PRT109 – My Supplies Are Talking to Me

This week we’re walking through our scrapbooking processes, and we’re referencing specific layouts as we do it (see those pages below). Come listen!

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Picks of the Week

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prt_blog 1

Grow Fast by Dina Wakley


Brave by Nancy Nally

prt_blog 2

Set To Music by Shimelle Lain

Mission(s) Accomplished: at 38

At 38 by Noell Hyman (me!)

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  • vintageplaid

    I am loving this discussion and am about half way through.  Nancy’s layout disappeared though.  I don’t think it is just me because all the other ones are still there.  Suggestions?

  • Thanks — just changed the way I posted her layout and it should be good now.

  • I’m just started, but the first comment is so awesome I had to post and say that she rocks.

  • penny

    I would love to have an Izzy ringtone! Go ahead Izzy.. it would make my day! LOL

  • I loved this episode– Having Shimelle on is always a treat! 

    It was my comment that Glitter Girl addressed this week, and I have to say, Glitter Girl did a FANTASTIC job addressing the “issue” I had. 

    I’m curious though– Noell, I know you like to use your old stash with your new– do you have an specific tips? Nancy? I’d always love more input!! :)

  • Ever since I started talking about my GRAM method for using up older products I’ve been meaning to make a video for the M part — match your old products with your new ones. I haven’t done that specific video yet, but I do have lots of videos on one aspect of that concept. I have a lot of videos on how to make your own color palette, and one of the points of that is to be able to mix your older leftovers with your newer products. I’m pretty sure I also have one that factors in mixing patterns. That’s another topic that is in the lineup of future videos, too, actually.

  • Now you have me more excited for new videos than I usually am ;)  Off to search for those member videos! 

  • I just had to laugh while listening to the mail about the new listener’s husband using her tools – my hubby is a collector (of trading cards, old toys, games, autographs etc) and he now has his own Xyron and Cutter Bee scissors . . . because he was borrowing mine too often! When he asked if we had any refills for the Xyron, I told him, “of course, they’re in the adhesive drawer.” He was surprised to hear we had an adhesive drawer, but is now capable of finding & refilling his Xyron at any time.

  • Love it!!

  • This may be my new favorite episode. My style is like Nancy’s page, simple and graphic, so I really loved hearing the process for the other three. As Dina described her process I was so grateful to hear there was logic involved. I can do logic! Truthfully, when I look at more decorative type pages, I’m usually completely baffled. BTW, I listen while I walk my dogs, luckily, I didn’t walk into any trees while I was looking at the layouts while walking!

  • People tend to think of art as intuitive and almost magical but good art works in large part because of design principles. It’s great to know because that means anyone can improve their artistic abilities!
    You know — I need to talk about that more because it’s very empowering!

  • Aewh44

    I really enjoyed seeing  and hearing everyones process in completing a layout .I enjoy every episode and have really enjoyed some of the newer guests you have had. Keep up the great work!

  • Whitney Holley

    Really loved this episode and hearing everyone’s process behind their pages. I like how all the styles are different and the way pages start are so different (color, story, picture, etc). Thanks for a great show- feeling inspired! 

  • Lucie Hale

    Oh Noell, I am so jealous of you going to Ranger school in a couple of weeks and getting to meet Dyan Reaveley.  I love both of you so much.  How does one get go to to Ranger University?

  • Thank you! There’s an application process because they only have 25 students total per session. They’re looking for teachers and bloggers who will use/share/teach from their new knowledge. I can’t remember whether they have it in the fall or not. If you google Ranger U you can find out on their website. When the next one nears they’ll put a downloadable application on their site. :)

  • Hey Guys, had to say, since PRT is one of the weekly goto’s for scrapbooking inspiration and community. I am a non-schmoe, and while I love the paperclipping videos, my biggest motivation was actually to be supporting the roundtable. I think it is one of the best things being created for scrapbookers right now. Combine PRT with Shimelle as a guest and I am a very happy listener! Thanks for doing such a great job, PRT crew.

