PRT098 – Hoard Them on Your Hard Drive

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In this recording, we return to the subject of digital scrapbooking. Come listen as we talk about some interesting trends!

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  • Barbara

    Still listening, but had to pop in to say that my daughter-in-law has participated the last two years in the writing of a novel in November.  I think the goal is actually 50,000 words.  This last Christmas, she actually had her latest printed up in to an actual paperback book and gave it to us.  It was awesome to see her name on the cover of a book!

  • Cori

    Ok. New commenter here. I want to call, but I really don’t like to hear my voice on a recording, so I thought I would send you a long email instead. So…How has Paperclipping changed my life?
    1. I get a LOT more laundry done. I despise laundry. My husband and I have had a bad habit of going to buy more socks and underwear when we have to wash clothes. Now, thanks to you guys, I actually stay (almost) caught up on our dirty clothes.
    2. I have spent a lot on money in the Apple App store. I may not pause my podcast to boot up my (dying) computer to comment, but I do pause it to go investigate and (usually) buy the latest-greatest app ya’ll are recommending. Love this! Keep up the Product Picks!
    3. I wish I could say I scrapbook more, but I don’t. Homeschool, Life, and Health issues just don’t magically generate more time in the day. But I DO think about scrapbooking more. I pre-plan my pages more. I prioritize my crafty time more. I hoard my supplies less. Thanks to you guys, I am more aware of what I own, and I am making a bigger effort to (gasp, gasp!) USE WHAT I HAVE!!! This makes my husband very happy :)
    4. I read more blogs. I use Flipboard (thanks to an early mention on the show). I use Pinterest (again, Thank you for that ultimate Time Sucker). I am inspired by so many more images on the web than I ever knew were there. I think I wind up adding the blogs from every new guest you have on the show to my reader.
    5. I feel like I know you guys. You have no idea who I am, but I feel like I know who you are. I appreciate that. You make me laugh. You make me want to track you down at CHA next week and say, “Hi! You don’t know me, but I listen to you more than I listen to my husband some days, and I think we could be friends.” And then I would babble your ears off. I really want to hear more about your homeschooling adventures, what curriculum you use, what homeschool blogs and software you’ve found, etc, and how do you schedule your time to allow for scrapping-when-you-should-be-teaching. Maybe a new show idea (hint hint hint – there are a lot of us homeschooling scrapbookers in the world. I often wonder if the 2 go together somehow). And next week at CHA, I really do hope I get to run into you and meet you. I will be the chick in yoga pants, hobbling around a mere few days after major surgery.
    Thank you so much for the hours and hours of entertainment you have provided. The laughter. The feeling that I’m not alone in this obsession – er, hobby, I mean. Thank you for the different guests you have on the show (Ana Cabrera, Ali Edwards, and Stacy Julian are consistently my favorites). For the Product Picks. For the latest gossip (or should I say ‘news?’ lol). For everything. Thank you.

    – Cori Peck
    Daphne, Alabama

  • Cindy deRosier

    I love the idea of a show about blogs!  I started my own blog (I use Blogger) about 9 months ago and now I can’t imagine life without it.  I read dozens (ok, hundreds) of blogs every day- they are an amazing source of ideas and inspiration. 

    When I first started blogging, it was to provide a “home” for all the posts I was doing for others- Design Team posts, guest posts, etc.  I realized I would be devastated if any of these blogs ended and my posts disappeared.  I wanted to have control of my writing.  Now, I know that I am. 

    I blog every Monday-Friday without fail and my readership has grown significantly.  I’ve had doors open and opportunities fall in my lap because of blogging.  I’m excited to see where blogging will take me.  I can’t wait to hear what Nancy and the rest have to say about blogs.

