PRT079 – The Personality Episode

What happens when you have a bunch of scrapbookers take a personality test and then talk about how their personalities affect their scrapbooking?

Well, that’s exactly what we do in this week’s episode. Come listen!

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The Panel

The Personality Test

Click here to see the personality test we all took.


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  • I loved this episode!  It was so interesting to hear everyone’s results and how they play out in their scrapping.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Noell and Izzy!  I wanted to comment on the solutions that I sent Leslie a while back. Here’s what I sent her:
     I know you can build an album in Shutterfly and then share it without
    ordering it.  I would try there. They could also create PowerPoint and
    then put the slides in a pdf, upload the pdf to a site.  When they send
    the link of the pdf to views, it will open in their browser with an
    acrobat interface and will have the ability to navigate just like you
    would any PDF in Acrobat.  I hope that helps a little.

    The email I got from her didn’t indicate she wanted the page turning feature specifically (or I missed it), but with that in mind, you can get this feature with any type of document (Word, PDF, etc.) in Issuu looks very simple and even the extremely “non-techy” could handle it :)

    Thanks! This was a super fun show to listen to!

  • Thanks for sharing with us, Steph! Hope you’re doing well!

  • Mel

    Hey all. Loved this week is was so interesting  that there are reasons for how we do things certain ways and that if we don’t understand someone elses point of view it could be because we just ‘can’t’ see it. Not that we don’t want to just that it doens’t fit on our heads.

    I also kept thinking as I listened, about how scrapbook classes and tutorials that I’ve taken in the past were hard for me to grasp. I was bieng taught how to do something in a ‘better way’ but if that better way is the wrong side of the scale for me appling the instructions it isn’t going to be easy to acomplish. Although I see that making efforts to change an aspect of your personality can reap rewards like being more organised or planning something. ANyway just loved this even if it wasn’t scrap heavy.

    Oh btw I took the test and it was way out so I must have gone wrong in my answering and I’m going to do it again.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Did Izzy take the test?  I’d be curious how he did, too.

  • Oh, yeah, he did! I think he was ISFJ or maybe ISFP ???

    His was called Artisan- something. Oh shoot, I can’t remember!

  • Denise

    I am an INFJ too!  (89/12/75/33)  I’ve learned this about a year ago after taking the test and it has helped me a ton understand myself in relation to the rest of the world.  It is nice to see there are a bunch of us here. 

  • jersey Girl Anne

    I loved this episode. It was also fun to take the test. I am a scrapbooker but would love to have more knowledge in stampping and I also really need to learn and understand how all the different inks are used and for what. It totally confuses me!

  • I agree with all those stampers and wanted to add Vicky Papaioannou from Lily Pad. Love her videos and she does great things with ink. 

    Very fun show. I loved hearing about the personality types and took the test myself. 

  • HA – that’s totally funny. You’re right – I’m totally frugal on my layouts – I actually love that perspective :).

  • Catching up on episodes and wanted to note that Nichol is definitely a stamper…but also scrapbooker. She’s totally the expert on using stamps in your scrapbooking…I find her super inspiring! Her blog is here

  • Yup, there’s definitely a lot of page turning type of software… but probably nothing branded for scrapbookers specifically. I know of … 

  • Katie Scott

    (sort of long – just skip down to paragraph #4 & 5 if you are in a hurry)

    Hi Noell & Angie & Paperclipping Roundtable Community:

    I was the one who sent the idea for this episode after having a totally engaging conversation with Angie about the Myers Briggs test and applying that to your life.  I could seriously talk about this type of stuff forever, so I loved this episode and I often times find myself thinking about how personality traits influence how we react in different situations – I especially try to think of these types of things at work in communicating with clients and resolving interpersonal issues with the 6 people in our office (5 of whom are female – so imagine how Charlie, my husband feels).  But we are very in tune with each team member’s traits and have actually used the test at work and we try to place people in certain roles depending on their strengths and weaknesses.  I’m pretty good at determining adults’ personality traits.  As you’ll learn below (if you decide to read my obnoxiously long email), I’m not so great at getting my kids’ personality traits correct.

