PRT059 – Smartphone Photo Talk

Like taking pictures with your phone? You’ll love this week’s episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable. Come listen…

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  • I love them, too! I just wish I could get them in single colors because I
    don’t use all those colors they come in! :(

  • Susan Hanna

    I’ve listened to every Roundtable show since the first one, and to the news show that Noell and Nancy had before. I am a huge fan BUT I have never left a comment and it infuriates me that the first time I do it relates to a show that is 3 weeks past! However, I just had to comment on how thankful I have been for my iPhone4’s photo capabilities. My FIRST grandchild was born on January 29 — fourteen weeks early!! She will be in NICU probably at least through the first week in May which was her due date. Cell phones are allowed in the area but must be fully cleaned with a special antibacterial cloth before you carry them in. You cannot use any flash in the area around the preemies. All of the photos I have from the last 7 1/2 weeks were taken with my iPhone. I have gotten some beautiful shots set on HD and have even had some printed as 5×7 without any tweaking at all (except what Persnickity Prints may have done!) I didn’t use any special apps for these photos… just a very precious tiny baby girl.

  • Wow, that is great to hear about your success with the phone during an
    important time! Congratulations on a new grandchild! I hope everything
    develops just right! (I meant the baby, but I guess you can apply that to
    the photos, too!)


  • Sarah (graphics_girl)

    Ok folks. I am finally commenting! While listening to this podcast I really wanted to share my own phone pic experiences…but I knew you wouldn’t hear me, so I refrained.
    Since the birth of my niece 14 months ago, my sister in law often texts me pics of her. I love how our phones help get the best shots you wouldn’t otherwise get. After a year of collecting images sent by Momma, I printed them and made a little mini album of all those great pics. I bought these tiny 3×3 inch albums years ago and it seemed the perfect place to put them! With a bit of paper scraps and butterfly punches, I had captured these moments for my sister in law.

    I have been doing project life and occasionally have pictures I want to use from my phone. The hassle of moving files to my computer was really slowing me down. On my weekly trip to print pictures at Target, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. The bluetooth icon on the kiosk!!!! I opened my pictures on my phone, clicked “Send to bluetooth”, let the phone find the kiosk, tell my phone which one to use.. and TA DA! Photos! Printed from my phone, along with the ones I was printing from my cameras memory card! And they turned out GREAT! Nice and clear, you’d never know they were from a phone. (PS, I’m rockin a Blackberry.) Thanks so much for providing such a great show and such great resources for memory keepers!

  • June

    Photojojo just came out with this article on 10 Totally New Ways to Play with Instagram. See number 2, especially:

  • I just saw this blog post about the top 30 Apps for iPhones & thought it listed some excellent tools to improve a snapshot.

  • I just saw this blog post about the top 30 Apps for iPhones & thought it listed some excellent tools to improve a snapshot.