PRT080 – The Glitter Queens

We’re talking about glitter in this one! Come listen!

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  • Hi all!!

    Loved the show… I have to say it was very comforting to hear Ana’s update on her scrap loft because I, too, am finding the process to be very slow and a bit overwhelming!! You really hit the nail on the head when you said a couple things – first, that real life tends to complicate & slow the process down and second, the COST! Even something as simple as file folders or cute storage boxes or paper trays get pricey, especially when you buy anything in any kind of quantity. My own project is coming along but very, very slowly, which can get frustrating when what I really want to be doing is scrapping, not sorting! Thanks so much for sharing Ana!!

    I also must confess I’m probably more on the Glitter Grinch side like Nancy than a Glitter Queen (LOL… just can’t deal with those stray specks everywhere!) but when Shimelle suggested the disposable camera idea, I had an idea for those who want to try something with their SLR. I would think that putting the glittery product on an old filter before putting the filter on the camera would achieve the same effect, plus it’s removable. Maybe a use for those scratched up filters you wouldn’t use otherwise? Might have to try that someday…

    One other glitter note… when I listened to Shimelle this morning I kept thinking about my current favorite commercial… it’s just so cute! It’s the one for Target with the elementary teacher listing off school supplies and the end is the part that always makes me giggle. If you haven’t seen it, there’s a Youtube clip of it at I’ve never met Shimelle but that’s exactly how I picture you!! (meant as a compliment, of course!)

    Thanks for the fun show!! I was totally entertained during my morning walk… :)

  • Cathy R

    Hello Roundtable Friends!

    I really enjoyed this show!  In fact as I was listening I was using smooch spray in silver on an embellishment!  My motto in life and in scrapbooking is “fine jewelry is appropriate no matter what the occasion is!”  Just ask my husband. LOL! 

    In response to Anna’s comments about her scrap loft I must say that as someone who has graduated from a computer armoir in the living room to a whole (albeit a very small) craft room I find that I am still sorting, changing out, rearranging things in it.  I think that is part of our creative nature.I continually move things about, just like I do on my scrapbook page until I feel it’s just right.  The only things in my scrapbook room that never ever are changed out other than furniture I can’t move are the photos of my loved ones.  I love seeing those photos whenever I glance up from my work.

    Thanks again for a great show.  I look forward each week to seeing what yall have to say and I can’t tell you how much I have learned from you all. Thank you for taking the time and energy to do what you do.

  • Loved the show as always!  On the Glitter Queen – Glitter Grinch spectrum, I’m closer to the grinch end of things, but I still enjoyed learning more about something I don’t use very often.  Lots of great tips and helpful advice for when I do want things to sparkle.

    And I loved learning that Izzy is a ballroom dancer!  I met my husband through ballroom too.  Though he wasn’t a dancer- he was the lighting designer for a show I was in.  I’m always telling my single male friends they should get into ballroom.  It’s the best place ever to meet women!  I can’t count the number of friends who met and got married through ballroom.

  • Yes! My scrapbooking is always evolving, and I think that’s how it is with most of us. So our organization methods have to evolve with those changes, too.

  • A lot of our friends met and got married through ballroom dance, too!

  • I love glitter, but tend towards glitter glue or pages that are preglittered because somehow loose glitter and small people is a bit much for me.  I work at a university as an attorney and we actually don’t let people use glitter in spaces they rent from us as it is impossible to get it ever truly clean… which pretty much sums up why I don’t usually have the loose glitter around even though I loved playing with it as a kid.

  • Anonymous

    We lost our photos once when we first went digital. So now I’m obsessed about backing up. I keep all my photos, scrapkits and layouts on external hard drives. Each month, the new stuff gets put on DVDs. The DVDs go in the fire safe. And, most recently, I added off-site storage (switching from Mozy to CrashPlan when Mozy raised their rates). CrashPlan is awesome because it backs up my EHDs and doesn’t require reassociating the files every time, and is priced reasonable at under $150 for 4 years of unlimited storage. It also doesn’t delete files after 30 days (if you set that preference). This is key because sometimes you can delete files without realizing it right away.

    I definitely recommend the multiple media, multiple locations concept. So, if you have SD cards and want to use them, go for it. But, make yourself another copy by either using a service, or uploading to Flickr or Picasa or something else. Once you’ve lost everything, you realize it’s worth the time and effort.

  • I just listened to this glittering episode and it rocked! Ana and Shimelle, THANK YOU for all your awesome glitter suggestions and tips! I have so much glitter just sitting here waiting for me to dive into :)

  • I’ve been meaning to look into online options, so thank you for this recommendation and all the info you provided on it!