  • Emery B

    Hello All,
    I love listening to PCR though have not listened to this episode yet. This randome question/comment is for Izzy…is it possible to change the male face profile to a female one in this comment area? I’m guessing more of your commenters are women than men and each time I go through the comments I get all confused in my brain connecting the words to a male commenter.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Hi, Emery! That is the default image that our comment service posts for us. We don’t have any control of that, but the commenters do. You can register with Disqus (there should be a link or button you can click on to register) and then add your own profile pic. Then you’ll have the actual real face of the person commenting!

    I’ve always wished people would do that, actually. The service we use isn’t used widely by scrapbookers so not many people have their profile pics up.

  • Anonymous

    I just added a picture to my profile – testing to see if it worked.  :) 

  • Kathy

    As a traditional scrapper (with the exception of using a
    computer for journaling and titles), I mistakenly thought I would not enjoy
    listening to episode 98 about digital scrapbooking.   It’s not that I’m a paper snob.  I’m happy that digi scrappers love their
    craft motif as much as I love mine. Contrary to what I occasionally hear on PRT, I’m not
    sure the battleground between digital and traditional scrapbookers even really
    exists at the level described.  Unless digital scrapbooking
    ultimately renders my paper product supplies obsolete, I’m a happy camper! 


    All of my crop friends — and we gather regularly — are
    paper scrappers.  Maybe it’s a
    generational thing.  We are almost
    universally on the other side of 50.  We’re all computer literate, many have blogs,
    we shop online but love to take road trips to any scrapbook store near or far.   We all
    agree that we just don’t understand how digi scrappers derive as much happiness
    from a flat screen as we do from the touchy feely aspect of physically touching
    those amazing products.   But it was fun listening to your guests talk
    about the immediate gratification of having unlimited supplies at their
    fingertips at 2:00 in the
    morning.  That is definitely a plus.


    As always, thanks for a thought-provoking show. 

  • Kathy

    So much for cutting and pasting my draft comment from Word  :(

  • Marya …

    Ok, like another commenter I’m not so keen on calling in and
    leaving a message (mostly because I’m ridiculously inept at leaving concise

    How has Paperclipping changed my life/scrapbooking?

    Three ways: the first being that the show makes my daily commute
    better. I think my fellow commuters must think I’m crazy as I cackle away with
    you alone in my car, but whatever… you make my drive brighter (and let
    me tell you… Montreal drivers and roads being what they are, that’s no mean

    You helped me find my footing. Being a newbie in the scrapbooking
    world is daunting. All those pages, blogs, templates, and products when you don’t
    even know what to put together to make a page is totally overwhelming. Through
    your site, I’ve explored so many links, courses, ideas, projects, etc. that
    have taught my non design school self so much about design and introduced me to
    other schools of scrapbooking (hybrid, art journals, and Project Life).

    All of this has led to the show changing the way I
    scrapbook. I only started scrapbooking after my wedding just over 2 years ago
    but initially always felt like there was something missing in my pages. Since I
    started listening to your shows (new and archives) just over a year ago, it
    clicked: I was missing the story. I kept telling what was happening in the photo,
    which was obvious. I wanted more and this made scrapbooking something I loved
    but was frustrated by.

    Through listening to your show I went from this:

    To this:
    and the difference is phenomenal to me because it brings to life what I love so
    much about looking at old family albums and the idea of memory keeping. I still
    do the pretty pages, but now I feel like my pretty pages have more depth and
    longevity. They tell the story of us and our families more, and that has been a
    huge shift for me.

    So I’m incredibly thankful that you do this show. Moreover, I
    support you (through the links, paid membership) because I think it’s vital in
    this era of “free” to support what you enjoy and believe in. Thank you for
    making me laugh, think, and capture the moments that mean the most to me!

    Now just imagine… I would have been even longer in a phone
    message!  :P

  • Wow, they’re both beautiful, but I love that while you’re still equipped to do pages like that fancy first one, you’re now really telling big stories! That’s awesome!

    I guess we’ll forgive the fact that your mail is written and one of us will read it over the air! ;)

    Thank you for your letter, for your support, and for your Paperclilpping membership!

