PRT103 – Too Precious to Scrapbook

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What if you want to scrapbook something, but it seems too precious? We have a lot of ideas. Come listen!

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  • Super fun, Katie! Thanks for sharing! I remember those old fluffed up albums. I had one too — I think my aunt made mine for me.

  • Oh, that’s awesome to hear! Thank you, and welcome to Paperclipping and the Roundtable! :)

  • I’d never heard that phrase before, either!!

  • I do this exact same thing! A few years back I did a week-long series on vacation albums, using our Disney trip as my example. In that series I showed how I completely took the photos out of order and re-organized them into various stories.

  • today’s leader doesn’t sound right. Was it today’s lessons? Or no…maybe it was letters. Today’s letters? Seems like it might have been during the Picks section. Try listening to that part again.

  • Woo hoo — congrats to you on your good sense to not over-crop photos back in the day! :)

  • Mary S That’s it! I listened to it several times but with her thick accent I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks Noell!

  • Oh those are definitely going to be used for scrapbooking! I have one of the sets out on my desk right now to use on my tag in progress! It’s going to be the perfect accent!

  • Glad you like them too! :-)

  • Wilma said (and may have said the same in previous episodes) that it’s easier to journal as if writing a letter to someone.

    I wanted to add, for babies and toddlers (before they can talk), it’s fun to journal from their perspective.  As parents we get a glimpse how their little brains work, and it’s super cute to record them using their voice. Of course, not everything can be recorded from their perspective, but there’ll be times it makes sense to use their voice.  I set up a tumblr just for that purpose.  I made it so it’s like my son was writing his blog, and his readers are “fellow babies”, and he calls us “big people”.  I don’t have too many entries there, because like I said, not everything can be recorded from their perspective. But I absolutely love every entry I’ve had so far.

    I did a layout last week from one of the tumblr posts.  My son listed his UNachievements, milestones he failed to reach at 9 months. It’s very funny using his perspective, and the same thing can come across as critical if I had used mine.  The tumblr is here if anyone would like to check it out.

  • That’s really cute, Becks!

  • Barbara

    I’m still listening, but just wanted to pop on and comment about the journaling before you even think of a a layout, way in advance.  I read once that journaling and scrapping take different sides of our brains.  They are competing tasks, in other words.  So, to make both of them the best, they should be separate activities.   I’ve found that this really helps me–I can stay in my right brain while scrapping and get in the zone. 

  • I agree! This helps me too! If I wait until I’ve been scrapbooking the page, I find I don’t feel like journaling at all.