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Do you like two page layouts? Want some ideas for using them? That’s what we’re talking about this week. Come listen!

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  • JJ

    I was making single page layouts long before I ever picked up a scrapbook magazine or found scrapbooking communities online.  I just never really felt the need to make 2 pagers. (and didn’t realize that other people did)

    I’m not sure why people make such a fuss over 1 page vs 2 page. I figure – scrap your memories in whatever format the story requires.  My pictures/stories rarely require 2 pages.  ;)

  • Steph

    I go back and forth between 1 and 2 page layouts. I love to use sketches so I’ll find one that fits the number of pictures I have and work from there. The one problem I’ve run into is that I scrap batches of pictures that I’ve had printed. I then place them into albums based on Stacy Julian’s system (us, people, places or things) or my son’s baby book. Sometimes I’ll have a two page layout but there is already a page on the left hand side, so the two page layout will be split. When this happens I go back to my stash of pictures use the ones that didn’t make the first layout.

  • Because I am a digi scrapper I only do 1 pagers. I find it too difficult to work on a 2 page spread. I would do 2 pages all the time when I was a paper scrapper though. But I think we are more choosey about which pictures we put on a layout though. Thank you digital photography!

    PS: I want to invite you all to join me on my blog for my “100 Things I Am Thankful For” series. Information is up on now, but the actual event starts on Saturday morning. I would love to have you all join me.

  • nfaziocmc

    Listen to all your episode, but don’t usually come back to the computer to comment.  Today just had too many connections though…first off, I HAVE Core Composition by Stacy :) It was probably one of the first scrapbooking books I bought, and very, very helpful.  I need to get it back out and be re-inspired LOL  Secondly, my kids LOVED Donald Duck in Mathmagicland!  So much so, that when my college age Mechanical Engineering daughter found out I’d sent the VHS tape to Good Will, she gave me “grief” in a very big way. Somehow Santa managed to find a DVD copy last year to add to her stocking.  Her 28 year old self was delighted.  This is exactly what I love about PRT, there is lots of great scrapbooking information, but so much more content that goes outside the scrapbook boundry, but connects to all of our lives.  Thanks so much for doing what you do.  Great Big “LIKE” for PRT!

  • I know where most of the fuss comes and I understand why it’s there — the fuss comes because there are a LOT of scrapbookers who want to do two-page layouts with lots of photos, but they struggle with it. So they go to their scrapbooking sources that are supposed to be there to help them (both magazines and online sources) and they can’t find much (if any) help.

    So it’s not so much about worrying what’s “right” or what other people are doing. It’s about people wanting help and not finding it.

  • Amanda M.

    Fun topic! I make 2-page layout’s pretty often. Generally, when the story is about an event or trip or I have a lot of photos and can’t get it done on 1 page. I love taking 8 horizontal 4 by 6 photos and stretching them across 2 12 by 12 pages. So, there are 4 horizontal pics on one side, and 4 on the other, lined up. Does that make any sense? It’s a sketch from a Cathy Zielske class. Actually, that class has several 2-page L/O examples and I believe you can take it as a self-paced class at BPC now, so check that out. I also wanted to say I sometimes do 2 8.5 by 11 pages, not just 2 12 by 12. It’s just fun for me. Also, I wanted to share the “4 by 6 Photo Love” series by Shimelle: it’s been a year-long seris and each month she does a L/O with the # of photos for the month # (1 for Jan., 2 for Feb, etc.) – several of these L/O’s are more than 1 page and it’s super inspiring! Check it out here:×6-photo-love/

  • Barbara

    I am a purely digi scrapper, and I make most of my layouts as 2-pagers.  I love, let me repeat, love, my photos.  I can get my pictures scrapped, and still have room for the journaling, with a double-page layout.  For me, the photos ARE the story–they hold my memories.  I usually use templates designed by Yin or make them myself.  Thanks again for another great show!

