PRT050 – Our 50th Episode Celebration

This week’s show is something totally different. We changed everything up for our 50th show celebration. Enjoy!

Don’t forget our new voicemail line: 1-888-363-8250

Don’t forget we have a new voicemail line. Please call and leave a message you want us to play on the show. What should the voicemail be about? Your thoughts, your feedback, your questions, anything really. We’re adding voicemails to the mail segment.

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  • Iceteeeeee

    My song to you made the cut! YaY!! Thank you for a great episode and I hope everyone has a happy holiday with their families. See you in 2011!!

  • Congratulations on making 50! That’s so awesome!

    Happy holidays and all the best to you and yours — catch up to you in 2011. (Seriously, one of my resolutions is to scrap every week — I’ve really been such a slacker in the last year — and part of my plan is to play with you every Tuesday — so I really will catch up to you! Can’t wait and am soooo looking forward to scrapping again. I miss it so much!)

    Love you guys!

    =) Liz

  • Congrats on the 50th episode and I very much enjoy listening each and every week. It’s great inspiration, entertainment and learning! I have both the roundtable and digishow in my iTunes and love seeing the little bubble that shows a new episode is available :) Please, please keep it up! Bravo to everyone!

  • Robin W.

    I really enjoyed hearing all the comments from other listeners; I loved that they were calling in from all over! Many times I feel as though no one understands why I go to the trouble of taking pictures at different angles, at odd places, or just having my camera always with me in order to tell the everyday stories of my family. :) Luckily I can listen to your show each week and know that I’m not alone in my love for this hobby. Thank you all for your inspiration and for making me smile!

  • Amjohnson

    Great Show and congrats on your 50th Episode – you all do such a wonderful job and I love listening to the older shows, I always walk away with something new even if I hear them over and over. Just listened to the Scrapbook Process (the one with Stacy and Angie) and I still laugh at her neice or nephew chime in the background. I was surprised that wasn’t one of your blurbs. Anyways Congrats, thanks for all your hard and hope you keep it. You make my week. ~Ann

  • Amjohnson

    I meant “thanks for all your hard work and hope . . .

  • Jana _NJ

    It was a fun show

  • Carmenchernandez

    Congrats on 50!! I have been missing the Live show so I have decided to start listening to all the past podcasts while I scrapbook. I didn’t realize how quickly I have caught up on the podcast only 5 left. I am feeling a little intimated to call because I feel that my voice will sound weird when I leave a message. As it is it takes me at least 5 takes to leave an outgoing message on my answering machine, and I am not ready to hear it on the podcast.

  • Noell, I believe the word you were searching for is “synergy”. I think that great energy with the interaction between the panelists and then the listeners does result in a dynamic synergy that is “The Roundtable”.
    I want to extend my congratulations to you on your 50th anniversary. You know I listen to each episode and comment often. In fact I do go back to episodes often and review all the comments that have been left. I listen to the Digi show on occasion and that podcast has pushed me to dabble more in digital and hybrid scrapbooking. I’ve really enjoyed ALL the guests and learning more about their opinions and personal contributions to this great hobby. Scrapbook and mixed media folk are just so very interesting! Ana has always been a favorite since Scrapbook Answers days and I am in awe of Julie’s free spirit approach to art. Stacy is a delight and so down to earth. I’m a long time fan of BPC and have even met Stacy a couple of times in person and on Skype; but, these PRT shows have made me love her even more. I would have discovered Nancy on Scrapbook Update through my friend May Flaum; but, never would I have learned about her sense of drama or her struggles with getting a page just right without Paperclipping! In fact, the very real and personal conversations will your wonderful panelists are the gems of the podcasts. I do miss “Live” and the sense of community – though I do understand about the needs of family and how important it is to put those first. Children grow up all too quickly. I regret many times that medicine was a “jealous mistress” as one of my med school professors used to say and I missed out on so much of my family. PRT is a different sense, a larger community that I enjoy. To me the difference between Live and PRT is like comparing hanging out with friends to a lively small village town hall meeting; different experiences, each very valuable in their own right.
    BTW, to answer your question, Izzy, I ALWAYS join your conversation – yes, I’m one of those who talk at my computer screen. Note my introductory statement. Really, look at all my comments, I do have a lot to say. You just have to read it. Hmm, I could call in and leave a message now that you have a phone number; but, I’m sure I’d exceed your time limit, LOL!
    Yes, I’ve discovered some great classes from your sponsors and guests; and, love all the great new “stuff” you highlight each show. A number of those product picks have found their way into my home.
    Yes, love Paperclipping Roundtable, glad to be a member, and enjoy all your products. Hope I might get to say “Hi” at a future CHA. Congrats again on your 50th show!

