PRT074 – Polka-Dots with Buddhist Temples

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  • Lynsey Van Nevel

    I heard something about posting a comment if we’d be interested on being on the show? I’d love to do it sometime! I’d love to be on for a discussion about younger scrappers/scrappers without kids. I’m 26 and I get questions all the time at crops about how I find enough to scrap not having any kids. I’d love to share my ideas. :)

    lynseyvannevel (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Hey Lynsey! We prob won’t have a discussion on that topic any time soon b/c we spent a lot of time on it in this episode.

    To clarify for anyone interested in being on the show – we need your comments to be ones where you share additional insights that we missed in an episode. That’s what shows us what type of value you would add to an episode.

    If you have a blog that shows us the type of scrapbooking you do, or the way you think/talk abt scrapbooking that would help.

    Telling us what topics you’d be great for, as Lynsey did, helps too. But we also need to see what awesome stuff you have to say.

    For example, share some added ideas regarding todya’s topic. A whole lot of our guests were audience members who wow’d us w/regular great comments plus info on the types of topics they have experience with.

  • I started scrapbooking as a teenager, collecting my school materials, photos and making notes here and there. Scrapbooking is like branching out from having a diary, journal or sketchbook. There is absolutely no need to justify why you do it. I really do want to slap those mean people into sense…or at least common courtesy…jeepers!

  • I really like the discussion on organization of layouts and projects.

    I also order my layouts in chronological order (roughly), but scrap whatever inspires me at the moment.

    For big vacations and events, I usually create a digital printed book for the hundreds of photos I just want to share…not every page would be “scrapped” – it might just be the photos themselves, because my family likes to flip through rather than see a slideshow :) 

    When there’s a theme that will result in more than a few layouts, I usually create a minibook instead. For example, for the upcoming week in the life project with Ali Edwards!

  • I love mixing pockets with pretty layout pages – sort of like a hybrid project life, perhaps? I already do this when it comes to keeping birthday cards, christmas cards and postcards sent to me…because I want to keep them, but you don’t always want to do a layout for each piece! This is when pocket type pages come in handy.

    I’m listening and commenting in real time – sorry if it’s too much!

  • I loved hearing how everyone organizes travel layouts and approaches scrapping a travel event. Some really nice twists and turns in the conversation, not just a personal travelogue from the panelists. (want to see my 900 photos from the beach? ummm…. not really) :)

    One question I kept hoping would be asked: Do you scrap travel photos soon after the trip or let them age for a time before documenting the experience? I think that would have sparked some interesting discussion about the excitement of the the moment versus letting memories settle and consolidate over time. I like to do both!

  • Sue, I like that question as well– I’d love to know what people (especially the panelists!) think! 

    In particular, I just found a ton of photos and mementos from a Chicago trip I took with my dorm my freshman year of college that hasn’t been scrapbooked— and I just GRADUATED from college. Any tips for “aged” vacations that you still want to document? There’s too many photos to scrapbook for just a page or two, but there’s a lot of things that are “too large” for a travel mini-book. I’m stumped! 

  • I’ve never heard of an upgrade layout system before – I like it Shimelle.  I put things away chronologically, even if they weren’t made chronologically.  I do much better with mini books or decorated photo albums than individual pages, if there isn’t a complete story, I feel like I’m wandering around.  I like to let my photos marinate before I scrap them, but the dangling endings are welcome on my blog and journals.

    I think women hold onto guilt, because if they feel driven, they know they will finish things.  Same reason they make photo books for children, or friends, but not themselves.  If it’s for someone else, it’s easier to justify time and expense.  Of course, then if the children and friends don’t appreciate it, then they get guilt dumped on them. 

    It can be scary to give up guilt and ‘unselfishness,’ because then you have to decide how much money you  spend on yourself and how much time you get to spend with pretty colors and tools…even if no one else get a scrapbook out of it.  Oooo a budget without a scapegoat. Scary.  Oh, and then, there is the what does finished mean if I’m not making an album for my child?  Some of us like a few rules to get started with, even if we bend them later.  But not always rules that take over.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Great show! (Obviously not trying to be a guest, hahaha!!!!!) I just love you guys!

  • “there is no need to justify why you do it.”

    Well said!

  • I was starting to figure out what you were doing with the
    listening/commenting/listening lol. I like it.

    Love that idea of putting cards + postcards etc into pockets.