    Onto the current episode, I really like that you have returned to this topic again and the guests this week were inspired choices. The process was so interestingly different for all four pages, really thought provoking. Like the previous commenter, I was baffled by how Dina gets from A to B when I am looking at her artsy flowing pages, it was great to hear the thoughts that leads to each decision. I completely adore Shimelle, she is my favourite guest on the roundtable. (ever thought about having an extra weekly host? ;D)

  • I am only half way though the recording but wanted to comment on the mail Izzy read about Husbands. My hubby comes shopping with me and will often spend as many pounds in shop as I will. While in the shop he will also point out items which if I can find in the engineering isle (he builds railroad layouts) either cheaper or in bulk. He will “borrow” matertials from my studio to try out. I make fabric scrapbooks and art journals, so use all kinds of items hanging around. Although I have the option to stage a raid on his rail road room for interesting items to add to a layout. 

    Any plans for a Roundtable on using fabric either within a standard scrapbook or building fabric books ?

  • While I kind of wished I’d listened to Amortizing Our Stamps before this episode, both this episode & that one worked just fine in reverse. The conversation of “budgeting” has come up between my scrappy friends & myself a few times. We’ve all gone thru good & bad times financially so overspending can really hit home. I’m going to have to take a look at the cost of my pages now though! To me though, I agree with Izzy, it is art & really can’t be looked at as cost. If I scrapped for hire, it would be different & it is hard when I make an album for a charitable donation to put a price on that. Technically, what we do is really mixed media art with our memory keeping if we are paper scrappers. Digi is art, but I’m not sure we can call it “mixed media.”

    On the husbands using supplies, it is so true here. Whenever mine has something that he needs held together the first question is “do you have some kind of glue that will hold this?” It’s probably a good thing he hasn’t gotten his hands on my tools yet because they’d get lost in his mish mash of tools in the garage. (And red line tape by any name will hold padding inside a hockey helmet – used on my kid’s & mine.)

    Now to get caught up on a few other PRT’s!

  • We almost did the topic of fabric back when we first started the show but our plans had to get moved and then we never rescheduled it. I think in all of our 2.5 years we’ve only had one other request for this subject. I’ll put it back on the list for possible topics, but I think we’d probably need to get more people asking for it, or we might need to see a general rise in interest, or something like that. There are lots of other topics we’ve had numerous requests for so we’ll just have to see how it goes.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Anonymous

    I loved this episode!  I am fascinated by other people’s creative processes.  You chose a wonderful group of guests, representing a wide range of styles.  I’d like to see this as a regular feature every 3-6 months.

  • Ok, I like all the roundtables but I especially enjoyed this one. Liked hearing the different approaches and seeing the styles of each person. I look forward to each week’s roundtable.

  • I hope I am not a schmoo.

  • I loved this discussion! I really like hearing about other people’s process, because I don’t really have mine ‘down’ yet, if you know what I mean- LOL!! I have a question, based on something Shimelle said: Shimelle, you mentioned that you wrote your journaling before finishing up the embellishing, to make sure you had enough room to write everything you wanted- do you always do it this way?? And if you do, what do you do if you look at your layout (after writing the journaling) and realized that how/where you put your journaling made the layout look sort of ‘off’?? Would you add in embellishments somewhere on the page or around the journaling, to balance it out again?? (hopefully you can understand what I’m asking, here!)
     I do my journaling at the very end, but sometimes I don’t know exactly what (how much) I want to write so I usually end up running out of room and having to squash my writing or not getting everything down that I want to write!! Or, I don’t write enough to fill up the space I’ve left, and it ends up looking weird. I never thought to do the writing before actually ‘finishing’ the page design, the way you described it.  thanks!! 