  • Katie Scott

    Its been way too long since Stacy Julian has been on PRT!  I’m going to sign up for the 12 class now :)

  • I’ve always been a 1-page scrapper myself. I think it’s because I print 4×6 photos, picking just the best representative photo. I scrap on regular sized paper, not 12×12, so I’m already thinking of including only 1 photo, maybe two at most. I suppose this is limiting in many ways. Ultimately changing your layout size just changes the canvas you are working on…all design principles still apply.

    I don’t mind seeing completely different pages side by side in my albums, so it’s probably just preference in the end. But I think that letting go of wanting to match up things all the time – relieves stress and gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in your scrapbooking.

  • I certainly understand the too many photos problem. My solution is to usually create a minibook or digital photobook – for big events – because you just can’t scrap that many pages. You can still scrap the main images, but then include all the other photos in a more basic layout…as supporting the story (for those of us who have trouble cutting photos too!) This works for your scrapbook albums too…I’ll scrap the main photo for the story, almost like a title opening page, then include pages and pages of photo pockets!

  • Melinda Kirk

    I do a fair few double page layouts – usually events like Christmas and birthdays or trips need a double to feel like they are done. Becky’s sketches offer plenty of ideas for using 10 more more photos so I usually start there. If I really have a lot of photos I will make a concertina out of cardstock, 6 and a bit inches wide and folded every 4 and a bit inches. It takes up the same amount of space on the layout as a 6×4 photo but allows me to include up to ten extra photos. Whe I put the page into my album I just slit the page protector and feed concertina through so it sits on top of the plastic. Big ones I sometimes tie down with a ribbon. Works for me :)

  • Melinda Kirk

    Noell you asked for comments for the 100th epidode about how PRT has effected listeners and I can’t work out a better place to put it – so here it is:  In short the Roundtable has completely changed the landscape of my scrapbooking world. I have been listening since early 2011 and have heard most of the back catalog now and am better for it! Stacey gave me Library of Memories (and so did Abe Rare Books for a HUGE sum, worth every cent). To quote the master it is totally cool. Ali gave me Yesterday and Today and with that class came a mastery of my vintage photos and a collection of genius story starters that I have used over and over. Izzy, aside from invaluable comic relief, gave me Instacast and removed iTunes from my weekly routine – grateful doesn’t begin to describe it Izzy. Anna gave me the most fabulous glitter on the planet and an appreciation that on the scale of glitterfication my house may not be as glitterific as I thought. Noell always seems to manage to ask the very question I want to hear the answer to and Nancy gives me endless motivation, because if Nancy can find time to scrapbook with her busy life then so can I. Each and every guest gives me inspiration and every episode leaves me feeling like I have just taken a really good class. So, Roundtable, let me sincerely say a heartfelt thank you. Thanks for giving the time, thanks for motivation and inspiration, thanks for bringing me rich content, thanks for keeping me connected to an ever changing industry. Just thanks. Oh and…..Amen to that!

  • Colleen H.

    I’m having trouble with the “prttwelve” coupon code. Little help please?

  • Colleen H.

    OK – working now. Thanks.

  • I do double 8×11 pages a lot too! I like that size.

  • What is happening when you try to purchase, Colleen? It seems to be working for others — I heard from PRT after the first day that a lot of audience members had purchased already.

    You should proceed with a purchase as usual and there will be a chance to enter the code — it probably says “coupon code” or something. If it’s not accepting your code, please give me specifics of what is happening — what you’re doing and what the site is doing in response — and I’ll send it to Kayce. Or you can try emailing BPC directly.

    Just need a specific description!

  • I used to always do 2 page layouts until I started doing Project Life by Becky Higgins. Now I seem to make one page layouts and add them to my project life album when I feel a need to scrapbook a “traditional layout”, have a ton of good and interesting photos, or big events that just one or two photos won’t cut it ( like birthdays, and holidays). I have also changed over the years by doing all different sizes and adding them to my 12 by 12 albums, like 6 by 12’s, or 3- 4×6’s in a row vertically- front to back. I think it is because I take so many more photos now than I used to when I first started scrapbooking 10 years ago, but not every photo could possibly be scrapbooked ( and shouldn’t) but I still like to display them.  I really love the freedom of using all different sizes and love the look of pages peeking under other ones, it’s like they are saying, look at me, look at me. I think it keeps the album interesting. Great episode!