  • I bet we would all say the same thing — we do some of both! I know I do.
    And Shimelle did say that she is allowing herself to not do all of her
    recent Asia trip all at once. She wants to continue to enjoy the experience
    through scrapbooking for many years, so she has been doing some now and some

    I think when it comes to travel, for me, the event might feel less
    significant over time if I’ve had some awesome trips happen since. I don’t
    feel that way with everyday types of topics. But I think I feel that way a
    bit with events.

  • Oh my gosh, what an interesting insight! I would definitely love to hear
    more discussion on this.

  • LOL! Hee!

  • I just heard her say that– I’m listening/commenting as I go. I had no desire to scrapbook my trip after it happened, but now, looking back and thinking about who I still talk to, what I still remember (how COLD it was, first of all!) and what I want to go back and see…. it gives me a new perspective and desire to scrapbook it!  Letting the photos “age” feels very “Stacy Jullian” ;-)   

    I like the idea of doing a little bit of both a “full” travel scrapbook and a page or two to add to my “life” book. Thanks for the new perspective!

  • Jana NJ

    I think there is great value to have regular scrapbookers from time to time on the show. The guests are inspirational and people we look for as inspirations but sometimes in my personal opinion they can be out of touch of what a real scrapbooker the one that buy their own paper and have to struggle to use it, the regular scrapbooker is the one that feels all the pressure of tendencies and CHAs that push more and more stuff for us. What about recycle? I’m not talking about using scraps but do people use junk mail, gift wraps on their scrapbook? What about people in this economy that struggle to keep their jobs and can’t afford to buy more of things they see in this tons of Hauls videos on youtube. Which many are fake haul videos by the way. I did a personal objective to myself not buying more paper or paper embellishments till i’m done with 50% or more of what I have. Anyway just some ideas, but the fact that you guys let the door open for “regular” people is great. :)

  • The comment about how you liked how someone said “It’s my dream/fantasy to be on PRT” made me smile because I knew that was me, and I am here to tell you it’s still true :-) Thanks for “going over” how fans can be on the show. It was great insight and serves as even more motivation to try! Thanks for being great, PRT! 

  • Hey, Jana — I’ve been working on this topic of green and recycled
    scrapbooking and I’ve had a hard time finding guests for it. If you or
    anyone else knows someone who scrapbooks with above-average green habits and
    who has a good percentage of her supplies come from her own
    repurposing/recycling, please let me know!

    I don’t know what haul videos are. I have no idea what that is/means. But I
    do understand what you’re saying about wanting to hear from scrapbookers who
    don’t get all the lastest + great stuff handed over to them.

    I’m happy to have guests like this more often on the show. I think the
    audience may not realize how often we actually do have guests on that I only
    know from as our audience members. For example, Stephanie Medley-Rath was
    the most recent. She was a regular commenter and she wrote her dissertation,
    but other than that I don’t think she’s been real involved in the scrapbook
    industry. If she is, I don’t know about it!

    There have been many others, too. I just don’t introduce them as “regular”
    audience members. So the audience might just be assuming that all the guests
    are “celebs.”

  • Yes, that was you. And yes, I’m noticing all your comments!! :)

  • Haha, great! 
    Even if it doesn’t result in me being a guest, I’m glad you’ve encouraged me to comment a lot– I’m loving how it’s creating conversation and bringing me out of my scrapbooking “shell.” 

  • jenn05042005

    I’m still listening, so I’m not to this part of the discussion yet, but… I know for me, I have photos and memorabilia from trips I’ve / we’ve taken a few years ago (or longer- lol!) so now, looking at it, I don’t remember NEARLY as much about the ins-and-outs of the trip… the photos and information has “aged” a bit too much, unfortunately! I could still scrap them, and probably will- some of them at least- but the journaling won’t be nearly as “rich” or “full of detail” as it might have been.

