PRT116 – How to Mail a Coconut

Want to talk about making cards? That’s what we’re doing this week… Come listen!

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  • Woo Hoo! A new episode. Going to listen now :).

  • April290

    YAY!! I was starting to worry we weren’t getting an episode this week. While I’m not much of a card-making fan (burnt out on it), I can’t imagine missing anything you, Nancy, Izzy and guests have to say!

  • Granmaq

    Ok I bought the book…the willpower instinct…I wasn’t going to buy it for the yellow cover totally turned me off. Then izzy recommended it for a second time, so I decided to purchase. The book is a page turner. I now understand why izzy read it twice. This book is a life changer! Thanks izzy for the recommendation.

  • Betsy

    I LOVE that Kristina and Ana are both a wealth of knowledge in their own right and seem to have such different styles!  Ana, I can’t wait to see your party blog and Kristina, I didn’t even know what a blog was until I stumbled upon yours.  I love everything about it and your amazing card ideas!  Such a fun group (along with the usual suspects, Izzy, Noell, and Nancy)-when are you all going to turn into a traveling show that we can come see live??  lol

    The quote of the show for me was, “cardmaking: the gateway drug to scrapbooking.”  This is so true!  Its a stress-free medium to try out new things on a smaller scale that you might want to try on your scrapbook pages.  And who doesn’t love having cards around that you can send when you need them?  As for the discussion about cost-savings…it has come up a lot in the past few episodes…who cares!?  I do it for the joy of creating, and I see the end result as a happy and useful side effect.  I think if I focused too much on the end result and cost, I would be sorely disappointed.  ;)  I am definitely a bargain shopper with a limited budget for scrapbooking/cardmaking, and I’m sure my checkbook could do without the entire thing, but the benefits I get from being creative are well worth it.  The more I think about it, I think my budget constraints actually make me MORE creative. 

    *waiting for the next episode already*

    ps Kristina mentioned the invitation book that inspired her design career-while I’m not looking for a career change, I have been curious about any good books that describe design principles.  Any recommendations from anyone??

  • Mel

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode just yet, but I have to say, I REALLY love Izzy’s suggestion awhile back of making a drinking game in which every time “Project Life” is mentioned, we drink a shot. :)

  • Simpsonskull3

    Super show, two of my favorite guests. Anna I love your crazy darn the danger attitude and Kristina I have been making cards along with you for years. I sometimes take a card idea and turn it into a scrapbook page. I make cards out of my scraps when I am finished a layout that way I have a handy stash for when one is needed.
    Keep up the good work, Laura from ont Canada

  • Jencowles1024


    I LOVE the PRT and am a faithful listener. Your discussions have revolutionized how I scrapbook, and have provided the validation I desperately needed as a childless by choice scrap booker. Despite all that you have done for me and my creative process, for some reason I hesitate to pay for scrap booking content. Would you be able to tell me why I can’t live without your paid content? (not intended as a rude challenge, I just need some validation).

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!!!


  • Seanna

    Oooh, an Ana episode.  Yay!  Off to listen.

  • Liked this episode. Ana is always a hoot and Kristina is very articulate and informative. 
    Saw Jencowles1024’s comment and had to reply. You can get a lot of material on the web for free, most pretty bad, though occasionally some is wonderful. You can pay a lot for some really bad stuff, too. I know I have, LOL! However, Paperclipping is not very expensive at all and you get your money’s worth. I’m a long time member and have found Noell’s videos very informative and you cannot beat Izzy’s quality production of the videos! The videos are to the point, give you something to think about and may improve your scrapbooking. Paperclipping even inspired me to take a design principles class at the local junior college. I love being able to improve my scrap skills; but, do note that even non-nerds have said good things about the videos. 

  • Iceteeeeee

    I had to laugh at the mailing of the coconut! I started stamping way back when ‘mail art’ was the rage and used to participate in swaps with others where we mailed strange things as is, no wrapping. One of the swaps was mailing a plastic soda bottle decorated inside and filled with goodies. Another had me receiving a decorated toilet plunger! Those were some fun days!

  • I had no idea that was going on!

  • karennarelle

    As soon as i saw the title of todays episode i knew ana must be on!!!  hehehee love you Ana. Off to have a listen.

  • Saudiscrapper

    No way! When Izzy recommended IMAGINE, it sounded like something I would love so I put in a request at my library. It is a new book and had not been shelved yet, so I had to wait a few weeks until it was available to check out. I was listening to the most recent podcast ON MY WAY HOME FROM THE LIBRARY when I heard you announce the special podcast coming up June 19. With that kind of coincidence, I am definitely IN on this book club! Now I’ll go back and finish listening to find out how you mail a coconut!

