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  • Izzy, I spoke to DCWV about the upside down tree and they told me they purchased the tree. It’s built with the “top” being constructed at the base; so, no need to suspend. 
    Just adding in a few follow up comments to the CHA show comments. Prima does have some delightful white painted metal embellishments and dimensional intricate white acrylic ones that have a similar look. Graphic 45 has some cool metal button staple items and continue their metal flowers and other metal items. The vintage line from Pink Paislee had painted tin tags.Most of the patterned brads had shiny silvery rims. There are still a number of decorative paper clips; and, of course, Tim’s stuff as mentioned. So, Noell, you need not despair too much over less metal, there still is some, LOL!
    The honeysuckle pink did show up in some of my fave collections; crate paper’s Random and some Lily Bee lines. Basic Grey wasn’t there but on-line their Green at Heart has a pink that makes me think of this year’s Pantone color.
    WeRMemoryKeepers had some absolutely delicious colored albums (one in the bright pink and many others in deep rich colors). Deep and bright really seem the color trend now! WRMK also had some fun new tools. Sew Ribbon to punch and thread ribbon and monochromatic ribbon packs with 3 types of ribbon in each, and a finger held heart shaped inker. They also have a Sew Stamper that lets you add the illusion of actual stitching with a stamping tool similar to the sew easy piecing tool (the one that helps with actual stitching). 
    Professionals like doctors and lawyers have been using similar products to text expander for years for routine documents so I think Izzy is right. We are going to see text expanders in all sorts of word processors and sites like Facebook in the near future.
    Mucho thanks to Nancy and Melissa for all their work in getting info up. I certainly did not get to see everything and enjoy looking at the great photos and their commentary at Scrapbook Update. That’s a lot of good work!

  • JJ

    RE: the clear stamps vs. cling rubber…

    yeah – the rubber is better quality, but they will never get it down to the price of the clear.  What I love about the clear is that a lot are at such a low price point, I can much more easily justify the impulse purchase.  I’ll buy far fewer if the price is 4x as much (which seems to be the case with MANY brands)

  • Iceteeeeee

    Thanks for all the updates. Can’t wait to check out Nancy’s site for the pictures.

  • jenn05042005

    I am so glad my boss is out of the office right now, because I totally busted out laughing when Izzy said that each Pantone color has its own lobbyist!!! ROFL!!!

  • HeatherC

    New CHA products — this year I have seen many of the products mentioned (including the new Authentique) at Archivers and DCVW items at Michaels. I agree with Nancy about the “boutique” shopping thing.  I tend to use big box craft stores for general supplies, but for the more speciality items, you need to go to the specialty stores or online. 

  • thank you Melissa for introducing me to  please put this in the show notes for everyone else to see!

  • Lisa M.

    I just found ya’lls podcasts! Love them! Thanks!  Ok, CHA question:  I saw a video of Jennifer McGuire using a Hero Arts Stamp then putting it through the Big Shot (?) and it cut out the stamp! No more intricate time consuming cutting! Yahoo! Is this something new or  am I just late to the party?  And either way can ya’ll tell us more about this stamping/die cut combo?

  • Hey everyone, 

    I just wanted to give a shout out to stores and store owners. Noell, Nancy and Melissa spoke about the benefits of purchasing supplies online during the mail segment. I too love the selection that you can get from the world wide web, but being from Canada, sometimes I rack up huge shipping costs. I know that my local scrapbook store owner will order products for me if I can’t find the specific thing I am looking for. While I’m in the shop, I look through supplies and sometimes will find paper or embellishments that I’ve seen online that were “okay” on the screen but lovely in person. The point is, there are great options for everyone, whether they are online or in a store. Cheers!

  • I realized afterward that we forgot to mention that she should look for a specialty scrapbook store where she travels. She probably won’t be able to have the store order for her since she’s just passing through, but she’d definitely benefit from seeing what they have if she’s lucky enough to be near one.

  • I just saw a post about this on Shimelle Lain’s blog and I was surprised that the gals on Roundtable never mentioned it — because yeah — that’s new! I’ll see if Nancy can tell us about it next time!