  • ScrappyTams

    Hey! I just listened to the show. I have been playing catch-up as my Mac was on a very slow boat and did not arrive here until December 5th. I missed my opportunity to call in, bummer.

    Anyway, I wanted to say a big thank you for Roundtable. You guys are great company. I am in a new country and as with every move I have a period of adjustment that can be, um – challenging. Having good company like you guys helps me keep from going off the deep end. I listened to this episode while I organized my new scapping space. It made the task go by so quickly.

    The other thing that I really enjoy is listening to people who share my same passion and perspective about this fantastic hobby. Thank you. You are, as someone said on the show, speaking my language. And since I now live in a country where it’s all greek (literally), that is very comforting.

    Thanks again for being such good ‘scrapping buds.’

  • Lynnette Erlandson

    Love, Love, the laugh tracks – I was sitting at work with my headphones on listening while using the computer and I had to struggle not to break out laughing out loud. I will definitely be listenin to this episode again where and when I can laugh out loud!! Thanks for including my voicemail message – I was the one who continued Noell’s tradition of forgetting introductions and didn’t introduce myself in my voicemail. I hope these messages gave Noell, Nancy, Izzy and the panel members a feel for how much you are influencing all of us – thank you, Lynnette aka Oh, Lynnette from episode #49

  • Hey guys. Really really love the show–I have been listening since the days of Paperclipping Newsbreak! I am a subscriber to both PRT and PDS and never miss an episode. And yup, I do re-listen to episodes all the time, especially in the car (you guys are way better than the radio)

    I love the show because it’s nice to hear some fun giggly people chatting about my favorite hobby. It’s kind of like being at a crop, without the weirdos. ;) I also love it because when I am bored at work, I can turn on a podcast and listen to something fun and interesting while I’m cranking out the requirements for the day job.

    There was a lot of talk this month about the costs associated with the podcast shows, and I just wanted to let you know that as a fangirl, I really want to support these programs in whatever way I can (and I’ve totally used my BPC code for an Ali Edwards class, thanks!). My heart about stopped when Izzy mentioned cancelling the show. If you ever feel like even putting up a paypal donation button, I would totally donate. Please keep up the great work.

    Much love,

    Christina aka coffee girl crafts.

  • Wow — I having moved around the country a number of times + outside the
    country I definitely feel what you’re saying about that lonely, confusing
    adjustment period! Much luck to you in your new home and new adventure! :)

  • Hey, Lynnette! I think you’re the first one to mention the laugh tracks — I
    think Izzy was feeling a little sad after all his working trying to gather
    them together! ;)

  • A crop without the weirdos? ROFL — that is funny!

    I didn’t realize we’ve talked a lot this month about show costs. I guess
    stuff just pours out of our mouths, no? Thank you for your support. We don’t
    feel it’s okay to combine a donation model with our paid membership and
    advertising models, though. If you like the show and you’re not yet a
    Paperclipping Member but are willing to make a donation to PRT, I recommend
    instead that you get a Paperclipping Membership. The membership is the core
    of the financial support of the show and I think you will get much out of it
    as well!

    Here’s a link where you can learn about it —

    Much appreciation! :)

  • Congrats on the milestone 50th episode. Loved the sound and laugh tracks. Izzy was cracking me up. I’ve listened to every single episode and as others say, I always feel like I’m at the table chatting along. This episode started off my 10 hour X-mas road trip, so thanks for making that hour go by fast! :)

  • Peg in CO

    What a fun show! Thanks for reading my message and I really appreciated hearing that Nancy is making more art too! I loved the laugh tracks and the way Izzy through in the clips from the regular girls at all the perfect moments. Cracked me up as usual. Congrats again and see you next year.

  • I loved this episode! I’d love to hear how you guys decided to start the show. I’m interested to hear the history of it?

  • Mcscraps4/Claudia

    Wish I would have looked at this sooner, but I wanted to comment that I loved loved loved the laugh tracks!! Izzy did a great job and I am so happy that I have been listening to the show since the very beginning so I remember all the great moments. Looking forward to another great year.

