PRT077 – Masters of the Long Arm Extension

What are some great ideas for scrapping about your spouse or significant other? That’s what we’re talking about this week!

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  • Christine Guest

    I ran out of laundry, so I had to pause the show (I’m saving it for dishes and dinner prep) I got as far as the discussion of the mail. 

    Most of the time, I’m totally on the “I scrap for myself,” wavelength, but I do make a photo book with a few stories on journaling spots for my middle son.  And he reads it!

    So, one other reason for buying themed products is if you scrap with or for your kids.  (Especially if you shop with your children)   He loves animal images and textured embellishments – as long as they are stuck on TOP of the page protector, so he can feel them.  They don’t have to go with the story, as long as the composition is pleasing and the colours match up.

    My life isn’t cute enough for cartoon figures, but his is ;-)

  • This is interesting! You’re doing a book for him and what he wants right

    I also like how you’re dealing with individual wants/needs and not feeling
    like you have to do something like this for all the kids — just the one who
    really loves it. It’s hard not to get wrapped up into making everything the
    same for everyone because it seems fair. The truth is, they’re all

  • I’m still listening to the show, but I just wanted to say “thank you” for doing a show about relationships! With “only” my fiancee and I as our “family,” sometimes that’s ALL I can scrapbook about! It’s great listening to tips on how you scrapbook your relationships. 

    I liked Izzy’s comment about how he doesn’t want to read about the PLACE where you go, he wants to read about your relationship at the time, etc. That’s totally something to think about– we need to keep the people who will be reading/looking at our pages in mind. 

    Back to exercising/listening! Thanks again for this show topic!! 

  • Noell, just a comment for you– I really liked how you posted most, if not all, of the pages you talked about on the Paperclipping blog the day before the show! I knew exactly the ones you were talking about and it was nice to have a “visual” while listening to the show! Thanks for that!! 

  • Noell, just a comment for you– I really liked how you posted most, if not all, of the pages you talked about on the Paperclipping blog the day before the show! I knew exactly the ones you were talking about and it was nice to have a “visual” while listening to the show! Thanks for that!! 

  • Noell, just a comment for you– I really liked how you posted most, if not all, of the pages you talked about on the Paperclipping blog the day before the show! I knew exactly the ones you were talking about and it was nice to have a “visual” while listening to the show! Thanks for that!! 

  • Noell, just a comment for you– I really liked how you posted most, if not all, of the pages you talked about on the Paperclipping blog the day before the show! I knew exactly the ones you were talking about and it was nice to have a “visual” while listening to the show! Thanks for that!! 

  • Jana Oliveira (NJ)

    Hi it was fun to have one of us listeners there :) great show. I think one of the most difficult thing that I’m trying to think about is how to write my husband perspective or his stories about things. We do a lot of journaling on our side of things and we talk about them, maybe it would be great to get his voice in the layouts as well. 
    I was thinking maybe to do a  written questionnaire or something like this. Any ideas ?

  • Oh good, I’m glad to hear that. I’ll try to do it more when I can!

  • I think the questionnaire idea is good so they don’t have to think too hard abt it. I’m trying to round up a panel on layouts w/ quizzes and questions. Maybe I’ll remember to spin it to that angle.

    I admit I don’t ever include Izzy’s input. ;)

  • Jess Forster

    Hey Jana, 

    I usually ask my husband what he thought or felt about an event/situation that I am scrapping. Even if he doesn’t write something down, I can simply say Aaron (my husband) thought /felt etc…. I like your idea about the questionnaire! Here is a link to Ella’s ebook on quizzes that you might find helpful. Cheers! 


  • Trish

    I appreciate Karen being on the show and sharing about scrapping from a different (I hesitate to say older) perspective of life. I’ve been a scrapper for over 20 years and am at a different stage in my life (done raising kids, retired) but still am avidly scrapping. This was such a well rounded discussion and appealed to every stage of life scrapper I ‘m sure. Thanks!!

  • June

    I enjoyed this topic very much. I scrapbook a lot about our kids, our relationships with them and things we do together. Compared to that I have very few layouts about my husband and me. So this is a good reminder to capture that. But I do have a mini book that I created some time ago. Each page shows a photo from each year we were married (at least I managed to have photos of us together!) with a sentence or two of a quick highlight of the year. The mini book is made out circle chipboard 5″ in diameter and is bound together by a ball chain so I can keep adding pages every year. I managed to keep up until our tenth year together so I’m behind by two years but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it!

