PRT099 – A Page on Y’all

Woohoo! We’re celebrating 99 episodes of PRT this week. We’re playing your voicemails and having a great time!

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The Panel


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  • Lzepponi

    Love the title Y’all! Going to listen right now! Happy 99th and 100!

  • I must congratulate the caller who rapped the whole song – totally kick *beeeep*

  • Seriously, that was amazing!  I was laughing, smiling, grooving right along.  You are awesome, Iceteeeeeeeee!

  • I agree completely.  I was listening to the first part of the show while I drove to work this morning and I was laughing my *beep* off. :-)

  • Lynnette Buffalo, NY

    Love this show – I laughed my way through the 50th episode and this one too!  Love this big scrapbook family you have created around Paperclipping, PRT, Scrapbook Update, BPC, Get it Scrapped, Ella Publishing and the list goes, on & on & on!  Can’t wait to hear the CHA show and see the videos – I’ll be hitting refresh frequently next week …waiting.   Looking forward to celebrating episode 150.  Thank you Thank you!

  • Iceteeeeee

    Thanks so much!! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    Thank you so much! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    It was fun! Thank you!! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    It was fun! Thank you!! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    It was fun! Thank you!! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    It was fun! Thank you!! :)

  • Fancyscrapper

    Iceteeeee! You RAWK!

  • Iceteeeeee


  • Amy Ulen

    I may be a non-schmo, but I’m definitely a schmuck for not calling in to let you know how much I love PRT and all your guests!  I listen while I scrap, and I’m so thankful you were there for me as I finished up a CTMH swap last night.  I was coloring in 25 superhero stamps…what was I thinking when I picked this stamp set for the swap?!  The first four went painfully slow, but I got into my coloring groove once I put on the PRT.  I was able to get caught up on a couple episodes and only had to pull out the pencil sharpener once.  So, like this card says, I think YOU ARE SUPER!

  • Kim

    I am totally getting on the Metadata bandwagon.  I am not really knowing where I am heading scrapbooking wise and knowing that my memories are safely recorded with my images will allow me to be guilt free in the process of deciding :)

  • That’s okay, Amy! Thank you for your non-schmoe-ness! ;) Glad we helped you with your big commitment!!

  • Yes!

  • Briel Schmitz

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this episode.  I laughed out loud so many times!  Stacy and Ali were perfect additions (along with Shimelle).  If I had called, which I didn’t, I would have thanked you for, among other things, introducing me to Shimelle.  I listen to every episode, and this has helped me to learn about things that I didn’t know I wanted to learn about :)  I love that Nancy and Noell are such real people living their real lives (and sharing a bit with us).  Yep. You rock.

  • Laura

    Loved the show, particularly two aspects:  Iceteeeeee’s rap and the fact that you spun in some scrapbook-y talk, too.  Very enjoyable listen, thanks so much!

  • Terrie Carlson

    Totally loved this show….was great and the PRT rap song was the best!!!!!  I think she deserves to be a guest on the show after that!!  Listened to this one twice today loved it so much.  Love the round table, you guys rock!

  • Lzepponi

    Loved the 99th episode!! Very entertaining! Thank you for continuing to provide new information, techniques, panelists and picks of the week to inspire and challenge me in my memory keeping (two words) endeavors!!!!

    I also have a question or two….
    What type of equipment do y’all use to video the everyday and/or the special events? I would really like for Izzy to weigh in on this too, b/c he is the one that made me feel guilty (ha ha) about not taking enough video of my child and family, not to mention he is the resident video/audio guru! Also, have any of y’all used the Stkrit to link your video to your LOs?
    Many thanks, Lisa M. Zepponi, a non-schmo.

