PRT057 – The Closet Trendsetter

Are things changing with scrapbooking albums? Come listen…

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  • pennyshilling

    Loving the show!
    Re Facebook and your photos.. you need to check your settings and mark Private or Share with Family/Friends or share with everyone. Yes there are some sites like Facebook that strip your metadata.
    I’m not sure but I think if you are shooting in Raw turn them into DNG files..there are some issues with the meta data too… still learing about all this so someone else may be able to clarify this further for us.

    One issue I would like to raise is Geotagging….
    If you geotag your photos with your iPhone or if your camera has that capability as many of the newer DSLRs have, this info is kept in the meta data also. With the right software this can easily be viewed eg. Lightroom Aperture. This can be a real security issue if you are not careful about who receives these files because the geotagging can be used by others to locate your exact location.. ie your home.. where your kids go to school where you work etc.. which could be a real issue. Even more so if you have a blog with lots of photos with the meta data and geotags include. It make it very easy for others to locate you and even work out your day to day movements and what you are doing on a daily basis.

    On the positive side geotagging has some great benefits in the right hands for example, keeping track of locations of photos when travelling, photo shoot locations for professionals and allowing famly and friend now or in the future to discover where the photo was taken etc. to name but a few.

    Back to the show….
    xxox Deb


    Love BPC and would love to win a free class. Pick me! Pick Me!
    Debbie K.
    Penndel, PA

  • Hey, Debbie — you need to comment on the blog post for the giveaway. We’re not picking from the comments here!

  • Kim Shimer

    I think what Nancy is looking to be invented is “zip lock” page protectors. That way, you can still use your regular albums, but it seals out the dog hair & dust!

  • Kim Shimer

    sorry, I think it was actually Wendy or Angie that said they had the dog hair dust issue.

  • Amjohnson

    Wendy and Angie – I have the sag problem also and it drives me crazy. I started with Creative Memories albums and then when I stumbled upon Stacy J and switched to 3 ring albums and now have switched back to CM album with Pioneer Pages. I guess I should say I still use both. When I make a page I put them in a 3 ring binder and when that is full, I empty the binder and put them in CM albums for permanent “storage”. So I guess my 3 ring binders are just for every page I make with no random order and then the CM albums are more for my 4 LOM catagories. This way I am only putting pages in my CM albums every six months or a year. This allows me to use the fun colors but then on my bookshelf the CM albums are all the same. My wish list would be that a company would make pages for every album type, i.e. WRMK would put slits in their pages so they would fit in the strap hinge albums like Pioneer has but Pioneer only has the 12×12 and 8 1/2 x 11 pages only. I would love more pocket pages for the strap hinge albums. I have become creative with my sewing machine and the Pioneer pages but the older I get the simpler I want things. ~Ann

  • Doreen Page

    On this show Izzy read a piece of mail from Shawna. She mentioned that she downloads the Roundtable in itunes, but then comes back to your site to listen to it. Is that how you get support? Do I need to listen at your site for you to get the best support? If that helps you, I would be willing to play the Roundtable on my computer instead of itunes. I’ll even go back and play all the episodes over again!

    Doreen Page

  • Keisha

    Hey guys! I just finished listening to this PRT and I’m sad because I am completely caught up. :P I thought the album topic was interesting and it also gave me the thought that *gasp* I can throw away that ugly album that I have been keeping for years just because it came in some kit. Ha! I’ve been scrapping for years and years, Easily replaceable! I started scrapping when I was, I want to say 15-16ish? And my very first introduction to scrapbooking was a 1000 piece kit from QVC. I really didn’t like most of the pieces, some embellishments were creepy, and lets face it, the albums back 8 years ago were not super fantastic. So, I’m going to ignore my hoarding instincts and throw it out.