  • marilyn

    I often buy items recommended on “Picks of the Week.”  One of those recommendations that I purchased was the audiobook “Imagine” which I was thoroughly enjoying until I lost my ipod (a story for another day ) Today, while watching the Stephen Colbert show, I was pleasantly surprised when the guess was the author of “Imagine.”  It was a delightful episode made all the more enjoyable by hearing him discuss parts of the book I had listened to!  Thank you for all of your great shows and especially the “Pick of the Week” segment.  Marilyn

  • marilyn

    oops — an extra sigh at the end of my post.  sorry

  • L Squared

    Is there a way to subscribe to the comments for all the shows at once, so I don’t have to remember to get over here and subscribe to a new show each week?
    Thanks for all you do. Really loved this show and would love to see this type of show done a couple times a year.

  • Barbara

    I love the discussion about amortizing our layouts.  I’m a digi scrapper, so that first layout on my new laptop cost me about $2,000.  The price falls dramatically after that… 
    This was a great episode! 
    I love you guys, but I’m sorry; I am a schmoe…  *hanging my head in shame*

  • Hi Jennifer! So glad you enjoyed the show! :)  Let’s see if I can help with some answers. :)

    While my process varies enough that I don’t do any one thing _always_, I do prioritise writing over embellishment.  To me, writing is what the page is really about, photos make it extra awesome and embellishment is the fun stuff.  I love all three elements, and given a choice I will always go for the cupcake with icing AND sprinkles, but if I don’t have that option then cupcake with icing, and if I don’t have the pictures to go with the story?  Then I’ll still order a muffin, you know. :) So that’s my priority list: writing. photos. embellishment.  Though adding the writing to the page first just isn’t very practical, so instead I’m making design decisions at the beginning to allow for that writing to happen – in this case limiting the embellishment, printing the three photos smaller and using that grid paper as a background.  (I’ll write on non-lined papers, but I can write smaller on lined, so I could fit a lot into the space.)

    Sometimes I preplan my writing in draft elsewhere and copy it onto the page, but generally I write straight onto the page more often… but I find that flows well for me because I just write _a lot_ all the time.  I keep a journal, I write blog posts and emails and articles… and I am continually happier with what I write as time passes.  There are definite moments in my personal history where you can correlate things that just made me more comfortable in my own skin with a big jump in the way I write.  Now I see that as very much part of the evidence of my life’s journey, just like the way my style of designing pages, taking photos and making embellishments has changed over time too.  (Excuse me for how very faux-zen that paragraph sounds.  I can’t come up with a way to make it entirely concrete without it sounding a little airy-fairy!) (wait, does that expression exist outside this country? not sure! ha!) (can i use any more brackets here?)

    Okay so does it ever go wrong? Sure!  I can give a recent example actually – the layout in this blog post: 
    It’s not the embellishment that would I change; it’s the left-justification of the writing.  I’m not sure why I did it aside from maybe just not thinking about it consciously.  But I don’t like how the first several lines of writing have that harsh edge on the left side. If you compare it to the layout I discussed in this episode, you can see the difference when the indents of the lines alternate.  I much prefer that look and the softness and balance it gives.  I think the lined-up version makes the writing very heavy in that top corner and it doesn’t match the mood of the page.  But it wasn’t enough to make me think the entire page was a disaster, so I just kept it and went forward.  Now I’m more aware of that left margin as I’m writing, so I hope I would make a similar choice soon!

    One last thing that might be useful for you.  In that same layout (the purple easter page), you’ll notice the writing is hanging in the top corner and there is a lot of free room in the bottom right?  That is a bit purposeful too.  I wasn’t sure how much I would want to write and I also wanted to give myself the option of coming back to add more, as the writing here recounts a list of random memories from a variety of Easters rather than just the specific day in the picture.  So if something else comes to mind, I can come back to this page and add it without needing to find a way to make another page or get stuck with the design.  I can just add it in!  If I get to a natural point in the writing and there’s an awkward gap, I’ll definitely add more embellishment to complete the design (hence why it’s not my last step in the process) but I’m not opposed to leaving empty space in places where it works too.

