food;-).

    I bet you could do a tour of Europe without paying for any hotel nights, you could just stay with your fans:-D

  • Kelli

    eeek I love scrapbooking outside!  What a great episode.  It’s so refreshing and inspiring!  Oh and Shimelle, I can’t wait to call a girlfriend to scrapbook for lunch!  LOVE IT!  Thankyou!  Here’s my blog post today about Scrapbooking at the Beach with photos :)

  • Noell,

    I was listening to the PRT on my way to work this morning and couldn’t believe it when I heard my name coming through the car speakers!!!  I was so excited that my comment was chosen to be read on the show!  I emailed my husband to tell him as soon as I got to the office and made him listen to it as soon as we both got home from work.  Thanks for making my day! :)

    I just watched the video about Heidi Swapp’s Memory File system.  I couldn’t picture how this product would fit into my scrapbooking style, but after seeing your projects I have a couple of ideas and immediately went online to order (I don’t know how much my husband likes me watching your videos as I seem to order something immediately following each video!).  I think it’ll be a great way to chronicle my visits with my nieces and nephews.  I always take dozens of pictures each time I see them, but having a dedicated album for each visit is a bit much.  This system will work great.

    The PRT on scrapbooking outside was awesome!  I love the idea of working on smaller, less complicated projects outside.  I’m sure that the different surroundings will get my creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to see what I create.

    I’d love to hear an episode about scrapbooking your pets (I don’t recall you having done one yet).  My mini schnauzer, Jakob Marley, is a huge part of our lives, and I love scrapbooking about him.  I’ve scrapbooked about his funny quirks, how he’s changed our lives, and obviously lots of adorable random pictures.  I’d love some other ideas on things I could focus on about him and other ways to include him in my scrapbook pages.  

    Thanks for the continued inspiration and for making me feel like a member of the PRT family!


  • I’ve been listening to your show now for a few months and I just love the way you bring a personal side to the world of crafting. Your show so is so inspiring that it actually got me inspired to start blogging again! Keep up the good work.

    Shannon aka Sky Girl

  • Poirier-Brode, Karen (Ladydoc)

    Just started listening to this episode and wanted to recommend to the person who asked about books on design principles to visit their local college library or bookstore. There are several texts available. Some of the texts have on-line sites where more illustrations are included and one text I remember even had self tests on-line. Being able to thumb through the books is useful because we all have different styles of learning and hands on can help you decide on the text you want. Amazon has a few texts you can explore, too. Universal Principles of Design and Basic Principles of Design are two I saw there. Good luck to the person who asked.
    I’m enjoying the conversation about scrapbooking outdoors and out of the house. Fun!

  • Ari Choquette

    I love this topic! Lots of times I’ll find myself having to choose between being outdoors or being crafty, so I’ll end up sitting at my desk staring wistfully out the window. It wasn’t until this episode that I seriously considered combining these two loves of mine. Not to mention that Amy Tan and Shimelle make up my PRT dream team… I’ve been so inspired by both of them lately and I was so excited that they appeared in the same show! Thanks for another great episode!

  • Jody

    I think I’m coming late to the table with this comment, but I just wanted to say that to me scrapbooking IS Project Life!  If we are not documenting the day to day with the events in our lives, then what are we scrapbooking?  I guess I just don’t get PL.  We put enough pressure on ourselves to scrapbooking, I don’t understand why we would want to try and kill ourselves with another project that requires so much.  I get the importance of scrapbooking the day-to-day and we should I agree!  I also understand the need to put things in a book that are not necessarily “scrapbook” material like ticket stubs and such.  I put that stuff in a Smash book and I love that I can flip through a Smash book and see random things in my life such as ticket stubs, odd notes, magazine pictures that inspire me.  It’s all random, quick and I love it.  If I were Anna, I’d have a page in my Smash book that had all 10+ ticket stubs encircling a pic of Jeremy Renner and the phrase “Yes, I’m crazy”.  That’s all that would be needed! 

    On today’s topic… I love Shimelle!  I took her Cover to Cover class and she’s right, it does inspire you to scrapbook and the prompts aren’t really for that.  I used to be one of those people she mention that would take a car load of supplies to a crop, literally nearly every piece of paper, ink, stamp set that I owned because you never know what you might need. The last crop I went to, I noticed how much I had learned to downsize, taking just a few collections/kits with my basic tools I found myself using on nearly every page.  After this class, I can make an even more dramatic downsize.  I’ve always wanted to be ready to take the kids to the park and take something for me to do as well.  What a lovely idea.  Shimelle’s idea about the book ready to go is fantastic and I’ve just started working on kits for one I want to do the same with.  She’s a genius (and you too Izzy!)  Love the show and everyone on it!