    I actually started scrapbooking my sisters photos for her kids around that time too, and I hated the albums in the stores. So I picked out a D-ring 8×11 photo album, took out all the funky photo protectors and put in regular 8×11 page protectors. (Wow I was so ahead of my time! I never realized that before..) Then of course came the 12×12 era, which really made it hard to find anything 8×11 anymore. So most of the rest of my albums are 12×12. I’m glad things are shifting again into different sizes and styles. Anyway, the point of my message is that I realized I can be a trendsetter myself, and I don’t have to do something just because that’s the way everyone else seems to be doing it. I’ll keep doing things my way, for no one other than myself. You guys are great inspiration! I hope you realize that!


  • This mainstream scrapper loved that this episode’s topic was albums. Since I’ve been using mine mainly as storage – all in one size – I found the discussion to be enlightening. And it’s always fun to get a little scrapbooking history lesson too. Great show.

  • Angela

    If you announced that you were going to talk about photo albums, I would have said, “mmm, no, I’ll pass, I’ll listen next week.” Can you girls talk scrapebooking or can you talk scrapebooking? Another great post! My wish list would be that all page protectors would be standardized. It irritates me that not all 3 ring page protectors are the same. I guess I should pay attention to the brand instead of what is cheep.
    Angie and Wendy were great. How many talented people came out of Simple Scrapebooking?!
    So Nancy what happen to the Cricut (Provo Craft) this year? It seems like they have been the big buzz the last couple of years. They came out with a new machine…..again and no one seems to be talking about it. Everybody seems to be talking about all things Tim Holtz.
    Lastly, this has nothing to do with this post. I became a Paperclipping member this year (so I’m also a non-schmoe) and have been working my way down all the tutorials. This week I watched episode 71 Working with Newspaper. I will be working with newspaper on my next scrap project. So would you recommend that I cut the newspaper in smaller pieces? Did you treat the newspaper with something? You were rubbing the newspaper and the ink did not smear.

  • Stephanie Medley-Rath

    Yeah, you have to make sure you use the same brand page protectors with the same brand album. There are some exceptions. Like Dalee page protectors will fit in We R Memory Keeper albums, but most are not interchangeable.

    I must be in the minority, because I have always been really picky with album selection. Maybe it’s because of working in a local scrapbook store. My favorite album of all time is from Forevery Yours (RIP). They were pricy, but great quality. I would pick out an album that was my school colors when working on albums from my school days. I selected an album that was the same color as the Golden Gate Bridge when I made an album about my trip to San Francisco. Even, my everyday, non-project centered albums are carefully selected. With albums, you really get what you pay for, too. I could go and on…

  • Thank you, Doreen, but no-no-no, we don’t get support by having you listen
    from the website. When you subscribe in iTunes it supports the show because
    the more subscribers we have, the more iTunes highlights us.

    Shawna prefers just to listen to it from the website (though I can’t
    understand why — it’s much easier with iTunes). She subscribed in iTunes
    just to give us the support, even though she’ll continue to listen from the

    The BEST way to support the show is by using our links to purchase any
    classes you like from our sponsors, and most especially if you become a
    Paperclipping Member. That is really how we’re able to continue doing the

    Thank you for your desire to support the show!

  • Hey, Angela! I love that newspaper technique — it took me a long time to
    figure it out and I LOVE how nicely it lays on the page, like it’s a part of

    Size — it really depends on how comfortable you feel with the paper. The
    larger you go the more awkward a person could get with it. Probably depends
    on how much you’re used to working with papers and things. I used a couple
    fairly large pieces on both my examples and it was fine. The smaller pieces
    were because they were in separate part of the paper. I only like to keep
    the relevant parts of the newspaper and discard the non-relevant parts.

    I didn’t treat my newspaper with anything except for what I told you to use
    in the tutorial for adhering. It didn’t smear. If it’s important for you to
    make it acid free you could spray it with one of those neutralizing sprays.
    But I just did exactly what I showed you in the video.

    Good luck with it! I LOVE that technique and would do it all the time if I
    had newspaper clippings to scrap!

  • I think I’m actually fairly picky with my albums, too. But in the end, I
    also don’t worry about stressing too much because I know I can replace them.
    And I like quality — I won’t go with anything cheapy, but I don’t feel like
    I have to have top-of-the-line quality either because, like I said, I can
    just replace the album in 20, 30 years if I need. So mainly I’m picky about

  • I’ve definitely pitched albums!

