PRT070 – Non-Crappy Shared Scrap Spaces

Looking for ideas to help you with your scrap spaces, especially in shared environments? That’s what today’s show is about (along with a bunch of other stuff!)…Come listen!

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  • Sherrie M.

    Can’t get this on iTunes yet…..

  • Linda

    hi all–thanks for entertaining me at work again today. hehehe
    I had an idea for the picks of the week…in addition to it would be fun to have a pintrest board that shows us the picks.

    Izzy–don’t make it seem like it is a difficult process…we know you love pintest.

    Sure, I could do it but I don’t want all these followers after me..hehehe.

  • This will be in our mail bag for sure! :)

  • Karen

    How amazing that this topic is what I needed. I have been scrapping for over 7 years and my space has evolved from the dining room table, the floor in a spare bedroom, a redecorated  bedroom (unofficial) scrapbook studio.I mean my stash grew and I had to have a space for it, right?  I loved my little space – I could put the baby gate up and my girls could play or use the computer while I scrapped. Then I got pregnant with my third child (a boy), and as tempting as it was, I thought having a scrap studio/nursery just didn’t seem right. So we packed it up and down to the basement I went :(
    Fast forward 2 years, and just last week we had a flood in the basement. Luckily, we were home. You should have seen how fast I ripped my Mac out the socket and ran up stairs. My poor husband spent most of his time trying to salvage my stash! It was so pitiful….(I love that man) So thank you for today’s show! It helped to lift my spirits as I sit back at the dining room table filled with new ideas….Because I’m not going back in the basement!!!!!
    here is a picture of my old space in the spare bedroom

  • Sarah

    Great show guys :) I shall check out instacast, but I would never get around to listening to any pocasts if Ihad to sync them via my computer- I only really use the podcasts section (tap more or use search) of the intunes app on my itouch to download them!! My favourite podcasts are the roundtable, digi show & this American life :) Is the main benefit to buying this app that you can subscribe from your iOS device? Thanks for a great show!

  • Great episode. Loved the listener questions and the topic.
    Hearing about shared spaces is refreshing. I scrapbook in our upstairs landing.
    There were built-in bookcases already there and a tiny workspace. It works
    well. I do need to add a better desktop to give me a bit more workspace because
    it is about 15”x36” but it works pretty well.

    Now, onto why I am really commenting. I was super-psyched by
    the first (I think) reader’s question about the lack of products geared towards
    African Americans. Listeners should check out Scraps of Color:
    for an e-magazine and website geared towards celebrating scrapbookers of color.

    I think there is more space for more niche items today than
    in the past because you don’t have to rely on local scrapbook stores or even
    big box retailers to sell the products. You can make digital versions or just
    sell online. I worked in a local scrapbook store in Atlanta, which has a large
    population of African Americans (city itself is 50.1% Black), yet I can’t
    recall us ever carrying anything geared specifically to African Americans. Part
    of the problem was that these products either didn’t exist or it came and went
    (the manufacturer came and went). Some manufactures got a bit more creative and
    used silhouetted images that were race-neutral.

    Other niches are not represented real extensively either:
    adoption, miscarriage, multiples, disabilities, racial minorities, religious
    minorities, same-sex couples and families, among others.

    Nancy’s right that you don’t see much product geared towards
    LDS even though there is a perceived (and real) connection between LDS and
    scrapbooking. However, there is an assumption in the industry that scrapbookers
    are primarily Christian. I can’t tell you how many customers we used to have
    looking for Jewish-themed items and I would have to just say, “yeah, they don’t
    exist” or point them to the really ugly stuff that manufacturers came out with
    that was Jewish-themed.  

    I also wrote a post about some of these issues after the
    video from came out:
    I also encourage your readers that are interested in this reader’s question to check out my blog ( as I will be talking about some
    of these issues in the coming weeks much more extensively there because I wrote about these issues
    in my dissertation.

  • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about the flood! Sounds like you may have lost some
    of your supply. But it also sounds like you’re happy to have the excuse to
    be back upstairs again. I’m glad we helped your outlook on it! Good luck
    making it all work!

  • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about the flood! Sounds like you may have lost some
    of your supply. But it also sounds like you’re happy to have the excuse to
    be back upstairs again. I’m glad we helped your outlook on it! Good luck
    making it all work!

  • Rumor has it that in the new version of the Apple iOS, you’ll be able to get “over the air” updates, so you won’t have to plug into your computer to get that new podcast download. So maybe coming soon! :-)

  • It was great to hear about all your spaces, I would like to see more pictures please! 

    While I have a designated room for creating, I consider it a shared space because both of my children wanted their own art space in the room.  We spend time there together almost every evening and my four-year-old son gets very indignant if his sister or I infringe on his table space.  I’m definitely going to look into that summer class for kids who scrapbook, but I was wondering if you have any other tips for scrapbooking with kids or projects you’ve done.  I remember Noell did a paperclipping video on this topic, and it was so cute to see your kids’ work.

  • Oooh! Cool!

  • I loved this topic and episode!  I enjoy having a craft desk in my family room and surprisingly have not lost many supplies to my 2 year old.  

