PRT067 – Library of Freedom

Curious to explore Stacy Julian’s Finding Photo Freedom system?

That’s the topic of today’s show…come listen!

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  • I’m feeling for you, and that desire for color! You’ll see why if you come
    back for tomorrow’s Paperclipping blog post! :)

    You’re going to love Stacy’s class!!!!

  • kissofwhimsy

    Okay, you guys have convinced me that I need to take this class…and I registered *using the Paperclipping link, of course* before I could chicken out.  I’m scared and excited all at the same time-but I am so very excited to be in Stacy’s class. Thanks for a wonderful show, I look forward to it every week!

  • Thank you for your support! Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll love it.

  • Cherish

    I can’t find where to register for Stacy’s class.  Did I miss it?  I would really love to start organizing and scrapping this way as opposed to chronologically.

  • Cherish

    I’m in such a panic to find Stacy’s class that I forgot to add that I LOVED the show as always!

  • Hey, Cherish! Here’s what you do:

    1) Please go to
    2) Copy the coupon code if you’ve never used it and want to know, and then
    use our link to get the the Big Picture website.
    3) Once you get to Big Picture, click on Online Classes.
    4) Click on All Workshops.
    5) Look for Finding Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian.

    Please be sure to use our link from
    If you don’t, we won’t get credit, even if you use the Roundtable coupon
    code. We appreciate you doing this!!!!

  • Cherish

    Thanks so much for your quick reply Noell!  It looks like I missed the registration date.  I was behind on listening to Paperclipping Roundtable so I was just now listening to this show so I guess I’m too late.  

  • Oh, bummer! Usually you can register a couple weeks into the start of a
    class. This is the first one I’ve heard that closes early! Oh well…

  • Cherish

    Yes, bummer.  Do you know if she has posted elsewhere about this where I could read a little to get me started organizing like this or does she have a book, article, etc in which she has written about this?

  • scrapcomber

    I have been listening to this Podcast after being away, and I have tried to sign up for Stacys class but I can’t find it, have I missed the boat again?

  • Yes, she has a book called, Photo Freedom. I don’t know where/if you can buy
    it. Just go to her website: and you’ll probably get some

  • Yes, it’s too late to sign up now! :(

    Our advertisement offers and classes are very limited time and you usually
    have to jump on them right away.

  • Cherish

    Thanks so much Noell!  The only book I came across was The Big Picture which I bought and just received in the mail.  I can’t wait to change the way I scrapbook and organize!  Hopefully I will catch her class the next time she offers it.

    On the other topic…..I’m a photographer and it’s really common with photographers to pay for online photography forums.  Many photographers from all skill levels are members and all share their expertise.  It’s worth more than buying a book in many cases because of the education you can gain by reading threads.  

  • Well, the good news is that Big Picture will give you a big picture view of
    her method. Just not the nitty gritty detail! :)

    I’ve heard of forum memberships in other industries as well!