PRT054 – At Peace with Buckling

What are the techniques you return to again and again? Come listen to find out what we’re doing…

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  • Loved the conversation about how scrapbooking can be without photos. I’ve always thought scrapbookers were just art journalers that used photos… If you think about it….you are somehow recording your stories and memories…your life really. A scrap book, sounds like a journal/diary/sketchbook as well…

  • Cindy deRosier

    Another great episode! At the end of Episode 53, you mentioned a live taping of the Roundtable during CHA that made it sound like we the listeners were welcome as a live studio audience. Is that still the case? If so, when and where?!

  • Karen Bierdeman

    While all of your guests are fabulous (they really are–not just saying that!), I am always in heaven when you have Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on, and now Dina Wakley! I think it’s because I am so right-brained in my approach and love all the mixed media goodness. Plus, both of those women are embracing the style and way of doing things that works for them, even if it’s not mainstream. Love it! Thanks for a great episode, Noell. So glad I’ve been listening from the first podcast!

  • Yes, I was going to mention that and forgot!

    We had been wanting to rent a conference room but in searching for one, we
    realized they’re WAY too expensive. And this is a free show…

    SO, rather than try to sell tickets to pay for the room, which we expect
    would fail (lol), we are going to do what we did last year. We’re going to
    record it in Izzy and my hotel room! Isn’t that lovely? :)

    We will lovingly accept as many people as will fit into the room to listen
    and probably ask questions toward the end.

    When: Sunday at 7:00pm
    Where: the Marriot in a room as yet to be determined. I will announce the
    room # on twitter starting Friday and we’ll be spreading the word in person,
    as well.

    I recommend being on twitter and following me and the others. If you can’t
    be checking twitter during CHA, ask around! Hope you make it!

  • Love hearing that!

  • Jess Forster

    So excited to hear that you will be taping at CHA! This will be my first time attending the conference and I would love to see PRT live!

  • Jess, I would love to have you there!

  • Cindy deRosier

    Thanks! I’m going to do everything I can to be there!

  • Lynnette Erlandson

    Can’t wait to see what you post from CHA!!! Will you be sharing video with us like you did last year (i loved that!)? Are you taking requests to checkout certain products? I have one – We R Memory Keepers has a new line of punches called Lucky 8 Punches – I have only seen one peek and it says they offer two designs, corner and edge punching all in one punch – it looks pretty neat. If you get the opportunity can see how well it functions and when they might be available for purchase? I heard you and Anna talking about punches on PRT and have bought a few based on Anna’s picks. Keep up the great work! Lynnette

  • Debbie S.

    Hi Guys! First I want to tell you and Izzy that I am one of the ones that is anxiously checking iTunes every Tuesday for the new PRT. I love listening on my morning run! I LOVE YOUR SHOW…so inspiring! My only suggestion would be to make it longer or do it twice a week! :)

    Anyway, I really appreciated your discussion about following the rules vs. going your own way this week. I have picked up on lots of opinions out there on scrap lifting vs. expressing your true self and being original. I myself have a fair amount of guilt on occasion when I scraplift. BUT, today’s show was the first time I’ve heard a case made for “the rules” so well. (And I am lumping scraplifting into that.) I have learned SO MUCH using sketches and imitating layouts. Sometimes not having to worry about where things will go overall frees me up to focus in depth on other issues on the page. I often feel that I’m able to observe more, to explore the intent of the designer, and that is so educational for me. And even though I have my favorites while I’m browsing the internet, I almost always like the results I get when using sketches in my own layouts. Maybe someday when I have a lot of years of practice in, I’ll be more drawn to my own style, but for now, copying the “masters” has been hugely helpful for me in learning what works, what I like, and getting things done.

    Thanks again for putting it out there every week. It’s a great format you’ve come up with and just a good time! Love it!

    Debbie S. in San Diego

  • Kelly

    I still need to listen to this show, so my comment is on another matter. Noell, I just watched the Live show in which you talked about using the Creative Memories Power Sort Box for your Library of Memories category drawers. I had just decided to get rid of my 5×7 metal drawers because of space concerns, so I was searching for something else. While watching, I took the divider boxes from an old Power Sort Box and put them in one of the drawers in my Ikea Varde Counter Storage Unit (an awesome scrap table, by the way). So now I just wanted to find out if you’re still using that system and how it’s going.

    Also, I would love for you to devote an entire show to Library of Memories, which could include discussion of the changes Stacy is making this year.

