PRT076 – And I Might Be Wrong

CHA Summer 2011 is coming up, and we have lots to say about it!

Come listen!

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  • Karen

    yay! i love ep victoria garden too Stacy.

  • jenn05042005

    smaller-scale patterns in a 6×6 pad are also great scale for using with punches!!

  • jenn05042005

    (I also agree with Stacy that a 6×6 pad is a good way to get the look of an entire paper line without such a big expense…)

  • I think as the market suffers so much in the States and manufacturers are also have to open up more for the need of other markets they have to offer more than Halloween and Christmas at Summer CHA. So see- in Australia it is Summer right now and Halloween is mostly not big in Europe etc. I think it makes totally sense for manufacturers to mix it up more and realise summery patterns too at Summer CHA.

  • Rebecca Lovell

    I’m so excited to see all these goodies coming out!  There is so much that I will love working with!  I think you all picked some GREAT favorites!!  And May’s pick of the week is perfect – it’s my favorite alphabet!  (Please, have her on again soon!!)

  • Ooh, great point!!

  • Yes, and that is the biggest thing that keeps me from buying them, ha ha! I never want more than 3 of any paper line! And if I get three of oneine, you know I am pretty dang in love with that line. I need 6×6 individuals. :)

  • Lindsey

    I love 6×6 pads because I hate cutting into a 12×12 sheet for something small! I can cut out a title or punch or something like that without being afraid that I will wish I had a whole sheet later, if that makes sense.

    Can I ask about using the old book pages? I LOVE that idea, but do you worry about the old pages not being acid-free or archival quality? Just a thought! :)

  • Karen Schreiber

    As always love listening to you guys. My questions is, “Where do you actually buy these things?” Do you have to get them with online shopping or is it more specialty scrapbook stores?

    At the last Winter CHA I listened to all of you ooh and ahh over some great things. I live overseas and I was back in the States in April and looked for the great items you described in the local chain craft stores like AC Moore and Michaels etc. I was disappointed when I left the stores. I don’t know if the items had not arrived yet, or they were so distributed throughout their many isles of products that I was overwhelmed with everything. When I come back to the States in the Fall should my buying strategy be 1. Shop online before hand or 2. Be more focused had have my homework done better to shop in the Chain stores??

    Any shopping tips for the ‘Twice a Year Stocker Upper’ would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kimberly Brooks

    Definitely shop online or plan to go to a specialty scrapbook store.  Most of these companies do not sell at the big box craft stores.  Tim Holtz and American Crafts have some limited items at Michaels.  Die Cuts with a View sells as DCWV at Jo-Anns and Michaels.  I don’t live near an AC Moore so I don’t know what they stock, but that’s what I see at my local big stores.  Hobby Lobby has some things, I’ve only been to one when I was on a trip to Omaha and they had Girls Paperie.  My mom in MI says hers has a LOT of brands though.  I typically shop online as I don’t really live close to specialty scrapbook stores.  When I do get near a specialty shop I make sure to check them out.  You should definitely plan to find specialty scrapbook stores and if you aren’t going to be near one at all, then just go online.

    Hope that helps!!

  • Kimberly Brooks

    I’m really excited about Summer CHA!  I really love Vintage Vogue by Pink Paislee, Memoir and Classic Calico by Studio Calico, Amy Tangerine’s American Crafts line, and Random by Crate Paper.  Really excited by the Studio Calico/Hero Arts stamp collaboration. 

  • Karen Schreiber

    Thank you. That does help Kimberly! Expectations are everything!

  • And also.. I think the most commen size for card makers is 6″x6″… At least in Norway were I live! In the LSS were I work, we sell out on the 6×6 the moment they come in the door…. Most of our customers do cards and they love them!

  • Mel

    Hey you guys. Interesting listening to you discuss CHA. I know it’s such a big thing in the industry but times are changing and the scrapbook companies have to change with the times. So far in my scrapbook life I have never doen a christmas lo. I do Ali’s Dec daily so I would use christmassy products then but on minimal supplies. I say yay change it up. And being in the UK Halloween isn’t very big at all so I wouldn’t use those. The only other issues are getting my hands on the new stuff over here it seems to take an age for anything to arrive.

  • If an acidic piece I’m using is going to touch or be near a photo I usually
    spray it with that spray — can’t think of what it’s called. Let me know if
    you don’t know and I’ll go look.

    I would rarely put a book page — even sprayed — directly against a photo.
    If I wanted to do that I’d probably spray the page and also back the photo
    to some cardstock, just to make sure.

    Otherwise, if it’s not touching my photos, I don’t worry about it.

  • What a bummer! Sorry about your bad experience!

    The chain stores don’t usually carry much that we find and share from CHA.
    Which is kind of weird, isn’t it? They get totally different products for
    the most part (though there is some crossover).

    Most of us either order these products from online stores, or if we’re lucky
    we find a good scrapbooking store. If I were you I would order before you
    get to the states. And then if you can find an actual scrapbook store that
    is not a generalized craft chain store, go see what they have there.

    Good luck!

  • LynnetteE

    Thank you for a savings code for those of us who discovered BPC when it first started!  I signed up for two workshops and can’t wait – Book of Awesome (we can all use some awesome in our lives) and Write Now!  I am also taking the Mother Load right now!  Not sure how I’ll manage all of this, but love the fact I can access the classes later. :0)  So miss Izzy and Noelle covering CHA Summer for us (totally understand the reason) but could you steer us to some blogs etc that might be covering the show.  I already devoured the sneak peeks on Scrapbook Update, but craving more…..  Love Ya  Lynnette

  • I wanted to say thanks for the reminder about Ali E’s One Little Word class, I really need to refocus on my OLW for this year and I think joining the class will help. I went and signed up right away (using the coupon so thanks for that) and I am already feeling motivated to refocus on my goals for 2011.

  • Thank you, Francine!!