PRT100 – CHA, Baby!

We recorded the 100th episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable in our hotel room while attending the CHA Show!

You can use this audio player to listen to the show:

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The Panel


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  • Janet

    Dear PRT Team,

    I am a delinquent well wisher but
    not a schmo.  I completely forgot to call and congratulate all of you
    (Izzy, Noelle and Nancy) on 99, now 100 episodes. So congratulations and
    thank you for all you have done for the scrapbooking hobby.  I have
    been a listener since the beginning and a member since 2009.  I have
    learned so much over the years with all of you.  From PRT, I’ve learned
    that there are no rules.  If you like it and it makes you happy, it’s
    all good.  It’s okay to have your own style.  Every week, you have a
    diverse cast of guests and they all have their own style.  In fact, it’s
    great that this is an audio show because it forces you to really listen
    to what the guests are saying and you are not distracted by looking at
    pages and other stuff.  You’ve all converted me to become a staunch
    Apple supporter (MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone), a hybrid scrapper at times,
    and someone who isn’t afraid to try new techniques. 

    From my Paperclipping membership, Noelle has given me those great flexible templates that have opened my eyes to a different way of planning pages. 
    It’s all been great and every week, I look forward to joining you and
    all your guests for “a party in my ears”!!!  Thanks for all the tips,
    picks and laughs.  Keep it all coming.


  • gina z

    I am amazed at how quickly these have been going up. I love seeing and hearing what you are finding at CHA. Yay for us PRT fans that we have our very own insiders doing the late nights and travel on our behalf. Thank you.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Happy 100th episode to you, CHA, CHA, CHA! :) And many moooooooooooore! :)

  • Sierra Armstrong

    Hooray! I’ve been watching the site like a hawk waiting for the newest PRT episode! I think your CHA episodes are some of my favorite discussions! It really feels like I’m there. Loving the video tours and demos you guys do as well! SO fun to see all the new products coming out. Thanks so much for all your hard work for us!

    Total side note: The song that Stacy was refering to is “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. LOVE that song! It always puts me in a good mood if I’m feeling down and need a laugh!

  • Such a fun show – thanks all for making us feel like we are there!

  • Really interested in the Project Life discussion… if it’s in addition or replacing or bringing in new people – maybe all of it. I get the feeling that those who scrap already, use PL to document the daily things. Then there’s those who don’t scrapbook, but feel the system lets them scrap with ease and little time.

    I definitely liked Stacy Julian’s comment, hoping that PL would enable people to scrap more meaningful pages. It made me think about the Heidi Swapp products and how you can create in-depth files/stories/pages/books… that sort of extend your more chronological PL system. All very exciting, because I think it means the industry is flourishing and there is more memory keeping going on :)

    Thanks for all the CHA videos, excited about lots of things and looking forward to seeing how folks use the new and innovative products. Happy 100th episode of the roundtable as well – always look forward to the discussions.

  • Silverb1999

    You are showing us some amazing items.  Can’t wait to buy some.  So fun looking. Sylvia

  • Anonymous

    Happy 100!  The ‘Live from CHA’ episodes are my absolute favorites.  I love hearing what’s going on, what you’re seeing, what you like.  And since I didn’t get to go this year, it was especially helpful hearing about it from you.

  • Thank you so much Janet! 

  • Glad we could help! We always have fun taping this show!

  • Great show. Loved listening to you all, sounded like my friends and me when we talk about scrapbooking, products we love, don’t love, wish we had, etc. Enjoyed the discussion about Project Life. Started it this year because we have had a couple of very difficult years, and it’s been tough to scrapbook those events. Project life helps me to look for the little blessings in each day and talk about the moments that make up our lives. I’ll still do traditional layouts, but I think the overall memory keeping for our family will be so much fuller.

    Anyway, thanks for the discussion!

  • Seanna

    This was pretty entertaining–when Ali and Stacy are both on the same show the dynamic is particularly interesting because their perspectives are so different,  yet their common ground is also substantial (in particular that they both are more about the memory keeping aspect of this scrapbooking thing than making decorated pages–not that there is anything wrong with just wanting to make decorated pages). 