  • Alissa W.

    Just had to chime in on the book related question (as the scrappy librarian – that would be a good user name!). I disagree with the comments that you need to go into specialties or specific field. I found the non-designer’s design book by Robin Williams very helpful when I first started and I love the color index by Jim Kruase. It sits in my space and is great when I need a jumpstart. It’s basically a bunch of color combos. Also Cathy Z’s class at BPC “Design Your Life” was super helpful in teaching me the basics (repition asymmetrical, symmetry etc.). It’s now available as a self paced class. I love how Noelle mentions reading in a variety of fields and once you learn the basics you’ll see them appear in good design whether it’s packaging or magazine ads.
    This is the co-mingling Lehrer talks about in “Imagine.” Can’t wait for June 19!

    ok off to listen to the rest of the show

  • Shimelle and Amy together? Let’s add this to my “My favorite combination, ever.” list

    Am so jealous of Shimelle for having friends who scrap around her. I definetly need those friends in my life ;)

    I would love to hear more  people’s thoughts about scrapping outside– I’ve only art journaled outside– never scrapbooked. I’ll have to try it out! I’ve taken a lot of Jule Fei-Fan Balzer’s advice for art journaling on the go– It for sure helps to have a bag or a “kit” ready to go. I keep a pencil case in my purse with some letter stamps, a couple pens, and a couple rolls of washi. Create on the go!

    Thanks for a great show!

  • Minnis

    Yes, yes, yes! You are more than welcome to say with me in Finland. Just say when… :)
    Thanks Noell and Izzy!

  • Sherrie M.

    What is the name of the book you are going to be featuring in a episode soon?

  • Krystal Britt

    Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

  • Baileyboys3mom

    Hi Noell, Izzy, and Nancy :)

    I just finished listening to your latest episode about scrapbooking outdoors, and I would really have to agree with most everything that was said.
    First and foremost I’d like to say that I love scrapbooking outdoors, and secondly I would like to say to Nancy that she can do it!

    I scrapbooked outdoors for the first time 3 years or so ago, when Stacy Julian posted a challenge on her blog. The challenge was not to scrapbook outside, but to grab any number of random photos, papers, and embellishments and to go to another room to create with said items. It just happen to have been a beautiful summer day, and the kids wanted to swim, so I decided that I would scrapbook at the patio table under the umbrella. It was invigorating! My creativity came alive, and I love the pages I created that day. Since that time, I have scrapbooked on many occasion out of doors. I even took a stash of items with me camping once. I had a blast! While the boys were all fishing, I sat at the picnic table, enjoyed my natural surroundings, and created so many wonderful layouts. I truly believe that the fresh air clears our thoughts and minds. I feel there must be a link between nature and our creative soul. I continue to use Stacy’s challenge each time I scrapbook outdoors. It’s super easy to grab a random number of photos and such, neatly throw them in a bag, and head outdoors. The most fun part is using those items that I may not ever use together, but because I don’t allow myself to go in and get more stuff, I make do with what’s in front of me, and it always turns into a super fun scrapbooking day. Nancy, I know you can do it! If I may use 3 words that I have heard Stacy say so very often, “This Is Big!” and it is big. Scrapbooking outdoors is big! If you haven’t tried it I totally recommend that you do.

    Thanks for choosing this topic this past week. I have experienced a lul in my scrapbooking lately. I think I will take it outdoors right now.

    I really gain so very much from this show each and every week, and to anyone who is contemplating getting a paid membership, like Jennifer, I just want to say that it really is a great deal. I didn’t renew last year, when money was tight, foolishly thinking that I hadn’t missed all that much. This year I signed back up, and now realize that I had missed a lot. Thankfully I can go back as far as I want and watch all the ones I missed. Tried the painting over dried glue technique for the first time last week and I loved it!

    Blessings, Amy in IL

  • Lisa Ottosson

    I loved this episode! And it made me think I will link you (and your audience) to my post I did on Write Click Scrapbook earlier this week where I shared a few other tips for taking supplies on the road so to speak :) 

  • Katiescottscrapbooking

    I scrapbook by the backyard pool all the time – I usually do “busywork” types of things rather than creating pages.

