PRT104 – On Blogging and Scrapbooking

How can blogging affect scrapbooking, and vice versa? We’re talking about this and a whole lot more. Come listen!

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  • Alexandra

    Hi Noell! Thanks so much for an amazing show! I have a quick question. What pens do you use for journaling? I like to use ballpoint pens, but is the journaling going to last? You seem to write your journaling a lot and I was just curious about what you use. Thanks so much!


  • Leah

    I am do excited to listen – I’ve read Elsie’s blog on and off for a long time and admired her success on etsy and elsewhere. Didn’t know she was a scrapbooker though!

  • Elsie was a big hit in the industry a few years back. She won CK Hall of Fame one year — same year as Ali, maybe? She initiated a whole new style at that time and the magazines pretty much had her dominating every issue. She designed a line for a bit of time, and then she moved onto DIY crafts, painting, fashion and clothing design, and vintage stuff. So she’s not scrapbooking so much now. But her expertise in blogging is brilliant, so we’re so glad to have gotten her on the show!

  • I love ballpoint pens — they’re my favorite to write with but I don’t use them for scrapbooking, as much as I would LOVE to. I wrote in journals for years when I was younger with ball point pens and over time all the black ink did this funky thing where a yellow shadow separates from the black. It’s weird. So I just don’t trust ball point pens for my scrapbooking.
    For about 8 months I’ve been using black Multi-liners from Copic. I love the way these look and write. They’re probably the only non-ball point pens I don’t hate! They’re amazing quality, probably some of the best around. So they’re not cheap. Just google “Copic Multi-liners” and you should find them. I have a package of multiple sizes.

  • Libby Gordon

    I really enjoyed the show today! I love both of your guests and read Ali’s blog pretty faithfully. I like her take on scrapbooking- more story telling which is really why I scrapbook and why I love my PL (let’s take a shot NOW!). I loved Elsie’s scrapbook products and still have some hoarded-I use one of the clear stamp sets all the time and look at the 52 Challenges book she authored from time to time.
     The topic was so interesting to me-I actually have started two blogs; one has four posts and one has just one because I just got stuck and not sure what I want from them. Listening to everyone’s ideas has inspired me to stick to one and really work on it. I so agree that the problem is thinking it has to look like the big “rockstar” bloggers NOW and not that it is just a process.

    Keep up the great shows-I love listening!

  • Kristina Werner

    Commenting while listening… :)

    I have a MacBook Air and Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Final Cut Pro X run beautifully on it. My only complaint with it–and it’s also why I love it for travel–is the screen size. It’s not the best for long periods of design work. For the best of both worlds, get a MacBook Air and a large screen to hook it up to when you’re at home.

    For me, the MacBook Air was a secondary computer purchase. I have a 27″ iMac + 27″ second display in my office.

  • Kristina Werner

     Oh, sorry. Details. :) It’s the 11″ MacBook Air that is being sold currently. As for the design programs, I’m running Adobe CS 5.5.

  • Thank you for chiming in on this, Kristina! Great to know and good tip!!

  • Alexandra

    Thanks so much!!

  • Good show.  I noticed that Elsie kept referring to “we” when talking about her blog – and when I checked it out I saw that she has several contributing editors – so her perspective is definitely high-end on this subject.  Maybe you could revisit the discussion again in a few months with a guest or two who are not so advanced in their blogging and tie it in more with scrapbooking.  

  • Hi Susanne! Only one thing came up in the conversation that wouldn’t apply to a small brand new scrapbooking blog. As a smaller blog that doesn’t do multiple posts a day you wouldn’t need a monthly favorites post. But everything else applies 100%. Elsie really is the most perfect person to have on this subject for even the newest scrapbooking blogger.
    People often disregard the experience of experts, assuming that the differences mean the wisdom doesn’t apply, and that’s a mistake. You definitely don’t want to wait for different advice if you want help for a smaller scrapbooking blog.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Great show! I really miss Elsie being in the ‘scrapbooking world’. I always loved her scrapping items and yes, still hoard some of them!!!

  • Hi Noell,
    Thanks for a great show, it was fabulous to have Elsie on, I really miss her input to the scrapbooking world. I check her blog now and then and it is always full of fun stuff, but it is not my passion the way scrapbooking is. I still believe that my style has been permanently impacted by the fun, bright, colourful, youthful and informal approach she brought to her pages and the industry. I met her once in Sydney when she taught a class here, she was so genuine, sweet and authentic.I have seen the request for this topic mentioned several times in the show comments and I didnt think I would be particularly interested as I don’t feel I have the time for a blog and yet once again, PRT gathers a really great group of eloquent, charismatic, creative and interesting people and a topic I dont think will apply to me still makes an interesting hour of listening. Great work, guys, over a hundred episodes and going strong.CheersRuth

  • So glad you enjoyed the show, even with a topic that’s not for you! We hear this again and again and it makes me so happy! :)
    Thanks for the kind words! And BTW, I miss Elsie too! I’m not a crafty DIY’er, but I’m a regular at her site!!

