PRT065 – As You Wish

What do scrapbookers want? What do they dream about? That’s the topic of today’s show…come listen!

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  • Iceteeeeee

    Loved, loved, loved the show! You guys are hilarious and always make me laugh! Izzy, lots of laughs to use on your next laugh track!!
    So many things to think about. One thought that popped up was that I find I use what products I like and don’t care if it is ‘in’ or not. I actually used Magic Mesh on my last layout (, so I laughed when that came up. Guess I am ‘out’, but I am happy!!
    I knew I was going overboard on using product on layouts when my husband looked at a page and said, “Where are the pictures?” Yikes, kind of defeating the purpose, huh?
    I love the idea of a retreat. It would be so inspiring to hang out with people I admire so much.
    Thanks again for a fun-filled, thought-provoking show!

  • I never about what’s trending, either! Yay for Magic Mesh! :)

  • Y’all had me rolling laughing today!! I was trying to work moving photos around in a document, and those photos were moving all OVER the pages!! I could not keep my hand still! LOVED the show!! Ana – when you get one of those bank tubes from the scrap store in the sky – I wanna be next!

  • Kilroy

    Oh my word yes – the layouts that you have to search for the photos? And where did the journaling go? *sigh* I don’t always think that this is the best way to promote the products. After a few layouts, it gets to be too much to look at.

  • Julie K in Taiwan

    Your show always makes me smile, so thank you for adding some (saucy) sunshine into the world.

    Magic mesh is awesome and I believe it is still available for sale at A tip I remember from back in the day when it was all the rage, is to use self adhesive mesh drywall tape from the hardware store as it is a lot cheaper and can be colored to match your project.

    Coincidentally, I just pulled out my stash/hoard of magic mesh on Wednesday and used it to add texture to a layered flower embellishment. I made a mental note to myself to find a way to store it so that it was more accessible for me to use. I think I’ll go use it now, perhaps with some glittery alpha letters (sorry Nancy!)

  • I’ll have to go check out that drywall mesh tape! I’m heading over to Home
    Depot today anyway!

  • Arimaciasnyc

    i like using the paper-y dry wall mesh tape to ink over it as a mask. works work for a polka-dotty type background.

  • That sounds cool!

  • Jen

    Is there an RSS feed address for the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast like there is for the Digi Show? I have an android phone and want to add the feed to my RSS reader/podcast app!
    Thanks! :)

  • Angie G

    Ok I so want to come to Noell’s dream party. I have two kids under three and my dream would be to have a break and hang out with you guys. Noell’s “photography” walk reminds me of when we went to London and Dublin and did “walks” (I think in Dublin it was more of a pub crawl). If you ever want to come to Vancouver Canada I am all for a girls weekend!

  • Yes, there is! IzY thought it was in the bottom of each post. He’ll be sure to add it Asap.

  • Anonymous

    What no Paperkins? How could you forget to mention the wonderfulness that was and is Paperkins? (I do have about 15 minutes left of the show to listen to, so perhaps you mention them still).
    Oh and the magic mesh…my dad was fixing a whole in my wall and the drywall mesh wasn’t sticking real well. I pulled out my blue magic mesh in case he wanted to try that but he got the drywall mesh to work. I don’t think he wanted to use my “scrapbook” supplies to do such “manly” things like home improvement. :)
    P.S. Paperkins do not need to make a comeback. They were terrible the first time around.

  • Gail A

    Very funny show this time! I was trying to workout and almost fell off the elliptical! (I’m always afraid I’ll be laughing out loud when I’m listening and others at the gym will think I’m crazy!) Noell, I want to be a part of your retreat (if you ever do it)!!! The idea of experts teaching different aspects of scrapbooking to a small group sounds like heaven — maybe kits for make-and-take projects would help so you wouldn’t have to drag all of your stuff with you. I do agree with Nancy and Ana that packing everything up to take it somewhere is sometimes a deterrent to crops or other similar activities.

  • Avittori

    I was waiting for Izzy to follow up on Ana’s bank tube request with “inconthievable”! Not sure how many Princess Bride fans are out there! Hilarious show, loved it!