    Thanks for your comment! :)

  • Thank you for a great episode!
    I have been listening the round table weekly on my long run (which I do once a week). My runs are getting longer and longer and this week I ran 11 miles. I was so sad that the show ran out before my run was complete. Sometimes I wish you all would chat a little longer. :)

    On this episode I liked all the talk about page protectors! It is so true that they may be the smallest thing, but matter so much! I have been using a combination of all different sizes for awhile now. I love it! My next goal is to convert all my post bound albums to American Crafts albums. I love all the colors. And I would love to have a mix of lots of colors. Stephanie Howell has lots of colored albums, I saw a photo on her blog a couple weeks ago.

    Anyway, thank you ladies for another good show. :)

  • Sue

    I’ve also had the page sagging problem, but it took a few years to develop. When I took Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class in 2008, I bought the 3-ring American Crafts album and page protectors she suggested for the class. Now, three years later, I’ve removed all my layouts from this album and pitched the curled up page protectors. My album of choice is WRMK linen post-bound. I tried a 3-ring and just can’t get past that annoying gap, especially since I do many 2-page layouts. The hassle of post bound is worth it to me when a completed album looks so good.

  • Angela

    I am definately going to have to practice. These clippings are almost 5 years old and are irreplaceable. These paperclipping are large but I am comfortable cutting them if it makes it easier to put on a page. By the way I have a PICK! Aladdin Aqua to-go tumbler. Wwhaat?! It is double insulated. If you are drinking ice water it will not leave a water mark on the table. So if you accidently brush your paper on the tumbler on put your paper where the tumbler was th paper will not get wet. So no ‘Oh, Crap’ comments while scrapping :) They are sold at Target (check the website) and at Costco.

  • Sounds great! I gotta find those!

  • MMarie

    Hello Noell,
    Regarding your wish for shelving units that hold 12×12 albums, head to IKEA in Tempe and take a close look at the Besta shelves. Many people love their Expedit shelves for scrapbooks & supplies, but my favorite is the Besta as they are narrower, you can move the shelves, and add more for a few dollars. I LOVE them for my scrapbooks, supplies, and project boxes (black ones from IKEA, like you use!). On your way home, if it’s a warm day, do stop at Angel Sweet in Chandler for the best gelato this side of Italy!

  • Jennifer

    I’m right with you! I would consider using a 3-ring for temp storage, but not as a regular “finished” album. Of course, this means that it’s harder to do Stacy’s Library of Memories, but I’ll figure it out one day!

  • Jennifer

    Where did all the 9×9 albums go???

  • The page protectors with the flaps are available at… They are from C-Line!

  • HeatherC

    Great show — I agree with Angie — the SEI mini albums were great — I used to find them at Hobby Lobby —

    Show idea — I just love the show Who Do You Think You Are — NBC Friday nights — I usually don’t care too much about the celebrity, but the way they show documenting and finding out about family history I find so interesting. Got me thinking about my own family history — I have never done a “heritage” album, but would now really like to — I am thinking if I did one, not sure how many photos I would have — may end up to be more of a journal — anyway would love to hear other’s thoughts on how to approach such a topic.

    Always enjoy the show!

  • Thanks for the topic suggestion! I’ll go add it to our possible topics list
    right now!

  • KiMD

    I loved this week’s episode – albums have been a perpetual problem for me. I started out in Creative Memories albums 16 years ago, but I hated having one page stuck to the back of another. I couldn’t stand the gap of 3 rings, so I moved to postbound albums. Then I tried adding pages to an already-full postbound, and it took me, hubby, a screwdriver and pliers (and some bad language) to get the job done. I finally gave up and went to 3 ring, but I haven’t found any I really like except the Scrapworks Bay Box/Scrap Smart/Anthologie albums. And now Scrapworks is no longer in business. My 5 Scrapworks albums are full and I’ve been in the market for the next set of albums for my library system.