  • We got to the Hero Arts booth near the end of the last day of the show and didn’t have time to look at very much (the show is just so huge!!). But I do know that they are coming out with stamp/coordinating die sets, so you stamp your image and then use a die (it has an open center so you can see to line it up) to cut it out.

    This isn’t really a new thing in the industry (but this industry is so huge that it’s impossible to keep up with it all!), so we didn’t think to report on it- Papertrey Ink has had dies to match many of their stamps for a while now. The only difference is that their dies don’t have the open center, so you make your die cut first and then stamp on it (it’s not hard to line up).

    I did get some photos of the matching stamp/embossing folder sets at Hero Arts and should have them on Scrapbook Update in a few days. Those are something I hadn’t seen before!

  • Stampuser

    Thanks for the CHA update.  When it is not possible to be there, it is fun to hear about all the great products that are coming out.  I’ve missed the videos like the ones Noell and Izzy did for the Winter show.  There has not been anything like that that I’ve been able to find on the web this time (you guys did such a great job for all of us…a very belated thanks for that).  I did see Nancy on Tim Holtz’s video about CHA.  It was fun to be able to spot her in the crowd.  Thanks again for all the information you share with all of us. I love the roundtable podcasts and listen to each of them several times. They have increased my knowledge and are so fun to listen to.  Keep up the great job, you guys!!

  • Karen Schreiber

    Thank you so sooo much for answering my question this week! The answer was so helpful. I have checked out and it is just up my alley. I even prefer the stuff being shipped late. I’ll have it shipped to a friend and pick it up in the fall. I have found that with shopping online price can really tell me about the quality of the item. If pp is inexpensive it is thin and in reverse if it is pricey it is heavy. Also wanted to say that a couple of weeks ago Nancy gave her reasons why 6×6 paper is helpful. I had never thought about the designs being reduced so that they work better for embellishments and cards. Now I have to put that on my ‘to buy’ list as well. Thanks a TON you guys!”

  • Vittaj

    For me, the newest greatest items are the stamp/die cut combo as well. Sizzix is partnering with stamp companies and it’s awesome. Memory box has amazing new die cuts as well.

  • HeatherC

    curious — Nancy said Making Memories was not at the show and then said something like “that was interesting and people were talking” — what are they talking about — are they going under???

  • HeatherC

    I don’t like the clear — they get stuck to the plastic they are housed on and stretch when you remove them — I am always afraid I am going to tear one apart just getting it out to use it!

  • AnnieB

    I like the phrase “We are changing the way people talk about scrapbooking”! If it’s true you aren’t bragging!  Besides, if you think about it, it has a double meaning. One being people talk about scrapbooking differently now, and the other you are talking about scrapbooking on a podcast with guests and that is a different venue for talking about scrapbooking; hence the way is changed. (Hope that is clearer than mud!)

  • Joanstob

    One topic you might want to talk about is the colors that are not trendy right now and why they are “out.”  One frustration I have with the latest papers is that there is virtually no true green in any shade unless you use themed Christmas or St. Patrick’s day paper.  All the green is blue-green or yellow-green.  Very little that matches the foliage I see outside in the trees or my garden or my grass.  Do other scrappers share my desire for papers with the colors of nature ( not photo-realistic paper)?   A line that has a range of greens from grass green to forest green, a range of sky blues,. and a range of browns the colors of tree trunks and dirt would be so helpful for scrapping outdoor pictures.  Even the recent camping lines had yellow and olive green instead of  foliage green. I looked at the summer scrapbooking magazines and found almost no true green used.   When I used’s color-matching program it showed products such as green ink and paint, but not much paper.  Any ideas? 

  • I don’t think there is any specific information out that they are going under, but people are speculating/wondering because they weren’t at the show. If you love Making Memories like I do, I recommend making a purchase! If they actually are struggling maybe we can help keep them afloat if we all buy what we love from them!