  • I’m smiling and chatting along with you as I listen to the show and we’re just a few minutes into it, LOL! Talking to the screen again, maybe I should be a fan guest? 
    This guilt folk lay on others about scrapbooking is quite silly, isn’t it? This sometimes comes up with other hobbies, too. Painting is one where I’ve heard folk criticized for doing it even though they aren’t going to sell their paintings. Duh? Now why don’t folk come under scrutiny for recreational fishing, bird-watching, stamp collecting or book reading in the same way (though I suppose some of those folk get targeted for ‘wasting time’)? I guess it’s part of the American puritanical heritage. After all, we take less vacations and less time off than the rest of the world. I wonder if the criticism of scrapbookers is the same in a lot of other cultures?
    OK, here is the doctor speaking -“Hobbies, folks! Get a healthy one (no gambling/ drug taking/ tanning or anything illegal) and enjoy it! Great for your blood pressure and your mental health!
    Speaking of other cultures, loved today’s topic. I’m not quite as well traveled as Shimelle, though close. I’m pretty sure it’s been only 23 countries for me. (I’ve yet to get to South America.) For short trips, I like Stacy Julian’s “Finish Line Scrapbooking” method to quickly put a mini album together. Then, I might do a 12 x 12 LO or two on something memorable about the people or an event during the trip. 
    Travel tips: I’m definitely not a backpack traveler. [My family says I think Hyatt Regencies are roughing it, ;-)] Nonetheless, I’ve learned, it’s a good idea to travel light as Shimelle said. Experience makes me say neutral outfits are wise and do not conflict with the backgrounds in your photo. Of course, if you travel a lot you may have the luggage problems I have had. Pack a flexible attitude! Six days in Ghana while your suitcase languishes on Heathrow’s tarmac is interesting. The market in Accra can whip up an outfit in just 15 minutes. Not much off-the-rack fashion to fit XL women there! Washable is an important consideration, too; especially,if your suitcase may spend 4 hours sunk in Boston Bay.
    I also enjoyed hearing how folk organize their albums. I, too, like you Noelle, divide my pages up (at least the 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 ones) somewhat along Stacy’s categories. I do have a separate album for each of my birth sons just because I like to look at each one through time. Sometimes, though, I put LO’s of them into my family album with the grandkids, my step-kids (most all adults since I’ve known them), my Mom and extended family. I have an album for LO’s about my husband and my lives together, though I tend to keep travels in a separate album. Then, (referring back to the initial statements of the show – yes, my life is definitely worth documenting!), I have an album about my life and my own friends that have nothing to do with my husband. (CHA, medical women, paper crafting, knitting, etc.) I also include some of those ‘grittier’ pages (discussed in a previous episode) in there, too. I also have an album for holiday celebrations and another one just for Christmas. I guess I just like to look back at those LO’s in that way. 
    Great picks this week. 
    As always, love the show, love all the Paperclipping products. Happy I’m a subscriber as well as a scrapper, LOL! 
    P.S. I’m on Skype if you want to chat.


  • Check out this article by Khris Cochran She might be a good guest on this topic. You have had cd muckosky as a guest before. She is certainly someone I think of when I think of using recycled products in scrapbooking or art journaling.

  • I just have to chime in here about non-themed versus themed products –
    while some scrapbookers like the extra control that they have when they
    scrap by starting from scratch – some of us (me for one) like that
    manufacturers still do themes.  After all, they have designers that are
    showing us their creativity and deciding how to use those products can
    still show my creativity.  And although the industry trends can make
    some products outdated, the exact same is true of “non-themed”
    supplies.  For example, the use of banners/pendants or pinwheels or
    doilies or “insert your favorite other generic scrap embellishment
    here”, also date pages in the same way that themed products do.  I understand the appeal of taking the extra credit for having done it all ourselves –
    but me, I’m willing to share the credit with the people whose products I
    use.  Is it really any different if I make my own embellishments using
    the “scrap metal, as Izzy would say” probably using Tim Holtz tools or
    if I just buy a Tim Holtz embellishment already assembled. I say that they can do some of the work for me.  I say that they can figure out how to make Christmas or Halloween or baseball embellishments new and updated – I say YAY! for themed products.  I guess this attitude might not make me the most trendy potential guest – but I’m okay with that too.  Sign me off as “Old School” Scrapbooker!

  • Hi guys, another interesting show! I’m becoming a bit addicted to the show actually, and check impatiently to see if a new one is up! :)

    I wanted to touch on the “themed” products issue. I don’t use themed products myself but I can definitely see how they can be useful, when you consider that not everyone is the same place in their scrapbooking journey. Not everyone scraps for the same reasons, and think about all the people you meet who say things like ” I am not creative!”. A couple weeks back on the show you were talking about how people get into scrapbooking and start with events or big occasions and then over time may graduate to scrapping everyday life. I think themed products are probably really handy when you’re just starting out and still finding your footing so to speak, and even beyond that sometimes. There are a lot of scrapbookers out there who aren’t a part of the online scrapbooking world and just want to scrap the birthday, or the Disney trip or the swim meet as easily as they can. And then like you said after a while as they begin to grow, they might think “hmm I wonder if I can do this another way, without using the same stickers or diecuts?”

