PRT081 – Organization On the Move

This week we’re talking about one of your favorite topics: organizing your scrapbooking stuff! Come listen!

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  • I’ve been mounting a small Expedit shelf from Ikea while listening to the first part of the recording :)

    I’m moving my scraproom to the master bedroom :) I’ve moved my bed to a smaller bedroom since I don’t need a bigger one just for sleeping. The master bedroom gets so much daylight even in Winter, and, although is not as big as rooms are in the USA, I love to have more space :)

    I’ll post some pics as soon as I’m done :)

    Now I’m going to finish listening to the recording :)

  • I’m all for making your homes fit your needs, especially when some thing seem wasteful — like giant master bedrooms! I totally get that!!!! Have fun with that switch!

  • I’m all for making your homes fit your needs, especially when some thing seem wasteful — like giant master bedrooms! I totally get that!!!! Have fun with that switch!

  • ona

    So glad you had Christine on. Hers is one of may favorite blogs. She IS organized, but I’d say she’s also a wealth of information when it comes to supply and tool techniques; I’d love for you to have her on for a PRT covering that subject.

  • Girlwhoscraps

    Hi Noell,
    First of all, for some reason, it wouldn’t let me comment using Internet Explorer. I opened up the page using firefox and it’s working just fine. Loved the episode, as always. I have a separate question, though. Are you going to be sharing more of your yesterday and today layouts that you’re working on from Ali’s class? Also, are these layouts getting their own album or are you adding them to your “This is Us” album? I apologize if these questions have already been answered and I missed the answer.Thank you! Krystal

  • That’s good to know about IE, Krystal — I’ve had a couple of people tell me they can’t get the comments to work, so it’s good to know they should switch browsers.

    I haven’t answered that question. I did buy a separate album for that. I have it pictured in a post that I meant to put up on Friday, but I think I forgot from all the other stuff I was focused on that day! It’ll probably go up fairly soon.

    As for sharing those pages, I mainly share the pages that fit with the topics I cover for the Paperclipping Video tutorials. So when I do layouts that will go into Y & T, they might fit into the next episode I’m doing, or they might fit a few months down the road.

    I have a few pics printed up for a couple yesterday pages that I hope to do soon.

    Just a thought that might help you with your question — my Y & T album is slightly different from Ali’s. I don’t want to put any pages in it that are strictly “Today” pages. Those go in my This is Noell album, or Everyday Things We Do, etc. I actually didn’t do any of her assignments that had only had to do with today.

    I *am* putting pages in the Y & T that *compare* yesterday to today. And I’m
    putting pages in there that cover my childhood only.

  • Sheila

    Thought I’d share how I store my page protectors. I have an American Crafts album I wasn’t using, so I just keep them in an album. Some are in the package, and some I have just loose in there. The album is full enough of protectors that they stay upright and nice. I use a lot of different sizes, so I think this may be easier for me than having a stack in a drawer. I organize them roughly by size: first the 6×6’s, 6×12’s, then the 8×8’s, 8.5×11’s, then 12x12s, including various photo pocket pages for all the various sizes.

  • Cathie

    I really like this idea. I usually leave my page projectors in their albums but maybe if I moved them all into one album I’d use them move often.  Thanks!

  • I really enjoyed seeing Christine’s desk.  I had already seen her studio and remembering commenting at the time that nothing was labeled.  I wish my memory were that good.

  • This makes me wonder: Do you (as in everyone) store your page protectors, finish a page, retrieve the protector and insert the page and protector into the appropriate album?  Usually when I get a new album I put the page protectors into the album right away. So there’s always a stack waiting for pages.  I suppose some people would find that unsightly and would want the last page of the album to be the last page of the album to be an actual page rather than a stack of empties.

    This doesn’t mean that I don’t have stacks of page protectors though – to me an album is usually “done” when it’s full (as opposed to doing albums that span a specific duration or event), so when I know that no more are going in that album I’ll take out the excess pages and dump them in a drawer in my Iris cart. When I buy a new album I’ll check the drawer first to see if I need extra protectors. 

    An aside: Having worked at a scrapbook store for a while, I have a little tip: always buy page protectors when you buy the album, especially if the albums is “special”.  Meaning, a weird size or anything other than American Crafts, WRMemoryKeepers, CM, Pioneer.  I’ve seen too many broken hearted women because they bought an XYZ Brand baby album three years ago and now the can’t find the right protectores.

  • I store the packaged protectors separately. I’ve had issues with the protectors getting bent and creased when they’re empty in the album, plus I like to mix up sizes. So I don’t really want to open all of my albums and add all the different sizes I might potentially use in it.

  • Sheila

    I do generally keep some 12×12 protectors in the back of an album, but I use a lot of different sizes/page pocket configurations. And I have a lot of spare protectors on hand. Also, I often find myself going to my album of page protectors when I’m adding something different to Project Life.

  • Norma

    I just wanted to chime in on the containers topic…we don’t formally entertain much (well, like never), and I have several lovely glass or crystal serving bowls/dishes/etc that I inherited from my mother.  I decided recently that rather than leave them hidden in a cabinet I could use them as beautiful storage for various scrapbooking items (like twine, small metal embellishments, embroidery floss, bling…)  I’m loving this arrangement.  I have beautiful items to inspire me and serve a useful purpose, and as a bonus remind me of my mom.  Thanks for another great episode!

  • great subject at a great time – as I am cleaning my combo scrap room / office space and re-organizing. I’m looking forward to gleaning some ideas from Christine’s room too as some of the organization she is using I also am already using – like ribbon rings. My “problem” comes when I am packing to really go on the move to a crop. 2 times a year we do a weekend getaway & even though I preplan my pages to not take my whole room with me (yikes!) packing up the ribbon brings interesting challenges. Sometimes, what works in my space doesn’t work “on the road” as well.

  • Brooke

    I thought I would chime in here too (from Saudi Arabia) on page protectors. I store mine flat in a drawer. I put 12×12 dividers (from Cropper Hopper) between the different sizes. Several listeners asked about keeping empty page protectors in albums – I do not keep empty page protectors in my albums, but I do keep a small stack of 8.5×11 and 12×12 page protectors on the shelf near my albums. When I make a layout, if there is no empty spot in a page protector in the album, I add one from that stash on the shelf. Thanks for a great show, as always.