    I DO have the page sagging problem with an American Crafts cloth album with American Crafts page protectors – and there are only 5 protectors in there at the moment. I think the AC albums feel a bit lightweight and cheap, though I do love the colors. I won’t use AC page protectors – I think they are very cheap feeling. I bought a pack of 12 x 12, and my pages stuck up about 1/4 inch above the protector – that says bad quality control to me. We R Memory Keepers are much better, but I think the best are, again, Scrapworks.

    Here’s what I want. I want a sturdy album like We R Memory Keepers with NO “picture hole” in the front and NO cheesy label bracket on the spine. I want metal corners to help protect the album and I want nice colors. I’ve recently purchased a We R Memory Keepers linen album, and it’s gorgeous and has a bit more sturdiness to it than the American Crafts album. We’ll see how it works out.

    Am I the only one who is so picky about their albums? Thanks for a great show – as always, PRT delivers.

  • I didn’t know We R had cloth ones. I won’t buy leather, so I’ve stayed away
    from their albums. I’ll have to check out the cloth! I do like their page
    protectors, too, but I’ve mostly bought AC’s. I think I’ll compare them side
    by side and see what I think. :)

    BTW, the 8×8 album I mentioned loving in the episode — it was Scrapworks
    Anthologie ones. I don’t think I remembered what it was but you just
    reminded me.

  • Anya

    10×10 please! There’s a huge gap between 12×12 and 8×8. It doesn’t meen companies would have to release some paper in those sizes, but I would love to have 10×10. Sometimes I think that would be the only size I would ever use. The best part about it is it will be so much easier to share with friends and family.
    Love. Love. LOVE your shows! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! And also THANK YOU so much for all your CHA videos! We are already makeing our selections.

  • Sue

    I love the WRMK linen albums!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m glad we’re not the only ones who experience “page protector sag.” :)

  • THANKS Angela! (Great name, by the way.) The Simple team was a fabulous bunch. I miss working with them, but luckily we get together for dinner quite often still! And just like you, when I first heard the topic, I worried we wouldn’t be able to find very many interesting things to say. But it ended up being a blast! Great topic pick by Nancy.

  • Yay JennV! I also listen to past PRT episodes on my long runs. (I’m training for a half-marathon.) I was able to listen to almost a whole episode in my 6-mile run on Saturday. 11 miles is still quite a few weeks in the future, thank goodness!

  • Thanks for this tip! I’m going to look for these…

  • Hey HeatherC, Wendy spotted a bunch of NEW SEI Preservation Series albums at a local Roberts Arts & Crafts store (a Utah chain). So, there’s a good chance they’re available elsewhere too!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my wish – I want a d-ring album that makes the pages sit together like a post bound. I like to see my two page spreads with the edges touching, not with a big ugly ring in between! But it’s a drag sliding my layouts out of the page protectors to rearrange instead of just snapping open the a d-ring. Noell had a good idea to stitch the protectors together, but then I still can’t rearrange without opening the posts (for example if I want to add a layout earlier in the book).

  • Wow, Angie, that is awesome! Congrats on your 6 and good luck on 11!!!

  • I don’t know but if you figure it out will you let me know? I would love to do more of that size!

  • KiMD

    Noell, most of, if not all, the WRMK “leather” albums aren’t real leather, they are synthetic, or “faux” as WRMK calls them. The We R linen ones are beautiful. I got mine from Keeping Memories Alive (

  • Yay! I am excited for you! My half marathon is in just a couple weeks. Good luck with training! You will understand what I mean when you get to mile 11 and wish the episode hadn’t ended. ;)

  • Alijoy

    What a fabulous idea!

  • Alijoy

    Can I clarify something then? I am doing a few classes through BPC right now and need to go to their site “daily”. I’ve been coming to the paperclipping site first and following the 2 links to get to BPC to sign in. Is that (hopefully) benefiting you then?

  • Alijoy

    Great discussion. I have a combination of albums – each with their own pros and cons. I too started out with CM but moved away as I didn’t like the permanancy of the pages adn rearranging them. I do still have a project saved for them using a highschool magnetic page album that needs to be replaced.