    As far as scrapping travel goes, I treat it the same way I do big events. I usually will quickly make a page or two using favourite photos, and then over time I go back in fill out the story. I scrap randomly, and I also store my pages randomly!  Actually right now I have more pages in stacks and boxes than I do in albums. Hopefully soon I will be able to do a massive layout reorganisation and then we’ll see. For now I have three main albums: one for pages about my son, one for pages about me and one for family type stuff.

    Thanks Shimelle for the link to the travel journal book, I definitely will get one for our next far away trip!

  • Connie Hanks

    Another fabulous show! I didn’t start scrapbooking until I became a mom and realized I had a ton of photos and didn’t have any idea what to do with them besides hang them on my walls. I WISH I had scrapbooked my life before kids. I dream of the freedom to document my life as a young college girl, building amazing friendships and memories (that have stood the test of time, 20 years later!)  Or even to have scrapbooked my self post-college as a young career woman, working in entertainment PR, later bio-tech marketing; traveling the world at times solo, at times with my fiancee/husband; having amazing experiences (bringing home our puppy, starting a business, buying our house, parties with our friends – I still can’t live down the Christmas party where I had one too many lemon drops and announced to all our guests in a down-on-one-knee-with-rock-star-hands-in-the-air “I’m so wasted!”). Seriously, to go back in time and have documented those fun times filled with self-discovery would be so absolutely precious to me. Certainly I have tons of pics, but it’s the journaling I wish I had now – where my mind and heart were with friends, family, experiences. It’s especially on those elbow-deep-in-diapers-and-crafts with my 2- and 4- year olds that I could use the memory of a former fun, hip, non-child consumed self. To anyone who ever makes kid-less scrapbookers feel bad for scrapbooking themselves, all I can think is how sad, uneventful, and uninspiring their lives must have been before having kids. Call me crazy, self-indulgent, or narcissistic, but again, I WISH I had scrapbooked all about ME, ME, ME! 

  • Connie Hanks

    Oh, BTW Noell – Can’t wait to get my own FRED :) Any chance you’re working with them to offer a PRT discount? Just thought I’d ask since I’m sure you’re giving them tons of referrals. Thanks again! 

  • Monica

    I have 8 children, but that doesn´t meen I only scrapbook about them. I am a person too, with my own life and if mothers have nothing else to scrapbook than their children I´d say to them: get a life of your own! There is thousands of things to scrapbook about for everyone, to think that those who have no children have nothning to scrapbook about is such an insult and says a whole more lot about the poor woman who says it than anyone else.

  • Marya …

    I think you’ve talked about this on the show before but I don’t scrapbook at all while I travel or even do it all when I get back. Some ideas feel like they need to be recorded right away so I might do a page but most of the time, especially for bigger trips, I love giving the trip time to settle in before creating a page. Since I write in journals copiously while on the road, I go back to those and they prompt memories that I have actually sometimes forgotten. The process, for me at least, of going back to the journals and the photos, after the initial travel rush/euphoria, often creates a more profound, cohesive page for me. that focuses on story more than image.

  • Thank you Shimelle for “saving” the show. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to listen and I need to get my Roundtable fix.  I totally look forward to hearing the newest episode every week. Noel & Izzy – keep up the awesome work and know that your work is valued by many! Thanks.

  • Barbara

    This was a great show!  Really, for a last-minute scramble, you’d never know by listening.  Thank you!
    As for themed elements: I’m a digi-scrapper and the digi world is awash with themed kits and elements.  I think that probably the lower investment for the designer and the lower cost for the consumer makes it more do-able.  But, I rarely use them.  I have no interest in putting a sticker (paper or digital) of the Eiffel Tower on my page when I have a perfectly lovely photograph of the *actual* Eiffel Tower.  Or stickers of kids and kiddie pools, when I have the very real kids in a picture.  I know it’s just me, and lots of scrappers really like themed kits.  But I *love* the photos of my life and the memories they hold.  A themed element holds no emotional ties.  And, again, for me, that’s what is important.   