    I enjoyed the videos as well.  Thanks so much for those.

    I have to admit that I cringed when the talk turned to “people who don’t belong” at CHA.  I have been there (worked a booth) back in the day and I know what you are talking about with all the people walking around who really were not the target audience for the booth operators, but there’s a way to phrase things to not sound like exclusionary and above the serfdom, and then there’s what shows up on this recording.  I’m not going to point fingers publicly and not everybody was completely artless when the topic came up, but man oh man.  You might bear in mind YOUR audience. I’m a member here (just re-upped for another year) and I very much enjoy what goes on with the roundtable discussions with only one or two small exceptions.  I also enjoy Noell’s take on this hobby and it’s great to see things from a different perspective.  I don’t see myself ever attending a CHA again–BTDT and I actually don’t disagree with the basic opinion that was expressed–but are you sure your horse is as high as you seem to think it is? I finally decided to just write it off as “We had no idea it came across that way.”

    Anyway, again–it really was entertaining and it’s pretty much always worth the listen.

  • Karennarelle

    Great episode and i have loved all the videos (thanks izzy) on the cha floor.  But i want to ask a favour…can you please convince stacy to do her photo library of memories class THIS YEAR. I am all revved up to get organised and she said it wont be run again till next year  :-{   boo hoo

    Thanks for everything you do


  • Loved reading your comment, Janet! Thank you for your long time membership!! :)

  • Amanda

    You all raved about Heidi Swapp’s products but I have to say I’m incredibly skeptical. How is the quality of the products. I still remember the horrible quality of her previous products and the way she responded when people questioned the quality. It left a really bad taste in my mouth so I’m not sure I would purchase her products again. And there have been other instances where she made comments that turned people off. Do you think this will be a problem or do most scrapbookers have short memory’s?

  • Have you tried any of her more recent products? The quality improved. Remember, when she was having those problems with quality control, she had a different manufacturer. She’s the designer, not the manufacturer. She’s now working with Pink Paisley and the quality of these particular products looked like the best quality of Heidi Swapp I’ve seen so far.
    I haven’t used them myself yet, so it’s possible I could be wrong, but I saw them being used in the demo video Izzy and I shot and they looked very high quality there. They’re probably the top thing on my list to purchase, myself. I already have a project in mind and everything.
    (BTW, I do purchase all my own supplies at the retail price and as a policy I turn down free products for this very reason – to be able to say whether or not a supply was worth the money I paid for them. So if you want to ask me later, once I’ve had a chance to use them, I’ll tell you what I think!).
    So, to answer your other question — If it turns out that these are the quality they looked to me to be, I think scrapbookers will hear from others and buy if they like it.

  • Ksmou

    This is actually a response to #98 where you asked how Roundtable has changed or influenced me.  Well….

    1.  I tell myself I can only listen if I get on the treadmill to do so.  Pretty effective incentive!

    2. Roundtable and your guests continually provide affirmation that the time spent memory keeping is worthwhile and important.  I get stimulation and inspiration to stretch my creative wings.  This has manifested itself not only in my personal scrapbooking endeavors, but has been an integral part in seeing a idea come to fruition this year – in a way we never imagined and wouldn’t have been realized if not for this journey I am on.

       We have an old family friend whose stories I grew up listening to.  We poured over her pictures and scrapbooks and diaries as she related her first hand accounts of what it was like to live in 1920’s Paris and be friends with all those people who are famous for being there.  She and her husband were entertainers there and fortunately for us she did her own memory keeping and we have these wonderful artifacts that tell her story. For years we have tried to figure out how to get a book published or do something to honor this life and her story. We promised we would tell her story.

       My “One Little Word” for 2011 was storyteller and in March of last year I had this epiphany that a blog would be the perfect place to share her story with the world.  In November we launched  our site, that chronicles her life from a little girl growng up in the silver mining camps in Nevada, a youth spent in Northern California and a voyage to Paris that changed her life.  We share her pictures, newspaper clippings and her stories. It has been a massive effort that my brother, sister and I have taken on.  We are so happy to finally be keeping our promise to her – even though she is long gone, I am pretty sure she is aware :).

