PRT055 – Almost Live from CHA

Jan2011 2923
Join the ladies as they broadcast from CHA on this week’s special edition of the Paperclipping Roundtable!

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  • Angela

    Hi Noell and Izzy
    I have not listen to the podcast yet. I wanted to first THANK YOU for the time and effort it took to bring US to CHA. CHA did not come at a convenient time with Izzy launching his new venture, HIS birthday, recording PRT, taping and editing CHA oh my!!!!! I thought of you guys when I was reading this blog I hope Izzy’s venture was successful. Awsome job Noell. Thanks again.

  • Tereazua

    I haven’t listen to the podcast either, but I wanted to tell you that I call this pannel “The Dream Team”, I just love when the four of you are together, well five, including Izzy!!!
    ‘k, off to listen it, I know it’ll be awesome!!!

  • Katie Scott

    I love this group too but I LOVE listening to Angie Lucas for her insights into how people approach the hobby differently based on their personalities. NOELL (EPISODE IDEA) – Make a point of talking to Angie during an episode about how she used the Myers Briggs personality tests for the Simple Scrapbooks team when she was managing editor – seriously interesting stuff. She told me about it & the free test they used which you can find at (I think – its a free 72 question test). Really very interesting & you could do a show based on how your personality effects the way you approach scrapbooking, your style, how you organize supplies etc., even what types of colors & products you are drawn to, on and on and one. This topic could easily take up more than an hour.

  • Katie Scott

    The Little Yellow Bicycle not-Gnome people remind me a little bit of Story People pictures. You can get a free daily email from and they have clever little stories with weird pictures of people attached to the daily email stories. Not quite exactly, but looks very similar.

    LOVE the antique typewriters – I’ve even started a collection of actual antique typewriters in my law office (partly because I’m a seriously fast typer and partly because most of my job is writing / communicating) – so I’d dig some scrapbooking products with vintage typewriter themes.

  • Iceteeeeee

    Thank you for a great episode and all the updates from CHA. You all sounded like you had a great time!

  • Thanks so much for the awesome show! I love hearing about all the new products! I was going crazy opening tabs on my computer while I was listening to the show. I am really excited about the smashbooks. I am a totally traditional scrapbooker with way too much ephemera to know what to do with and I keep EVERYTHING. Those books look so cute. The youtube video on the books is also really cute. Thanks again for all the fun and laughs. –Jenn. :)

  • Katie Scott

    * I’m still digging kitchen & sewing type stuff – especially sewing & vintage sewing type stuff (Jenni Bowlin needle package for example was super cute).

    * Plus I think happy themed stuff is a good thing.

    * Maybe no buzz because CHA was a thing for actual retail stores? And so many local shops have closed and most of the stuff is on the internet, and with all the pictures and videos from CHA on the internet, even from Florida – I feel like I saw the whole show without having to have flown across the country or walked the floor. But I would think that being able to see all the industry people would create buzz & give the show energy? Maybe next show you should organize a Paperclipping party or get-together or have correspondents – seems like there’s a lot of scrapbookers / bloggers making videos of the show. Or maybe not as much buzz because the magazines are sort of not as big as they used to be.

    * Yes – Noell – you could go to either show – you (and Oprah this week) make me want to try going vegan for losing the last 20 pounds I’m trying to loose (made a goal of losing 50 pounds & so far since this past summer I’ve lost 30 by doing the eliptical stepper – and I watch paperclipping episodes on my iphone while on the stepper) – but anyway I’m thinking going vegan might help me reach those last 20 that I’m trying to lose.

    * Ana C. is the best describer of stuff (angry glue).

    * That border punch thing is cool but are they $30 a piece? Yep, Ana, you could create little swap groups. Good idea. (here’s the link to that product: )

    * I AM IN LOVE WITH THE SMASH BOOK video – check it out here:

    Yay :) fun show.

  • Just wanted to say thanks to Paperclipping for sharing those videos on the CHA show floor…it was nice to see everything and the footage was very smooth – great job Izzy!

    I wonder if there is an equivalent to CHA in Europe or the UK? It’s great to see all the product, but a lot of it is not available to those of us not in the USA…so sad!

  • I really love the Smash* book too… I think its definitely showing how things are getting mixed media and back to the simple days. Didn’t scrapbooking start as clippings and ephemera and photos stuck into a book? If you really think about, almost every artist or creative persons’ sketchbook is like that… lots of stuff they want to keep and inspirational clippings, doodles, lists…whatever!

  • danielle_nl

    I’m listening to PRT right now and I can’t stop laughing. The conversation is so much fun!
    Thanks for the videos from CHA and another great episode of PRT.

  • I love how you’re commenting as you listen!

    I didn’t go vegan to lose weight, but I did start losing it to my surprise!
    For five years I had been consistently gaining despite having exercising 6
    days/week for an hour and eating as healthfully as a meat-eater can possibly
    eat. After I went vegan I was shocked to see that fat start coming off!

    We eat whole foods for the most part. I do recommend for anyone who is going
    vegetarian to really educate themselves. And if you’re going to eat
    desserts, it really is a life-style change. You can bake just about anything
    but you’ll most likely need a few new tools and things.