  • It was great to have Shimelle on the show. I could relate so much to her method of making the pages that motivated her and keeping them in a chronilogical order. I loved hearing from a scrapper who travels and doesn’t have kids. As someone without kids it is nice to hear that you are not alone. I could relate to the reader and to Shimelle’s expirence of being put down for scrapping for themselves. I loved Izzy’s comment that men don’t think there is anything wrong with playing video games for leisure.

  • Loving the roundtable. Let me start with travel. I think there are several ways of approaching how to document your travel experiences. Honestly, I think it depends on the person and what is easiest and more meaningful for them. Over the years I have tried several different methods. This year I tested two ways that I thought would be most meaningful.
    In January of this year our family went to Lake Tahoe and my thought was to take a journal and write the experiences of our day at night before bed. I also took some plastic baggies to hold ticket stubs, receipts, lift passes, maps etc. I was successful in taking a few minutes each night and writing down what we had done that day as well as collecting the ephemera I wanted to remember the trip. In all honesty, the journal, ephemera and photos are all still sitting in a box ready to be put into a minibook. I did create a photo book for my in-laws and my mom but that is as far as I have gotten.
    In May of this year our family went to Maui and using my past experience from Lake Tahoe I decided to try the “scrapbook on the road”. I chose a minibook before the trip and a little pencil box of basic supplies and packed them in my suitcase. I blogged about what I planned to do this time in Maui to document the trip and a photo of the supplies I took. Every night I would spend a few minutes journaling the day and then putting the ticket stubs, snorkeling receipts, etc. into the rings of the minibook or into envelopes inside. 
    I found “the scrapbook on the road” to be a much better system for me. On the plane ride home I was so happy that the minibook was complete with journaling and I felt that my story had more meaning, writing the experiences, the smells, the thoughts or funny things family members said on a particular day. The minibook is completely done and I love how it turned out. Every person is different, with different lifestyles and family situations (I work full-time, we have two daughters, a very hectic schedule), so trying a few different methods and finding out which one works best for you is helpful. 

    Moving on to recycled products. I love using odd things in my scrapbooking and/or minibooks. One of my favorite minibooks is from 2008 and I created it for National Scrapbook Day here on Paperclipping back in 2008. I used old gift cards I had, and I’ll be honest I even went to Starbucks to get one more because I loved the design on the card. The cards became the pages within the minibook, I added pictures and journaling. It was so tiny and cute. The other thing I love doing is using little frames on the covers of minibooks. Sometimes I just look around the house and find something that would be interesting to use or that has meaning in the story that I’m telling (I have even used cupcake wrappers as an embellishment). Funny story, I was at Noell’s house and she has some coasters that I want. They would be perfect as the front and back covers of a minibook. Every time I’m over there, if I see them I will pick them up and we both laugh. 
    Sorry for the long post! Great episode Noell and panelists. 


  • Jonesfamilyny5

    I would love to see more samples of your mini books Dedra – I do have your tutorial w/ Noell, is there a place on your website to see examples.  Keep up the great work!  Love your pics…your inspiring me to become a better photographer:) 

  • Beth

     Just wanted to thank Shimelle for being on the show and explaining her “upgrade” system of organizing albums — a simple solution to something I’ve been struggling with!  Thanks so much for sharing; loved your insights on this episode!

  • Was listening to the podcast in the car and nearly drove off the road when I heard Noell read my comment. Squee. It was so exciting. Thanks for making my day. Great show as always. 

  • Terri-Lynn Torrez

    I have to admit that when my son was born I turned to scrapbooking because I needed a creative outlet and I felt like this was a hobby I could “justify”. When he was a baby I would go to a crop at my LSS once a month. When I came home, my husband would ask to see what I worked on. Of course, he was just trying to show an interest in what I was doing, but for a long time I felt really guilty if I didn’t produce a significant number of pages. After a while, of course, it ceased to be fun and the guilt was so overwhelming I nearly stopped doing it. In fact, I had given up my other hobbies, particularly playing computer role-playing games. I just couldn’t justify that many hours on something totally useless.

    Needless to say I got over the guilt and the martyr complex. Now I scrapbook for fun and, of course, as a result, i’m more productive than ever. I’ve even picked up the video games again. Last year I deliberately set aside scrapbooking for a month so I could play through a new game that came out. I still struggle with making time for myself, before things like chores, but i’m getting better at managing both.

