PRT071 – For Big Scrapbooking Projects (and Grocery Shopping)

How do you work on big, big scrapbooking projects? Today, we’re talking all about this. Come listen!

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  • Katie Scott

    Hey :) That was me!  (On the Angie & Personality Test & Scrapbooking)  I got to talk to Angie when we were at CHA Summer 2009 about the Myers Briggs Test & scrapbooking styles.  Super interesting stuff & there’s a site with a free test at  Please do a whole episode about that stuff – Angie knows so much about it.

  • Yes, that’s right! I remember now! Thank you for the recommendation. It’ll
    be a fun topic!

  • Mary S

    This show didn’t go into ITunes. Can you fix that? I know I can listen here, but I like to listen on my ipod.
    Love your shows!!!  Mary

  • Kellkat

    I welcome you and encourage you to have a dialogue with current consultants and scrapbookers who use Creative Memories products. I have never been a scrapbooking or CM police and there is no place for them anywhere. Just like folks wear many labels of clothing and makeup, that is the same way any craft is too. Sad is the fact that all of us CM’ers are paying for the attitude of some or the way scrapbooking used to be but isn’t anymore. If you visit a CM website or catalog you will find that just like the industry has evolved, so has this company.

  • Strange. I published it to the iTunes directory, and it’s showing up on mine. Maybe try refreshing?

    Thanks for listening! :)

  • kirsty ahrens

    Here’s a comment that is related to Grocery Shopping!  I use Grocery Gadget on my ipod touch.  I have all the items I regularly buy set up in the order of the aisles of the supermarket.  You just scan the barcode of something when you run out to add it to your list (you can also add things by clicking on them).  I love it because I hated writing down almost the same grocery list every week!  

  • Barbara

    I’d be completely happy to start a Pinterest pick-of-the-week board.  I’d be happy to add a board to my account, if you’d be OK with it.  Don’t want to presume!

  • Hey, Barbara — I would prefer to start a Paperclipping account so people
    can find it easier. Then we would need someone who will volunteer to add the
    picks to the board every week. I would approve that person as my
    contributing pinner.

  • Barbara

    I thought you might want to set up a PRT account, but thought I’d offer anyway.  I’m looking forward to seeing the picks in a new way!

  • Thank you! :)

  • Jonesfamilyny5

    I have to say I agree – I started using CM 20 years ago, over time I have continued to use alot of their products (alpha stickers, cutting system etc) and  stopped using others, their 12 x 12 albums – only because PRT got to me HOOKED on American Craft 3 ring. I continue to use CM 8×8 albums for gifting purposes.  I realized that although I love their albums for wear and tear (20 years, 3 kids later they still are holding up fantastic!!) but the difficulty of putting in pages etc was dragging me away. I have been using their memory manager program to store my pics.  Was going to buy lightroom then realized that mm can do everything including digital layouts which I don’t currently do. Thanks to Noell I am doing metadata and finding it has some advanced features (histogram, cloning, etc) which I’m currently learning about and is very user friendly.  I would love to find a site w/ more tutorials on using the advanced features. 

    Keep up the great work PRT – I would be lost without you.  You give me inspiration, make me laugh, and help me to learn something every day.  Only downside, I burn cds – I listen to them everywhere, over and over again, my kids and husband are getting sick of them:)  Will never stop being a member – your video quality and knowledge is frankly under-valued!!

  • Well, thank you so much! I appreciate your compliments, since I do put my
    heart and soul into what I do, and despite the effort it takes, we keep the
    membership cost low so it’s affordable to most. It’s nice to see when that
    is appreciated. :)

    And totally agree with what you say about albums. I love the quality of CM
    albums, too, but I love and appreciate the flexibility of D-rings even more.
    So the CM 8×8’s are perfect for gifts, since you won’t be rearranging them!
    They’re awesome!

  • Hey Noell… if you need someone to be your volunteer, I’d be happy to do it. Just let me know… :)

  • Kellkat

    Agree. Once I realized that my chronological page making was totally frustrating to me, I started looking at other albums only ‘cuz it is really difficult to to use CM albums for non-chrono. Great for projects with a beginning & end. If I hadn’t found Paperclipping, I’ld still be wandering in the design desert with occasional waterholes. Now I can dig my own waterholes. Sometime I would love to discuss the ‘other stuff’ :) brought up on the show. Love the way Izzy tells it like he sees it! Paperclipping and the PRT are priceless resources.