  • Hey everyone,

    I’m a new listener and I just wanted to drop a line and tell you all how much I appreciate the show. I have the most uncreative day job you could ever think of, and for the last couple of weeks the co-workers I usually hang out with are all on holiday, leaving me all on my own with a ton of mind-numbingly bored-to-tears hit-myself-in-the-head-with-a-keyboard chores.

    Anyway, I was doing Ali Edward’s Week in the Life project last week, and found my way to your pod cast. I’ve listened to some of your episodes while at work, and I just have to say that it’s cheered
    me up a lot. Interesting topics, great discussions and, above all, you’re a happy and fun gang and have made me laugh more than once. Not only have the work days gone by faster (totally your new tagline), and made me more keen to craft when I get home, but also your show has definitely made me feel a little
    less lonely while my workmates are away. Thanks!

  • Ahh! Well, thank you! Welcome to the Roundtable! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!

    (and I love that tagline idea, lol!)

  • Julie Luna

    Hi all – I have been listening to PRT since day one and look forward to it every week.  I am listening to the 7/26 episode and want to respond to the “no offense, but we HATE your town”  I live in Las Vegas and what visitors experience does not represent the “real life” people who live here.  We work and have crazy busy schedules.  We have kids that have to get to dance, cheer, sports practices and other activities.  I am a scrapper, papercrafter and card maker and I learn from your show and enjoy it.  So don’t hate, most of us are really good nice people.  PS – Noell don’t change what you say at the beginning, it’s fine the way it is.  Thanks Julie

  • Thanks for the input on the tagline at the beginning!

    Just wanted to acknowledge that yes — the part I don’t care for is the touristy part. Very, very true! :)

  • Joan

    Ask and you will receive.  I just found a K & Co. paper pack at J’s today and every page is green pp, with a variety of shades, many of which will blend beautifully with foliage.  Yea!!!

  • Kelly

    I just wanted to say how much I liked Melissa’s input. She was at the ready with something insightful at every turn, so I thought she was a great guest!

    I also noticed that they didn’t talk during the Roundtable about Amy Tangerine’s line, which I’m excited about and heard a lot of buzz about. So I totally appreciated that in the Scrapbook Update Top 10 post, they included it even though it may not have been an individual favorite!

  • Thanks for another great show.   I didn’t travel to CHA, so listening to this show was the next best thing.

  • I know that many of the small retail stores carry the hard-to-find-must-have boutique lines AND they will ship! When I’m traveling I always google “[state] scrapbook store” and get a good list. To save even more time, call ahead to see what they already have in stock!

  • Ha! :)

  • I am so far behind on the show, but I had to comment when I heard Izzy’s pick this episode.

    Izzy, You are so funny.  I love that you get excited over a text expander.  I use one every day as a medical transcriptionist.  There are packages we can buy that are already preloaded with all the medical jargon and everything.  I actually just use a function of MS Word for my text expander (I think it is Auto Correct or something like that).  I actually have whole paragraphs of text and forms programmed in to use for my work.  So if you use MS Word, you don’t even have to buy another program, it’s already there.  You just need to set up your text and codes.
    Thanks for the great show.

  • I love to listen to the roundtable while on the road but had been iPod-less for a bit.  SO happy to be back in the swing with the Roundtable, but am a little behind.  Loved listening to all the buzz about CHA! 
    There are a lot of November birthdays in my family (my mom, brother, me, my son) and Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday next to Xmas so am always excited with the new Halloween lines coming out.  I took a look at the Echo Park Apothecary Emporium and I am in LOOOOOVEEE!  BUT, I swear I saw Noell use the  Alchemy Press paper in her Halloween “Home Decor” video last year (I made some awesome items last year based on her inspiration and can’t WAIT to watch it a dozen more times this year to see what else I can glean) I am sure it was just some other FABULOUS paper that looked similar, but it was deja vu all over again when I was looking through the collection.
    Keep up the great work, you keep me company on my drive to work every day :)

  • Must be just similar paper! I love so many of these Halloween products! I think what I’ve used the last few Halloween’s was Girl’s Paperie and Making Memories — but there may have been some strays from other companies as well!