PRT112 – I’m a Piler

Today we’re talking about photography, equipment, and scrapbooking. Come listen!

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  • I have a pick! Is that allowed? haha. I also love my 50mm lens and one of things I use all the time is a set of close-up lenses. They are great for doing macro type pictures without having to get a new lens. It fastens on to your existing lens like a filter. The ones I have were really cheap – less than £10 for four from ebay. 

    Also, I’m new to scrapbooking and really enjoying The Roundtable, I only found you around episode 105 and I’ve listened to all the past episodes since then! I’ve also become a Paperclipping member, mainly because I just enjoyed over 100 hours of content from you guys that was totally worth paying for (before I even got to the videos). Thanks.  

  • Yes I remember what it was like getting my first DSLR. It was a big task to learn (I still am) even though I shot a film SLR for years and years. My advice is to don’t think you have to learn it all at once – use the auto features on it so you can enjoy the camera and then tackle learning a couple features at a time, and when you are comfortable with those, learn a few more. Baby steps instead of trying to suddenly go run a marathon! 

  • It absolutely wasn’t my intent for the equipment discussion to take up the whole time…we just got to geeking out about our stuff and got on a roll as sometimes happens on PRT when the conversation takes on a life of its own. 

    I think all of us would like to see the photography conversation continue with future shows – it’s such an integral part of scrapbooking and something we love. You’ll certainly see the topic again soon. 

  • HelenH

    I perked up when I heard Noell say scrapbooking is her way of journaling. I totally relate. My mother had photo albums, scrapbooks, and journals – all separate books. I need all three media together. Words are not my strength, but I do have to “explain” why I took a photo and made a page about it!

  • I’m sorry that you were bothered by the discussion about equipment Leslie. It wasn’t supposed to take that much time, and it just took on a life of its own.

    We all use our cameras for our work. They are important to what we do and we spend a lot of time working with them. They also, as you said, represent a large investment on our parts. We can get a bit excited about them at times as a result. Sorry that we all got a little too enthusiastic. 

  • Leslie Williams

    No need to apologize! I wasn’t offended so much as…bored. I’m sure many people enjoyed the conversation. It’s hard to please everyone. I’m looking forward to the follow-up episode!

  • Leslie Williams

    Ha! I would lovvvvve to hear that!

  • Jeanettemg

    I like the Roundtable and listen every week, but I have to take exception to comments that knock those of us who use the “PC,” as opposed to “Macs.”  I have an iPhone because I prefer it to others, and I have a PC because I prefer IT.  Please remember that many of your listeners are actually listening to you on PCs, and it’s insulting to hear you bashing our non-Apple equipment.  Thanks.

  • Hi, Jeanette — we love to tease. We don’t take things personally, so that probably fuels are teasing natures. For example, did you notice how I got teased for being the only Aperture user while the rest of the panel uses Lightroom? It’s all fun.
    I’m sorry you feel insulted by it. I hope in the future you’ll get that we’re just playing around and it doesn’t mean anything, because I can’t promise the Mac/PC teasing won’t continue. The playful nature of the show is a huge part of what makes the show fun and popular. It would kill the show to try and change that. I’ve found that life is better when I don’t take things seriously or personally.
    Hope that helps!

  • Jeanettemg

    Sorry if I was a little overly-sensitive, Noell.  It’s probably because I used to work with people who are Apple addicts and who constantly berated me for not being one of the flock.  And they weren’t joking.  

    I also forgot to mention that I agree with the other posters who said that they would like another episode on photography.  I kind of “spaced out” while I was listening to all the technical talk.  Glad you might do an episode on photography techniques and tips that in the future.

    One more thing.  Do you think that on a future episode (or episodes) you could include a guest or two who is a listener, and not necessarily a celebrity or expert?  I think it would be nice addition occasionally.  Just a thought.  Looking forward to the next show.

  • No worries, Jeanette! I’m glad we’re all good!