  • Angie Lucas

    I’m totally trying this one, Kirsty! Thanks for the recommend. :)

  • Amy K

    All the references to “breaking out into hives” cracked me up ladies.  Izzy, I couldn’t agree more…I absolutely love lists, and the satisfaction of seeing items crossed off.
    Several years ago I began the tradition of scrapbooking a calendar for my dad for Christmas.  It was my family’s gift to him.  Eventually it evolved into certain family members wanting to help create it, not just contribute their photos to it.  The first year it was ok, but has since turned into more of a chore to get those people to commit to getting together, etc.  Unfortunately, it has become less enjoyable for me because of this road block, and makes me sad, because I truly enjoy creating it alone, as well as seeing the gratitude when my dad opens his gift and looks through it (just like Angie’s grandpa).  Currently I’m rethinking the planning and process of this big, emotional project.  Any advice from the experts?
    Paperclipping has also converted me from CM albums to D-rings.  Thanks for another great show and guests with interesting perspectives.

  • “Now I can dig my own waterholes.” Love it! :)

    Please remind me — what is “the other stuff” you’re referring to? We
    recorded this week’s show yesterday and now I can’t remember enough of this
    one on projects to know what you’re referring to.

  • I have no experience with this kind of project, but I’m wondering if you
    couldn’t just go back to doing it the way you originally wanted — where you
    ask them to send you photos and you go ahead and put it together. They can
    help pay for it so it can still be a gift from everyone.

  • Carla C

    Another grocery list app that I use that I have been very happy with is Grocery IQ, After the initial setting up of the aisle to correspond with your favorite grocery store (or other stores, you can have different ones), it is super easy and fast to make your list and do your shopping!

  • Becky N

    Kellkat – I totally agree. When I started scrapping 12 years ago, I was aware of a “distaste” among some towards CM but I never knew a consultant so I just went along my merry way, preferring to make my own opinion when I met more CM scrappers. Eventually I did and their method worked great for them and mine worked great for me. We would all scrap together with no issues. Once I decided to make the leap to digital, I found the CM software to be my preference and I’m thrilled with it. I use lots of different companies product and am able to create to my fullest potential. I’m very satisfied. And I’ve never experienced what the panel was talking about. I think their company/consultants have evolved since then. And if it’s not your style/preference, fine.

    The only time I’ve felt slighted as a scrapbooker is when I paid for and attended a store crop. The store owner was frustrated that I didn’t spend more money on her products and told me so (and I did buy but obviously not enough for her liking). The store closed about a year later so I believe that I was just the target of her frustration and I don’t take it personally.

  • Kellkat

    the issues related to ‘gestapo’ or ‘police’ or gotta-do-it-a-certain-way perceptions and experiences that folks have/had of the as Izzy put it ‘the company that should not be named’. I was working on a project with my company stuff and that line got me to keep listening and of course reply :). Oh, and tomorrow is Friday – can’t wait for the Design dessert!

  • The Bibliophiles

    Becky– Could you tell which of the CM software you use and why you like it? I am considering purchasing some, but thought the CM software might limit me to just printing my work with CM. I want something flexible and easy to learn.

  • Connie Hanks

    As usual, loved the show! I’ve actually listened to it about 3 times, but with my 2- and 4-year olds constantly tugging at me, I think I’ve maybe actually heard the full show once :)  I have to share a grocery list system I use and have loved for years (3, maybe 4 yrs?) – it’s old school (as in paper and pen), but truly can’t live without it. Real Simple (as in the magazine) has a collection of office-type stuff at Target and they have a grocery list that is FANTASTIC! It’s a checklist organized by sections (ie. Fruit, Vegetable, Frozen, Refrigerated, Canned, etc.). It’s maybe 8″x10″ pad, magnetized on the back, perforated at the top and totally easy-peasy to work with. You can always find a pad on our fridge, and my hubby and I are pretty good about immediately X-ing items as we use ’em up and will need on the next grocery run. It even has a little empty space at the top that I use to write out our menu for the week. Had to share :)

  • Becky N

    I use Memory Manager to organize all my digital photos. I use Story Book Creater to digi-scrap. The Memory Manager software also has editing tools. I find it fairly intuitive and easy to learn. SBC is the same and I love that I can use a variety of products from all different companies. I didn’t want to be limited and both these tools allow me the freedom to create.