    You said you had a show coming up about blogs and this would be my question.  How do we get more readers?  Pretty simple.  We have not monetized it in any way at this point, so have done this digital scrapbook on our own dime.  We aren’t so much concerned about making money with it (although don’t get me wrong, if someone wants movie rights we are listening!), but we want more readers!  After all the thousands of hours we have put in to this – we want to spread the word. Any ideas your panel may have would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for Roundtable – it is a treat to hear others who are as passionate about telling their stories as I am. You are doing good stuff!

  • Just got back into town & got to listen to the show and noticed how many videos you have up from CHA – lots to catch up on – thanks for posting these!

    One trend from CHA that I’ve noticed, but wasn’t mentioned during the show, was all the HEXAGONS – I’ve been making CHA inspired layouts with all the hexagon shapes and other quilting pattern type shapes. Its a different vibe than the chevron pattern – which seems kind of hip and trendy and modern;  the hexagon trend seems sort of thrifty and homemade and old-fashioned to me.  I love both of these trends, btw.

    I also thought what Angie said about a small booth costing $40k was very interesting, it makes what Nikki Sivils did with creating a scrapbooking line sound much more of a risky venture than just creating some papers, sounds like there is a big marketing budget.  SHOW IDEA:  I would love to hear sort of a Paperclipping / Foolish Adventure mash up, about how much it costs to produce papers and what the mark ups are, and I’d love to hear a Paperclipping with guests who are owners of brick and mortar stores and the owners of the online stores; sort of a part 2 of the show you did before about working in the industry, but sort of from the perspective of the people who are working in the industry.  I guess also it could be sort of a follow up to CHA since there was some discussion about the “business of scrapbooking” – sort of a peek behind the curtain.

  • Thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt in the end, Senna.

    CHA is limited for a reason and the flow was really so much better b/c the those limits were enforced, but it’s hard to talk about it without sounding snotty. It takes a bit of thought to make sure the wording doesn’t come across wrong, and of course, you know on the Roundtable we’re not known for over-planning our word choices ahead of time. I cringe whenever it comes up because it can sound like we’re putting up walls between an in-group and an out-group, so I know exactly what you’re saying. And I appreciate that you’re chalking it up to coming out wrong. That’s definitely the case — there is not a single person on the panel of that episode that isn’t an everyday welcoming person.

    We really should be better about communicating better if we’re going to mentioned the closed aspect of CHA.

    Thanks so much for your membership! So glad you wanted to renew! :)

  • So sorry, Karen, but it isn’t going to happen this year! :) I know, I waited for a year before I was finally able to take it the first time, too, and it’s worth the wait! It’s also a massive endeavor for her and there’s no way she’ll be able to add it to the lineup this year. She’s got the big giant Twelve class she’s doing and it goes through December.

  • I’ve only started listening to the Paperclipping round table, so I’ve been trying to catch up. I listen on my drive to work, during work, and when I’m cleaning around the house. I listen so much that I actually had a dream about you Noell. How creepy is that, a stranger that you’ve never met dreaming of you? I thought you might get a kick out of that, and hopefully not be too weirded out. Anyways thanks gang for all that you do, and the hours of entertainment that you have provided me. I thoroughly enjoy the show. P.S. Does anyone else have scrapbook dreams? I’ve actually had a scrapbook layout design come to me in a dream.

  • I follow your blog Katie and actually found Noell through you. Love all of the layouts you’ve been posting. I also quilt so the quilting/scrapbook mash up designs are just my thing.

  • Katie Scott

    Kelli!  1. I have scrapbooking dreams.  2. I’m always amazed when people tell me they found Stacy Julian or Big Picture Classes or Paperclipping or Ella Publishing through my  blog – but that is awesome :)  3. I used to quilt & am planning a t-shirt & baby clothes quilt sometime in the near-ish future.  :) Katie.

  • Libby

    Noelle, Izzy and Nancy-thank you so much for the round tables. I just subscribed to the podcast yesterday and have blown through nearly three of the episodes, including CHA! They are great.