    We actually do have listeners on periodically — some of whom become fairly regular, such as Jess Forster, who we’ve had on multiple times. Another one was Stephanie Medley Rath, who’s been on twice and is now a new contributor for Scrapbook Update. I first asked her to be on the show because, as a listener, she commented that she had written her sociology dissertation on scrapbooking, and I thought that would be an interesting topic. She’s now becoming known to our audience and to those who read Nancy’s site.
    In case you’re interested, we’ve had Alexandra on with her two favorite scrapbookers in the industry, Lady Doc, and another early on in the show whose name I think was Jennifer. Molly Mcarthy has been on multiple times and though a lot of people know her, she doesn’t actually get published or have a blog or teach or anything.
    Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I’d be curious to know which of these listener guests you remember and which of them made a big impact on you.

  • TracyBzz

    That’s why you need Tracey back on because she is so wonderful at taking photos. She is all about composition, finding the light, working with shapes. She’s not about technical stuff, even though she does have a fancy camera.

  • TracyBzz

    I know not every episode can please everyone but I personally loved this one. All those random numbers did mean stuff to me. Project Life isn’t something I’m doing, but can/will/do listen to talk about it as I do think it’s cool and relatable to making everyday pages. I would say when you guys talk about your iPhones and Macs it drives me nuts – all the apps and programs you guys go on about. Not everyone has Apple products. But I just take it and tune back in when the “cool thing only an Apple does” talk is over. Love the show as a whole though :)

  • You are a patient and understanding one — thanks so much for that! :)

  • I’m sorry if this is already posted, but is there a link to where you rent your camera lenses?  I wanted to get a new one for my Canon, and I thought renting them would help me decide which one is right for me before I order them.  But I don’t remember if you said where.  Thanks in advance.
    PS…newbie to the podcasts and I love them all!! 

  • Reb Shay

    I don’t know what Nancy uses, but I used and had really great experience. Their selection is really large too, covering from cameras to lighting to underwater equipment. They have really great reputation in the photography world too.

  • Reb Shay

    yes iPhone has LED light too. That’s a great idea! It’s like off-camera lighting lol!

  • Alison

    Was it this episode or another one where Izzy asked about Picasa?  Anyway, I felt the need to respond as I use it all the time……the response I heard would lead one to believe that it is an on-line editing program.  It is not.  Picasa is a downloadable software, free from Google.  There is (or was) an on-line version from Google, called Picnik.  Unfortunately Picnik closed back in April.  I use Picasa all the time however and it is a great editing program for beginnners.  It is easy and straightforward to use….you can crop, adjust lighting, add text, borders and so much more with one click.  I just felt I had to clarify.
    Thank you for your show!  I listen to it all the time and can’t wait for new episodes.  I’m learning A LOT!  Thanks again! 

  • I just popped in to say I totally enjoyed the geekery of this episode. I don’t even have or want an DSLR but still enjoyed the learning – I can talk shop with my photog friends now!

  • Thank you, I appreciate the help!!

  • Mo

    I loved the talk on lenses, thought it was awesome. Much love from a  geek and a schmo, named Mo.

  • Reb Shay

    Just listened to the episode after this (i’m brave or something?) and had to comment. I LOVED this episode! Maybe because I’m a little geeky too but I love knowing what everyone’s equipment is and what lens they like to use and the reason. Nancy’s reaction to the fact Noell didn’t use the 70-200 (I think?) was a great demonstration that it’s very interesting to learn what people like and don’t like to use and the reasons behind them.

    I don’t think this episode was a waste of time at all! Sure, more parts would be great, especially about people’s post processing styles and steps. But I hope the audience doesn’t expect to “learn” photography as if taking an intro to photography class. That would take at least 5 episodes haha!

    BTW, I found it hilarious that Izzy finished Noell’s sentences with the lenses specs when she talked about what lenses she owned. It was seamless lol! Noell, how do you go by without knowing the lenses’ numbers? How do you refer to them or identify them? Do you just call them, large, medium, and small? I hope you don’t mind. I’m such a numbers person and just can’t imagine not referring to the lenses by numbers haha! It’s fascinating how our brains are all built so differently.