  • Cara

    Inconthievable!! Haha!! Perfect! :D

  • Noell, your retreat sounds awesome!! Kind of sounds like what Donna D wants to do with her Inspired event in the future :)

    I think my wish is to have Aby and Wendy come do my room, too! Do you think they would? I’m in France, heehee ;)

    That, or having someone (Wesley?) edit and print my photos for me, I hate doing that. Noell, I print the same way you do, it’s just that ì haven’t felt like going through and editing or sorting for a really long time :P

  • Nancy – you aren’t the only one to move from a dedicated space to the family room. I used to scrap up in my bedroom but realized during the ‘trial’ that I MUCH prefer being in the middle of it all and able to chat, cook dinner, supervise home schooling, watch tv/console gaming with everyone than being elsewhere.

    My space is now a tiny but beautifully formed (and mostly built by my Wookie) divider between the dining and living room ends of our downstairs room. I work on a kitchen island/trolley – so Noelle’s comment made me laugh. That has enough room on top for my cutting mat, a basket of ‘things to be used next’, my lamp, a few favourite tools/ink pads and a random pile of bits.

    One other small kitchen trolley holds my Bigshot, various dies, Krafters Purse with essentials, Wookie built me some storage to fit between the dining room cabinets and the couch plus I have storage in one cupboard in the dining room beside this. Not much bit it is mine and it means that everyone see my creations as they are completed and admired.

    Does take work finding things that are cute enough to be on display to everyone walking into our room and yes I do have to tidy up whenever I finish but I love it.

  • scrapana

    I guess the mesh isn’t as ‘out’ as we may have thought. I use it too and have had a roll of drywall mesh tape for years that doesn’t seem to end. Love it for masking and just as it is. I love the look of just a little snip under an embellishment grouping. Also looks great on beachy pages.

  • Oh, we’re big time Princess Bride fans! :)

  • I’m sure if you paid for them to come to France they would do it! :)

  • You should share pics with us!

  • HeatherC

    First off — Ana crack me up– just love her!

    Design question — I love the design free video you can get from Paperclipping — now I know what you will say, “if you like that, you should subscribe and see the rest” but the problem is that I am looking for design education in print versus digital form (we only have one computer for the family and not feasible for me to spend time watching videos– barely have time to read email and post to my blog now and then). I really like in the video how you teach about the lines of design — do you know of a good book or internet articles that teach such principles? I have the Ella Publishing e-book (like that because I can print it out) but wish it went deeper. I know Cathy Z has a couple books, but can’t look inside online and did not know if they teach design principles — not looking for just pages of layouts or sketches or page maps — I need to teach myself to rethink in design — I think this will help when I go to start my pages. In the fall when my kiddos are both in school I may be able to carve out computer time to pursue online classes or tutorials, but looking for something to tide me over until then! Would appreicate any suggestions! Thanks – Heather

  • HeatherC

    I need the bank tube from the sky to also go to the grocery for me — that would be awesome.

  • Hi, Heather!

    Cathy definitely is all about design. Her way of teaching it is very similar
    to what you got in the Ella e-book I think. I actually have never found
    anything that goes extremely deep in scrapbooking, or even in very general
    design terms. That is why I decided to make it the focus of Paperclipping.
    I’ve had to study a lot of different unrelated specialties to get a deep
    understanding of it.

    My design course, which I’ll be giving to the members, will be mostly text
    with layout examples. It will have some of my Member’s Videos mixed in but
    it’s more text than video. I’m pretty sure I’ll sell it separately from the
    membership, but I’m not 100% positive until we actually make it available.

    There are two others that I’ve just thought of that go pretty deep into
    design — Debbie Hodge in her Building Pages class (which is like a giant
    e-book with a few videos), and also Dina Wakley’s Art Journaling 103 class.
    She teaches composition through art, not scrapbooking, but it all applies.
    You just need to translate it. If you’ll go to Get It Scrapped through our
    affiliate link in this blog post you can look for both of these classes over

    I love both of these classes for the very reason that they go more in-depth
    than the other very basic approaches to design you typically see in

    I hope one of these three options will work for you!

  • HeatherC

    Noell –
    Thank you for the great response to my question — I will be checking out these resources. I appreciate you taking the time to answer this — as I said I am not a Paperclipping member — would LOVE to be, but just can’t see how right now that fits with my time and equipment. As I said, hopefully in the fall more time will free up when both of my children are in school everyday.