  • I am so stoked now to go pack up a couple page kits so I am ready to scrapbook outdoors this summer!!! My 4 year old often wants to be outside while his little brother is napping, and during the school year that’s ok, because he is gone two-three days a week to kindergarten and I take those days to scrap, but with summer holidays coming I was really starting to get bummed about no scrap time!  It seriously never even occured to me to take my scrapbooking outside!!

    Awesome episode as always :-) 

    P.S.  I am LOVING my membership!  Took advantage of your NSD deal – which was amazing, btw! – and have not regretted it for a second.  I can totally see myself renewing :-)

  • This PRT episode was full of win :-) Shimelle is my very favourite PRT guest (I would like to start a vote for adding her to the official panel, there can never be enough Shimelle). I was so inspired by the show that the very next day I decided to let the kids play out in the front yard while I scrapbooked on the outdoor table. Sydney is wintery at the moment and so a sunny day is too beautiful to pass up. I took the panel’s advice and gathered a few basic tools, a handful of photos then cut out the guesswork by grabbing a kit-club kit and using that as my only supplies. Practically no prep time and it was so delightful. The kids drew with chalk and rode on scooters while I got to enjoy a fab scrappy time. Win-win! I will definitely be doing this again, although I must say that when I need to hop up and attend to the kids for a little while, it is somewhat precarious to leave supplies outdoors compared to just walking away from my desk inside. I guess that life wouldn’t be interesting without doing something risky once in a while, even if that is just risking your supplies might blow away or that some bird might embellish your layout!
    Thanks PRT

  • Rndo64

    Awesome ideas! on my day off on wednesdays you will see me under my patio awning, with my own created kit, with ice tea nearby in an icy glass, my pandora playing from my I-phone, scrapbooking and enjoying my garden! 2 of my favorite things! Thanks Noell and Izzy!

  • Becca

    First, I must express my excitement at finding PRT on Stitcher. I’m always behind on transferring new episodes to my iPod, but now I’ll be able to stay more up to date! Excitement expressed!

    Next, I love Shimelle’s kits-in-an-album idea! Definitely adopting it, even though I don’t see myself scrapping outside in the near future. I have a nearly-toddler, so what I do see myself doing outside is making sure my child doesn’t eat rocks or get stuck in the frame of my patio table. Again. (And I actually do mean my patio table, not the one at Starbucks)
    –Did I say I have a nearly-toddler? Time sure flies… my PRT membership was my “push present” to myself.

    Anyway, I have already created a few page kits, inspired by this episode, a few Glitter Girl videos, and Shimelle’s “how do I” post! They’ll make naptime scrapping so much easier!
    Hey Shimelle, if you ever want to go for lunch & scrapbook in Norfolk, hop on the train to Thetford. Don’t worry… I won’t let my baby eat your supplies.


  • My concern with scrapping outside is always one of 2 things…the weather or having to chase after my 4 kids and having my projects get messed up. The one place I feel I could relax outside and scrap is when I visit my parents, I don’t worry about my kids as much there because they live on a dirt road with only 2 neighbors and there is always an extra set of eyes to watch them. The weather is still a concern and then I also have the problem of transporting my projects…somehow I don’t see many projects surviving a 16 hour round trip in a vehicle with 4 boys. 

    Cannot wait for your next episode I will be stalking iTunes LOL…

  • Maureen

    I love the show, listen every week, and re-listened to old episodes, because one episode a week just isn’t enough. I turned to itunes looking for more pod casts, and this gave a marketing idea. I know that you have sponsors in the scrapbooking world, but what if you had partners in the podcasting world. You could team up with other podcasts in creativity, photography, and such and recommend each other to your listeners. That way you could spread the word about Paperclipping and gain new listeners, and I could find new pod casts with out slogging through everything posted on itunes. Love the show.

  • AnnGMorrone
  • Simpsonskull3

    Hi gang at PRT
    loved the episode about scrapping outside I have been doin it from the start. Our family spends every Sunday at the lake and my projects go with me, I love it.
    Something you said about scrapping at Starbucks gave me an idea! As a former LSS owner I have always pondered on how we could draw new people into our fantastic hobby. PRT could start the movement to have a “world wide scrap at your local coffee shop day.” That way non scrapbookers can get a chance to see what a great hobby this is. I would love to hear any other ideas that would help to draw in new people and how all you talented ladies got started as scrapbookers.
    Thanks Laura from Ont Canada
    P.S. Promise to be a nonshmo as soon as my house is rebuilt and Internet is hooked up again.