    I really enjoyed listening to the CHA podcast and what’s coming our way this spring. I found the talk about how Project Life is beginning to affect the market and will probably significantly affect the next CHA show in regard to products that will be developed and offered. I have scrapped for over 15 years and have fallen in love with this project. I was buying 6 x 6 pads anyway but have been really using them for my PL album. I collect alot of “stuff” and use the paper pads to make “mini-pages” in the 4 X 6 pockets where I mount the “stuff” and journal about it. I’ve been using lots of the SMASH pads for this.

    I also really like how the industry is moving toward “memory-keeping” from “scrapbooking.” I was a CM consultant from 1997-2002 and I saw so many people freaked out by the term scrapbooking. “Memory Keeping” is so much more doable and accomplishes collecting these stories without having to create a big ole 12 x 12 page.

    Thank you for all you do and I’m looking forward to listening to more.

    Libby Gordon

  • Marissa McConnell

    It sounded like people were upset with the “pages” without writing on them. I don’t scrapbook or do any “memory keeping”, but I use a lot of scrapbooking items and these are the samples I like to see and that get me to use their products. I think since we’re still in a slightly unstable retail time, they are trying to appeal to the widest audience possible. (Which I think is smart :) )

  • I’ve had a handful of dreams about bloggers I read! We’re a part of each other’s worlds one way or the other, so it’s not surprising we’re getting into each other’s sub-conscious. If only Freud were alive today…


  • Oh, and welcome to Paperclipping and the Roundtable!

  • Hey, Katie, thanks for sharing Kelli with us! :)

    Really, thanks for spreading the word!!

  • Interesting — I’ll have to go look at my 6×6 paper pads! TFS and welcome to the Roundtable!

  • That’s really not what we meant — maybe we should have communicated better. What often happens is many scrapbookers get a major case of insecurities after seeing CHA projects. We think it’s important that the purpose of the projects are CHA is to sell product and it’s literally their job to layer as much of the various products they can on the projects.
    But for most of us scrapbookers, that isn’t our job or purpose. So we shouldn’t get hung up and insecure about our pages by comparing ours to the CHA projects. It’s just a reminder that there are different purposes, which lead to different results.

  • I had a very clear idea dream the other night. I have these small chipboard doily embellishments I can’t seem to use and I dreamed about punching a hole in the center with the Crop-a-dile and using brads to make them more interesting.  

  • That is awesome. We are even more creative in our sleep!

  • Tonysfrenchgirl

    You might think I’m goofy but I just had to comment on the sponsor message. I always appreciate the way Noell gives details about the classes at Big Picture. I was super thrilled this week to hear her talk about the Scrapbooking Your Faith class. I have been wanting to do some pages related to my faith and have gone so far as to purchase a nice package of faith-based patterned papers only to have it sit in my paper rack. This class will provide the perfect platform for getting me started. I have already used the paper clipping link to purchase the class (just doing my part to support the show). Thanks so much Noell, Nancy and Izzy for such a wonderfully produced podcast. Keep them coming!

  • Thank you for supporting the show! It’s not goofy at all — we like it because it shows our audience and potential sponsors that people are responding! So, thank you!!

  • Lora

    I love paperclipping and usually listen every week. I was very interested in hearing about the products and companies present at CHA and much less interested about who should or shouldn’t be there walking the floor. I hope that in the future you will focus on that. Mentioning again and again about people who are not supposed to be there and how you are all so happy that they are not there added nothing interesting to the discussion for me. I think that a comment at the beginning of the episode that this is a tradeshow only which requires documentation of a business reason for being there would be enough explanation for the average listener and then I would move on.

  • Jengirl3382

    Wow you guys.  I generally love your show but I can’t even get through the first 20 mins!  the talk about how there were less tourists, it should be that way, blah blah blah, you all sound so cocky–“ohhh only IMPORTANT people in the “industry” should be here!”  and Nancy with your, oh so glad there is no more contests, hated the screaming fans, had to say excuse me when I had to go to a meeting or the “no, I don’t doooooo make-and-takes”  Are you to good for them Nancy?  because you sound rediculous… Congrats on your 100th show but come on, get rid of Nancy, she is offensive.