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PRT056 – Breaking the Quote Rules

What “rules” do you break in scrapbooking? Here’s what we do… Come listen…

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The Panel


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  • Katie Scott

    Heidi Swapp had some 9×9 spiral bound albums – I picked up a bunch at a scrapbooking yardsale & I love them. I’m guessing they are old & no longer available.

  • Robin W.

    I was going to mention the Heidi Swapp albums also. I bought several on sale a few years ago at a CKC and have been using them for my December Album. I love the size; I’m sorry to hear it’s one that isn’t made much because I think I only have one more in my stash.

  • Sharon

    What perfect timing for this topic. I have been a paper scrapper for about five years and try to host a crop every other month. With each crop, I encourage “non-scrappers” to bring their old photos and just start organizing. Growing up, I was taught that you develop the film as soon as the last picture is taken and immediately put them in an album to avoid getting them out of order or fingerprints. I thought this was the norm but boy was I wrong. My guest walk in with these huge boxes of mixed up photos and it can actually make me nauseous. (Needless to say I am a chronological scrapper) I loved the points that your panel made when they said “playing with her pictures” is scrapbooking and we need to broaden the definition of scrapbooking. Well anyway, to wrap this up I wanted to let you know that at my next crop instead of listening to Prince, Michael Jackson, and Wham we will be listening to Noell, Ali, Jess, Nancy, and Izzy because I plan on playing this episode while we scrap. I Love the show.

  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    YAY! That is awesome!

  • Cara

    It’s so true that we don’t need to one up ourselves every time we scrapbook, or try and make our pages look like those in the magazines. Nancy once paralleled the scrap magazines to Vogue and that was an a-ha moment for me. I rarely get dolled up in high fashion. I’ll get dressed up for New Years or other special occasions but my everyday clothes are usually pretty and functional. That totally applies to my scrapbooking as well, more often than not I make my pages to tell a story, I do like my product so I play around a bit but within reason. On rare occasions I’ll take my time, add lots of product and just have fun playing and experimenting and just making the page look as close to perfect as I can, either to show off a great photo or just because I’m in the mood to play. I guess we can even go so far as to say the LOs that just don’t work out are like days we spend in our sweats ;)

  • Cara

    It’s so true that we don’t need to one up ourselves every time we scrapbook, or try and make our pages look like those in the magazines. Nancy once paralleled the scrap magazines to Vogue and that was an a-ha moment for me. I rarely get dolled up in high fashion. I’ll get dressed up for New Years or other special occasions but my everyday clothes are usually pretty and functional. That totally applies to my scrapbooking as well, more often than not I make my pages to tell a story, I do like my product so I play around a bit but within reason. On rare occasions I’ll take my time, add lots of product and just have fun playing and experimenting and just making the page look as close to perfect as I can, either to show off a great photo or just because I’m in the mood to play. I guess we can even go so far as to say the LOs that just don’t work out are like days we spend in our sweats ;)

  • http://www.tortagialla.com Linda Tieu

    I really love this discussion… there are no rules and I think in a way we are going a bit backwards to what a scrapbook was originally…a scrap, book. You put in what you want to keep to preserve the memories and stories of your life. Only now, we have a lot more media to use and everyone can sort of get their fix of creative play when they feel like it. I think it’s a fabulous time in scrapbooking and I’m so glad products like the Smash journal book are coming out – sort of bringing out that idea of “do what you want” and it doesn’t need to be perfectly planned layouts. There’s a free class at BPC – Embrace Imperfection by Karen Grunberg and I think it’s such a wonderful perspective to learn about. I feel that it’s the best way to get people to join in on scrapbooking, that it’s not about perfection or getting your stuff published (at least not always)… Relax and have fun in scrapbooking while preserving the memories…that seems like the whole point.

  • http://www.tortagialla.com Linda Tieu

    I do think it’s funny how scrapbooking turns into a competition of sorts, whether comparing with others peoples’ work of your own work. If you step back you suddenly realize – whoa, why do I need to one up myself? It’s silly!

  • Lynn Mercurio

    Awesome show as always! It’s refreshing and liberating to learn what I’ve always secretly known; rules were made to be broken.

    I’m happy to see a title for the show that reflects the show contents. It will be helpful, making it easy to find when I need a reminder to go crazy and break those rules.

    Thanks for the consistant inspiration!

