PRT052 – Hook Drugs

The title has nothing to do with the show…as usual. We cover a lot of different topics this week, mostly around the CHA Winter show and upcoming scrapbooking trends.

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  • Amjohnson

    Great show – I am very excited to see what is new. I know I am done seeing birds and birdcages. Need something more fun. Your comments about paying for content, I am all for it. You provide so much information and it is fun to keep connected with the current stuff. Also, I just feel that you should get paid for what you do and this will make you (industry in general) stay in the industry. It makes me sad to hear when people can’t make it any longer because of the cost.
    One more interesting fact I learned on Google calender, when I put Paperclipping Live show on my calendar and changed the time zone to PST, it showed up at what time I will need to see it. So you will be posting at 6:00, I will need to follow along at 8:00. No more trying to figure out what time you are at. Happy day. ~Ann

  • That’s a cool feature on Google calender!

  • Ari macias

    great show! it was nice to hear about some of the new things coming up…even if ana was being super-cryptic.

  • Looking forward to see the new products — new is always fun and amazes me the creativity of people. Enjoyed today’s show as always and was sad when it was over — now a whole nweek until a new one — boo. Just curious, is anyone doing the Becky Higgins Project Life — I am one week in and I think I like it — will still have to do mini books and some other project to get my paper fix, but liking the quick snippits of our life that I am recording.

  • Mary-Kay T.

    As always, it was good sipping my tea with you. Really, I appreciate all you guys do. I have to say that after every show I’m just itching to get at it. As I was listening I was finishing up my 2010 Ali Edwards Christmas Scrapbook (forgetting the name right now). I combined it with Shimelle’s “Journal Your Christmas” and it is one of the best and important scrapbook albums I’ve ever done.

    Stacey, I’m praying that your iPad Mag for Scrapbooking will happen. We are sorely missing something like this. After buying the Martha Stewert magazine and seeing how interactive that is on the iPad, I can see HUGE potential for your magazine. This totally NEEDS to happen! And, someone needs to do a digital scrapbooking mag too! I would help in any way I can! And, I will be the first to PAY and subscribe for LIFE! I wish I could be the money bags to help you out, but alas, I can’t……

    Anyone???? I know you’re out there, and you WANT to do it!

    Again, thanks!
    Mary-Kay in Denver

  • Mary-Kay T.

    I just want to give you a HUGE hug and take you two to Disney World. I’m soooo sorry this has happened to your family, and I’m praying for you. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I am thinking about you as if you are one of my very good friends. You know? In my mind we are really tight! We have tea every week together, and you entertain me! So, in a way, we are GREAT friends. I’m sorry it’s so one sided, but I would “be there” for you if I could. Please know you have TONS of people pulling for you and Mike. You are truly loved. Thanks for doing all that you do and for doing it with terrific laughter. I love your passion for everything you do.

    HUGS (I never say that, but in this case it’s necessary!)
    Mary-Kay in Denver

  • Cheryl Smith

    I’ve been listening to the roundtable since the beginning and therefore feel like all you guys are my friends. So when I heard about Nancy’s problem, I felt her pain. I went to her blog and read about her family crisis and feel like I know her even better now. My heart goes out to you, Nancy. I know you are feeling scared and apprehensive right now, but know that there are lots of us that are wishing you well and pulling for you. You are definitely a positive force on the roundtable and we love having you there. Hang in there and know that you have many people who love and support you. And for the rest of the paperclipping gang, keep up the great work. I love listening and listen to each episode several times. I’ve learned so much from each one and it is a highlight of my week.

  • Tinkster

    You read my letter!!

    I listen to PRT on the way to and from work. Its basically the only time I have completely to myself, plus, on the way home from night shifts you guys help keep me alert!
    I was on my way to work last week and all of a sudden went “thats my letter!!!”
    I got all excited and even rang my husband to tell him and he totally didn’t get it but I wanted to let you know it totally made my night!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Interesting show. I agree that memberships to scrapbooking content will continue to grow on the internet. I believe the successful ones will be those who work hard to provide fresh, updated content and fight the urge to simply repackage and tweak old content. One example to illustrate this is that online scrapbooking classes turned into self-paced projects at a later date are not as valuable as having the full class experience. I understand that it is human nature to want to make the most of effort already expended, but that can be a dangerous practice to follow if the price doesn’t reflect the diminished value or the new content doesn’t build on the old in a meaningful way. I hope for all scrapbookers’ sake there are plenty of high energy teachers out there willing to work hard at it.

  • Anonymous

    I agree and disagree . . . sometimes schedules do not allow one to participate in an actual online class due to time restraints, etc. Having the ability to later work through the lessons is helpful at your own pace is preferable to missing out altogether. Also, if your skills are more advanced, you can often work through a project on your own in a shorter amount of time which frees you up for other things!

    That said, I have had the opportunity to participate in some wonderful online class experiences with both Debbie Hodge and Katrina Kennedy among others.

  • I just started listening to the episode and then my ipod needed to be recharged. Even without getting far into the episode, I have a comment. I love how real you all are! It is a reminder that we should all be ourselves and keep our scrapbooking real.

    For Nancy (and others) here is a quote from Elizabeth Edwards: “”Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you’ve lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that’s good.”

  • I agree with this too. I do very little participating when I join a live
    class. It’s usually as if I’m taking a self-paced class anyway — just my
    style and my short amount of available time. I really think it depends on
    the person whether a class is better as a self-paced one or a live workshop.