  • Another great show ladies. Thanks so much for having Stacy talk about her new class, I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to be, but hearing Stacy discuss it made me jump on board. I should just always trust that anything Stacy does is awesome. (duh)  Anyway I scrap two page layouts all the time.  I am a photos first kind of scrapper so the two page layout is a great canvas for my photos. It’s true that it would be nice if there was more inspiration out there for two page layouts. I am a great one for scraplifting. I don’t think I’ve had an original idea in years- just pilfering the creativity of others. Luckily Noell has many great two pagers in her Paperclipping tutorials. (I’m no shmo) and I do tend to reach back to tried and true idea books like Becky Higgins sketches which has many two page layouts. Thanks so much for this show. I look forward to it each week. 

  • I like to scrap 12 inch square LO’s one or two page but am
    not adverse to other sizes, quantities and shapes of pages and even mini books.
    That being said, I have a number of friends and acquaintances who exclusively
    scrap DPLO’s with cardstock matted photos because that is how they were taught
    and hell will need to freeze over before they change. Some, just say, “What
    will I do with all these photos if I don’t do a 12 inch square DPLO?” I find
    that just wandering around a crop, one sees double page scrappers are in the

    These folk are probably why on the CK submissions page they
    say that DPLO’s are the preferred submissions. Yet, folks who do pages for
    scrapbook magazines do not often make DPLO’s. In part, I think it is because some
    magazines favor DT projects, which feature the latest stuff. I’m sure it’s just
    easier to work with that one sheet of paper from the company as a base and find
    items from the release to co-ordinate than it is to make up a big DPLO canvas.
    Smaller working surface, easier to produce a product and easier to find a few
    great pictures to go on that page. Nonetheless, you are so right Noelle –
    consumer frustration.

    I just started digi with BPC’s LOAD class and carried that
    over to May and Nic’s Double Take class.
    Some classmates made templates from the page designs generated by May and Nic,
    which was wonderful. I saw that DPLO’s in digi had the advantage of no worries
    about having enough of the right size and color of elements and papers to add
    to the page. Love the unlimited nature of digi for that! Double page and digi designs
    also seem to me the natural choice when there is a lot of journaling needed.

    Love the discussion from May and Stacy about design on a DPLO.
    Using a line or block of photos or working from the inside out are some very
    helpful suggestions. Allison Davis is a designer with very good DPLO ideas. I
    like getting inspiration from her designs when I have a boatload of photos. Of
    course, I print at home so I do have a lot of flexibility with arranging
    picture sizes on a page.

    I appreciate Noelle’s comment about not having a similar
    color scheme to two very separate pages. That being said I like a consistent
    theme to all the pages in a mini album where there is a story that runs through
    the whole album; but, not a rule, don’t always do that.

    Thanks for that Disney Mathmagic
    link. As a child, I always loved the movies with Donald and Goofy. (The Mickey
    ones made me uncomfortable.) This video does pack a lot of info into very
    little time. Math is such a beautiful subject!

    I loved hearing May talk about her quick scrapbooking. She
    is such a kick to go to a crop with. I’m there with some crazy stitch and detail
    technique intensive Carol Wingert creation or such. She’s there whipping out a
    zillion pages with inking, painting, punching, glitter and buttons and chatting
    all the while. And lunch and coffee do get done, too. It’s been a while, May, we
    need to plan something for early 2012!

    I’m also looking forward to 2012 and Stacy’s Twelve class. It does sound like fun.

    As always, enjoy the podcast and all the Paperclipping
    products. Wow! One hundredth episode coming up soon; very cool.

  • Ha! LOL — thank you for your membership, Diane! Really enjoyed your comment :)

  • Karen — you and May crop together? Did I read that right?