  • April290

    I had the same problem for a while, and I took the plunge with an initial 6 month membership and have continued renewing annually now for two years. My thoughts on why I chose to pay for a membership is that with the wealth of videos Noell has in the archives, to me it’s10x better than my local scrapbook store class – and I can always revisit them since it’s not “live” . . . Noell’s examples are great and I love how she’ll often talk about one thing on her blog and link to all kinds of “where you can find out more” paperclipping videos. Between the PRT and these videos, I’m more than happy to help keep Noell and Izzy working and doing these scrapbooking videos. :-) (I am just a happy customer and not asked by anyone to post my .02; hope you’re okay with me chiming in!)

  • My philosophy about paying for content online (scrapbooking or not) is: (1) Am I getting something of high quality and (2) Am I supporting something I would hate to see go away. I am a Paperclipping member (just renewed for another year). Noelle’s videos are high-definition, professionally filmed, and the content is very focused. There is a huge archive of videos to watch, too, in addition to the two new videos per month. You can watch them online, or download them to your PC or iPad, etc. I think it is well worth the cost. Also, if Noelle’s business went away, so would PRT, and I would be bereft! 

  • Smiling because I did the same thing (put it on my request list at the library when I heard it mentioned the first time.) Then when I heard about the book club episode, I checked to see when I might get it, but there were still 7 people ahead of me, so I bought the ebook over the weekend. (Amazon had it for $7.99, which I thought was huge bargain!)

  • Poirier-Brode, Karen (Ladydoc)

    Thanks for reminding me to check the Kindle price. That is a good deal. I just downloaded it and his Proust was a Meroscientist. Looking forward to this. I had thought of commenting on the last show. In the medical field, even with a heavy emphasis on evidence based medicine, we still aspire to practice the Art as well as the Science of medicine. It really has some parallels to a better appreciation of well constructed scrapbook pages and ability to make them when one has a firm understanding of the basics. To some folk it comes easily as they have natural talent and others may struggle a bit. Anxious to read this and get his take on the subjects of imagination and creativity. Looking forward to the episode discussion.

  •  This is very sweet to ask, Jennifer, and thank you to April, Laura, and Karen who have answered from their own perspective as Paperclipping Members!

    Well, I’m not going to tell you that you can’t live without a membership. You’ve been living without it so far and you’re more than surviving, right? What I can do is tell you a few of the benefits. Those who replied to you already shared a number of them, so I’ll try not to repeat those.

    The Paperclipping videos are unique — the format comes from Izzy and myself combining our ideas for how to create videos that are super-packed with content in short videos so you’re not spending a lot of time watching and watching, only to come out with just a few tidbits.

    I design the content to be applicable for all kinds of scrapbookers of varying skill level, varying style, and varying products. I don’t know of any other classes or tutorials that share quite the way we do it here. If you’re relatively newer you’ll learn more basic info while a much more advanced scrapbooker, or one who’s been a member for years, will benefit in an entirely different way from the same video. I intend for members to be able to return to the same videos over and over again and continue to learn from them.

    I’ve never once been told that someone already knew the content and it was too basic for them. On the contrary, I’ve had people who even majored in art or design tell me they were surprised they’re learning so much from the tutorials. That’s so exciting to hear!

    My intention is not to get scrapbookers to follow me step-by-step and end up with pages that look like mine. Instead the videos are there to give you the concepts that will empower you to know how to make pages that look like YOU, and that you LOVE, and be able to do it again and again without having to rely on anyone but your own unique self.

    If PRT has revolutionized scrapbooking for you, it’s because I’ve been able to draw from our panel the deeper insights that you typically do not learn from blogs, magazines, books, etc. While most of those sources stick to the same basic info, we have a way on PRT of pulling out of our guests the ideas they had never before been conscious of. I use this same manner of questioning and thinking to create my own content for my video tutorials.

    I hope this helps you make a decision that’s best for you! If you haven’t seen a sampling of the tutorials yet you can sign up for my emails and you’ll get some free videos from the membership. :)

  • karennarelle

    When i was a kid making cards i always used a butter knife to score!

  • Ana I love PRT even more when you are on, I saw the trailer for the Bourne Legacy and thought of you. 
    On the cost issue, I think that if you use scraps (that would have been tossed otherwise) to make a card, then you should consider that card free.  Also I think a hand made card is worth 5 bought cards (except the ones my boys pick out, any card they give me is the best) and a nice bought card is at least $4, usually more.  The whole reason for a card is to let someone know you are thinking of them, so to hand-make a card means you spent more than 5 min picking it out. I love to give homemade cards and I love to receive them too.   I do have some cards on hand and even though I don’t make every card for a specific person I still put my love into each card when I make them.

  • Jencowles1024


    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I am going to go sign up right now. I’m excited!!! You and your panel of guests really have transformed my scrap booking and have turned me into a storyteller, which I didn’t realize was an “ok” way to scrapbook. I feel like you have all given me permission to explore myself creatively, and that has helped my life in so many ways.

    Can’t wait to start watching videos!