    Sorry to have written such an essay! But hope that helps answer your questions! :)

  • You know, that makes me feel a little better! ;-)  I don’t ever think of price per page (I think more about using what I’ve bought – otherwise my shelves are full of expense and my albums are overly thrifty!) so I decided to add up the investment in just the page above that we discussed in this episode.  Well, it has a punch, a stamp set, two ink pads, a bottle of mist, a sheet of chipboard embellishments, pop dots, a pen and all the paper, so I reckon that’s about $44!?! Then do I need to count in my scissors, trimmer, adhesive runner and acrylic block? The photos themselves? Oh heck! So basically that means if you had ZERO scrapbooking supplies and decided for some completely oddball reason that you wanted to create that exact project in the exact same way, it would cost you about a hundred dollars.  Which. Is. Crazy.

    …which is maybe the secret to why we are all such devoted followers of the craft. Paid that hundred bucks (or the $2,000 for your laptop!) and now we’re going to get our money’s worth, gosh darn it!! ;-) 

  • We’ll have to get online and look for that episode! The Picks of the Week segment is definitely a fave of much of the audience! Glad it helps!!

  • I have no idea — you might get onto Disqus (the comment server we use) and look around to see if you can find info on that. Or maybe you can google your question and include the name, Disqus.

  • Ha ha — including the computer is hilarious! I think a laptop is one of the best tools a scrapbooker can buy!!

  • This was interesting! I’ve never thought to soften my journaling by staggering the lines. Irregular shapes are lighter in visual weight than regular shapes so I do that with my journal strips but it never occurred to me to do it with handwriting! Thx for the tip!
    I always write way more than I expect to, so unless I know I only have 1 or 2 sentences to say I scratch my journaling out on paper from my recycle bin before I write on my page. Then if I can see that the space I want to give to my journaling might be a close fit and it’s hard to tell if it’ll work because the shape of that space is very different from the shape of my rough draft, I’ll actually draft it a 2nd time in the shape and size that I want to fit it into.
    This works for me as I’m prone to enormous amounts of confusing errors in my writing. My brain thinks too fast for my hand and it causes all sorts of drama in communication. :)

  • Nikkikeith5

    I love, love hearing other people’s process! Makes me feel better about my own for some reason! LOL

    I really appreciate all the time, effort and energy that Izzy and Noell put into the podcast. Please know that it is definately appreciated!! ( and I would pay for an Izzy ringtone! lol )

  • I was reading through the comments and thinking about budgets and pricing layouts individually and it occurred to me that I don’t naturally think about the expense on a per-layout basis. I think about it more like a per-hour basis. If I went to the movies I would get 2 hours entertainment for my $$. For scrapbooking, I sometimes scrap fast and sometimes slow, but I am scrapbooking as much for the process, the value of thinking about the meaning of the photos, the stories in my life, the enjoyment of pretty paper, doo-dads and photos, all the stuff that I get from the act of doing it. The outcome is great, and sometimes I am focused entirely on the outcome, but sometimes the process that is more important, and the outcome is a bonus. We go through stages and right now I need the stress relief of the process more than the pages themselves, though they certainly motivate me to do more. This means that my scrappy budget is an interaction between what I can afford, how many hours I am sitting down to do something with it and how much it is actually inspiring me to go sit down and do something. If you break down your spending to be a per-hour/per-week figure, what does that come out as? I would bet it is less than the price of the movies per-hour for most people.

  • Ahhh — very unique insight! Thank you for sharing!!

  • stee

    Yes, I’m over a year behind in listening to PRT. But I noticed on Noelle’s layout that the photos for #3 and #5 should be swapped. #3 is a photo of the walls but the journaling is about dance. #5 is a photo of dance but the journaling is about painting the house. You may not even care but it jumped out at me as I was reading your layout.

  • We had a big laugh about this in the show. I just don’t do well with numbers and ordering. :)

  • Fiona Thompson

    So, it’s October 14th 2013 and I am just listening to this show as well! Catching up though! I may get current sometime next year but I am somewhat too obsessive to allow myself to skip ahead. Having said that, why am I so obsessive about PRT? Because it is so good! I live in the Scrapbooking desert that is North East England. This show is the only scrapbooking input I get other than a few online classes, and reminds me that I am not alone. Thank you. And I also noticed the random numbering…:)