PRT101 – Less Epic

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In this recording, we’re all about achieving perfect equilibrium between art and journaling. Come listen!

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  • That wouldn’t surprise me — most things in the world are manufactured by a very few companies. I wondered how similar they were. I saw them each at totally different times and they did seem very similar to me!

  • Awesome!

  • I love Nancy’s comment (paraphrasing here) about our photos not “magazine quality” and our kids not models & we need to just basically get over it & deal with it. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren’t “perfect” because they really are what life is about and life isn’t really posed either.

  • I loved how Steph talked about her evolution in scrapbooking and can relate to this.  It is a journey and it is all ok!  I paused the show to make a comment and took a break from the card that I am making.  (I am water coloring with Distress Inks.)  When I first started scrapbooking, the idea of stamping, inks and water coloring where not on my radar.  I did not like getting my fingers inky and thought that stamps were messy.  My evolution in scrapbooking lead my in a new creative direction.  Even though I do not make a large number of layouts, I still consider myself a scrapbooker.  

    I am feeling my way through Project Life and find that most of my story is on my blog right now.  It is a public blog, so it may not always be deep.  The key for me right now is how quickly I can share it with others.  I still think back to the first PRT episode where Stacy Julian said that “It all counts.”  

  • I am not sure if it is just me, but I can’t get this episode to play on any of my media. It won’t stream via the website or download/stream from my ipod.

  • Pepper

    Couldn’t seem to download this from iTunes on both my computer and iPhone . Help !

  • Hello! I’m late to this episode, however I’m having problems downloading from my iphone or my computer. I also couldn’t play it directly from the player above. Please help! Thanks alot!

  • Hi Izzy and Noell, i think there is something about this episode that doesn’t allow me to download, i tried playing on the computer, downloading from itunes via computer or iphone, all doesnt work! I would love to hear about this episode! Hope it will get fixed soon! And thanks for the awesome show! Your effort is much appreciated! :D

  • Carey

    I’m not able to play or download this episode anywhere either. :(

  • It looks like something is wrong with the file. We’ll try and look into it if we get the time. Sorry about that! :(

  • Jennifer G.

    This episode is still not working :(

  • Hi, Jennifer. Izzy will have to do a lot of research to try and figure out what is wrong with this episode’s file. He’s super busy trying to get new and content out so he can’t put this older episode on his priority list right now. We’re not sure if or when he’ll be able to get to this one. Sorry!!

  • Andrea

    I am also having this problem.

  • MAB

    This episode will not play (nothing happens when you click the play button). Other episodes are working fine.