  • Sharon

    I loved this episode. I like that you strayed away from the topic of layouts. I mostly do layouts but I would like to learn more about other paper crafts. I especially would love an episode about mini books. I have bought some supplies (and bought, and bought) but I just don’t know how to start. I have watched Noell’s PRT video regarding minis but would love more ideas and tips.

    Thanks again for another fantastic show.


  • Awesome! Thank you for your membership, Jennifer. I hope you love it!! If you love feeling like a storyteller then I think you just might! :)

  • I’ll make a note to do an episode on mini’s some time. I’m pretty positive we’ve talked about mini’s in previous PRT’s, so if you haven’t listened to all the episodes you might run into some as you make your way back. And of course, I have tons more videos on mini’s in the Paperclipping Video Membership. They’re so much FUN!!


    Had to pause show to comment as I was shouting at the computer. Nancy no-one is saying “you have to do this in project life” as you mimick people saying. The only one saying that is you.
    And really we are all grown ups. Who cares if we are not the “cool kids in school” if we don’t jump on the bandwagon for the newest trends. My PL album is my everyday photo album. I only mark the beginning of each month and put in my favourite pics and journalling. Some months have two double pages some have more. It doesn’t matter. If you don’t enjoy it don’t do it !!!!

  • I´ve bookmarked your affiliate link to BPC so that I don´t need to go back to the Roundtable site every time I browse through classes. It is so easy to forget to click on it before buying that I figured that would be the easiest way for me to support the show :-) Now I use the bookmark to go to BPC every time, and I don´t have to worry about that any more :-)

  • I always send my cards in clear bags. My MailLady loves it, because she get to see the cards I create. She´s even ordered cards from me after seeing them :-)

  • Nice! Thank you for your support!!

  • Scrappinglady

    I really started making cards after my son was born. He “commissions” cards for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day etc. I create a 5×7 card with a themed diecut and then slits to hold an Instax picture of him. I found a file from that creates the slits for holding a gift card, perfect size for the Instax picture. I’ve now saved a file on my computer where I laid out the slits to create four 5×7 cards out of a 12×12 piece of cardstock. I use a digital cutter and third party software to create the elements for the cards. I then take a bunch of pictures of my son holding a sign with a holiday greeting and then put it all together assembly line style. Any left over pictures or cards are then put into his album. The “out takes” of the Instax are hysterical and the grandparents and other family members love that they have a pocket sized picture just for them. When it comes to making cards my cut off is 20 for handmade, otherwise I
    make a hybrid. I’ll create a base from my supplies (paper, ribbon,
    brads, diecuts) and then scan it and put the rest together in PhotoShop
    Elements. I’ll then order the flat card from Costco, usually as a 5×7
    matte finish.This is how I’ve done larger mailings, for Christmas and my son’s Birth Announcement.
    Steph (a non-schmo)

  • Fun ideas! Thank you for sharing the specifics (and thanks for your membership! :) ).

  • inkyminky184

    Love having a card-centric episode!  Hope you have another one.  :)

  • Betsy

    Just checked on our local county library and there are 173 holds before me! Wondering if this has to do with Paperclippings influence. I’ll be buying if for my Kindle.

  • I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but wanted to say that I really like your hybrid card idea for making large numbers of cards. I started out by making cards, and still like to make my Christmas cards, but the large number I need to make sometimes influences my card design towards something simpler than I might want. Making the design something that can be duplicated in some way is a good compromise between hand-made (labor intensive) and streamlined! Thanks for the great idea!!

    (ps: I’ve also mailed a 2-liter soda bottle filled with stuff, in the past– it was a fun way to mail a gift, and it did get there in one piece!)

  • On the Giverslog blog in the happy mail section ( she has fun things you can mail that are 13 oz or less.  If they are 13 oz or less than you can mail them 1st class.

  • Sherrie M.

    Thanks all for the laughs this episode and for the topic of cards. I have branched out into cards over the past year and am in love with it. I enjoy using my scrapbook supplies in a different way, using the remnants of these supplies and when time is of the essence, the smaller canvas size works well. And I haven’t bought a card from a store in a year! Thanks so much for this topic, very timely for me and for the industry too.

    PS. I joined Paperclipping ages ago to support the show. Haven’t had a lot of time to explore the Paperclipping videos but hopefully someday. For me, the Roundtable is worth the price I paid!

  • Vera

    Yay!  PRT Bookclub!  I can’t wait!  

  • Thank you so much for your support. I do hope you find some time to enjoy your membership! :)

  • Katiescottscrapbooking

    I love it when Ana is a guest too :)

  • Lisa

    I’m late to listening to this episode, but just a heads up to Noelle and Izzy from a fellow vegan, the french fries at McDonald’s are NOT vegan. There is beef flavoring (yes, flavoring, but still has some beef in it) in the oil which is used to cook them.

  • Crazy, huh? I knew their oil wasn’t vegan, and so I haven’t had their fries in years, but I couldn’t remember why. I pretty much only eat In And Out fries, plus the fries at one of vegan restaurants out here, which are amazing. :)