    I totally agree with Lynnette about laughing out loud. I was at my office listening and had a good time just giggling and laughing up a storm. Everyone on the show is so funny and I always feel like y’all “get me”. So glad to be a part of this wonderful community!!

  • Fancyscrapper

    I’m so happy I made the cut! I had to pause the show and run down to my Littles who enjoy listening with me in my Happy Place on Saturdays while we “art” together. They paused their movie to hurry back to my room to hear my comment and your responses. “Mom, you’re famous now!” So funny!

    The laugh tracks rocked, Izzy, and I especially loved the way you kept throwing Stacy in there with her “Amen” comment. Oh, and I do talk back to you guys, and I did answer out loud when you asked if others talk to you.

    Looking back over my voice mail message, I could have said so so so much more (I’m super long-winded) but I didn’t want to leave a long message that couldn’t fit in the show! I’ll just add one more thing Paperclipping’s Roundtable has done for me, it’s changed the way I take pictures. After listening to the show about scrapbooking our job life, I am taking more pictures of familiar things like landmarks on the way to our Family Christmas this year. Thanks for the idea!

  • Fancyscrapper

    Oh, and I’ve been listening since your very first show! My overall fave was when Stacy Julian set me free to record life in any and every form at all. I hope to echo her encouragement to others as I pursue sharing more in this field.

    Every show has totally rocked! I can’t say Thank You enough. Oh, and btw, it was the Roundtable that really made me decide to become a Paperclipping member, so even though it’s a bit of a costly program for you guys, it’s also great advertisement! Kudos on that!

    Have a great New Year! I’ll miss you guys next week, but I’m glad for you to have a week off.

  • I love that! It’s changed the way you take pictures — very cool. :)

  • Deirdre

    I no longer subscribe to any scrap magazines, and am not even tempted to pick up a random copy from a news stand. My inspiration for scrapping now comes from your roundtable (LOVE listening while cleaning or cooking, as I need silence when I actual try to create) and

    Even though I’m still a PC girl (gasp!), Izzi has been so helpful with his izzivideo site & answering email questions. I wanted to find a way to say thanks for that as well as the roundtable…so I’m now a member! Your work here is worth much more than I once paid for the monthly magazine, and I just wanted to say thank you!

  • As always, great episode. Laughed out loud when you played Stacy agreeing with her voicemail message. And to answer your question, no I don’t talk back to the recording, but instead end up taking notes on the show. There is no way I could actual scrapbook while listening to the show. I get too focused on just the show. I wrote my dissertation on scrapbooking, have worked in the industry, and now have a blog about scrapbooking and I still learn something new in every episode. Enjoy your holiday! Can’t wait for new episodes in the new year!

  • Shannon Mc

    I would LOVE to read a dissertation on scrapbooking! What angle did you come at it from? Mine was putting quality literature back into schools through whole literacy programs…YAWN… Yours sounds way more fun! lol

  • Yeah — I’m really curious too!

  • Shannon and Noell (and any one else who is interested),

    I have linked the complete dissertation onto my blog here: Each Wednesday I am posting a small nugget from my dissertation, so you can follow along without a lot of the academic-speak. I am in the process of repackaging it as an e-book accessible to everyone.

    Basically, my dissertation is about how people divide up their world into the scrapworthy and not scrapworthy (what stories are worth recording and which one’s are not) and how scrapbookers come to structure their whole lives around scrapbooking (thinking about scrapbooking even when not scrapbooking or carrying their camera everywhere in case they stumble upon a scrapworthy moment, etc.).

    Feel free to email me with any questions at stephaniemedleyrath at gmail dot com.

  • Zoe Jayne

    Hi there , Thank you for 50 great shows ! You missed the best laugh from your track – Izzy’s…. I tend to be a catch up member so will sunddenly have 3 shows to listern too at one time. Thus I missed sending in a voice mail for the show.

    Why do I listern ?? I am a textile and altered things (started as books and grew) artist from England. I started to listern when you had Tim Holtz as a guest, as he inspires me. Now you guys also inspire me. Your thinking “How ?? What does scrapbook and textile art have ?? ”
    Well it is because you talk about different ways to make/tell a story, methods to capture a photo/moment or you talk about cool new products. To date I have only ever made textile scrapbooks, where the photos are printed onto fabric then I take ribbon, lace, buttons and printed fabric to create memory books. Now I also add paint, paper and other elements which are not sold to be stitched on !!