    I do upload my edited favorite pics to flickr as full-resolution, so I see it as a worst-case backup, but it’s not complete. I want all of my original RAW files backed up offline.

    Thanks again!!!

  • First off, I loved, loved, loved this show. I love the chemistry between everyone on the show this week–so great and amusing. 

    Second, this is totally off topic, but I’ve been searching for the “perfect” kraft paper cardstock and I’ve had ZERO luck finding any. I know it’s been mentioned before (I think as a pick?) but does anyone have suggestions for great kraft cardstock? 12×12 or 8.5×11–either works! 


  • Kristina White

    I am surprised no one mentioned “art institute glitter”.  It totally rocks and doesn’t even come close to the martha stewart glitter with quality. 

  • Kristina White

    bazzill kraft is really nice and if you need a darker kraft, Michaels store brand isn’t too bad.  I also LOVE to use the “basic grey–basics” line when needing kraft as my background paper. 

  • Yay – so glad you enjoyed the glittery roundtable!

    I use kraft cardstock by both Bazzill and American Crafts and would happily recommend either.  Kraft cardstock is usually a little lighter in weight than some of the textured cardstocks, but once it’s in your album both brands are nice and sturdy! :)

  • First I have to say, almost as much as the “live” from CHA, this episode made me feel I was just sitting in a corner listening to everyone have a chat. I love that about PRT! But even more, I *loved* this episode! I’m sort of a glitter “grinch” but after all the ideas shared, I might just embrace glitter now. I have all these supplies you talked about sitting in a drawer & have been uninspired to use them. Now I am so inspired! Thank you!!! (BTW, I’ll be listening to this episode again just so the ideas stay fresh.)

  • Awesome!! Thank you so much for letting us know how this episode was for you, even a “glitter grinch!”

  • Thanks so much for the suggestions! Do you know if carries these? I’ve searched for “kraft” but nothing really came up. Do they go by other names? 

    Also, I’ve LOVED  “discovering” you through PRT. It’s so nice to see someone scrapbooking that doesn’t have kids– It makes me feel less “alone” and I love that! 

  • DeeDee Scraps

    Just finished listening to the personality ep + this one back to back and there was some discussion regarding stamping as a possible future topic on the PRT. Nichol Macguoirk would be a good guest. I enjoy watching her work stamping into her scrapbook pages in her 2Peas vids. What about a collage artist who uses stamping a lot. A few questions that came to mind:
    – How to store inkpads to maximise their life? Some blogs recommend storing pigments face down, I store Distress inks right way up because Tim says to. I’ve read some magazine advice that said face-down for dye inks is best because of the thinner consistency.
    – Unmounted rubber: Is e-z mount the only option?
    – How do you organise stamps to make sure you can find what you want when you want it? I don’t need advice on this one, but some of my friends struggle with it and think my approach is crazy, but I love it. I’ve moved the majority of my clear stamp collection from 3-ring binder storage with the sets divided into thematic categories into CD cases organised by category for individual stamps  – ie, all of the “tree” stamps are in the same case, regardless of whether it is a Basic Grey or Inkadinkadoo stamp (I’ll just pause a second so some of you folks can climb back into your seats). I did this becuase I got sick of going through all 4 of my 2-inch binders so I could see all the different journalling spots that I had in different sets. I’ve kept all the index sheets and file them in a 3-ring as a kind of master reference guide, so even though all the flowers are kept together, I can still go and find which design belongs to which company if required.

  • I think it makes total sense to organize them by what they are! It’s all about how you look for stamps!

    Thank you for the topic ideas!!

  • Becky

    Noell, I have been catching up on the previous Roundtable’s…which I love. I just wanted to say that you always make me smile when I hear you giggling in the background.

  • Thanks! That’s great, since I tend to get giggly a lot! ;)

  • jersey Girl Anne

    I do not use glitter at all! I might try some of the mists at some point, But I still really enjoyed the topic.  Iam hoping that you will do an episode on stamping and different inks. I am using internet explore w/out any problems

  • We’re working on that topic! It’ll be a few weeks away at least. :)

    And thx for your feedback abt IE, too!

  • nicmackin

    I have meant to post this since Ana’s first mention of Glass Glitter…Jenni Bowlin sells it on her website too. I learned about this amazing glitter when I took her Big Picture class and have purchased every color she has on her site. I LOVE it. The website is under General Store-Supplies. Here is the direct link:
    Love the show!!!
    Nicole Mackin

  • OMG, I just love Shimelle’s idea with the disposable camera. I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve used one of those actually… I wonder if we forget sometimes that our photos don’t have to be “studio” perfect… those old snapshots and funky sort of “off” photos are actually very endearing… :)