  • Mflaum

    Yep! Karen is local and I’ve known her for years. She is such an amazing woman. Anyone who has met her will say the same. We DO need to meet up Karen! After CHA…

  • Yes, you did read that right, Noell. I met May on-line quite a number of years back when I took a class with her. When she realized I just “lived down the road a bit”, so to speak; we arranged to meet. May is such a friendly and generous spirit as well as a talented woman. I’ve met a lot of folk in person that I have met on-line and formed wonderful friendships. 
    I’m a little uncomfortable about the praise May; but, thank you. I try, as I am able, to give back to the community in time and money and try to be cheerful as I face life’s challenges (yeah, life does have a funny way of making things difficult at times). 
    The scrapbook community is a fun place to hang out. We get to tell our stories and create art and make good friends!

  • Yes, you did read that right, Noell. I met May on-line quite a number of years back when I took a class with her. When she realized I just “lived down the road a bit”, so to speak; we arranged to meet. May is such a friendly and generous spirit as well as a talented woman. I’ve met a lot of folk in person that I have met on-line and formed wonderful friendships. 
    I’m a little uncomfortable about the praise May; but, thank you. I try, as I am able, to give back to the community in time and money and try to be cheerful as I face life’s challenges (yeah, life does have a funny way of making things difficult at times). 
    The scrapbook community is a fun place to hang out. We get to tell our stories and create art and make good friends!

  • sarahdg

    My albums are just full of two-page “unicorns”!  As a digital scrapper, I do have to agree that when I look at online galleries I feel as though I’m in the minority.  It is very rare that I do a one-page layout, mostly because I enjoy using a lot of pictures.  Case in point: my dog recently had a playdate with another dog and I took 114 pictures of this event.  I chose about half of those to upload to my online Picasa gallery, and then nine of those to scrap in a two-page layout.  So you can see that I really did narrow it down!  I say, do whatever makes you happy.  Whether it’s a one- or two-page layout doesn’t make it better or worse.  :)

  • Shannan

    Noell, I was nodding along with your comment about pages that ‘match’ but aren’t designed to be together.  Being a digital scrapper, I only get my pages printed every couple of months. Even though I don’t scrap chronologically, I like to file my pages in my albums by date they were made. So by the time I split a new batch of printed layouts into their category albums by date, I often find two together that look matching but weren’t supposed to be (this happens a lot for me because I when I buy a new kit or patterned paper set, I get a bit obsessed with it for a bit!). So I might use a dark brown background on a page about my son, then do another brown page about him three weeks later, but those two pages end up in the same album next to each other because they were the most recent for him. It annoys me so much I have to break my file-by-date rule and split them up!

  • Charity Donaldson

    This was such a great episode. I have scrapped both one and two page layouts, but the two pages are few and far between. I love May’s Idea of just putting the twopager together and slicing up whatever goes over the center! FYI on that issue of companies that make stamps to go with dies, here’s a link to an older Scraptime post that talks about three such companies, Christine Urias would be a great guest to have on to talk about the stamps and dies that coordinate as she has been making videos showing these for quite some time and probably has a larger list that from this post. Thanks so much for the awesome show. You guys are always giving me ideas for projects and inspiration to get them done! I heart the roundtable.

  • Thank you for the suggestion!

  • Kate aka stinkydudette

    Hey guys, first time commenting and most definitely not a shmo’! I’m primarily a single page 12×12 scrapper. And as it is, I find that size rather large for me. I probably should try doing 8.5×11, but that’s another story for another time. I’ve only done a couple of double-pagers in my lifetime, and being the OCD that I am *waves to Nancy*, I find it disturbing when I view it on my D-ring album, with the gap in the middle. One way to eliminate the gap is to put them in post-bound albums, but I find organizing in them rather daunting. OR I’ve tried sewing 2 page protectors together, at the side seam, so that when you flip to that page, it opens up together. Hope I’m making sense. 