  • Rosa Rivero

    great discussion as always! just wanted to share that there’s a free class at Big Picture from Karen Grunberg called “embrace imperfection” and it’s perfect for this topic….and Karen is so real and amazing…

    my biggest lesson throughout PRT has become a sort of voice that tells me “remember there is no scrapbooking police!” :)

  • http://ascraptasticlife.blogspot.com Kethry70

    I am guessing that part of the reason 12×12 was picked as a standard was because 4×6 photos were also the most common photo size… you can conceivably fit 2 4×6 photos across or 3 4×6 photos down on 12×12. So, basically, it was a question of math :P

  • StudioWendy

    This is so timely listening to this topic because just this week I came up with the idea of using the same template for my 2010 photos (yes I’m a whole year behind). I prefer to scrap chronologically and am getting overwhelmed with how far behind I am. The farther behind I get, the harder it is to remember the stories that go with the photos. So, I started thinking about what I could do to catch up quicker. I came up with 2 ideas, and may just combine them. 1) Use the same template for every 2-page spread. 2) Make each 2-page spread a month in review page. I can use a different digital kit for each spread to give them each personality. And, I really think this strategy could help me get caught up in no time. I scrap digitally and have each years photos printed in bound photobooks. Now, I’m excited that I might actually be able to catch up (as defined by me LOL). I also remembered a scrapper who has created several albums based on the same template and they look really awesome. You can check out her inspiring albums here: http://www.scrapbookgraphics.com/photopost/u6284-nana-vg.html I’m off to find a template that will do what I need and am looking forward to getting started!

  • http://www.ihanna.nu/blog iHanna

    I love your shows. I always get inspired and want to open up some photos to edit, add metadata, sort through or do a layout in indesign for my print on demand photo book when I listen. Lots of inspiration and a fun listen. Just wanted to say that Scrivener is coming for PC, I have a free beta version on my computer and I like it; http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/ Just thought I’d mention that.

    Take care!

  • TracyBzz

    The rules are that there are no rules! Do what you love. If you like it then it’s good enough. Your kids/family will cherish whatever you create. I do all sizes and all styles. Anything that involves photos and words, memories and stories is scrapbooking. I have used the same type of layout multiple times and since I used different photos, embellishments and colour schemes you’d never even realize that they are the same. You should never make excuses for you hobby.

    I think that 12×12 became standard because someone started with that and then if other companies wanted consumers to purchse their product they had to copy the origianl size so that they could get people to switch to their product and they could interchange what they already had.

  • TracyBzz

    I have a question about metadata, I had read the article and loved it. One thing I’m confused about though is who and how are others to see what your metadata comments is. If you’ve emailed or put them on a disk and given them to a friend how are they to see that?

  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    Good point! That makes sense!

  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    If you’ve been having trouble remembering your stories with the photos, can
    I recommend an article I wrote? It’ll help you with that and you’ll still be
    able to continue your chronological scrapbooking…


  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    YAY! Thanks for sharing that!

  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    The metadata is part of the file and will show up in their own photo
    manager, as long as that photo manager is capable of displaying metadata. I
    think it also shows up if you don’t use an editor but just put it on your
    computer when you click on the info for that picture.

    I first discovered this when my friend and I put photos on cd’s for each
    other and traded. All of her photo settings from her camera showed up in my
    photo manager.

    I’m not sure if it’s the same with emailing photos, though. I don’t know if
    you’re sending all of the info if you’re sending smaller compressed versions
    — I’ve never tried it. I do know that it goes up onto Flickr when I send
    full-res files.

  • April290

    completely off topic of this subject (the rules part), but knew I needed Izzy’s input (and yours too) . . . I have always been infatuated with the iPad, but “knew” I’d never get one since I had an iphone and have two computers in our home (and a Kindle); so while I’ve enjoyed the prt discussions around iPad, never really commited anything to memory. NOW, my lovely DH has surprised me with an ipad for Valentine’s Day. I’m afraid I don’t “NEED” everything this one has to offer and considering returning it for one “less powerful” – as in, do I need a 64G 3G when I have an iphone with unlimited data already which would cause me to have another bill? or if I should just keep this one and be happy and spoiled? I am trying to also figure out what my “must have” apps are for scrapbookers. It’s been so difficult to try and go through all the prt episodes and I’ve never really listened to all of the digi shows yet, and I know there has been bits and pieces everywhere of recommendations. I’d just love some advice! :) Thanks!

  • StudioWendy

    You have a few options. 1) Exchange it for the cheaper model and only use it on WiFi. 2) Keep the 3G model you have, but don’t activate the 3G plan on it, and use it only on WiFi. 3) Exchange it for the cheaper model and get a MiFi instead which will allow you to run your iPad (up to 5 devices) off of your the cellular connection. Verizon offers this as an add-on to the iPhone for just $20/month right now. I’m not sure if/when AT&T will offer it. But, you can also get MiFi hardware that does the same for around $40/month.