  • Whitney Holley

    Loved this episode more than I thought I would because I have accidentally become a hybrid scrapper! I’ve been scrapping since high school when I just collected pieces of paper and glued them on pages with my favorite pictures. I have grown a lot since then, but the premise of telling my every day story is the same. I would probably be considered a young(ish?) scrapper as I am in my twenties and I have grown up using a computer. I constantly print out journaling, add elements to photos and use brushes and other awesome Designer Digital elements. 

    What I’ve noticed lately is that my Silhouette Cameo has been helping me combine digital and paper. I have used a lot of digital products lately and just cut them out with my Silhouette to add to  my paper. 

    My point is, I think you’re right- as time goes on people are going to seamlessly go back and forth between the two without even noticing it. Thanks for a great episode!

  • Oh, Cori – so many good points and very funny! I love the comment about obsession. I’m sure Izzie will edit out my crazed and obsessed comments in my phone message but I think it’s so true. Else why would we be listening to a scrap podcast, LOL! I’m sure you’d sound lovely on a recording but I’m glad to put your thoughts down here. Enjoyed this a lot!

  • Whitney, I agree with you and the comments on this show. Some of us old folk have taken more easily to technology but I have had to ease my hubby who is almost 80 into more tech use. Though, he did surprise me when he asked for my iPhone3 to upgrade from his basic mobile phone when I upgraded to my new 4G. My kids and grandkids on the other hand just have technology integrated into their life. They are talking away about social media and my DH pipes up that he “Skitters and Facespaces”, too; dissolving us all into giggles! However, for the kids it’s not something special – just part of life. I agree that it may not be long before we all talk about just “scrapbooking” and not distinguish between digi, hybrid and paper scrapping.

  • Oldflaim

    May I leave a pick (or tip) of the week. I had a scrapbook party this evening and one of my guest walks in with one of those wallpaper sample books. She shared with us that this is where she gets all her patterned paper from. She says most stores just throw these away and will let you have them. These paper samples can easily be cut down to 12 x 12 (or any other size) and they are beautiful. We oohed and awed over them all evening.

  • Interesting! And so nice to hear from such a youngin’. ;)

  • Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this comment about your husband and his dabbling with tech! :)

  • Terri Torrez

    Just wanted to mention that has a class about blogging specifically for scrapbookers.

  • Cheryl M

    Hi, all. I love the Paperclipping Roundtable. Thanks for everything you do. Your show has completely transformed my scrapbooking. I had gotten to the point where I felt like what I was doing was repetitive. Since listening to your show, I dropped event pages and forgotten about chronology, for which I always felt behind . Now I scrapbook the everyday with week-in-the-life kinds of projects. I enjoy it more, and my family does too. In fact, my husband -who rarely looks at my other projects – has commented on how much he likes the newer approach because it’s more meaningful.

    I would love an episode on blogging. Specifically, I would appreciate tips on how to replace the standard templates with the blog designs I see available from outside Blogger’s available template. As a crafter, I want my blog to look nice.

    Thanks again!

  • Katie Scott

    I have been out of town but just left a voice mail message for the 100th – it is probably too late – but just wanted to say how much I love the Roundtable !

  • Thanks for reminding us of that!!

  • Hello! Congratulations on your  100th episode!! I have listened to (almost) every single one, and I can’t imagine not having it in my life! A few of my favorite things about your podcast (in no particular order)

    -You make housework go by SO much faster
    – I seriously thought I was the only person who thought about philosophies like ‘scrapper’s guilt’ ‘glitter or not to glitter’ and who obsessively checks blogland for the lastest product and trends. Nice to know I have kindred spirits out there!
    – I love hearing the voices behind so many ‘celebrities’ I have followed for years. Ana, Ali, Stephanie Howell, Cathy Z. are just some of my favorite guests
    – Izzy cracks me up. Every.Single. Week

    and last, but not least, you have introduced me to digi scrapbooking. I love listening to the Digi Show, and have learned so much! None of that would have happened if it weren’t for you guys.