    I’m generally not an event scrapper, but when I document something with lots of photos, I just create a mini, and I find that more satisfying than a 12×24 canvas. That’s just me, of course.Love the episode as always, and I just might be tempted to attempt another double-pager! *fingers corssed*

  • Cindy deRosier

    I really enjoyed this show.  Like Nancy, I used to scrap almost nothing but 2-pagers and now scrap almost nothing but 1-pagers.  I find I enjoy the 12×12 canvas more than the 12×24.  I do still make 2-pagers, but only if I have so many pictures for one story that I need to.  

  • Kathi Roe

    I would love to hear a topic on mixed media scrapbooking.  I think it is awesome to hear what other people create scrapbook type things out of. I personally go to hardware stores and garage sale/swap meets looking for random things to put on my scrapbooks (the weirder the better).  I tend to look at the world through my scrappy glasses and everything I see, I wonder hmm…. what could I put that on or turn that into.  How can I make that something different.  I find myself putting alcohol ink on my household decor items, or putting bling on my stapler and pencil holder at work.  

    It is cool to hear other peoples ideas which tend to spiral more ideas of my own.  I don’t know how many times I have talked to other scrapbookers and thought, I could take that idea and use it but do……. adding whatever thought popped in my head.  I think a lot of traditional scrappers think inside the box when it comes to scrapbooking (ie. templates, 4×6 photos with a title…. etc).  That is fine but there is a whole group of people, like Noelle and Anna, that likes to make random things out of the unordinary.  I think that idea might make Nancy a bit twitchy (LOL) but I also think she would like to be able to scrap that way.  :)

    Anyway, as always, love the show.  You make my 30 min drive to work each day interesting.  However, I think the other drivers might think I am crazy because I am usually laughing… alone in my car.  :)   Maybe that is why they move away from me.  Hmm, PRT might also help alleviate traffic for me…. interesting thought.  LOL

    Thanks for the show.  BTW – haven’t heard Izzy’s hillarious input as much lately, I miss it!

  • Katie Scott

    Happy Thanksgiving!  Off Topic Comment:  I was listening to the Hone Your Intuition show after doing Bikram Yoga today and didn’t hear my comment (because I was in the shower afterwards when that part played) that you read but I think I had written in about doing scrapbooking everyday and sometimes its about process and sometimes its about the end result; and it struck me that I didn’t really tell my full story in that comment:  Sometimes I scrapbook everyday, like physical exercising; and sometimes I go on “scrapbook hiatus” when I don’t scrapbook for weeks or even months.  I tend to go on these hiatuses around the holidays but not necessarily during the holidays, I give scrapbooking a break when it is not coming easily to me.  Then, after a time, I’ll miss it and come back to it with renewed vigor.  Just like physical exercise, I try do exercise daily but sometimes I’ll take a week off and come back with new strength – especialy in Bikram Yoga – after I take a break I often find that I’ll make a breakthrough in a particular pose.  Just thought I’d share that I wasn’t an everyday or daily scrapbooker all the time.  :) As always I love the show.  P.S. Do you eat vegan turkey today?  :) Katie Scott.

  • Eating a Tofurkey! Super good!

    I’ve learned that with dance, too. We had a week break and I thought I’d come back all stiff and sore but on the first day back I felt better than ever!

  • Kim

    Hi Noelle! I loved the show this week… great topic, and I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s take on 2-page layouts. I listened with interest to the reasons why you like them (Stacy) and why you don’t (Nancy). A couple weeks ago I was away at a weekend-at-the-beach crop retreat, and the 2-pagers versus 1-pagers issue came up at my crop table. One of my scrappy friends wanted to know what my issues are with 2-pagers because I *HATE* doing them. I absolutely despise them! I can definitely count on one hand the number of 2-pagers I have created during 2011. I hate doing them because they take too much thought, are  too much work, and they usually require me to have more than one sheet of a certain paper! On our way to the beach weekend crop we stopped at a scrapbook store in Newport News, VA called Picture to Page. In the store I saw an alternative to the side-by-side 2-page layout that I really liked. It was a 12×12 layout with what looked like a 7×12 sheet of double-sided patterned paper folded over from the top of the layout (attached to the back of the layout with about a half-inch overlap). When you lift it, you have almost a vertical 2-pager, and when you leave it closed it looks like a regular 12×12 page. I loved it so much I took a picture of it so I could try the technique at the crop. I used it to scrap 7 of last year’s Thanksgiving photos and I absolutely loved the result. You can view the layout as one page, but when you lift it, the rest of the photos and journaling are revealed. SO COOL! I now think that this is the only type of 2-pager I will do. So I just wanted to share this idea with you and your listeners. As always, thanks for a great show and a very interesting discussion!