    On a totally different note — Nancy, don’t feel bad about all your pics. I started not much earlier than you did and my LR catalog has 31,000 pics. From our 10-day Disney trip in January I have 3700 pics. I’ve always purged pretty heavily and I am doing a thorough purging in my LOM/Photo Freedom refresh, but it’s still only a drop in the bucket. 

    Great show. I love hearing from Shimelle!

  • Great show!  If you had not mentioned it, I would not have guessed that it came together at the last minute.  The Roundtable has a great chemistry and flow no matter what topic is covered. 

    I am going to selfishly ask that you don’t take a break in the summer.  This is my busy time at work, and the Roundtable keeps me entertained while I work on files.  Maybe in the spring you could hold a contest or ask for volunteers/suggestions for summer topics and panelists.  It would be fun to hear some new voices each summer! 

    Thank you to all who put time and effort into the show! 

  • robbieandmelissa

    Just want to thank y’all for giving me a laugh today as I listened to the conversation about scrapbooking just for me and why women don’t take time to do things just for themselves. I don’t have children and am blessed not to have to work outside the home, so I’m taking the afternoon to just enjoy. I have the laptop set up so I can listen to the Roundtable while I’m finishing up a snack of crackers & hummus, then I have everything ready to pamper myself with a manicure & pedicure (I have a couple of roundtable episodes to catch up on!). I have the Harry Potter book I’m reading sitting beside me so I can read a little while my nails dry (I’m re-reading all the books before the last movie comes out next Friday). And now I’m laughing wondering what all “those other people” would say about my taking all this time just for me! LOL MelissaTX (

  • Shannon McPheeters

    So I just finished listening to this show… for the third time!  And each and every time I actually cried when Shimelle told her crop party story. I wish I could give insight into why girls are like this with other girls but I am truly at a lose. I once had a very wise friend tell me not to feel for guilty for scrapbooking about myself. Her view was it actually is for our kids. Her mother had passed away when she was 4 and there was no documentation of her as a mom or a person. She values every letter, picture, and scrap she can find about her mom so when she discovered scrapbookng the first thing she did was to make an entire “all about about me” album. Her rationale was that if she died young her children would KNOW her. They would not be left with questions about who mom was or why she did things the way she did, if she hadn’t already told them it would be documented for them. 

    On an entirely different note… I apparently have WAY too much free time on my hands. There is now a Round table picks board on my Pinterest boards. I’ve gone back to show 51 as that was the show that picked Pinterest as a pick. (Say that 10 times fast!) It seemed strange to go any further back but I probably will some night when I’m killing time. (As a teacher I actually still have summer vacation! Yea!) 

  • Hokiecoyote

    It was amazing to listen to Shimelle.  I’m a childless scrapbooker as well and have scrapped numerous trips but traveling around the world with only a backpack is way too adventurous for me.  I can’t imagine scrapbooking 1000 out of 9000 photos.

    I also wanted to let you guys know that I signed up for my first BigPicture class.  I’m so excited.  I have an SLR and have been shooting in auto mode for 5 years.  I can’t wait to start the Mastering Manual Mode class.

  • From what I can tell we’re just taking one week off for the summer — Aug.
    9th! :)

    We actually try to have a new guest almost every week all year long! It just
    doesn’t always work out when it comes down to scheduling, but I would guess
    that it averages out to us having a first-time guest every 2 or 3 shows!

  • I’ve never heard the tip to dress neutral for trips b/c of backgrounds! I
    guess I do where a decent amount of black or brown, but I do like to wear my
    favorite outfits for travel. For a long time I packed light and brought only
    necessities for travel-wear. But I finally decided that when I’m traveling
    I’m out and about and I want to wear my favorite stuff, not just necessities
    and light-wear.

    Of course, I normally take short trips so it’s easier. :)

  • If you do not want to convert a lot of photos to B&W or sepia to use them, neutrals work best. I love bright colors but I’ve learned they make it hard to use the photo. Neutrals like gray and brown also hide a lot of dirt and anyone who travels a lot knows how important that is! 

  • btw  I got a double FRED hookup for my b’day this year – totally b/c I saw it on here.  It arrived in June and summer is not my biggest scrappy time, but I am so excited to start using it this fall.

  • Yay!

  • I’m still getting caught up on my podcasts and really enjoyed this one. As someone who listens to her scrapbooking friends talk about not being able to MATCH that color or this to their photos, I’d like to be able to get them to see that it doesn’t have to be perfect and be more inspired.