PRT096 – A Celebration Ritual

It’s a brand new year!

Our discussion this week is about year-long projects (among many other things). Come listen!

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  • Anonymous

    I’d like to add to the discussion regarding stephanie’s mail – the one about scrapbooking struggles as part of the family history or as part of working through an issue.  Many times even for ourselves and our own children (not just for the Historical Record!) having the hard times recorded is helpful. 

    Two examples:  First, when I was pregnant I felt pretty terrible and my mom kept saying how she didn’t understand because she just felt soooo wonderful during her pregnancies.  You might imagine how encouraging that was, ha!  But, when she got to talking about specific memories, she remembered teaching school standing over the sink so she could throw up periodically!  Hey, I guess I wasn’t the only on who felt yucky, right?  Hearing this memory from my mom was more helpful and encouraging than just the good memories.  So, when I made my albums for my kids I went ahead and added the things I loved and struggled with while being pregnant.  Who knows who might read it and be glad someone was real about the hard parts?  Friends, family, my kids maybe!

    Second, I’m downright bi-polar when it comes to cooking!  I have two modes I alternate between and when I’m in one, I forget that I ever felt the other way.  Sometimes I can’t possibly think of a single thing to make for dinner and every night I’m just staring at the fridge/freezer/pantry and I am totally blank – just NO IDEAS.  Other times I love the idea of pulling together all these beautiful flavors and everything seems inspiring and I’m making recipe after recipe and I can’t imagine why “people” (ha, me right?) can’t think of what to make for dinner!  So, writing about each mode helps me cut myself some slack or get inspired. 

    I think that while this is just a surface thing, a lot of us forget the times when something that seems easy now was NOT easy so it’s good to remember and be compassionate – with ourselves and with others.  What about when I first found running totally intimidating?  Or when I didn’t know if staying at home with my kids was going to work for me?  You never know what will be encouraging later or to someone close to you!

  • I like these examples of struggles that are noteworthy — stuff it wouldn’t occur to me to scrapbook but, as you said, could be beneficial to somebody, self included.

  • Oh, maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong stores, but it seemd to me like every window all through the fall last year had clothes in them that were brown or mustard yellow (Like, brown blouse, skirt, bright mustard yelloish tights…). Being a Swede we have an H&M on every street in Stockholm it seems like, so maybe my fashion sense is not that updated :) The spring colours seems much happier!

  • Teal

    More Cathy!  More Cathy!  More Cathy!

  • Just heard this podcast–awesome!  Also, I’m one of those hanging on to my word for another year.  It’s amazing how it can teach and give so much.  Love that!

    Also, I’ll be checking out the Day One app–sounds interesting!

    Hugs and happy last few days of January!

    =) Liz

  • Mel

    I think it was on this very episode that Jessica Sprague talked about being a fan of “famous scrapbooker” Cathy Zielske, and, of course, Jessica became famous, too! :) I loved what you said about the free swag. I heartily agree! But I think it would also be so awesome to get paid to do what I love. I really dig your enthusiasm, too, and it made me wistful for when I was new to scrapbooking.

  • Mel

    I haven’t finished listening to this episode just yet–yes, I’m a little behind!–but I wanted to chime in about the inclusion of painful or negative memories in scrapbooking. Two layouts I’ve done popped into mind as I listened, and I realized that I created those pages simply because they are part of my story. That is why I scrapbook, to tell my story. Not necessarily to preserve history, especially since I don’t have children to pass my scrapbooks to. I didn’t do those pages that dealt with painful issues in my life to preserve the memories, nor did I do them to process or resolve the issues. I created those pages because they are pieces of who I am, and those pieces have as much a place in my story as the happier, more celebratory moments do.

    I loved hearing everyone’s take on the topic. Scrapbooking is such a personal and individual process with room for all the reasons we all do what we do.

    Thank you for always presenting thought-provoking topics. I’ll keep listening!

  • Thank you for sharing your own reason for scrapbooking these stories. It’s a nice contribution the discussion!!

  • Marina Delgado

    Can I just say that two months later I am still LOVING and more importantly using the day one app. I am so thankful to Paperclipping for sharing about this app wonder! 

  • Teal

    Backtracking to catch up on some episodes – was so excited to see CZ as a guest!  She’s my fave, please have her on more often!

  • We love her too but she’s a very busy lady and it’s not easy to make our schedule work with hers. We do our best to have her on when she can!