  • This is a totally new and unique idea to me! If you finish a layout like that and photograph it please come back and share!

  • After this episode, I find myself feeling so scrap-happy (seriously)! I loved this episode and found its timing interesting–I’ve been making a few two page 8 1/2 x 11 layouts from some older 12×12 ones that I’m “reclaiming” for an 8 1/2 x 11 album. Like some of your guests, I hadn’t really thought about whether I scrap 1 or 2 pages more often.  I usually follow the story’s lead.  I’ve even done a four-page layout (about our time learning ASL when Duncan was younger).

    LOVE the questions you pose, Noell–always makes me think!  =)

    PS: HUGS and happiness for the season, too!

  • KatieK.

    Thanks for having Stacy on the show. Her explanation of the new class seals the deal for me to sign up soon. I had read the info at the BPC site but it was the discussion here on this show that helped me understand why I need and want to take the class as well as understand the pricing level. Maybe there should be an asterisk at BPC site with a link to this show – nothing like shameless promotion where it is truly warranted!
    I have always done 2 pagers when the story/photo needs it. And when it is just a 1 pager, I try to design the 2nd to have it pleasing to eye as a 2 pager. I never knew there was so much angst re: designing or doing whatever number pages one does. This show helped explain why we don’t see them out there in the visual media which can lead folks like myself to think that no one does them anymore. Not that it would change my approach. But I like to be in the ‘know’.Kt

  • Katie Scott

    Just finished a busy week last week & have a bazillion pictures & I am making a 2 page layout right now for that Scout Camping Trip!  Having 2 pages will allow me to neatly get 18 photos on one layout.  That is kind of awesome – so thanks for the reminder on the “double trucks” (which is what they call 2 page layouts for ads in the phone books).

  • Woo hoo! Thank you for sharing how the show helped with your decision on Stacy’s class!

    P.S.> I would love it if they linked to the show, lol! :)

  • ErinK.

    I just wanted to make a comment about the Twelve class…I had not really even considered this class as it is somewhat expensive for MY budget.  I LOVE Stacy, but don’t really have the kind of money to spend on scrap classes.  However I after listening to you all talk about the class I have to say that I will find some way to take this class!  I really think that you should post this over on BPC as the audio that goes with the class…Stacy u r amazing!

    Thanks to you all for another great class.  BTW I used to NEVER make single page lo’s…now I would say that I do them at least 75% of the time.  But I have also evolved into a more story based scrapper..not a use every photo and 50 pounds of product! 

  • Theresa

    Is there any way to receive the discount for “twelve”, after I have already purchased it?

  • We’re not in charge of that. You’d have to contact Big Picture and ask them. And most likely, you would have needed to have used our link to get to their site when you signed up so they’d know you didn’t discover this after you already purchased.
    Good luck! I hope you love the class! :)

  • Hello!
    I spent the holidays catching up on LOTS of scrapping and MANY episodes of PRT, including this one. I guess I am the unusual person who still does many 2 page layouts, but of course, I am also the unusual person who scraps chronologically!! Haha, isn’t it funny how people feel the need to define what kind of scrapbooker they are? I just do what I like, and part of that is wrapping up one year at a time. I I also like to show off several photos from events that happen throughout the year, so 2 pagers work well for me. 

    I just wanted to say thanks for another great episode, it inspired me to think alot about the ‘2 page debate’. I post a few LO’s and thoughts on my blog: I’m  still catching up on old episodes, but really looking forward to your 100th. Congratulations!