PRT089 – Makes Me Want to Go Make Something

Today’s episode is all about stamping! Come listen!

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  • A new show!  Hooray!  Can’t wait to listen.  For some reason this one isn’t appearing in my iTunes no matter how many times I hit refresh.  Wanted to take this ep with me on my run this morning, but I will settle for listening on the computer when I get home.  Love stamping!

  • Disregard!  Whatever tech issues I was having are resolved.  :)

  • What a great show! 
    I love it when Ali is on, and it was so nice to “discover” Nichol! ESPECIALLY after hearing how much she uses her Silhouette. You  could do a whole show on people using die cut machines–especially the Silhouette– and I would be a happy girl! I just got a new machine, and I’m having trouble using my Silhouette for more than just titles and small accents. 

  • Great ideas for a show…although might want to separate the manual machines and the electric ones… so many things to consider when someone wants to buy one of those tools!

  • When Izzy said he’ll get double what he’s paid, I had to laugh, because we joke about that within my family sometimes – zero doubled…is still zero :P LOL

    Thanks for reading my comment and I realize it might have sounded silly that handwriting would actually go away. But seriously, there are many people who type everything! I appreciate all my snail mail correspondence, but when it’s type-written, it does feel weird.

  • It was nice to hear about Nichol’s thought process of planning out what stamps she could use in scrapbooking. Perhaps like any other tool or material, you become more familiar with it over time, learning how to make use and take advantage of it. 
    I do love the ability to duplicate and match colors with stamping. I also love the imperfection of stamping – that splotchy texture that comes out is actually very cool looking. Probably for the same reasons why we love handmade items as well. Imperfection is a good thing!
    On the other hand, I do crave the digital cutting machines…the detail you can cut out – wow!

  • Christine Guest

    Noel, when I heard that you and Izzie are also homeschooling a third grader with a “pencil allergy” I thought, Oh, when my oldest boy was in 3rd grade, doing some copy work before he had to write his own sentences really helped.  Sometimes he’d dictate his sentance to me, then copy what I wrote.  There can be such a lag between thinking a sentence, and writing it down.  I was feeling so “been there done that,” when I remembered that MY 3rd grade homeschool boy is in the midst of a worse pencil allergy – and I need to apply my own advice!  (I love Susan Wise Bauer’s Writing with Ease for this stuff – I need to get that out again)

    And back to scrapbooking – I’ve scrapped pages about our field trips to put in the boy’s portfolios, but I’ve never made a scrapbook about my self as a homeschool mom.  (Oh, yeah, the blog is full of stories about me as a homeschool Mom, guess that counts.)  I can see a few titles: “the Dread Pencil Allergy,” “I’ve now taught kindergarten through Jr High,” “This is more interesting than just staying home with a toddler,” “Now that they are polite and potty trained I want to hang out with them myself,” and “What about Socialisation?”

  • Christine Guest

    I agree.

    By the way, I got terrific customer service from Spellbinders when I broke a gear cranking a much too thick sandwich through.

  • Sheila

    Loved the show as always. I actually have to chime in on the kitchen fire thing. I haven’t been cooking all that long, and a few months ago, I had a little mishap myself. My husband mocked up a “Workplace Safety” sign, complete with a fake paper pad for the number of days “since last pan fire.” It’s stuck on 1, but it’s only had to come out one other time :) I’m definitely gonna scrap it at some point!

  • Anne Walterich

    Hey all, haven’t listened to this show…yet. I “saved” 20 PRTs to listen to while driving from Western NY to Southern FL over 2 days, so I need to “save” at least 2 for the ride home. You were great company for the ride down I-75 and I look forward to enjoying some new episodes as I make my way to the great white north. No, I could NOT have done this had my boyfriend been in the car with me. Keep up the good work!

  • LOL! Too funny!

  • Wow! Glad we can accompany you! Enjoy your trip!

  • daney

    i am about 1/2 thru the show – so maybe this is premature to ask, but having reviewed the notes, I suspect it’s ok – I am pretty inexperienced at stamping – I have a variety of products and a ton of stamps, but I just dont’ have confidence in using them.  Are there some basic resources you’d recommend to get down the tips/tricks that any stamper “ought to know”? 

  • Saire

    Loved the show, as always. Have been wondering about distress stains and stamping and Nancy answered the question on the show this week. I have been enjoying the show for years and just recently became a paperclippping member. Paperclipping has such a practical approach to scrapbooking. I don’t feel like I have to run out to buy a specific item in order to benefit from the show. Although sometimes I have gone out to buy an item reviewed on the show and I haven’t been disappointed.

  • Yep, we did share them in the show! One of them is even in the show notes — it’s that Get It Scrapped class! Sounds exactly like what you’re looking for! :)

  • Yay, thank you for your membership! I’m glad you like it!!

  • Kdgdi

    Where do you send paper clipping roux table mail for possibly the “male” to read? I have looked for a contact spot all over this website. Please let me know. Thanks, Diane

  • We take mail from the comments! Just leave your mail as a comment on the most recent episode for better chances it’ll be picked to read!

  • Kdgdi

    Thanks. I found your email by clicking your name after I wrote to you ;)

  • Yay!  An episode on stamping :)  

    I have an idea for an episode.  I have been thinking about the evolution from just “scrapbooking” to “memory keeping.”  I keep seeing the term memory keeping used more and more and  I love it.  Yesterday, I went to Jessica Turner’s blog (The Mom Creative) to read some of her “31 Days of Memory Keeping” series.  Ali Edwards now uses the tag line “Memory Keeping for the Modern World.”  Finally, I could not wait to download the new book from Ella Publishing, which provides “Memorable Reads for Memory Keepers.”

    I think that this is both a philosophical shift and practical shift for many scrapbookers.  We do a greater variety of memory keeping now including photo books and Project Life.  For me, the big shift is using my blog for memory keeping.  Some of this evolution may be due to time constraints in our lives, but I think that people are enjoying so many forms of memory keeping.    

  • I figured that a comment that long deserves a blog post:

  • I love this topic idea — I’ve been using the phrase for a specific reason (which I’ll save for that show episode!!!). I think the reason is because so much is digital now. You listed some specific examples that were all digital, and my own reason is digital too.

    Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll fit it into the schedule somewhere between now and the next three months. :)

  • I am looking forward to it!  I enjoy the variety of topics on the show.  

  • HeatherC

    this episode makes me want to go make something too!   I generally do not stamp in my books — afraid of the mess and messing up my book — but started using more stamps with my Project Life and I think I am going to have to venture to my big books. I also think that making my stamps visible where I work is important  too — I am thinkig of mounting a board on my wall so I can put them out — if you can’t see it you don’t use it!

  • Mel

    Loved this episode (they are all FAB) but it was especially nice to hear you all focus on stamping!

  • I’d love to be on that one if you end up doing it Noell. For me it’s about making it more all-encompassing…that it’s not just about 12×12 layouts. There are so many more options and avenues allowing us to welcome more people into experiencing the benefits of documenting their lives.

  • Made of note of it, Ali! Thanks for volunteering!

  • Sam @ LearnCreateDo

    hi, I know I’m playing catch up listening to Roundtable but I just had to say that Izzy’s comment on stamping as a kid reminded me of some photos I found of my husband and daughter when she was about 4. They were running up and down the hallway stamping each other face and all….then took photos of them each other. Yes I have scrapped these.

  • How funny! How long did it take to wear off your husband’s face?