    So, Happy Happy 100th episode! I would have called in a Voice Mail, but I have a terrible cold-noone wants to hear me on video right now-trust me. You may not get this before you tape tommorow, but i hope you read it!

  • Thank you for all the kind words, Michelle! You’re definitely not alone in your obsession, lol! :)

  • Sheila

    Are you planning to have a live show at CHA? I think you’ve invited attendees of CHA in the past and wondered if you’re doing it again …

  • Alissa

    Regarding the comment about how project life is chronological scrapbooking and how people have been doing chrono scrapbooking for years I wanted to add that Project Life is a great meld of chronological and everyday life/inspired type scrapbooking because it gives you a place to put the bits of ephemera your normal chronological scrapbooking (which is usually more event driven) does not capture.
    As for making the switch to digi scrapbooking – the switch came for me as a mom because it’s faster, there’s no mess to clean up and no worry about little hands getting it and it’s cost effective since I can reuse templates. I have made a few digital pages, lost them in a hard drive crash and now do more hybrid stuff, but I totally agree with the comment that it’s just another tool and we are all scrapbookers. Great show!

  • Anonymous

    I loved this episode I had laryngitis for a week and so castling in was not an option but I wanted to comment now about Renee’s classes. I signed up for iShot and can’t wait to see what that is going to be about.

    I want to enroll in the iScrap class but I have the old iPad not 2. I do have keynote so that’s good. Can I still join?

  • Rosann – Renee might not be still checking the comments here at this point – you should head over to her site to ask her (unless it’s too late??).

  • Sjsjburns

    Here is some information i would like to know more about blogs, my platform (wordpress), how to create traffic to my blog, where to find digital elements to add to my blog to make it more interesting, what size pictures make it easier for the readers to open.  Are there any quick tips to make your content a little more exciting.   How about doing polls, giveaways, etc. do we need to do these?  Other suggestions to make your blog more exciting.

  • Nicole Martins

    Hope this isn’t too late – I am just now listening to this episode.  On the topic of blogs – I don’t have one – convince me that I want one.  I don’t have a desire to be published or selected for a design team, but I am sometimes tempted to start one for the sake of sharing creatively.  So for someone that doesn’t  have one, tell me where to start!  Aaaaaand what is a blog hop?  I am a spart person, I frequent the forums on, but I have still not figured out the what and why of a Blog Hop.  So maybe at least a few minutes of the episode as a creative blogs for dummies??  Thanks for listening!

  • Nicole Martins

    OH great, above when I said “I am a smart person” I spelled smart wrong, lol.  I was just scrubbing the tub, maybe it was the fumes??

  • Hee hee, that’s funny!

    Just real quick — a blog hop is an organized event on a number of different blogs. Everyone’s blogging about an assigned topic and each blog links to another blog in the hop. So as a reader, you read one blog post in the hop, follow the link to the next one, then the next, etc. You’re hopping from one blog to the next. :)

  • I am looking forward to the episode on blogging!  I have blogged for almost five years to share my crafty projects and to keep in touch with family and friends.  I started on Blogger because it is free and have been happy with the platform.  I have considered switching to Word Press, but Blogger meets my needs at the time.  My main change was to purchase my own URL last year.  

    I consider blogging an important part of my scrapbooking since I am often pairing my photos and memories into a post.  At some point, I will make Blub books from my blog to make sure that our photos and stories are also available in print.  

    For design, I started with some free backgrounds and eventually make my own header using My Digital Studio (from Stampin’ Up!) and Photoshop Elements.  I was able to find tutorials online and follow along as a beginner.  

    I used Network Blogs to connect my blog to my Facebook account to help me share with family and friends across the country.   

    Shimelle would be a great guest for this episode because she has taught blogging classes for scrapbookers.  I loved her “Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers” class!  I missed “Blogging for Scrapbookers” as a live class, but it is still available for download on her website.  Her class was so affordable and included great content!