PRT107 – Scrapbooking Teens

Want ideas for scrapbooking teens? Come listen!

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  • LOL I like that! :)

  • Nuut

    Enjoyed this episode.  I do not have teens, yet.  Getting there fast. 
    I started scrapping as a teen.  After a great family holiday I took our photos from my mother (a big deal then, photos were rare and expensive), added the maps and ticket stubs I saved, made my mom buy me a scrapbook and stuck everything in the book.  I think it looked pretty good.  Things were chronological, labeled and dated with captions to all the photos.  My mother must have liked what I did because she bought me a scrapbook after every holiday since and always brought me the photos after that.  All of this stopped when I went to college and just did my own memory keeping.  She still buys these large old fashioned scrapbooks and sticks everything in herself now.