PRT064 – Long Projects Chronicled

Have you ever tried a long project in your scrapbooking? This episode has ideas and inspiration about long projects. Come listen!

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  • kim

    I’m such an Elise fan – very excited to listen to this episode :)

  • Barbara

    I haven’t even listened yet, but I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!! :-)

  • Girlwhoscraps

    I LOVED hearing Elise on the show! Thank you! Hope she can visit again. As always, Noell, Nancy, Stacy, and of course Izzy, were wonderful as well! Great episode. :D

  • Sarah

    Loved this episode. Elise was such a great addition to the show!!

  • nicolernorman

    I’m only about halfway through the show but just wanted to say WELCOME BACK and THANK YOU for having Elise on. I found her blog through Ali’s sometime in the last couple of years and LOVE her. Please add her to the list of “repeats”. :) And when are we going to hear Ali again??? Love all your guests (and you hosts too, of course), but I’d love to hear from Ali again soon. Ooh just had an idea…I’m taking Jenni Bowlin’s class now…any chance you could get Jenni and Ali on a show together?? I know they’re both into antiques…not sure if you could relate that to a scrapbooking topic, but I love them both and think you could have a great show with them. Thanks!!

  • Amy_G

    Hey loved the show – not much to add (cause you guys are so awesome and cover it all) but wanted to let you know that I have been listening to you from the start and have FINALLY become a Paperclipping member! I’m loving all of Noell’s videos – great teaching! Actually maybe I do have a question….when planning for a large project (for example an album for your parents 50th wedding anniversary or a 60th birthday) how would you plan ahead for that – what would be your approach (gathering old pictures, journaling from others)?. Hope that makes sense. Again LOVE the show! Thanks for all that you do.

  • so lost without you guys last week. i really enjoyed the show. i am going to be 40 on may 17th and i have been wanting to do something to count down the time. it was too late to do the year before b/c i didn’t think of it in time. I like the concept of 25 in 25 that elise spoke about. so it hit me in traffic…Countdown 40 is going to be my minibook. i am going to coundown the 10 days before my bday, kind of like that countdown to New Year’s eve….10, 9, 8, etc. I think that will be fun and it gives me a few weeks to really plan it out.

    Thanks again for a great show. Please no more weeks off. LOL

  • Iceteeeeee

    Great show! I did Project Life for the past two years and one way I got past the ‘matching’ Nancy mentioned was by putting all the cards out on my table and pulling ones that went together for each week and slipping them into the pockets all beforehand.

    Since I retired in June and don’t have children, I thought it would be boring to do the project the same way a third year, so I am using the Project Life album differently this time (putting in random pictures and journaling pulled from anywhere and everywhere) and calling it Random Moments In Time.

    For my documenting 2011 I am using the Life Documented system, where I only document at the end of each month for that month, with far fewer pages than Project Life. It is manageable and easy!

    Thanks for all you guys do and I echo the sentiments of everyone who said how much they missed the show last week!

  • That would be an interesting show. We tried to have Jenni on before her
    class started but we had trouble coordinating our schedules. Ali will be on
    again soon! Again, it’s often an issue of schedules coordinating!

  • Thank you for your membership, Amy! I’m so glad you like it!

    And thanks for the topic suggestion! I just added it to our list of
    potential topics. :)

  • Happy early birthday to you Rosann! Good for you for wanting to count down to that milestone! I turn 40 on May 19th…I think I’ll just be hiding under my bed on that day. ;-)

  • Just wanted to say that a Graphic Design degree can lead to SO MANY other opportunities – it’s a skill that you can use for any industry. She might just find that she would love to work in a different industry she doesn’t even know exists right now.

  • Thank you for another wonderful show. I really appreciated all the tips on maintaining motivation and adjusting the rules for real life. “Intentional flexibility” is such a great idea! I would like to know though, when you are involved in a long project that’s going wrong, at what point do you give up and say, “This doesn’t inspire me anymore”? How do you determine when you need to stop and when you need to plod through and just finish the darn thing?

  • HeatherC

    GREAT show — missed it last week!! Great topic — it only makes sense, but reaffirming to hear that it is ok to change the rules of your projects — love how Stacy admits to “life happens” and projects change with that. LOVE the idea of ANYTIME PHOTOS!! I am going to do that for Project Life — great idea!

  • Iceteeeeee

    Noell, I have been meaning to tell you this for a while. I watch a Ustream show on Tuesday nights and invariably there are always people waiting for your show to come on as it is still advertised on Ustream. I popped in a few times to tell them there was no longer a weekly show. They are always quite sad! Just thought I would let you know as some people didn’t get the memo or are hopeful when they see the show advertised!

  • If it’s almost done I’ll often plod through it. If there’s quite a way to go
    and I’m really not enjoying the experience or the project I put it away in a
    drawer. There is no obligation for us to do any scrapbooking at all. It’s
    all a choice because we want to, so why torture ourselves when we could be
    other things we DO feel inspired to do?

    But that’s just me. ;)

  • Thank you! I put that information on the page 4 years ago and completely
    forgot it was there!

    I appreciate you telling people for me. I just changed the message on there,
    so hopefully it won’ tbe an issue anymore!

  • Anya L

    Enjoyed the show a lot! It was right on time for my “May Everyday” project a was thinking for a while (heard it here earlier). Also, thank you for answering my question. I guess I’m just thinking too much when picking pattern paper. Thanks, again!

  • A-HA!!! I listened to the show last week, and had a major light bulb go off. This year, I created a list of 34 things that I want to do in my 34th year. I blogged about it, but it never even crossed my mind to do a mini album. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that on my own. And kudos to you guys–to Elise for inspiring me to do a mini album on my 34 things list, and to Noell, Nancy & Izzy on always putting together such a great show that is always an inspiration. I ALWAYS get something out of each show.

  • Anonymous

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  • I hope that helps you for next time!!

  • PINK! :)