    I have a question for a blog post or the “male reads the mail.”  I NEED to try Copics.  I have resisted for a long time due to the cost.  I want to buy 3-4 markers to try them out, but I don’t know which colors to try. Any suggestions?  What are your favorites?  Thank you!  

  • That would be so nice! 

  • shannan_mm

    Not having a dedicated scrap space is largely what sent me to the “digi side”. I scrap at my dining room table and have a very low Ikea shelf below the window where I store my stash. My printer and paper trimmer sit on top of it. You can’t really see it from the rest of the house (ours is very open plan). I also have a tall narrow cupboard nearby where I store more stuff as well as the kids’ art supplies.

    Having to pull everything out and pack it back away to eat at the table was really annoying so now I am mostly digital (I still make paper layouts every now and then though, especially mini books). I also let my  daughter (she’s 4) use my scrap stuff anytime she wants (except for my favourite patterned papers). I believe kids should be allowed to use good quality stuff too. My son, at one and a half, is banned for now though. We don’t let Mr Destructo near scissors, glue or pens! (cringe)

  • One of the greatest benefits of having moved to digital is the ease with which I can do it anywhere without mess. I’m able to sit and scrapbook with the family and not have to keep getting up and down to get stuff out of my “scrap” room. I still have a room full of the paper supplies but I’m making plans on downsizing this to one closet and taking back the space for other things. I’m sending 2 boxes to Joplin for the scrapbooker’s there and hope to find a way to send more stuff without paying the mailing.

  • Aman*duh*

    Love your show!  I would like to formally lodge a complaint though.  I want MORE episodes!  LOL….It’s much easier to get myself motivated to go for my run twice a week when I know I have a PRT to listen to.

    Really enjoyed the discussion today.  I also am one who likes to be with the fam.  Last summer, we built a small (small) cabin on our property for my MIL.  She decided to live with another family member, so I took the space for my scrap room.  Well, it didn’t last long.  I didn’t like being away from my family (we are together literally all the time, DH & I are self-employed and we homeschool).  Of course, the fear of being eaten by a cougar on the way to the cabin was also fearsome (yes, we live in the country).  I then moved all my stuff back to our office, into about 1/5 of the space.  DH did some tweaking to the cabinets to make it work for me.  An upside to being married to a cabinet maker (don’t oogle girls, he’s incredibly talented, but paying customers always come first, it took 4 years to get cabinet doors in my kitchen).

    Since being back “with the family” I’ve accomplished so much more, and am enjoying the hobby again as I did, when I was with the family in the first place.

    Thanks for the show!! 


  • Katie Scott

    I did a “Nancy Nally” last night & brought my scrapbooking stuff out into the open floor plan living room / dining room (out of my scrapbooking room which is off the kitchen and in its own room) and made a Counterfeit Kit Club kit and used my Ikea Bygel Cart and got 4 pages done while we watched the Bachelorette – so less than 2 hours because we watch a little bit after the show starts so we can fast forward through commercials.  Pictures of my scrapbooking cart are up on my blog, here’s the link:

  • Connie Hanks

    Hi Noell, Izzy and the rest of the PRT cast :)
    First and foremost I hope the Hyman’s are safe and sound, completely unaffected by the AZ wildfires. Been thinking about you and your precious family and even though we’ve never met, my week would not be complete without your voices or laughter in my head – via headphones of course :)
    I found the Roundtable last summer and have loved listening. It was a perfect find at the time. I turned 39 last summer and my mantra became 40 before 40. And I’m ecstatic to say I hit it! My goal to lose 40 lbs before turning 40 was reached. I want to thank you for making my gym time actually enjoyable and the time really flew by! I will say though, once I was caught up I had no choice but to become a non-schmo and become a member to keep me motivated on my workouts. And now that I have all this amazing insight and knowledge from PRT, I think my new goal will be 40 IN 40, as in do 40 layouts while I’m 40 :) Thanks again!
    Connie H. in San Diego

  • This message goes out to Izzy…. InstaCast is nothing short of a miracle!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

  • I have to be added to the list of people who like to scrap with family around.  I’ve been scrapping at my dining room table for many years now and with our upcoming addition to the house I will be getting a dedicated, customized scrap space built just for me. Not to sound spoiled, but I’m not sure I want it.  While it will be a joy to not have to put away all my stuff for the 6 or so times a year that we entertain and need the dining room table for dining, I don’t think I want to shut myself away from my boys while I scrap.  Right now I walk past my dining room table (positioned between the living room and kitchen) at least 100 times a day.  My unfinished project(s) are staring me in the face and it makes me sit down and do something more often.  I can scrap in mini-sessions, 5 minutes or less at a time, whenever inspiration strikes.  I think I’d be pulling a Nancy if I had a dedicated space – dragging my stuff out to the common areas to enjoy being with family.  

    Thanks for all the wonderful shows.  I came here looking for the new one (it’s Thursday night already!) and finding none, I thought I’d fill the empty void with a comment.  :)

  • Tunesgirl

    Loved the show today!  Up until now, I thought I was “the only one” without a dedicated sacrap space.  It was nice to hear – especially from those who scrap as a job- that other people have a little corner of the house that houses their stuff.  It was also a wake up call that not everyone has dedicated scraptime!  I am now looking forward to reorganizing my desk and scrap supplies so I can do little tasks at a time.  Thanks for the inspiration!