  • HeatherC

    Listening to this episode a week late as I was on vacation last week, so this is perfect timing because I do have a big project now in mind!   Last year when we went to Disney I made a photo-album scrapbook (used a slide in album from Creative Memories)  I found this much less intimidating than the 12×12 blank pages — just inserted my photos and made some slide ins decorative and some with journaling — it was an easy way for me to complete my album in a decorative manner that I like and that we can now enjoy.  I would have stewed about it forever had I tried to make a traditional album.  This year with my beach vacation I may do something similar or I may make a smaller album — like an 8×8 format.  Just got back a couple days ago, so still mulling it over.

    Wanted to comment on your Creative Memories discussion.  Thought it was right on — I am a CM product user, but have to say, that other than their albums (I started with them and like how they all look the same on the shelf — weird I know — I also like how they open flat — do not like that changing pages around or adding pages is so difficult and sometimes just not possible) and some tools (circle cutters are great but their punches are terrible), I really do not like a lot of their decorative items.  It is true that some consultants make you feel guilty if you do not follow the CM only route, my current one does not, but she does of course claim that there is no need to go outside CM for products since they have everything you need (just not may be what you like!!).  For me, CM was a great way to start and I shop there like I do any other store, but I am not exclusive to them.  I feel the same way about Stampin’ Up — they have some great product lines — love their inks and papers, but there are lots of stamp makers out there and I like many different styles — cannot imagine being so exclusive with just them.

  • HeatherC

    A couple other things I forgot to mention — I use Creative Memories digital products and really like them.  Memory Manager for my photo storage oand organization — good photo editing and organizing capabilities.  Also, I use their digital scrapping program Storybook Creator — love it for all sorts of projects.  I had tried Photoshop Elements, but quite frankly found it difficult to use and I did not have the time to spend learning it — with Storybook creator I was up and running from the moment I loaded onto my computer — very friendly to use.  Only downside is that you cannot use Photoshop templates — but you can use the overlays — so many of the Ali Edwards products form Designer Digitals and compatible. 

    Also grocery lists — I and TERRIBLE with lists I just write — I end up criss crossing the store.  I made up an excell sheet in the order of the store, so when I make my list I don’t even have to write the items, I just circle!

  • Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

    Izzy mentioned wishing that he could link from a paper page to a box full of stuff.  Well, it’s not quite the same thing, but you can put a QR code on your page and link to a video or blog post or slide show or really anything that’s hosted online.  Could be a very fun way to include a bit more on your page.  :)

  • Very clever, Julie! ;)

  • I had a show suggestion, but I’m not quite sure where to put it :-)  I thought this might be the most relevant recent place! :-) 

    All this talk about CM vs American Crafts albums and large projects had me thinking about something that I’ve just begun loving to do– creating my OWN album, usually from scratch or from a VERY simple base. I think it would be interesting to have people on who do actually create their own albums from scratch–  some of the people I had in mind (Elise Blaha, Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest) create these for mini-books, but those are still “big projects” and I think it would be interesting to hear their point of view of WHY they create the albums from scratch, the process, what they look for in an “album base” and things like that.  

    Thanks for everything PRT does! I love love love the show! 

  • Great suggestion! I have a couple questions –

    1) Have you seen or made any that are larger than 8×8? Or have they all been
    that size and smaller so far?

    2) Are you the same Alexandra who got my attention on twitter yesterday? :)

    BTW, yes, this is a great place to post a show suggestion!

  • Hi Noell! 

    Yes to both! :-) my twitter handle is abandy :-) And Leigh Ann of Freckled Nest has built a full sized album– she used to sell them as well, but I don’t think she does anymore. Here’s one of my favorites from her: 
    this one is good as well: 

    I think this would also be a great topic to talk about altered books during too– I know you know a lot about that :-) 

  • Those are cool! I like the binding on the outside. They look to me like they
    fit 6×6 pages, maybe 8×8. Would love to see your own, too!

    I’ll put this topic and your guest suggestions on the list of possible

  • Great, thanks! :-) I’m so excited to (hopefully!) hear the episode! 

  • move4life

    I’m laughing since I’m listening around minute 58 right now, and it talks about Aby Garvey’s tip about writing your grocery shopping list in the order of the aisles. Here I thought that’s how everyone BUT my husband did it :) :)  (I would guess I’ve done this for at least 15 yrs, and I’m not THAT old and it was over a decade before having children!)  Gotta love PRT.  Heidi