  • Caroline Hackney

    Another great episode! I really appreciated the insight that new bloggers often think that they should be at the same level of maturity blog-wise as someone who has a very well-established site. I started a blog last year and definitely went through that phase. Now that I’ve stopped beating myself up over that, I’m slowly but surely finding my voice, and that definitely helps. There’s a continual growth process, almost as if I’ve had to get to know my blog like a friend, and we’re gradually getting to know each other better. It’s a slow process in our case (we’re taking our “relationship” slowly!) because due to other commitments (like a full-time job) I don’t get to post as often as I’d like. But I enjoy it, I think/hope it brings joy to others, and really that’s all that matters. No more self-beatings! :)

  • Leslie

    The episode isn’t showing up on my droid even though I am manually refreshing the feed.  My last rss feed is February 29.

  • Love this topic! And definitely fun to see/hear Elsie back in the scrapbooking realm! :)

    I definitely wanted to say a great big thank you right back to Terri from the mail! I am so glad last week’s episode helped and am just beyond happy to hear that she’s back on track with things that were giving her a mental roadblock. That gets a giant YAY from me. :)

    And back to this topic, I definitely think that point where scrapbooking and blogging cross over is something that makes the scrapbooking niche so very lovely.  I love how the writing we do on our blogs and our scrapbook pages can go in both directions: sometimes it’s great to take a blog post and print it out for our scrapbooks (in whatever visual format you like) and other times the most amazing blog posts can come from a scrapbook page with fabulous writing typed out to become the text of the blog post.  Give and take, back and forth.  

    And Ali is absolutely right about writing in different ways by hand or by keyboard – this is something that was of great concern to me as a school teacher.  There is a school of thought that handwritten skills are less and less necessary in the educational process now since so much of the professional world relies on proficiency at the keyboard… but writing by hand and typing are two different motions with different mental processes.  In my classroom, note-taking and drafting by hand were such an important part of the process for me and I could instantly tell when a student had skipped that part and gone straight to the keyboard to type a final paper without those earlier steps.  More so than if they had skipped the process and just written a final paper without a draft.  Anyway, I could talk about that for hours.  But in my current world, I often suggest scrapbookers go to pen and paper in a notebook even if they want to type the writing for the page. Even if it turns out not to be the best process for everyone, it is always worth a try because you’re accessing a different string of thoughts when you pick up the pen than when you type.  The magic of the mind, eh? :)

  • HeatherC

    Hey there Roundtable –
    Enjoyed this show.  I have a semi-private blog — while it is not password protected, it is just for me to post my projects so I can feel like I am sharing with someone more than my family!   I don’t advertise, but occasionally get comments from those who find me through other blogs and I have to admit I get a weird sense of connection to others who scrapbook.

    The real reason why I am writing this comment is  because I listened to this episode this past Friday (March 2) while I worked in my basement craftroom, my kids played in our basement playroom and we watched the TV (on mute) as violent storms moved through our area.  While we were lucky and the tornados stayed to our south, so many were not as fortunate.  I thought how timely this episode about creating a blog on online memories — it is so sad to watch the images of the homes that were reduced to piles of sticks — loss of lives, belongings and memories.  It occurred to me that keeping an online scrapbook can be an insurance policy or our memories because if God forbid, the unthinkable happen and our memory books are destroyed, once we are able to log onto a computer somewhere we could then access and even print our blogs, photos that are uploaded to online services and even layouts that we have posted to online sources.  We talk a lot about backing up our photos — but do we keep the backup copy somewhere other than our home?   Just something else to consider when debating whether or not to keep a blog.  For me, i think I will be posting more often — not for others, but for me.

  • Yes! Great analogy — I like it!

  • I don’t know how to make it show up on your droid, but go check out your iTunes feed. Sometimes you need to right-click on the name of the podcast and then tell it (in the drop-down menu) to update the feed or get the latest episode.

  • Peggy

    I wanted to comment on one of the picks that Nancy had chosen a few episodes back. The Martha Stewart craft paint. I had seen it in the store when I was shopping for paint for my sons pinewood derby car. I went back just the other day and picked up three of her paints I bought in the glitter : sugar cube, in satin : wedding cake, and in the Pearl : mother of pearl. I only tested them on paper I haven’t really made anything with them yet but they do seem pretty high-quality I really liked the pearl like Nancy said it’s got just the right shimmer and the glitter seems pretty fun the one I bought isn’t really a color it’s just like a glitter but I wanted to be able to use as a glitter layer on top of something.

  • Always appreciate extra input on a pick. THX!

  • Katie Scott

    This was such an interesting PRT. I am on vacation & listened on my iPhone; I have also been using my iPhone to make videos that I uplpad to YouTube to show the folks back home and for future reference for when I am Scrapbooking this trip; I also brought some traditional supplies like a composition book and a home made smash book. The possibly coolest thing I’m doing on my iPhone in relation to this episode is that I’m blogging via iPhone. And since I’ve been blogging on vacation I’ve had my highest pageviews on my blog ever! Guess this means I should take more vacations to increase my blog traffic ;)

    Thanks for another awesome episode!!

  • More page views while you’re on vacation? That’s awesome! Have fun on your trip!