  • TracyBzz

    Thanks Noell!

  • Barbara

    The most valuable thing I’ve learned since I started scrapbooking isn’t any technique; it’s that I have to find myself. It’s so hard to keep my own voice, to do what’s important to me, if I am too busy seeing what the “popular girls” are doing. I don’t hang out in a lot of galleries; I’d rather be scrapping and telling my own stories. It’s just too easy to be caught up in the latest trend and lose my way. Listening to both the Roundtable and the Digi Show has really given me the courage to go my own way, and I’m so happy. These are my stories, and if I don’t get them out, they won’t be told. I don’t need the distraction of trying to fit in; hopefully, at 52, I’m finally growing up. :-/

  • http://twitter.com/aliedwards Ali Edwards

    I think that is just awesome Barbara.

  • Barbara

    Thank you, Ali; I think it’s AWESOME that you took the time to reply!

  • http://blog.mshanhun.com Melissa

    I feel strongly about the camera issue, I only have a point and shoot, but can use modes – I too am a worthy scrapbooker/photographer

  • HeatherC

    LOVED this show — I think it is so easy to get caught up in what we think we are supposed to do and stop enjoying the process of scrapbooking — I remember when I first started scrapping — introduced through Creative Memories, I was scared to death to use a sitcker that was not CM certified as acid free or use another album — God forbid it may not last 200 years. Fast forward 10 years and I enjoy my scrapping so much more — no longer to I limit my self to product or even to album — love the evolution of the mini-album — and Project Life has brought new enjoyment to my memory keeping because I am documenting the here and now not remembering the past and documenting that. It has been a refreshing change to my craft. Overall, I think there has been an evolution in that what we do is more correctly characterized as “memory keeping” rather than “scrapbooking”. Also — striving to be like a magazine is crazy — however so easy to do. Remember they are there to sell product and show you how it can be used — anyone who looks at my albums (or at least most probably) is not looking to how product is used — they are looking at the photos and stories. It is personal hobby — so again — I think the focus is not on what we think we should do but on what is truely a reflection of ourselves and our memories…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715560629 Kim Vail Brown

    Great episode. Very content rich. I think the big message is, “Just do it. No one is going to know what your book(s) look like except your family and are they really going to know that the scrapbook industry is and looks like.” is your family going to know that yours was better or not up to par with what was happening years ago? Seriously, no one knows but You.!!

  • Kristin

    hello Izzy and Noell, thanks for another great show!

    Your podcasts are the best combination of informative and fun, and it was refreshing to listen to your guests on this show emphasize telling the story rather than worry about coming up with a new template or pizazz for every layout. (Especially because I actually create 4 copies of each layout, for my mother, two sisters, and myself.)

    Also, I recently became a paperclipping member and have been “catching up” on the archives. While you use different products over time, all of them have been helpful (I started from 2008 and am working my way forwards.)

    Izzy, a video membership question for you. I make home videos with my digital camera and iMovie, and am looking at some basic screencasting for work using Camtasia. Could you let me know if your video membership is focused only on professionals, or also those of us doing the basics or only part time?

    thanks for all your hard work!

  • Kristin

    I have a MiFi and use it as our home Internet connection. Cheaper than cable network connectivity and works well for us; also helpful when traveling.

  • Mellie

    Great discussion. I was inspired to go and scrap and I just did it without pouring over all the magazines for another good idea. I just go my picture and a few pretty things and stuck them down. I feel liberated thanks. But I was thinking that as so many of us struggle with how to do it maybe for one of your episodes you could expand on the conceptual starting point of a layout? I’m a member and have watched almost all your episodes and loved one of the very first ones where you talked about 4 steps you take when planning a lay out. I’m sure you could do hours on this idea!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimberly.kalil Kimberly DeMucha Kalil

    I just watched Brene Brown’s Ted Talk (as mentioned in the podcast) and thought I would share the link …


    Really incredible and moving.

  • http://gotscraps.blogspot.com/ Heidi

    Hi Noell, Izzy and guests, I loved this episode! Well, I actually love every episode. I was so inspired when I heard you talking about Scrivener, I thought I’d Google it even though I’m a PC owner. And much to my surprise and delight I found this site.
    It offers a trial that unfortunately ends next month but they have a PC version coming out! Yeah!! Thanks so much for directing me to this software and for your wonderful PRT episodes. PS: I love to hear Izzy often laughing in the background when someone says something funny! It always cracks me up, it’s like he’s far away in the West Wing….ha ha!

  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    Awesome, thank you!!!

  • http://www.paperclipping.com Noell

    Thank you for posting the link! I still haven’t seen it, but want to!