    Also while I was listening to this I was reminded of an old Write Click Scrapbook gallery they had on scrapbooking the men in our lives. It was a really fun gallery to browse and get ideas from as well.

    Thanks for another great episode and yes the Roundtable has changed the way I think about scrapbooking. Kudos to all of you!

  • Jana Oliveira (NJ)

    That a great idea Jess I have this book from Ella but to couples there is just one idea but its a good book.

  • Christine Guest

    Things are asymetrical around here, but the kids notice the un-equal-ness a bit.  The photo book started when my middle boy looked at the family photo album and demanded, “Where are the pictures where I am the baby?”  (I was a bit “behind,” throat clearing, seeking a new way to organise our stories, throat clearing.)  Then when my daughter got old enough not to peal all the embellishments off a page if I looked away from her, she wanted a photo book too.

    My oldest boy has a scrapbook of the time he spent a week by himself at his Aunt and Uncle’s house and he is fine with just that.  He’s kind of an ear kid, wants to hear stories, but not always look at pictures.

    The boys get a homeschool portfolio each year with photos strewn around more or less on topic, so maybe that’s why the oldest doesn’t mind his sporadic appearances in official scrapbooks.

    Our real family photo history comes up whenever the computer screen starts the screen saver.  It digs randomly into the photo files, and we often wind up mesmerised in front of it.

  • Oh, yeah, I know what all that is like! :)

  • Mcroark113

    I just finished listening to this episode and wanted to let you know I am so glad you did a show on this topic.  I have been scrapping forever and I thought I had been capturing the essence of the relationship between my husband and I in all those pages. But it wasn’t until I actually created two different minibooks, one about his character traits and one about the little things he does that makes it so easy to love him, that I realized these little books will be the ones his children and grandchild will go to when they can no longer hear our voices. 

    Great show, interesting and informative as always.  Let Nancy know we missed her and can’t wait to hear all about CHA.

    MCF’s Mimi

    PS.  I forgot to say my hubby loves his books.  I gave them to him on our 25th and 30th anniversaries.

  • Thank you, Trish. I did have a lot of fun on the show. Noell and Izzy are such great hosts! Age is just a state of mind, LOL. I just got home from Chicago early this am (was not supposed to leave until today but got homesick and took a flight late last evening). My DH stayed up past his bedtime to pick me up and take me home. He was a touch grouchy; but, it was late. The fact he was there and I did not need to find a taxi, showed where his heart is, right? It is the little things as well as the big things we need to document. There is a lot more than our kids that need to be in our scrapbooks. It’s best, I think, when we scrapbook our hearts!

  • P.S. Somehow that came out looking like our kids are not part of our hearts. I probably should have phrased that There is a lot more than our kids activities and lives that need to be in our scrapbooks. Our spouses, friends, hobbies, travel, our feelings and our everyday need to be there. It’s best, I think, when we scrapbook our hearts!

  • Thanks, Jana. I had fun. Like the questionnaire idea.

  • I’ve posted some comments on my blog and revised my posts a few times, added photos, too. I’m pretty tired, so I’ve found a few errors but am trying to correct my fatigue induced errors. It was a fun week at CHA. I’m more than anxious to hear Nancy’s impressions of the show, cannot wait for the next PRT!

  • I think we knew what you meant! ;)

    The truth is tho, our kids will eventually love someone else more than they love us. In the end we’re left with our spouses! :)

  • Hello there! I really loved this show because it reminded me that my husband has been sorely missing in my scrapbooks since our son was born two years ago. I do scrap pages about the two of them, but unlike before when I did lots of pages about us and our relationship, I don’t think I have done a page about us since we became parents. Which would actually be an awesome topic to scrap about, maybe I’ll start with that, and then make a better effort to scrap more about us. 

    I loved the idea about not having to scrap about the actual trip when using travel photos. I have quite a few of those! Of course my husband also hates having photos taken of him, so that makes things kinda tricky!