    I am SO EXCITED and had to share!  A few months ago, I think maybe after this episode, I went through the Myer-Briggs Test from Human Metrics with the 72 questions with my son who is a nine year old with ADHD.  He quickly got bored with the test but did answer many of the questions and I was surprised by his answers that he considers himself an introvert – I always think of him as an extrovert because teachers always call him a kid-magnet and he does have a unique talent for leading and being the center of the group of kids – he does this without trying and often times somewhat  reluctantly – which he explained to me after we did the quiz how he really is an introvert.  I challenged him on this in our discussion, but in the end I was convinced that he was, in fact, and introvert.  I wasn’t sure about the rest of the test because the questions were tedious for him so I answered with what I thought he would say, but I really was’t sure if the other characteristics were accurate or not. 

    Then, Today.  I was working on a layout about my daughter and how she is always saying “Look at Me”  “Play with Me”  “Chase Me”  …. and I was connecting that with a conversation I had with a friend of her’s mother who after meeting my daughter for only a few minutes declared “Oh!  She is a total extrovert!” And the other mom was so right – but I’d never really thought about it.  I guess maybe I equated extroverted-ness with loudness and while both of my kids are quite loud in general, my son is much more loud than my daughter – so I incorrectly assumed he was an extrovert and that because she was quieter and generally has only one or two very close friends but is not otherwise a “kid magnet” like my son – I sort of assumed she was more introverted – wrong again!  The combination of the other mom’s observation and my recent experience of being home with my daugher all week as she was home sick from school and I tried to work but didn’t get much done because every 3-4 minutes she’s ask me to “Look at  Me” or “Come to the Bathroom With Me”  (to ward off the imaginary toilet monster – which I think only comes around when she is craving attention) and generally lots of requests for me to engage with her and pay attention to her; these observations and experiences cemented in my brain that my daughter is actually an extovert and needs lots of attention – whereas my son can play happily for hours alone , even though he is also quite social, he doesn’t have as much of that “look at me” thing that she does. 

    Today I found the Myers Briggs Test for Kids!!!!  Its a quiz that the parent answers on behalf of the child, it was amazingly accurate for my daugher and I am going to do it for my son as soon as I finish this comment.  I think for parents, this is an amazing source of getting to know your kids better – because as I mentioned above, I had both of my kids pegged incorrectly on the introvert/extrovert characteristic.  I think that the Traits and Strenths lists that the  gives you is a great source of journaling prompts for scrapbooking pages about your child.  For example, my daughter is an EFJ so I could make pages about how she is friendly and outgoing and how she dislikes being along, how she thrives on praise and is active and energetic, and how she’s prefer to lead rather than to follow; and also how “finding a way to discipline their EFJ without crusing their spirit  will be a diffcult taksk for many parents”  – so true!  And that EFJ kids will grow up to be ESFJ “Caregivers” or ENFJ “Givers.  The S/N trait is not addressed in the children’s quiz.  What’s also interesting is that I’m an ENFP and I also find that my daughter and I can butt heads – and know I know that its probably because both of us like to be the one in charge.  I can’t wait to show the quiz to my husband and to implement these quizes into my scrapbooking.  I am printing off the free “Portrait of an __ __ __ Child” to include in the scrapbook about my daughter – sometimes I’ll put these types of printouts in a 8.5×11 page protector or sometimes I’ll just slip it between two 12×12 pages. 

    If you haven’t figured out your kid’s personality types go to to take the free test which is somewhere around 35 questions – its shorter than the test which is 72 questions.

    Ok, that’s all.  But this was a big deal for me & I had to share.  Thank you for all you do with the Paperclipping Roundtable!

    :) Katie Scott.