    Love the show and looking forward to reach show 100 with you all …
    Best Wishes


  • Zoe Jayne

    Hi there , Thank you for 50 great shows ! You missed the best laugh from your track – Izzy’s…. I tend to be a catch up member so will sunddenly have 3 shows to listern too at one time. Thus I missed sending in a voice mail for the show.

    Why do I listern ?? I am a textile and altered things (started as books and grew) artist from England. I started to listern when you had Tim Holtz as a guest, as he inspires me. Now you guys also inspire me. Your thinking “How ?? What does scrapbook and textile art have ?? ”
    Well it is because you talk about different ways to make/tell a story, methods to capture a photo/moment or you talk about cool new products. To date I have only ever made textile scrapbooks, where the photos are printed onto fabric then I take ribbon, lace, buttons and printed fabric to create memory books. Now I also add paint, paper and other elements which are not sold to be stitched on !!

    Love the show and looking forward to reach show 100 with you all …
    Best Wishes


  • That’s awesome, Zoe. I love hearing how the show has worked for you! Thank

  • Happy 50th episode! Noell, Izzy, Nancy, and all of the contributors do a WONDERFUL job on this podcast. You all (or as we say in Texas, y’all) are bringing valuable conversations and ideas to the scrapbooking community. I have found a new connection to scrapbooking, and hear from both my favorite scrapbookers (i.e. Stacy and Ali) and from contributors that provide new information and perspective for me. THANK YOU!!!

  • Sherrie M.

    Done Noell! I just signed up as a Paperclipping member to show my support & love for the Roundtable! Don’t you dare cancel the show without consulting us all…you’ll have a riot on your hands! The Roundtable is one of my favorite things to do each week for ‘me’ and you all are so entertaining, funny, informative, and inspiring!

    On another note, I didn’t really think I’d be into the paperclipping videos but wow, am I pleasantly surprised! Just watched two so far and I love them!

  • Kristin Burge

    Congrats on 50 great shows!!! Love the Roundtable! It helps to feed to my creative soul… :)
    I am hoping hoping hoping hoping that you will have another show on organization. I am pretty organized, but am thinking about organizing by color. I already have organized by color for paper, buttons, and things like that – but embellishments, no. What do you do with things that are multi-colored??? If you are considering submitting pages and need to document manufacturers – how do you do that if you take things out of the packaging? (My memory won’t remember what was what.)
    Thanks and again – love the show – keep it up!
    -Kristin Burge (rhymes with merge or splurge!)

  • JoRoFan

    Congrats on 50 episodes!! I’ve listened to each and every one and can’t wait for more! Noell, Izzy, Nancy and all of the other guests and contributors, THANKS for the great work you do!

  • Tinkster

    We SO need to know if Izzy got Noell’s present right. Love the show, not so patiently waiting a new ep!

  • Congrats on your 50th gang! Finally catching up after all the holiday chaos. It’s so nice to hear your voices again. It’s like “coming home” or settling back into a weekly “lunch with the girls(&Izzy!)”

    I’ve said this a few times and places but you asked… Paperclipping RoundTable has brought me back to scrapbooking. I started 13 years ago and was very active. Several years ago I stopped. I blamed it on the switch to digital cameras in our house. I continued to collect and hoard paper, em-bellies and tools but never found time to do more than experiment with techniques and put them into cards. So, Thank you to ya’ll for helping rekindle one of my greatest passions. I was motivated to move and rebuild my scrapdesk and am about to sign up for my first online class at BPS. I’ve been working on pages almost daily since.

    One last thought… I considered myself very knowledgable about the process and techniques etc. I bought the magazines but never really got to “know” the people behind the industry. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and honor of making these new “friends”.

    hugs, Claudia aka PomMommy in Ormond Beach FL

  • Thank you for your new membership, Sherrie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

    We have no plans for canceling the show! :)

  • Ha! I meant to talk about that in today’s recording but forgot! I’ll go add
    this to the mail for next week…

  • Awesome. I’ve “known” you for a while but didn’t know these things you just
    shared in this comment. Thank you!

  • HAHAHAHA…. this episode was awesome. I’ll be sure to add GOOD LAUGHER to my resume. LOVE YOU GUYS! Here’s to much more fun in 2011