PRT115 – Project Life: Six Months Later

How are we doing with Project Life six months later? That’s what we’re talking about this week… Come listen!

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  • Christa Allgood

    After a couple of years of consideration I have decided to start Project Life!!!  It always seemed so overwhelming and I felt that I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. After listening to this episode (and reading Nancy’s Scrapbook Update post about Project Life Reboot) I think I can do it.  I can set aside a couple of hours on Sunday to work on it.
    My oldest son just graduated high school and I really realized how FAST time goes by!  So I decided to start July 1, 2012!!  That way my project life will follow along more closely with the school year!  In August I have one starting college, one starting high school and one finishing elementary school and I don’t want to miss or forget anything!!!
    Thanks for being there for me every week!! Every Wednesday morning I start stalking iTunes waiting for the new episode to be released!! I look forward to future episodes….and BTW I love when you have regular (non-celebrity) scrapbookers!! 

  • Mr. Mister

    Although I’m not a member, I have kept coming back to listen to the round table and would like to suggest a few topics. You may have already covered these but I didn’t see them in a not-so-deep-dive into your roundtable archives.
    SCRAP BOOKING THE GROWN FAMILYOur children are both out of the house and with the marriage of our son L/Y we decided we needed to organize the memories while we still have them. This is much different than scrapping as they grow because we don’t have the advantage of digital cameras, so our pictures are fewer than we’d like and little details aren’t in our memory anymore. Because of this, Project Life also just doesn’t work with a grown family… Or am I wrong? It would be good to hear how “older” scrappers do things differently than the ones with younger families.Another subject I would like to hear would be:PURGING, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINKSupplies: what to keep, when to let go. Photos/images (it’s called editing down!), and heaven forbid, purging scrapbook pages that just don’t work. And the ultimate in ephemera, scrapbook paper itself, which has a store shelf-life shorter than ripe bananas. I’ve bought paper that I know won’t be there the next time I come in, but have never used. I hate to through it away, are their scrap booking supply swap meets?

    I’m still feeling out whether I’d like to subscribe but I like coming back for now.

  • Jenrogers

    Love that phrase “Scrapbook paper….which has a store shelf-life shorter than ripe bananas…” So very well put. I will definitely steal & use it. Oh well, at least we contribute to the stores’ ability to pay their bills! 

  • I hope there is a roundtable this week. I am such a stalker, haha.

  • Bubblesromick

    WOW! And, where have I been?  Project Life sounds like such a great way to scrapbook our lives. I couldn’t wait to get started. Then all of a sudden it became clear that I had had a senior moment. With a rational mind, I realized how boring and routine our lives would scrapbook.  Our five children are now adults living on their own (Thank goodness!) and our 5 grandchildren live 700 or more miles away in 3 different directions. So that put a damper on Project Life:( 
    Yesterday while dusting, I picked up a small stack of butter pat plates that I always played with when I would spend the night with my grandmother.  Suddenly, a large 100 watt environmentally friendly light bulb went off in the idea section of my brain. Project Life would be a wonderful way to scrapbook the things in our home that have a family or personal story. I can use pictures, past and present, of the items with our personal history added and our children may also include stories about the items if they have something to add. I have always regretted that I didn’t pay more attention to the stories my parents would tell about things.
    I have ordered the needed materials and while I am waiting for the brown truck to pull in the driveway, I am busy taking pictures and remembering, with a hankie in my hand.
    Thank you Becky Higgens for this great system.
    Thank you to the ladies of the Roundtable for being so enthusiastic and informative about Project Life.
    Thank you to Izzy who kept sending me messages saying my time was running out to join Papperclippig at an awesomely low price. As you can tell, I succumbed to the pressure.

     I have come to look forward to the many discussions on the Roundtable. Noell, Nancy and the ladies are always fun and knowledgeable. And that guy that does the sound, who I believe is married to someone on the show, has a wonderful spirit. Roundtable always puts a smile on my face and a dent in my wallet.  Thanks.
    A (NEW) Happy Paperclipping Member
    Susan (Bubbles) Romick

  • Sounds like a fun idea for PL! And THANK YOU for your new membership! :)

  • scrappinjam

    Loved this episode on PL.  I have yet to jump on the bandwagon but think about it often.  I’m afraid that if I start now, I will regret that I didn’t start at the beginning of the year.  Also, I identify with Nancy as my life is pretty routine.  My children are grown and our weekdays are pretty boring.  It’s great reading though all the comments as they have given me more ideas on what I can incorporate into PL.  I might just be what I need to push me onto the wagon – LOL!!