    Will you offer your design class through this site or are you planning to team someone like BPC? Looking forward to hearing more about this and thank you again!

  • Kelli

    Love the Princess Bride Reference.. I’m only 2 minutes in and already know this has to be a great episode :o)

  • I will be offering it through my own site. That’s what I’ve always done with
    my other courses too, although Stacy J was gracious enough to invite me to
    submit a class proposal a few years back. I prefer to just do it myself here
    at Paperclipping. :)

  • Janet

    You guys are so funny. I just finished listening to the episode and I found my self laughing out loud in the car throughout the whole thing. I can’t tell you how much I love this podcast. I see that someone already mentioned the dry wall tape in place of magic mesh. I still have a huge roll of dry wall tape from the magic mesh days – LOL!!!
    Also want to mention that I am a paperclipping member and have been for close to 2 years. It’s a great membership and you get so much value for your money. So thanks again for the laughs and inspiration.

    PS – Izzy – because of you I took the Mac plunge!!! I just got a MacBook Pro and I don’t know what took me so long to convert but will never look back…

  • Katie Scott

    Noell – solution for your desire for a scrapbooking kitchen island: We love Ikea. Love it. My daughter played in the Ikea land for kids while I strolled around upstairs to try to gather organizing ideas. I wasn’t planning on buying anything at Ikea – my husband has given me long talks about my trips to Target and Ikea and I’m only to pay cash – not credit at these places – ever again. But in the back of my mind was Noell Hyman’s comment on the Paperclipping Roundtable #65 “As You Wish!” and she mentioned that she wished she had a kitchen island (like the one Stacy Julian has) but that she didn’t have the space – and Nancy Nally was talking about how she’s moved out of the scrapbooking room to the kitchen. My kids and I do crafts in the kitchen a lot so its always a major production to bring all the art supplies from the scrapbooking room to the kitchen. I have the $29 SOLUTION thanks to Ikea! Its the Bygel Cart
    (here’s the link)
    . I’m in the process of stocking it right now – (pictures are up on my blog
    ) and it fits per
    fectly in an empty space next to my scrapbooking counter. It is about counter height and its got wheels! That means I can scrap in the kitchen or the dining room or even by the pool. I am so fantastically excited about this!

  • Katie Scott

    here is the link to the ikea cart scrapbook island $29 awesome thing:

  • I just listened to this podcast while on a solo drive for 1.5 hour and I am sure if anyone was looking in the car they would have thought I was nuts at times as I was laughing out loud during most of it and wow, how fast the time flew! : ) I have been listening to this podcast through itunes for quite some time and always enjoy the info how it is presented, especially this time. Keep up the great work!

  • Mel

    Hey, guys. I’m so freaked out you read my comment! Thanks and great advice. Ana, I did the messy thing down one side of the page I’d masked off and it worked great. All good advice. But hey Izzy – work on that British accent!!  

  • fancyscrapper

    Okay, this episode is so fun! I’ve probably said this before, but I just love when you have Ana Cabrera on because I can so relate with her lack of photo storage, her crazy “order” in photo books, and just her crazy style. She makes me laugh out loud all the time! Love it! And the fact that you all have different opinions make this show really enjoyable as well. It rounds out this truly “Round Table.”

    Thanks again. I am an avid follower (though I am sometimes behind in the episodes. . . *winking!*) 

  • Thank you for your membership! I’m so glad you like it! And congrats on your
    new mac! Izzy and I each have that same one and we love it!

  • Hannah Knowles

    Hi I’ve only just listened ~ have a big splurge to catch up on roundtables after being off line for a while. Am loving the show and especially the wish lists in this episode.

    How  has Ana got on with fixing up her loft space?… any chance of a follow up program? Especially interested in learning about tips on what to do / not to do when creating a craft space as I’m about to organise myself out of a pizza box stack in the corner of my dining room into a proper dedicated space ~ yippee.

    thanks Hannah

  • Let me respond in order of your topics —

    Thank you and YAY for dry wall tape!

    Thank you for your membership!!!

    Woo-hoo, congratulations on that MAC! It’s better late than never, right? :)