PRT060 – Innovations in Scrapbooking

It’s a fun time to be a scrapbooker. The scrapbooking world is full of innovations and new ideas, and that’s the subject of today’s show. Come listen!

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Three-Day Scrapbooking Event – Live Online

True Scrap Poster

Have you checked this out yet? Noell is participating, along with Ali Edwards and several more scrapbookers.

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  • Cara

    Normally, scrapbooks are meant to be kept ;) so I’m not too concerned about the actual paper that we are using when we scrapbook, it’s not going to end up in a landfill. What I am worried about is the process used to make all that paper, the enormous amounts of packaging used for embellishments (and the process to make all that) and the transport, especially stuff coming from China. Paper and pulp mills use a huge amount of water and chemicals. Most embellishments come with a chipboard sheet and wrapped in plastic that is just designed to be thrown away. This is where stamping, die cuts and other reusable tools and supplies can be a great way to reduce waste (for those of us who aren’t digi scrappers ;) or at least not 100%). Jenni Bowlin’s upcoming class looks like a great way to learn ways to scrapbook more ecologically and I’m really tempted to take it :D There are companies out there that are making an effort to use soy based inks and/or printing in the US. Basic Grey does both plus uses paper that comes from certified managed forests :D As far as I know, however, none of the major pp companies use recycled papers :P Bazzill is very green, which is good news, since it’s such a popular choice and cardstock is such a big scrapbooking staple.

  • Where do you find out about these companies’ practices, Cara?

  • Cara

    Most companies that are making an effort want you to know about it. The information is usually on the product (on the cut off strip on patterned paper, for example). I also do google searches from time to time (I double checked my Bazzill info before I left my last comment) and even though you can’t always trust what you find on the internet, I think it at least gives a good idea of what’s going on.

  • Great point that they’re advertising it if they’re doing it! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that! Thx!!

  • Tina Campbell

    I have been listing to the old roundtables while either scrapping or working in my scraproom organizing and putting stuff away. It’s been fun and entertaining to do it this way. Thanks to Lain for the plug of Counterfeit Kit Challenge to me it’s a fantastic way to get my scrapping done and since I found them in Nov 2013 I think I have done more layouts that I have in the prior years. Thanks for always making my day more fun when stop by and check out either a new broadcast or an old one