  • Leslie Williams

    I had to stop mid-episode to board a train, so I hope I’m not repeating something that was discussed already.

    So I’m happy that Amy and her scrapbooking friends enjoy scrapbooking on the beach, but when I heard her talk about her experience, I kept thinking,”holy hell, if I were in Thailand on a beach, the last thing I would want to be doing is scrapbooking! My skinny butt would be out exploring, taking in local culture, and walking the shoreline!” I am not saying that there is anything wrong with her take on scrapbooking while traveling, but I do think that as scrapbookers, we (myself included) sometimes let our hobby guide our actions to the detriment of creating memories. Sometimes, for example, taking a gazillion photos keeps us from simply enjoying the moment. I have traveled a good deal (backpacking Shimelle-style), and I can say that I am glad that I saved the scrapbooking for home because I need to prioritize making memories over preserving them. Again, if scrapbooking while traveling is enjoyable for people, more power to them! But I hope these people are doing it because they are inspired and enjoying it rather than because they feel pressure to get their memories saved.

    P.s. I love Shimelle. Like her, I have to take a train/subway/taxi to get to crops since I live in Philadelphia, and she’s the only person I know who can understand how challenging it can be since all of my friends live in the suburbs and drive! Shimelle, once I didn’t “mind the gap” and I lost a border punch into the black hole that is the area around subway tracks!

  • deanna_munger

    a) Must start using “kit” as a verb, immediately! 

    b) If I’m with my sister we always have to do a little scrapbooking, even if we are on a camping trip or on Christmas vacation.  Having a few kits made up ahead of time makes all the difference. 
    But also, if I’m going to do a mini-book about a trip it’s nice to do it on the way – here’s my kit for doing that:
    (there’s a link to the finished book at the bottom of the post). 

    c) My favorite quote: “I say get over your supply worries and just go forth in the world!” 

    d) When I was in high school my dad and I took an art class together (aw… great memories!) and one of the things we did as a class was go to the zoo and set ourselves up all around the zoo with our giant sketch pads to draw the animals.  It was a great experience and I felt highly complimented when kids would run up and say, “Look, Mommy, there’s an artist!” :)

    Thanks for another great show! – (non-schmo!) Deanna

  • What a cool experience/memory (sketching at the zoo, taking a class with your dad, etc.) Izzy and I have talked a million times about taking a drawing class with our kids.

  • May Flaum mentioned that she blogs by the pool in the NEON episode, and I got to thinking that I should try to make a page at the pool (usually I just do busy work rather than creating a layout). So I gave it a try and made a page about the pool while I was at the pool yesterday.  I loved scrapbooking outside.  I’m going to make it part of my poolside routine.  

    P.S. The layout here is about how our old dog tries to rub his head on the side of the pool but he did this once and it burst a blood vessel in his ear (and cost $800 to have the surgery to get it fixed) so now when ever Dandy goes into the pool, my husband plays “Dog Police” and it reminds me of the improvisational comedy “game” of “frustrating the want”; it is funny to watch them do this little dance.  And, P.S. not quite neon but close – I left a comment about Neon on May’s blog and she made a good comment that there is a difference between brights and neons; and yes, I’ll admit neons are probably harder to use – I just think its fun to see a “new” set of colors in scrapbooking.

  • Karen Schreiber

    I just listened to this podcast and here it is more than three months later, so I don’t know if you will even see this comment. I save up the Roundtable podcasts for plane/boat trips and it had been while since I had traveled! So I listened to “Take it to the Beach” while on the airplane to visit my mom for 5 days. I had brought a scrapbook project with me to do in the evenings. After listening to this podcast I got inspired to put together stuff to do in the airport lounge during a 5 hour layover. I have to say it was great!! I don’t often travel alone and I had a free pass to an airline lounge courtesy of my husband. I did all the cutting ahead of time, and when I ended up needing scissors I just used the ripped paper technique! What fun I had sitting in a computer cubicle, snacking on cheese and crackers while I worked on this mini album. Thanks so much for your inspiration! It made my day!

  • How cool!