    I would live to hear an episode on scrapping major vacation trips.  I’m interested in hearing how people get ready to go – do they do any scrapping prep?.  How they collect & organize memorabilia while on the trip.  How they pick the photos to scrap and then pulling it all together – one paper line all the way through or common color scheme?  Journaling on every page or just one long story and snippets on the pages?  I have an upcoming major trip and I’m trying to decide how to get ready for the scrapping afterwards and get it done within a reasonable timeframe.  Thanks for considering this and keep the great episodes coming.  I’ve listened to them all and there hasn’t been a bad one yet.

    Non-schmo, Janet

  • Kendra

    Had to stop and comment while I was listening to this episode.  I LOVE what Monica said about doing PL for YOU.  This is my 3rd year doing Project Life.  And I have to admit I STOPPED looking at the gallery on Becky’s site.  I also love Mary Ann’s dedication to her Project Life – but I found these sites a bit intimidating.  I am very much in Monica’s boat.  My children are older, but I work full time outside the home so my scrapbooking is pretty quick and dirty.  I print a picture, make a journal card, put them in their slots and move on.  Thanks for having a great variety of contributors:)

  • Cyndy

    I have no plans to do PL the way it was intended because I am not so good at daily picture taking and I don’t need another project that I feel I have to do. But I LOVE looking at other people’s PL pages and have spent many hours trying to figure out how I could do some of these cool looking pages. I have always loved pocket pages and use them in my traditional scrapping often. I finally decided that I am going to scrap my recent Disney vacation PL style with random traditional pages thrown in. Then my mother gave me all my childhood photo albums and while trying to figure out what to do with them and wondering how I could find the time to scrapbook the stories I realized that PL would be perfect for this project! So now I am waiting and waiting and waiting for my core kit to come in so I can get started. Thanks for another great discussion and thanks to everyone who posted comments and advice.

  • Miss Niki

    I participated in Project 365 in 2009. I was great at the photo a day aspect and created journaling cards digitally and printed them. I was not so good at the storytelling and collecting of ephmera (at that time this was not popular). I, like Nancy felt like my life was repetitive and uneventful and didn’t feel that motivated to devote time to it. I found myself taking a picture just for the sake of taking a picture. The other thing that I REALLY struggled with was making the two pages look like a unified layout…I wanted the colors to match and the patterns to go together. For me creating these pages was far more work than creating individual layouts.

    I love the idea of it and I love to look at other projects that people have created. I find it so interesting that Becky created the concept to make managing photos and stories easier, for me this was so much more challenging. I do love the smaller projects like Ali Edward’s Week in the Life and the 12 on 12 Challenge. I am not ruling out the possibility of trying it again. I admire all of you who are able to make it work for you and share your creations…I think they look awesome! But my own….not so much!

    Great show! Thanks for sharing the digi and paper perspectives as well as the “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the “Alexander’s Horrible No Good Very Bad Day” side of things. This keeps it REAL!  Loved it!

    Miss Niki

  • Heidi

    So often I’m listening to PRT in the car and a lightbulb goes off and I literally can’t wait to get home (also happened recently with ‘In Ten Easy Steps’ where I came right home and started purging)… but this week’s episode was the same thing.  I jumped on the PL bandwagon this year and was honestly so excited about it.  I took my photos, kept my ephemera, but getting the pages actually put together hasn’t been happening (I have two weeks completed and 3 more mostly done.)  I couldn’t say what it was about it, it just wasn’t clicking.  But still, I kept taking those photos and keeping that ephemera, and the months kept on going by.  So, here we are in June and I was totally frustrated.  THEN I HEARD THIS EPISODE… When Monica mentioned her friend who only scrapbooks a month at a time, but includes the inserts for events, etc — I had that lightbulb moment!  Starting tonight, I am reassessing my photos and taking look at them from the monthly perspective, instead of weekly.  Then I will include those events that stood out in the month (i.e. Birthdays, Easter, Vacations, Kindergarten Graduation… as their own insert with photos and specific journaling.)  Also, when the new inserts come out, I plan on including some other highlights from the month — art projects, school papers, cards received, etc. — the things that made me most excited about Project Life in the first place.  Thank you again for inspiring me once again!