    Thanks for all the great podcasts! Kelly

  • Yes, we’re doing the videos like last year (but even better, we hope!). I’ll
    try to remember your request. They have great tools so I’m sure I’ll make my
    way over there anyway!

  • I am one of those that typically doesn’t scraplift — I haven’t done it in
    years. But I’m doing it now with Ali’s class I’m taking, just for ease, and
    I definitely love the benefit of not having to think too hard about the
    design for these class assignments! It’s also interesting to see how she
    does things I never think to do, even though I’ve been looking at and
    enjoying her layouts for years. There definitely are benefits!

  • Oh, what an awesome idea! I love that you’re still getting the drawer
    benefit! I love the way I refigured my box but the fact that I have to lift
    the lid and set it somewhere does prevent me from using it more I think.
    Other than that, I do really like it. I should probably photograph it and do
    a little blog post!

    I like your topic, too. I’ll talk to Stacy about that!

  • Mary-Kay T.

    Hi Guys, just wondering if you will be sending out the show earlier, perhaps daily (?!) for those of us at home waiting to hear about CHA right NOW! Just hoping and wondering. Have a GREAT time today!!!

  • I’m sorry to say that the equipment Izzy needs to edit and post the
    Roundtable CHA episode is at home. It’ll go out Tuesday or Wednesday.

    But there will be multiple daily VIDEOS going out from CHA starting on
    Saturday — probably late afternoon!

  • Carol Z

    I’ve been listening since this past summer and really enjoy every episode. I’ve been in a funk for the past couple of months with my scrapbooking/art so although I’ve been listening to the roundtable and I’ve been marking ideas and inspiration from blogs, I haven’t been actually doing much of anything in my craft room. Today’s show reminded me that I can follow the rules when I need to not think, and I can forget the rules and just DO it, when I’m ready. I’m heading into my craft room now to clear some space and try out some ideas that have been rolling around in my head. LOVED the guests today, it was such an inspiring and thoughtful show. Thanks so much for helping me get myself moving again with my art!

  • Carol Z

    I’ve been listening since this past summer and really enjoy every episode. I’ve been in a funk for the past couple of months with my scrapbooking/art so although I’ve been listening to the roundtable and I’ve been marking ideas and inspiration from blogs, I haven’t been actually doing much of anything in my craft room. Today’s show reminded me that I can follow the rules when I need to not think, and I can forget the rules and just DO it, when I’m ready. I’m heading into my craft room now to clear some space and try out some ideas that have been rolling around in my head. LOVED the guests today, it was such an inspiring and thoughtful show. Thanks so much for helping me get myself moving again with my art!

  • Carol Z

    Also, I just tried to use the 10% coupon on the first Dina Wakely class and it says it is invalid. I tried last week’s coupon, realized it was the same code, and it says its good on any class. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but its only the 28th, not yet the 31st, and I was hoping to save a little money.

  • Carol Z

    This question is for Nancy about her art journal pages. Nancy mentioned in this show that she is using kraft cardstock as the base for many of her art journal pages. I’ve always though I needed to start with a bound journal, whether the journal is spiral or book-bound or whatever, but it would be so great to start with something flat on my table. Nancy, how are you putting them together when they are done? And do you put another page on the back or are they “fronts” only?

  • Hey, I found you through Kristina’s tweet and how I’d like to thank her for that. I listened to the audio this morning while I was getting ready for work and it was so inspiring listening to these gurus, so to speak, give their opinions about craft and scrapbooking. I really love the part where scrapbooking was mentioned as having evolved over the time. I myself, I’m a cardmaker at heart and I also do some art journaling, but above all, I like to do a bit of everything as I do not have a specific style and today I have realised that, I have not allowed myself to be who I am, and remained true to what I really want to do – and what I want to do is an amalgamation of painting, watercolouring and stamping together. So thank you and I am going to let myself be, and , chuck the rules, lol.
    I am also having a major artist block at the moment, it’s just that the block is lasting more than I expected it to, so meanwhile, I will enjoy browsing your previous post and all the best :)

  • Dedra Long

    Oh man! I wish this did not conflict with my schedule. I’m sure I will see you there though. Hooray for that! Love ya!


  • Mary-Kay T.

    Ohhhhh Videos! Now that’s even better! How will we get to those? Are they in our membership?
    Thanks for your quick response!