    I have many post bound albums and I like them for specific projects. I do like how the double page layouts lie together.

    Most of my albums now are either D-ring WRMK (for school of life albums) and D-ring AC albums set up in LOM. I like the convenience of the D-ring for rearranging but I too have saggy pages and I find them very heavy! My kids are 6 and 8 and they find them hard to manouver to look at.

    I do use a variety of page protector styles and manufacturers. I have purchased some with the varying pocket sizes but they are still stitting on my shelf. I need to copy some of Ali Edwards layouts as I know she uses them all the time. Both her Y&T and OLW classes are already getting me thinking outside of the box.

    For my school of life albums I use the 12×12 size for the regular layouts, the 8.5×11 for school notes and drawings and also teh 9 pocket baseball card holder for scanned prints of tehir large or 3-D artwork. I love the flexibility of the D-ring for this theme.

    One thing I just thought of but haven’t tried… I think someone mentioned you could sew 2 page protectors together along the side so that the layout could still be seen together. As I said, I haven’t tried it but it sounds like it might work.

    Thanks again – lots of thought provoking discussion. (wheeww – sorry it was so long!)

  • I had no idea! Wish everyone would stop calling them leather then! I’ll
    check them out for sure. :)

  • Thank you! The good news for you is that you don’t have to do that when
    you’re just logging in to the classes you’ve already bought. It’s only when
    you BUY your classes when we need you to use the Roundtable link to get over
    to BPC. That way we get a small commission from your purchase, which then
    pays for the headsets of all the first-time guests, etc.

    Much appreciation to you, Doreen, and everyone who is trying to help support
    the show!

  • Yes, I’ve done the sewing of the pages — it was one of my earlier
    Paperclipping tutorials. It looks and works great for me. The only hassle is
    actually bothering to sew them! But Ali sews her outside edges to make pages
    narrower all the time. She has no problem just making it happen!

    I have done a handful of pocketed pages but it’s something I’d like to train
    myself to do more often.

  • Connie Hanks

    Absolutely love you guys! Your shows (yes, shows – I listen to PRT, Digi Show and Foolish Adventure) are inspiring, insightful and comedic, too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the gym on the elliptical machine and laughed out loud along with you guys forgetting I was in my own little world with my headphones on. And this is why I am commenting here… When Nancy asked about dream products and Wendy’s response was about the “Crop Caddy”/Cabana Boy, I just about lost it! I had just been at a crop the night before and was wishing I could just teleport all my stuff, but I like Wendy’s idea soooo much better :)
    The other reason I’m writing is I stumbled on a site in Etsy that I thought was really cool and found some inspiring images that I thought would be wonderful for Izzy and Tim – I wonder if that company has been inspired by Foolish Adventure?!×7-mini-print

    Keep up the great work and thanks for always making me laugh :)

  • Adrienne

    Hi Noel,

    Greetings from Hog Kong! I am not sure whether my comment is in the right place, but I just listened to your podcast abut about albums.

    I have about 15 scrapbooks and have not found the perfect way to label the spines. I purchased some spine labels from Oriental Trading, however the spine is too thin for them, so I place pieces of cardboard in the label so that they will keep on the spine. This is not ideal as they slip off when I use the scrapbook.
    Any suggestions for labeling the spines would be appreciated.

    Ikea does a bookcase that is deep enough to hold 12×12 scrapbook albums, and yes they are in Hong Kong as well.

    Love the show


  • Stefani

    I’m like 30 episodes behind, but I wanted to comment on something from this episode: Noell mentioned that she likes the way the Creative Memories album pages lay (flat–no ring sticking up in the middle, and not rounding the pages in the center), but that she doesn’t like decorating directly on the page that’s hooked into the album. Check out the newer “page sleeve” style (on the website they’re called “Side-loading Sleeves” and they come in 3 different sizes), which are basically page protectors that hook into the album. Then you can decorate on your regular paper and slide it in to the album. I do a combination of these and the regular pages in my albums, and I like the way it works out.

  • Nice! Good to know!!