  • Janelle Horsley

    Love, love, love the Roundtable! What a great resource for the scrapbooking community. Finally caught up after many many months of listening, and am going back to listen from the beginning! Thanks for giving me some adult company during the day when my little guy is napping or can’t really hold a conversation (he’s 9 months old ;)). We listen to you during playtime!

    I had a question for Izzy. I’ve become known in the family as the “one who makes videos (slideshows)” and have been using iMovie since 2007, but am finding iMovie ’11 to be glitchy and clunky. Any recommendations for an easy-to-learn (I have a 9-month-old…), inexpensive program that will allow me to motion scrapbook? I typically combine mostly pictures, music, and occasionally video clips; I’d also like to be able to have some freedom to put captions anywhere on the screen, adjust the Ken Burns effect, easily fade the music in/out, and any other cool (simple) tricks that you think I might need. 

    Thanks to you all for the incredibly hard work you put into the Roundtable!  

  • This is exactly my experience the first time around too. I really don’t like the idea of taking pictures just for the sake of taking pictures — I like that you put it that way. And I found the layouts to be busy with no focal point or way to lead the eye through the spread. Like you, it was much easier for me to just make a layout.
    It’s different for me this time around. I don’t take pictures every day, I don’t stick to a real strong schedule with defined days and a set week.
    I do find that I can now get a nice-looking page that isn’t monotonous and busy. I’ve shared my solutions for some of these things on the blog — just click on the category “Project Life” and those articles should pop up for you.
    Eventually I want to do a member video that includes tips for getting good design on pocketed spreads so they’re not boring, busy or monotonous. I was planning on doing it some time over the next couple months but I might possibly wait until January when people are starting their new album for the year. Not sure.

  • Pat8

    Please don’t wait, Noell. I’ve actually been wondering if anyone had tackled design ideas for these “layouts” that we’re putting together. I’m in my second year of PL. I have never scrapbooked a single traditional layout so good design principles for this type of layout would be so welcome. I think I’m not alone in this being my only form of memory keeping and all design ideas are so welcome. In looking at others pages in various galleries I notice big differences in the overall look of the 2 page spreads but I’m having trouble putting my finger on how they’re different. I would love to hear/see your insight on this

    I love doing PL. I think of it as my journal, my diary, my memory keeping place. Others in the family love it, yes (all children grown and gone), but I do it for me, for right now. I never think of it as scrapbooking but always as a visual record of my life right now. 

    Love the podcast – labor of love from Izzy and all.  LOL

    member and loving it

  • Thank you for your membership, Patricia! You’ve given me something to think about then…
    I already have something planned for the next two episodes, but I’ll think about possibly doing something that will show design for PL pages some time after that. Thx for the feedback!

  • Carol in the Land of Oz

    April–I scrapbooked all my kids college life taking most of their photos off Facebook.  If your kids don’t post much, their friends will.  So many of my Facebook friends are my kids, their friends and their friends moms that scrapbook!!  It just keeps going–what a wonderful way to cherish your daughter!!

  • I think a lot of people get overwhelmed or tripped up by the weekly timeline, but don’t forget that Project Life can be whatever you want it to be! Do a monthly spread instead of a weekly spread, or don’t use a timeline at all: just fill pockets as you have story to tell. I’m loving the weekly timeline for now, as it gets me into a great memory keeping routine, but it won’t work for everyone (and might not work for me forever.

    I’m doing a Project Life guest post series over at the Big Picture Classes blog this month, and this week’s topic (Making Project Life Work for You) fits into so many things that were talked about in this episode! It might help some of you that are in a Project Life rut. And hey–prizes!

  • Another thing about Project Life is no matter how “Bland” I feel like life can get, if I could see that kind of thing about my mom’s life or my grandparents ect WOW How great would it be to see them doing the “boring” things, especially being able to look back and say “Hey! I do that.”