    Oh and also I wanted to say that I laughed about the show making cleaning go faster because I usually listen to it when I am trying to clean and organise my scrap space!

  • Alexandra, I did finally get my own pages up in a blog post about the show. Not quite up to Noell’s standard; but, done. CHA did present a little challenge for me.

  • KiMD

    I loved this topic and the different perspectives. We have a teenage son, and he is a main topic in my scrapbooking. Looking back, I realized I’d done a few about my husband as well. I’ve done one of what a great dad he is; one of him working on a project (he’s always doing great things for our house and yard); an “I Love This Man” LO; a LO inspired by Nic Howard’s Perspectives class at BPS with his words that I’m not just any rose (if you’ve read The Little Prince you’ll understand), I’m his; a LO about how he still takes my breath away after all these years; a LO about him and a longtime friend; and I think that’s enough listing! I’m working on a LO about all the ways he takes care of me. I do have more LOs of my son, and I think I’ll work on more of my husband. Still, I have some with meaningful stories. Again, great topic, as all the PRT topics are.

  • Rosa

    thanks for an amazing show as always! I was running while listening and I just wanted to run home and scrap!

    anyway, I have a few questions.
    Noell: I know this is off-topic but you said you have read 2-3 books where you love the inside jokes of the characters. I have found reading books inspire me to journal, could you share which books were those?

    Angie or Jess (I am not sure who said so sorry) one of you has a layout called “reconcilable differences” and I would love to see it, could you link it in the comments? (sorry but I would really love to see it)

    well, looking forwards for you guys to come back from your summer break

  • I’ve been on vacation and am a few weeks behind in listening, so excuse the late comment.  But I wanted to say what a pleasure to hear Karen as a panelist.  I know her from the Fiskateers board, plus I met her in person at a crop.  I enjoyed hearing her perspective on the topic.  One of the things I like the most about PRT is the diversity of the panelists.  It keeps things fresh and interesting.  Please continue to have a wide variety of scrappers on the panel!

  • Let’s see — I think one was a Stephen King novel called Lisey’s Story, which is one of my faves of King. If you’re not a typical horror fan, I’m not either. I really don’t like the silly monster in many of his older stories, but I’ve really enjoyed his more recent novels and feel like he’s matured in a lot of ways. There is really a wonderful humorous human aspect to this book in particular.

    In fact, I think his book Duma Key develops a male-to-male friendship where inside jokes and all those wonderful particulars of a friendship grow.
    Another one I remember that was the very best at the inside joke part of a relationship was a short story I read in one of the Best of American Short Stories editions. I don’t remember which edition it was in or what the name of the story was, but I’m sure it was one of the editions during the decade of the 2000’s. If fiction inspires your journaling and you don’t read short stories, you should start! And start with The Best Of American Short Stories books because they really do have the best!

    Right now I’m reading the 2010 edition and so far it’s my favorite! But you’d need to pore through the different editions of the 2000’s to find that story I’m talking about! So sorry I can’t be of better help than this!

  • Thank you, Cindy. Nice to meet you again here at Paperclipping. It was fun to be included. There are a lot of terrific panelists here at Paperclipping. I, too, love all the different points of view. Scrapbooking is such a wonderful hobby and has such an enthusiastic and interesting community

  • Sheila K

    It’s been a while since I’ve heard the panel talk about file storage so I’m not sure where to place my comment!

    I heard a scrapbooking friend say the other day that she was starting to use SD cards for backups of her pictures. This makes total sense to me considering the advice I’ve heard Izzy and other experts give in past episodes. SD cards have no moving parts to break (like portable hard drives) but they are much smaller and easier to copy to than CDs or DVDs. Is this solution too good to be true?!? If it works, I’d love to share it as a possible solution since we all seem to face the problem of how to permanently store our pictures. I’d love to hear Izzy weigh in with his opinion!

    I’ve listened to all your episodes! I found the Roundtable at a time when many of my scrapbooking friends were beginning to get too busy with kids and their activities and couldn’t make time for our routine get-togethers as in the past. You guys have become like friends to me and make me feel like I’m not crazy for loving this hobby so much!

    I wish back to you “all the best”!
    Sheila in Missouri

  • This will go into the mail bag so be sure to listen for when we read it! :)