  • This reminded me of some stuff from my uni days about brain pathways, how your native language vs. second learnt language use different parts of your brain, same goes for other comprehension and language related stuff. How you learn grammer, etc. There have been some fascinating studies on people who have brain damage, lose their language and learn it again as a “second language”, which fires off completely different parts of their brain.

    I was checking out some papers on google scholar about writing and typing and how it changes the way you write drafts, how much you correct the first draft or the second draft, etc. How the length is typically longer for typed reports. How the hand written ones are usually completed before editing, where-as the typed ones are edited along the way, the impact this might have on the flow of the thoughts. The fact that typing is generally faster. That when someone is writing, they would pause in more natural places, like at the end of a sentence or paragraph before re-reading what they wrote, where-as while type people might pause mid word, mid-sentience, etc. Not everyone of course, but they were looking at broader results. Interesting stuff! I love google scholar!

    For me, I know that in computer programming that using a pen and paper to first do some designing and planning ALWAYS made for a better coded result. Part of this was that you can doodle, sketch and draw as easily as writing when you are using a pen instead of a keyboard. You could sketch out part of the plan, write bits around it while you were thinking, circle something and point it at something else to connect them. Typing tends to be more linear. It isnt impossible to make it otherwise, but I can’t _easily_ write in the margins of your comment above at each part I want to respond to, like I would if I was responding to a printed copy.

    A bit off topic, but for me it was an interested thought that was triggered by your comment.

  • I love brain studies and this was really interesting stuff you shared — definitely going to be putting some thought into that as I doodle… ;)

  • Fifi-T

    An interesting discussion, but I have to say I almost always exclusively read blogs in RSS, it’s quicker and I know when stuff has updated, therefore I don’t care if you update daily, I don’t care what your homepage looks like, but I will have to have liked the site enough to bookmark it in the first place. I’m not constantly checking on blogs to only find there has been no update.

    However, this means that a lot of the content gets lost in the noise as it were, I might like it, it might inspire me to create something or buy something, but I often cannot remember who it was by, so the identity has to go further, I can spot Ali’s posts a mile off even in rss they are all uniform and distinctly her, the same is true of Kristina Werner and Nicole Magouirk mainly because of the style of the stuff they post.

    Can I recommend Vienna as an alternative RSS reader to safari on a mac, it’s brilliant as I can bookmark favourites or not read all of the content in one hit and it still be there waiting for me to read.

  • Mel

    Hey all,

    Interesting topic and close to lots of listeners hearts, mine too. I started blogging just over a year ago and would never have believed how much time a post can take to put together. I love blogging and wouldn’t be without it now. But like lots of things in this life commitment and desire to achive have to be present in order to suceed.

    There is a focussing of the mind like Nancy and Ali mentioned but I find I write completely differently on the blog than on a scrapbook page. Still finding my voice I guess. There is also the question of what you want to share or should share. It is a learning curve for sure.

    Thanks as always. 

  • I almost exclusively read blogs in RSS too — and I agree that a distinct identity is important for this. The daily thing is also important for me too, though, even though I do RSS. All the ones I remember and go looking for in my reader are the ones that post mainly daily.
    That said, daily isn’t good for Paperclipping. I didn’t mention this in the show because Paperclipping is the exception, not the rule. Since we’re a membership site, our #1 priority for being able to stick around isn’t page views and readers — it’s new memberships. In the 5 years we’ve been around and testing things, our sales go down when I blog daily.
    But when you blog daily you get more credit with google so you show up better in search results. So not only do I think it helps you become more memorable and it keeps readers enthusiastic about coming back to your site, but it makes also gives you better search rankings.

  • HeatherC

    Hey Nancy – 6×6 paper pads from My Minds Eye are now available at Michaels!   5.99 and you can use a 40% off coupon!  Thought you would like that — I know I do!  :)

  • Onlysleepn

    Great show! I always thought that we should drink when someone says CHA!

  • Bec

    I have a blog that I’ve written since about 2 weeks after finding out I was pregnant (Nov 2010). The blog is mostly written from my baby’s point of view, but I chime in using my own “voice” once a week. I also have my husband post on a regular basis. I find that keeping up with “regular features” makes it very easy to take care of blogging at least 5 times a week, more if I add an extra post or two about a certain event. It’s been a great way to keep track of milestones & development, and, since we’re a military family living overseas, it’s been a great way to keep my friends & family involved in our little man’s life. I’m planning to have it printed as a series of Blurb books (including the comments from friends & fam), but I’ll also be using the details I’ve recorded as I scrapbook. I include lots of pictures & video, and it’s all posted within a few days, so my journaling is fresh. As I scrap, I guess that gives me a choice of using journaling from the time the photo was taken, or a write from a more retrospective point of view. Even though a Paperclipping membership was my “push present” (and a renewal was my “you made it through 6 months of sleep deprivation” present) I haven’t carved out much time to scrapbook, so I’m very glad to have the blog to look back to for dates, details and feelings that might have slipped out of my memory otherwise. And when I do get some pages done, I’ll have a place to share them! :)

  • Hey, thx for your membership!! :)