  • Karennarelle

    hahah, i just started my external backup when i heard Nancy talking about a hard drive crash!! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Woo hoo! Good for you! :)

  • Mary Hennigan

    Hey y’all, so fun to listen to the episode! Too funny to hear myself on the podcast-I am the kinda sorta schmo (sp.) that called in. I so appreciate all that you guys do, as someone mentioned in a voicemail -you all are my community of memory keepers and I so enjoy hanging out with you every week. Cheers to your 100th show. Looking forward to your CHA coverage,
    MK Hennigan

  • Alissa

    I’m not even done yet, but I just had to stop and comment to say, “yes, yes, and yes” to the point about PRT helping those of us on the “fringes” feel at home. I started scrapping 10 years ago, fresh out of college, not married, no kids. I didn’t feel like I fit in at all. But I found Stacy J early on, and never felt behind or that I could only scrapbook events. I love having such rich documentation of our everyday life during our dating and early married years. After having my first child, I felt stuck in a scrapbooking rut and was afraid I would be sucked back in to event based pages, but then I found PRT and was able to reconnect with everything I love about this hobby and learn new things and find new products. I also listen on my drive to work, and you guys always put me in a good mood in the morning. Thank you PRT! 

  • Cool! Love hearing your scrapbooking story! :)

  • Hi Noell and PRT regulars,
    I was just on the twopeas message board and saw a thread about you guys where a bunch of people were saying they just found the roundtable recently (lucky things have hours of enjoyment ahead of them LOL). Anyway, it reminded me that I wanted to comment a couple of ideas for discussions, so here I am!

    1. I would love you guys to do a show on online education in scrapbooking (or perhaps all education in scrapbooking and memory keeping?). Some great guests would be Stacy (of course), Shimelle (first online courses I think) or Lain with True Scrap. Most of your guests teach classes, it seems, so there are plenty of people out there with something to say, May Flaum, for example, does a lot of face to face as well as online, so she has a great perpective there, and Tim Holtz is the King of demos and classes, he really creates products based on using them and would have a great insight from that angle of teaching and creating products in concert.
    For topic discussion points: I would love some thoughts on what is out there, how to get the most bang for your class buck and how to make the most of the class time and resources after you sign up. I am LOVING Stacy’s class, twelve, but it is a time commitment as well to come and listen, think and CHANGE what I am doing to achieve some of the ends that Stacy leads us to. If I don’t engage with it, if I don’t turn up, if I don’t change anything, then it becomes a black hole for money that gives nothing back. Stacy puts a hell of a lot of energy into her class, but I cannot just take it and do nothing, you know?

    2. Someone on the peas message board said that they learnt heaps from the early episodes, and it reminded me, as I mentioned earlier, that I have been meaning to comment something similar and suggest to you that you repeat the first dozen episode’s BIG topics with fresh perspective, and/or new guests. Some of that early stuff like story, process, why we dont get it done or scrapping about yourself. The nuts and bolts for both beginners and experienced scrappers topics. These are topics that I could listen to another hour or two and still feel interested to hear more because they are an endless truth for us. It is about story. It is about actually sitting down and doing it. It is about the process of how you go from start to finish and it is about going from idea to shopping to storing to writing to cutting and pasting (or pixeling). I think there is plenty of mileage left in these big topics and after 100 episodes over a couple of years, I think you have something fresh to offer them. In the story topic it was more of an interview of Ali, this time it would be a discussion around the table, with plenty of rabbitholes to fall into, for example.

    Just my thoughts, thanks for listening.
    Looking forward to hearing the CHA episode when it gets uploaded, you guys must be TIRED!


  • Just wanted to add one more little note to say that your advertising totally works on me! Its so helpful to have the honest opinions of people who I have gotten to know over almost 100 episodes giving their advice on which classes they like or are excited about, what products struck a cord and which didnt. Your willingness to not only give positive, but also contructive opinions lends so much more weight to the positive comments. Thanks for steering me to BPC particularly. I am finding that my $$ spent on classes gives back more value than the same money spent on products that just join my stash and often dont get used as effectively as they could.