    Congrats on your 30 pound loss!

  • Thank you, Linda! We’re no where near done posting videos. Lots more to come
    so keep watching!

  • Debbie S.

    LOVE that video. Thanks…can’t find the smashbookstories website. I want one of those!!! Would make a great gift for a teenager. Or pre-teen.

  • Debbie S.

    I love Story People…I have several prints and books. Cool to see someone else has an appreciation!

  • Moejgreer

    Can I just say I wanted this episode to go on and on! I laughed with you all like I was in the room too {my teenagers thought I was nuts but nothing new there} Ana and Stacy just crack me up. I had to rewind several times because I was laughing so hard I missed what was said. You should do semi live shows more often. My favorite PRT to date! Thank you all for taking the time to provide us with this show.

  • I’m a huge fan, too! I’ve actually intended on blogging about Story People for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it!

  • Angela

    I have to stop listening to these podcasts while walking my dogs. One of these days I am going to get run over. I already get funny looks because I am walking 3 or 4 dogs at a time. I was cracking up so hard in this episode. People are going to think I am nuts.

  • carla

    awwww.. i wanted to see the recording in action!!!! can we see a video of the roundtable some time?

  • Antoinette Naude

    You are all so awesome and I laughed so much it was almost difficult to drive at the same time! Awesome overview of lovely products and even a mention of a local South African company – 3 cheers for that! Keep up the great work – I look forward to each and every episode. Hugs and Kisses

  • Tabea

    Hey Guys.

    Listening to you … knowing you just saw those thousands of new products the hours before I wondered: How do you decide what to buy for your personal scrapbooking – how do you make the line between “this is what I truely use” and “don’t actually need it if it is not for trend reasons” ??

    Love to listen :) You are great guys.
    Greetings from Germany.

  • Patticlayis

    Hands down the funniest PRT episode EVER! You guys are awesome! Thanks for pushing through your exhaustion to bring us such an informative and entertaining show.

  • I *loved* listening to this episode. I was laughing out loud while driving down the road. You always feed off each other’s enthusiasm even when you’re not in the same room, but being together always seems to take the fun up a notch. I’m with Ana on the “angry adhesive” by the way. :-)

  • You guys are a hoot. That’s why I like you so much. Thanks!

  • Teal

    Was looking and looking each day for the next installment of PRT with no luck. Then I saw this link on Stacey Julian’s blog. Why is it in this weird spot instead of with the rest of the PRT podcasts? Hope others can find it!

  • Thank you for letting us know! It got categorized incorrectly. It’s all good
    now, thanks to you! :)

  • JillT

    is there a link to the xyron tape gun or is it one of those things that “won’t be out until May”

  • I haven’t finished listening yet (and am loving the show so far, as always!), but I wanted to stop and comment on what Ana said about the 3M/Scotch ATG Acid Free (Gold) adhesive being $10 a roll. I don’t know if she has the 1/2″ gun or the 1/4″ gun, but I’ve ordered it from here many times in both sizes and it’s a lot less than that. the 1/4″ acid free is less than $3.50 a roll, and the 1/2″ is somewhere around $5. You do have to pay shipping (always about $7-$8 an order for me), but I tend to order 20 rolls at a time so that it evens out.

    Anyway, just thought I’d put that out there!

  • Thank you!

  • Karen Hanim

    Just listened to your show. It was great! It made me feel like I had actually been at the CHA. Really want to see pictures of that dress form/dinning room booth! I love how you guys can be yourselves and not have to talk up any particular product. It makes it real. I found your whole discussion of ‘culture shock’ at being in LA very interesting. Makes a ton of sense to me. How about some followup on when your favorite pics hit the market? By the time these products actually get on the market so I can buy them I think I will have forgotten what I actually wanted. I do most of my shopping via the internet as good stores are not near by. It is great for searching what you know you want to buy, but not so good for finding new things. Do you think you could give us up-dates? For example when Echo Park For the Record or the new Prima flowers come out could you say “Product News Flash –New Prima is at Also, when you were talking about that new German owned stamp company you said you could put UT directly on the stamp. What is UT?
    Thanks for all you do!!

  • Hi, Karen!

    For the record, Izzy and I preferred L.A. over Anaheim and Florida. Big

    Okay, so here’s the thing with your question — on the one hand, I would
    like for us to be able to announce whenever products are released. The
    problem is, we’re not notified when they’re all released. It’s just as
    mysterious to us as it is to everyone else.

    What I have done is checked for products and linked to many of the ones I
    could find that are already available — you can find that in the blog posts
    for each of my CHA video. I would like to go back and add to those whenever
    I find more new ones out, but there is really no way for me to know unless I
    happen to see it, just like everyone else.

    Plus, it depends on where you shop. I looked for For the Record at and it wasn’t there. Since they had other stuff, I assumed it
    wasn’t out yet. But when I went to my local store, they had it in stock.

    As for the stamp — the product she put directly on the stamp is UTEE. It’s
    an ultra-thick enamel similar to clear embossing powder but much, much
    thicker. :)