  • Awesome, Sara. Thanks for sharing that.

  • Thank you so much Mary-Kay. I do feel the support of the Roundtable audience and it has been so helpful in all of this.

  • Thank you, Cheryl. It means so much to me to have the support of the Roundtable audience and my other scrapbooking friends at Scrapbook Update and elsewhere. It really does make a difference.

  • Thank you for the lovely quote Sara. I think I’m going to record that in my Evernote for future use in my art journal!

  • Moejgreer

    what is Nancy personal blog’s address again? I can’t find it in the show notes thanks

  • Moejgreer

    figured it out

  • Laurabean

    Just wanted to say thanks for reading and responding to my comment (on running out of stories before I run out of desire to play with product). I’ll keep playing with the process and see if I can’t figure out ways to get my stories out of my head and onto the page. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

  • JoRoFan

    Not sure if you guys mentioned this, but I know Noell is always raving about Aperture. The new App Store, has Aperture 3 available for only $79.99. I wasn’t sure about buying it for $200, but now I’m definitely considering it. I’m not sure how long it will be discounted, but I went to the apple store today to take an iphoto class and the salesperson told me about this deal!

  • JillT

    Can’t wait to hear the reports from CHA. You know what would be so cool to discuss someday when you run out of topics :) (do you think that will EVER happen???). I thought of this when I was going through old Simple Scrapbooks this wkend. It would be so much fun to hear how people got started in this business. . .and how their paths led to what they are doing now. (For example, somehow I was led by someone’s blog-you know how that goes- to Tara’s photo blog. In love with her pictures. Then I see in an old simple subm

  • JillT

    (oops!) then I just read in an old Simple that she was on the staff there. The magazines were like a history book of scrappers. Just thought it would be fun to hear how your ‘famous’ guests and the regulars got their start.

  • That is awesome! I’ll need to look into this! Thx for sharing!

  • I like this idea! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great show (as always). It’s great to hear all your guests perspective on what trends we’ll be seeing at CHA. Can’t wait to hear you all report from the show floor.

    And thanks for the link to the TasteTest.etsy page. Just spent about an hour perusing those pages! Talk about a hook drug! :) Yikes! my new addiction…

  • It’s so awesome, isn’t it? You can go back and do it any time and get all
    new stuff!

  • TracyBzz

    Great show as always! LOVE the interesting titles. Stacy I’ll invest in your idea, but I’m not tech savvy either.

  • You wacky bunch of enablers you!

    Nearly every app I have on my iPhone and iPad (that I had to get because Izzy kept singing its praises) is because of you guys and the DigiShow. Love what you are doing and LOVING Momento!

    Thanks for the hard work making these shows happen!

  • Hee hee! :)

  • VancouverScraps

    while i have loved PRT and the DS since their beginnings – i am never one to comment (which oddly, is a HUGE departure from my real life… perhaps because I do comment out loud while listening to the shows… finishing your sentences when someone is stuck on a word or brand name etc… weird,i know) but while getting caught up on January’s episodes I just finished listening to episode52 & just had to pop you a quick note… number one, i heard SJ say Hook Drugs too, convinced she said DRUGS – – she is such a delight & treat that I immediately concluded “ooohh thats where all that happy comes from” wink wink… but truly love her deeply (as much as you can when not ever having met someone IP) and number two is that this episode really made it clear that i REALLY missed Anna. Her quick wit & ready laugh at herself and others, one liners, etc… make her a treat to listen too and it feels liek forever since she has been part of a show.
    So that’s it just a quick note of joy and appreciation for her and you all.

  • Katie Scott.

    I wanted to follow up on Nancy’s comment about making scrapbooks for babies in the NICU etc. I had the chance to meet 3 doulas here in St. Petersburg, FL a few years ago; they provide a unique and FREE doula service for mothers giving birth to still borns and babies who are born but are not expected to live very long; they sit with babies who aren’t going to live when the mothers aren’t able to; they help the mothers through the process; and they vow to never let a baby die alone (many times mothers who give birth to babies who are not able to live are not physically and/or emotionally able to be with their newborns during their short lives). These ladies gave a talk to my women’s group and they brought lots of things for us to look at including the tiniest hand and foot prints you have ever seen, tiny little hats and clothes made especially for these babies who are many times smaller than premies, and scrapbooks made especially for these types of births and babies that they give for free to the mothers.

    Here is a link to an article about of the three doulas in St. Petersburg who provide this free service – they do it as volunteers and rely on donations so it is free to the familes going through a very difficult time.


    So good comment Nancy; although I do agree with Stacy about not believing in “tapped out stories.”

    Katie Scott.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Anna was so cute saying she is “so tenaciously nosy”!

    Regarding the discussion about more sites offering paid content, I will say that my attitude about paying for internet content has changed substantially since I first found Paperclipping and I think Paperclipping itself deserves a lot of the credit for that. Originally I felt there was so much free content, why would I ever join a site and pay? But over time I realized that there is a lot of free… but it’s not all as content-heavy as I thought. After joining Paperclipping I am not only very happy with my membership but my attitude towards *other* online content is different. Maybe Izzy and FA can be blamed for some of my attitude shift! But, I think a lot of it is that I enjoy my Paperclipping membership so much that I can see the advantage of paying for a membership elsewhere as opposed to buying a magazine or some other tangible product. Hey, does that make Paperclipping a Hook Drug??