  • Lynnette Buffalo, NY


    Great topic Idea – I don’t know how many classes I have signed up for online with great intentions of keeping up, following along and getting my moneys worth out of the class and before I know it I am 2 wks behind.  I would love to hear strategies on how to get the most out of a class either while the class is going on or after when you still have access to the materials. I am already bummed that I have managed to fall behind in the wonderful 12 class Stacy is teaching- I promised my self that this time would be different and I would set aside time – but with two kids and 11-12 hours of work a day, hitting the gym I struggle – HELP!!

  • Lynnette Buffalo, NY

    Also I too am enjoying all the wonderful CHA coverage – impatiently waiting for episode 100 to post!!!!

  • Christine Guest

    My daughter wanted to use the elevator at the library (she’s almost 4 and can reach the buttons, it’s very exciting.)  While on the 3rd floor, next to the craft books, I re-discovered “The Decorated Page – Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful” by Gwen Diehn.  It’s sort of an art journal book that doesn’t mention scrapbooks as 12×12 pages in page protectors, but scrapbooks like my Dad kept of newspaper clippings about fires he helped put out in the volunteer fire department.  I think you’d all enjoy it if it’s still in print.

  • Allie Atkinson

    Just to let you know the new BPC disc code still has an expiry date of 2011. Now off to listen… :D

  • Well that’s embarassing – I forgot to leave my name.  Hi, everyone!  I am ScrappyTams, Tambur, and I’m the chick that lives in Cyprus right now.  Still love PRT.  Just listened to this episode and my daughter walked in and said ‘Oh, is that Noell.’  Just goes to show you that you are my companions when I am scrappin’. 

    Great show.  

  • Oh, that was you!! I know you! ;)

    It’s nice to hear I’m a known name around your house. Tell your daughter I said, “Hi!” :)

  • Wow, we just had this fixed. I sent Kayce an email, so hopefully we’ll figure out what’s going on! Thanks!!

  • Wow, that’s great to hear, Ruth! I hope our sponsors and our potential sponsors are reading! ;)

  • Thanks for your feedback, Ruth! I just put some of these topics on our list. And based on your request, I think you’re going to enjoy this week’s topic!!

  • Hi2lows

    Laughed so hard, I cried!

  • Barbara

    Congratulations on 100+ episodes.  I listen to the Roundtable all the time and have learned that just as scrapbooking does not need to be done chronically neither does listening to the Roundtable.  I have all of the podcasts on CD’s and listen as I drive 4-5 hours between Atlanta and Nashville.  My last trip was on Jan. 17 for the birth of my 3rd grandchild and I had listened to all previous episodes( not necessarily in order) and you were recording the 98th episode that day so I pulled out my CD’s and decided to start from the beginning and listen again (also learned about CD failure as one CD will no longer play). Almost a month later I have the latest podcasts on my iPhone and listen to them as I walk.  So earlier this morning I was walking, listening to episode 99 and laughing so hard that I know the people around me must have thought I was just crazy and then got in my car to continue listening to an episode from 2010 titled “Poopy Stuff in our Backgrounds”.  Earlier this week I was listening to the most recent episode with Renee Pearson while walking to get in the car and have Renne on an episode from 2010. Other than some picks of the week no longer being the 2010 prices or having events and classes that are no longer available,  everything is still so relevant. I just love listening no matter when it was recorded and do listen to them many times.  I learn something new and different each time I listen. And Izzy, the reason I don’t listen to the podcasts on my iPhone in the car is that I have the last model made before they put in the  auxiliary port where I could connect my iPhone directly to the radio.  Fumbling with the Monster cable was exasperating so I just burn CD’s and off I go.)
    Thanks for such a quality podcast.

  • That’s awesome, Barbara! Making the timeless was one of our goals. So glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Beth

     Yes, that was HILARIOUS!  I laughed and then made my husband listen with me and then laughed again.  Great job.

  • Congratulations PRT!  Here’s to the next 100 episodes :)