  • Hi, Carol! I’m so sorry. The code works now. Thanks for checking out Dina’s classes. If you have any problems, email me at debbie AT debbiehodge DOT com

  • I forwarded this to Debbie (from Get It Scrapped). I’m not sure what
    happened here. :( I’ll see if she gets back with a solution.

  • Scrappinglady

    I love the roundtable! I so enjoy listening on my iPod as I drive or on my computer as I work on my latest craft project. I had a suggestion for a topic. I’ve heard countless times that the best camera is the one you have with you. For many folks that means their mobile or smart phone. I heart Apps! Yes I’m a geek and I scrapbook– and proud of it. I have a folder on my iPhone just with photography apps –Hipstamatic, Camera Bag, Instagram, TiltShift, Photo Booth+, Mobile Fotos, PS Express, Self Image, Pano, and Diptic –I told you, I heart Apps! Even though I have all these snazzy things at my fingertips I constantly forget about them, perhaps it’s mommy brain. I’m doing Becky Higgins Project Life this year so I’m getting better at grabbing the iPhone and playing with the camera. It also helps that I have the cutest subject, my 4.5 month old son (no I’m not at all biased!) I’m curious how others use their mobile/smart phones for capturing great or not so great pictures. Keep up the awesome job with roundtable!

  • Thank you for the topic request! I’ve added it to our list! :)

  • Kbrown0

    best rt discussion to date. i love that everyone had something different to say and it really was like sitting at the table listening to everyone. Sometimes it irks me that everyone agrees on the same thing. This group of ladies gelled really well and had very distinct ideas. Great job. Have this crowd together again.

  • Great feedback! Thank you! :)

  • Hi Carol – An art “journal” can be anything you want! It’s about the content you put in it! Mine is a 3 ring binder album with 8.5 x 11 sheet protectors. If you’d like to see my album and learn how to make it, sign up for the new class “Write Down To The Nitty Gritty” at Big Picture. I’m going to be a guest in that class talking about my album! I like using the album because it is so much easier to work flat and not on both sides of pages.

  • Capturing the Moment with Words for Scrapbooking:

    During a recent Paperclipping Roundtable podcast, Stacy Julian was talking about how scrapbookers are so quick to pick up the camera and click-click-click to capture the moment with pictures – that there is no hesitation. But with telling (writing down) stories, we procrastinate, we stall, we think we’ll remember later, we do anything but do that same – immediate – must do it now capturing – that we do when we take pictures. The mentality seems to be: Picture? Immediately snap it! Story? Hmmm, maybe I’ll get it someday, someday when I have more time, someday when I feel like a better writer, someday when (fill in the blank)…. Problem is, my memory isn’t what it used to be, and someday the story might not be so fresh in my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about capturing story (writing it down) in the immediate – “do it now” – way I’ve been taking photos.

    This morning, I got to work (office outside the home) early and midway through the morning – about the time it would have been for a coffee break, I skipped the break and typed out two stories that were really clear in my mind and that I knew I wanted to tell someday (I’m self employed so the boss was ok with me doing this). Instead of hoping I’d have the same passion and inspiration for these stories tonight – after the workday, after the workout, after karate, dinner, dishes, kid argument mediation, clean up, dishes (yes there is usually more than one load!), laundry, storytime… – instead of hoping the stories would still be fresh then, I decided to write them down now and print them out. I’ll take my two pieces of typewriter (computer) paper with my stories home tonight and put them on scrapbooking pages with pictures and pretty papers and such, but the stories are locked and loaded – ready to go.

    Whoo Hoo. Thanks as always for the inspiration PRT!

    Katie Scott.

  • Awesome, Katie! I’ve been working on this same thing!

  • Accidentally hit Send —

    I wanted to say that I like how you compared/contrasted the immediacy notion
    we have regarding photos, but that we often lack that notion with regard to
    journaling! Great point!

  • Carol Z

    I finally came back to find this answer – thanks Nancy. I love listening to you guys on the Roundtable and I appreciate knowing not everyone starts with a “cool” bound book. I’m going to try the 3-ring approach.

  • Katie Scott

    I’m not a technique driven scrapbooker but I have made a little resolution to learn some new things in the scrapbooking technique department and I was inspired by Ella Publishing’s Boot Camp Challenge about heat embossing and this episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable; so since I don’t have a heat gun I tried the toaster trick and filmed my try – here’s the link to that:  I think it worked, but I’m no embossing expert.  But thanks for the idea of heat embossing with a toaster!